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Geoffrey Dickens Dossier: Freedom Of Information Request.

Credit must go to GW who put in the FOI request.







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West Yorkshire Child Sexual Exploitation Campaign



Know The Signs…


Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of child sexual abuse.  It is the organised and deliberate exploitation of a child purely for the sexual gratification of adults.

Any young person could become a victim of child sexual exploitation; the crime affects both girls and boys, from any background and of any ethnicity.

There are three main types of CSE –

1) Inappropriate relationships – this usually involves one perpetrator who has inappropriate power or control over a young person.  There is often a significant age gap and the victim may believe they are in a loving relationship.

2) ‘Boyfriend’ model – the perpetrator befriends and grooms the young person into a ‘relationship’ and then convinces or forces them to have sex with friends or associates.  This is sometimes associated with gang activity.

3) Organised sexual exploitation – young people are passed through networks where they are forced into sexual activity with multiple men.  This often occurs at ‘sex parties’ and the young people may be used to recruit others into the network

West Yorkshire Police



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Police Investigate Fort Augustus Abbey Abuse

Police have confirmed they are investigating allegations of abuse by monks at a former Scottish Catholic boarding school.

It follows a BBC Scotland investigation which uncovered evidence of 30 years of physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus Abbey in the Highlands and its East Lothian prep school.

The Benedictine order which ran the schools has apologised to any victims.

Fresh claims of abuse have now emerged since the programme aired on Monday.

The documentary has also prompted calls for more support for victims.

In a statement Police Scotland, said it would make no further comment at this stage as it was now a “live investigation”.

It added that all such allegations are investigated and dealt with in a “victim-centred” manner.

BBC News


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North Korean Women try out for Olympic hurdles team

North Korean Women try out for Olympic hurdles team

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Jimmy Tarbuck Rebailed

Jimmy Tarbuck low

The entertainer and quiz show host, 73, has been questioned about an alleged assault on a young boy in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in the late 1970s.

He was arrested in April after information was passed to North Yorkshire Police by Metropolitan Police officers working on Operation Yewtree.

He has been rebailed while inquiries into the allegations continue.

North Yorkshire Police previously stressed that Mr Tarbuck’s arrest was “not part of Yewtree, but a separate investigation” by its own officers.

BBC News


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THE PAEDOFILE: Graham Ovenden isn’t selling very well any more….

The Slog

….and the man who wrote the text for his ‘collection’ books is a notorious paedophile….who plied his trade on Amazon

ovendonUnrepentant Graham Ovendon

This extract is from a recent auction report on art-related items:

This lot No 1533: States of Grace Photographs 1964-1989 photographer Graham Ovenden, first edition, published by Ophelia Editions, Amsterdam 1992, text by Lawrence A. Stanley
Price information:
Estimate € 1800 – € 2000
StartPrice € 1500
Not Sold
Number of Bids …

Clearly and literally, zero interest. And as some of you may already know, a renowned Peer of the realm also recently sold all his ‘nymph’ paintings too. I think this is perhaps called ‘running for cover’. Or not. We mustn’t comment any more, oooh no. Note the town in which Ophelia editions is based, by the way.

But my point this morning is an investigation of text writer Lawrence A. Stanley. And a major hat-tip…

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Jimmy Savile’s Sick Victim List Found

This is a truly horrible story but it should leave no one who reads it in any doubt whatsoever about what kind of sick and twisted individual Jimmy Savile was and the deviant circle of friends that he kept company with.

I always fear when I read a story like this that this will be the last we hear about it.


STUNNED officers chipped away plaster at a ­record shop wall and unveiled a hidden list of names thought to belong to young victims of Jimmy Savile.

The vile register, which contained the names, ages and a disgusting ratings system seemingly used to mark their sexual performance, was scrawled on a secret wall buried behind layers of wallpaper and plaster.

A source revealed: “The wall looked like something straight out of a horror movie. There were lists and lists of names of the victims – it’s a shocking discovery.”

The list of girls and young women is thought to identify ­hundreds of potential new victims abused at the hands of the BBC DJ and it raised fears Savile was at the centre of a celebrity paedophile ring.

Police believe the major breakthrough could lead to further arrests – including other well-known celebrities.

The wall also appeared to contain the names of girls the sick group hoped to target in the future.

Officers who raided the shop in ­Greater Manchester after a tip-off will now try to trace the alleged victims.

A source said the raid had provided the clearest evidence yet to show Savile was part of a larger group of monsters.

The Mirror


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Stuart Hall Victim Calls For Apology.

I really don’t think an apology is too much for any of Stuart Hall’s victims to ask for. Remember that before admitting his guilt,  Stuart Hall described the charges as”pernicious, callous, cruel and, above all, spurious” which must have added further insult to injury.

