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“I know for a fact”

Please see edit below- gojam

There was a comment posted this evening on Needle. “anonymous” posted he knew for a “fact” that Stingemore was the officer-in-charge of Grafton Close children’s home. He offered no evidence or facts to support this.
You may ask why is this so important? What does it matter? Actually it matters quite a lot. By changing one small “fact” the history of the abuse in Grafton and at Elm is being revised. If you look at how Stingemore was referred to when this whole matter came to light last year, he was Deputy Officer-in-Charge.  For example:

Stingemore is believed to be a former deputy head of Grafton Close children’s home Daily Mail 22/07/13
John Stingemore, the former deputy-head of Grafton Close Children’s home Exaro 06/02/13

John Stingemore, the 70-year-old former deputy head of Grafton Close Exaro 07/02/13

It is only because Operation Fernbridge have referred to him as the “officer-in-charge” and that has been repeated by BBC News, newspapers, etc. The new view being promoted by those who seek to cover-up these matters goes like this:
Stingemore was the officer-in-charge of Grafton. He and he alone was responsible for the abuse. When the Director of Social Services, Louis Minster found out about this in 1981, he acted promptly to sack Stingemore and put matters right at Grafton Close CH. There was no connection to Elm Guest House.
Mind you, there are still a few “inconvenient truths” in this version of history. Like was Stingemore operating alone?  Who knew about what had been going on at Grafton for a long time and had done nothing? Why, as serious criminal offences had been committed , weren’t the police called in?
Stingemore WAS the deputy officer in charge at Grafton until he “resigned” in 1981. I know this for a “fact”, because unlike the BBC or the newspapers I DID check this out, at the time, whilst records still existed! By trying to use Stingemore as a fall guy, they protect those above him and isolate what was happening in Richmond from other events.
It may seem a small issue, but its quite a crucial one if the truth about EGH is ever to be told. Is anyone still surprised that there have been no arrests over any matters connected to Elm Guest House?  I won’t be holding my breath waiting for one either. But I can at least ensure that the gospel according to Fernbridge does not go unchallenged. So for the record John Stingemore was the Deputy officer in charge at Grafton Close from 1979 to 1981.
chris fay

Edit: We took this article down for a short while to check the facts. Stingemore’s official job title seems to have been Deputy Manager (this appears to have been confirmed at the inquest into CK’s death). But there was nobody at Grafton who, on a day-to-day basis, was more senior than Stingemore. So he was in charge on a day-to-day basis. Hence he is probably best described as the ‘officer in charge’.

I hope this clears up any confusion – gojam


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Paedophile-friendly Judges vs Society?

Following Gojam’s recent posts on “Judge-mental”, I was struck by a link Martin posted. There has been much discussion lately about paedophile judges and paedophile-friendly judges. This is in response to widespread concern about paedophiles being freed or given ludicrous light sentences for offences most of us would consider to be heinous crimes. When we dare protest at this, we are dismissed as “online nutters”.  We are told how important it is for judges to be “independent”.  They are in possession of all the facts and we should leave sentencing to them!  Really?!  What about accountability to the public? But paedophile-friendly judges are nothing new. They have been doing this for decades.  It is not just the British public who have been expressing concern at the lenient treatment of these evil people.

The link Martin provided was to an article in the Sidney Morning Herald, dated July 1st 1983. Under the headline, “It’s British Justice, but is it just”?, we find the story of Judge David Tudor Price of the Old Bailey. Just a couple of months after presiding over the trial of Carol and Harry Kazir, Judge Price allowed a convicted paedophile to walk free.  He had been convicted of 300 (yes 300!) sexual offences against a 7 year old boy! He had 3 previous convictions for sexual offences against children.

So it has always been! Judges on the whole do seem NOT to consider such offences as serious – look at Ovenden, et al!!
On behalf of all us “online nutters” I say this has got to change. The horror and disgust of the overwhelming majority of the British people MUST be heard.

Maybe that great defender of children, Mr Kieth Vaz MP, chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, who said it was everyone’s duty to speak out against the abuse of children – Yes! – would be better concentrating the minds of his committee towards its duty as the law makers.  How about some recommendations for MANDATORY prison sentences for those convicted of CSA offences?  That is the only way most of us will be convinced that the law does treat these offences as serious and paedophile-friendly judges will no longer be able to abuse their power.

This week at the Old Bailey, Judge David Tudor Price let a man who admitted 300 charges of sexual molestation against a boy of seven go free, saying the prisoner had agreed to have