When Stuart Hall pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to the offences on the 2nd May, he was pressed by reporters for an apology but declined saying: “I’ve got a very heavy cold. I have no comment to make at all.”

Stuart Hall

Child Abuser Stuart Hall with his OBE.

One of Stuart Hall’s victims who wished to remain anonymous said, “I applaud the Court of Appeal’s decision and feel it reflects how seriously society views abuse. A major issue for me personally is the fact that Stuart Hall has given no personal apologies for his abuse to any of his victims, including myself. He was a family man, what made him think he could abuse other people’s children and what would his reaction been if his children had been abused? I would like to see him face-up to his misdemeanours and make a full personal apology for his actions.”

Manchester Based Law Firm


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Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Friday Night Song

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Stuart Hall’s Sentence Increased To 30 Months


Prisoner Ref 5638319-2 OBE

Stuart Hall’s derisory sentence of 15 months has been doubled to 30 months (two and a half years).

It is still less than 9 weeks for every child he abused but at least it’s better than it was.

Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, had told the Court of Appeal that the sentence “when coupled with the aggravating features… failed adequately to reflect the gravity of the totality of the offences, and the public concern about offences of this nature”.

“Even if the individual sentences for each count are appropriate given the statutory maximum available, some should have been made to run consecutively so that the total sentence passed reflected the culpability of the offender, the harm caused and [would] deter others,” he said.

He added that “it appears to me that the sentence was unduly lenient”.

Lord Judge said it was the court’s view that the statement made by Hall prior to conviction, in which he branded the accusations as “pernicious, callous, cruel and above all spurious”, was a “seriously aggravating feature”.

Interestingly, Mrs Justice Macur, who is currently reviewing The Waterhouse Report, was one of the judges who heard this appeal. Though what, if anything, can be inferred from this judgement as regards that review is anyone’s guess.

Well done to all those that lodged a complaint about the previous sentence.


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Lord Pendry On Stuart Hall: ‘Icon Of The Youth Of Today.’

Lord Tom Pendry and Paedophile Stuart Hall

Lord Tom Pendry and Paedophile Stuart Hall, OBE

“That this House congratulates Stuart Hall on his fortieth year of broadcasting; notes that his unique style has endeared him to millions both in Britain and abroad, that his use of the English language, especially in his football reporting, has made him an icon with the youth of today, that his rich mellifluous voice is redolent of Sinden and Gielgud intertwining Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth et al amid the mud and tears at Accrington Stanley, that he recently forced the country into discovering Ozymandias, thus reinventing Percy Bysshe Shelley as a popular poet, that he made ‘It’s a Knockout’, into a surreal, quasi xenophobic art form, that his laughter gave pleasure throughout the run of this programme uniting the youth of this country with the youth on the Continent, and that he has worked solidly for charity during his 40 years of broadcasting, much of which is unknown to most; offers its congratulations to this unique talent, if at times overcome with the ‘exuberance of his own verbosity’; and wishes him many more years of broadcasting and laughter.”



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Born 2 Rule

The 4 Georges.


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Wonga And Usury

Wonga's Adrian Beecroft

Wonga’s Adrian Beecroft

Interestingly, it is thought that the concept of paying interest derived originally from the expected natural increase in a herd of livestock, a simple compensation for what the lender might have expected to accrue if he had not lent out his property. Somehow, as money has evolved into an increasingly abstract concept there has developed a disconnect between any natural basis for rates of interest and what often is charged.

The divisive effects of unchecked interest charging has been known since money itself first started to circulate and many ancient and diverse cultures have sought to legislate against it. From ancient Greece to ancient China, many countries have outlawed loans with any interest. Usury was at times denounced by a number of religious leaders and philosophers in the ancient world, including Moses, Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, Aquinas, Muhammad, Jesus, and Gautama Buddha.

“And what do you think of usury?” — “What do you think of murder?” – Cato

“If thou lend money to any of My people, even to the poor with thee, thou shalt not be to him as a creditor; neither shall ye lay upon him interest.” – Exodus 22:24

“Thou shalt not lend upon interest to thy brother: interest of money, interest of victuals, interest of any thing that is lent upon interest.” – Deuteronomy 23:20

“…Out of thine own mouth will I judge thee, thou wicked servant. Thou knewest that I was an austere man, taking up that I laid not down, and reaping that I did not sow. Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own with usury?” Luke 19:22-23

“Those who charge usury are in the same position as those controlled by the devil’s influence. This is because they claim that usury is the same as commerce. However, God permits commerce, and prohibits usury. Thus, whoever heeds this commandment from his Lord, and refrains from usury, he may keep his past earnings, and his judgment rests with God. As for those who persist in usury, they incur Hell, wherein they abide forever” –  Koran, Al-Baqarah 2:275

The First Council of Nicaea (325) forbade clergy from engaging in usury. The Third Council of the Lateran (1179) decreed that persons who accepted interest on loans could receive neither the sacraments nor Christian burial. Pope Clement V made the belief in the right to usury a heresy in 1311, and abolished all secular legislation which allowed it. Pope Sixtus V (1585 – 1590) condemned the practice of charging interest as “detestable to God and man, damned by the sacred canons and contrary to Christian charity.”

But slowly, over time the moral imperative has been supplanted by the profit motive.

Today we discover the Church of England’s £5.5bn investment portfolio included a stake in Accel Partners, a US venture capitalist that co-funded the launch of Wonga, a company that charges up to  5,500% APR.

Perhaps more importantly we should ask ourselves how it is possible that ‘Loan Sharking’ in the UK has become legal ?

Could it be because that Adrian Beecroft, who owns Wonga, has dontated more than £500,000 to the Conservative Party since 2006 ?

Could these generous donations to the Conservative Party also explain why Adrian Beecroft was commissioned to report on employment law soon after the Conservative led coalition came into power ?  Know the man by his report, released on Monday 21 May 2012, the “Beecroft Report” recommended that the government should cut red tape in order to make the hiring and firing of employees easier. This apparently, was one of the least offensive suggestions that made it past the spin doctors and was actually published.

‘Donations’ to political parties are tax deductible. So if you want an example of ‘having your cake and eating it’ then look no further than donations like this. These ‘donations’ have effectively cost Adrian Beecroft nothing. In fact, it could be argued that these ‘donations’ were made at the expense of the general public.

But of course, Adrian Beecroft got nothing from this ‘philanthropy’, did he ?

So what next ? Arise Sir Adrian ? Lord Beecroft of Wonga ?


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Stuart Hall: Court Of Appeal To Review Sentence Today

I think a great deal will be inferred from the news that will come from The Court of Appeal today about how seriously the authorities are now taking child abuse.

Stuart Hall

The Court of Appeal will rule later on whether the 15-month jail term for child abuser and former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall should be increased.

Hall, 83, admitted 14 counts of indecent assault on girls aged between nine and 17 between 1967 and 1985.

But the Attorney General Dominic Grieve referred his sentence after some groups claimed it was “unduly lenient”.

It is believed Mr Grieve’s department received about 165 complaints about the length of the term.

The NSPCC said Hall, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, had shown a “total disregard” for his victims’ feelings during the case.

BBC News


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Langton House: Finally an Inquiry.

Langton House

Langton House

I understand that, as of 24th July 2013, Devon County Council is carrying out an Inquiry into allegations of historic abuse of young people in the council’s care who were placed at Langton House in Dorset.

According to Mr Roger Hall, a senior official in the council’s Social Services Department, they are contacting survivors of Langton House, described as an “Adolescent Psychiatric Unit” and run by a private company called AMI plc.  AMI operated the unit in the 1970’s and 80’s until it closed in 1993.

According to Dorset Health Authority records at the time, it was in fact registered as a Nursing Home.  Devon County Council were one of the largest user authorities of Langton House.  Following complaints to the National Association of Young People in Care (NAYPIC) by young people of the extreme violence and brutality of the regime there, Dorset Health Authority carried out a brief, secret inquiry in early 1990 and concluded that there was nothing to investigate.  It did not interview any of the residents or past residents or NAYPIC during this “Inquiry”.

Following this, NAYPIC published its own report called “Therapy of Fear” highlighting the extreme abuse and misuse of drugs as “therapy”, including the abuse of both physically and mentally handicapped people who had been inappropriately placed there.

Following a question from Mrs Rosie Barnes MP in the House of Commons in 1991, the then Minister for Health, Mrs Virginia Bottomley, confirmed that former residents of Langton House would not be allowed to give evidence. I understand that even at the time Devon County Council were concerned about the lack of response from AMI in response to their enquiries.

I understand Mr Hall has assured the leader of the survivors’ group that they will look at the allegations of abuse, missing young people and what he described as the unexplained deaths of three young people there.  NAYPIC had expressed concerns in its report at the extremely high death rate amongst survivors of this regime and concern for young people who appear to have disappeared, their whereabouts unknown to their local authorities.

Chris Fay


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Warwick Spinks & Co.

An excellent resource of collated information concerning Warwick Spinks here on Fighting Back
Well done to all that have worked on it.
Amsterdam – Boys Club 21
Boys Club 21, also mentioned in the same Spartacus International Gay Guide as Toffs.

As published by Nick Davies:

Williams arrived in Amsterdam in 1988, aged 21, and soon set himself up as the manager of a gay brothel called Boys Club 21 on the first floor of 21 Spuistraat, near the central station. Across the road at number 44, another British paedophile, a chubby Londoner named Warwick Spinks
then aged 25, was running a similar club called the Gay Palace. Both clubs had a perfectly legal business, running a bar and offering the services of adult male prostitutes who could take customers upstairs to bedrooms. But Williams and Spinks had much wider and crueller interests.

Williams had fled to Holland after being convicted in Britain of indecent assaults on boys. In Amsterdam, he boasted of the day in South Wales when he had seen a ten-year-old boy on his bike, wanted him, grabbed him, raped him and, when he cried, strangled him to death.
Much More at Fighting Back


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The Tale Of A Child Abuse Addict

Ask yourself how you’d feel standing in a dock knowing that your family, former friends, and work colleagues know that you have been searching for child abuse images online, knowing that you’ll have to sign on to the sex offenders register, and that your children may have to face taunts from their peers ?

Ask yourself, is it worth it ?

If you are affected by the issues raised by this story call the Stop it Now!  helpline on 0808 1000 900

Redacting search engine results and sending warnings to people trying to access images of child pornography online are two approaches the Government has announced to combating paedophilia. But with more than 50,000 people in the UK looking at or downloading underage porn each year, child campaigners say much more needs to be done.

Tom, a married father of three in his 40s, started looking at porn late at night, often after a few glasses of wine, and quickly became interested in images of younger girls. Police tracked down Tom (not his real name) and in court he admitted he had downloaded about 5,000 illegal images. He received a two-year probation order and had to sign on the sex offenders register. But going to court was only the beginning of his sentence. Speaking to Paul Cahalan, Tom describes losing his job and being shunned by friends while his children faced chants of “Your dad’s a paedo” – and argues internet controls would have stopped him offending.

The Independent


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Derek McCulloch

Perhaps the BBC think everyone has forgotten this ?

While investigating background for BBC children’s entertainer Derek McCulloch’s obituary, John Simpson discovered evidence that the ‘Larry the Lamb’ actor was a paedophile.

The BBC were supposed to be investigating this.


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Operation Pallial: Fourth Arrest.


A fourth man has been arrested by Operation Pallial detectives investigating allegations of child abuse at north Wales care homes.

The 61-year-old man was arrested in Chester in Cheshire on Wednesday morning on suspicion of sexually assaulting a teenage boy between 1982 and 1985.

Detectives said the man was held on suspicion of “a number of serious sexual assaults” on the boy, who was aged between 12 and 15 at the time.

It is the fourth arrest in the Operation Pallial investigation ordered by David Cameron at the height of the national child sexual abuse scandal last November.

In April, detectives said more than 140 people had told police they were the victims of abuse at 18 children’s homes across north Wales over three decades.

The Guardian


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Napac Appeals

NAPAC have asked for any former pupils of the Royal Caledonia School in Bushey and the Royal Alexandra & Albert School in Reigate to contact them urgently about abuse:

Royal Caledonian School, Bushey

Or take the case in Hertfordshire at the Caledonian School in Bushey, a privately run residential home principally for the children of army personnel where two housemasters were sent to prison in 1995 for sexual offences against boys.  The Queen Mother used to visit the school every year, sometimes with the Queen, because she was its patron.  Yet there was virtually no coverage at a national level.  Even one of the police officers who investigated the case said to me: ‘I cannot understand why there was no coverage.  It seemed like a story made for the tabloids.

Forgotten Children, Christian Wolmar, 2000, p.42

Royal Alexandra & Albert School, Reigate

A FORMER housemaster at an upmarket boarding school in Reigate has been jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of a string of historic sexual offences against two boys there.  Colin York, 62, was jailed at Guildford Crown Court last Thursday (May 2) after a jury convicted him of five charges of indecent assault and one of indecency with a child.

During a trial, jurors heard how York, of Hoades Hill in Wickham, Hampshire, abused his position as assistant housemaster at the Royal Alexandra & Albert School to sexually abuse two young boys in the 1970s.

The court was told that the defendant, who has worked as an occupational therapist since his resignation more than 40 years ago, was jailed for 28 months in 2011 after being convicted for sexually abusing two other boys at the school. He was found guilty of 10 offences of gross indecency with a child and three of indecent assault.

Prosecutor Christopher Hehir said that as a result of the earlier convictions – which the defendant still denies – two men contacted the police to say they had also been abused by York while they were pupils at the Royal Alexandra & Albert.

Get Surrey 07/05/13

NAPAC provides support and information for people abused in childhood.


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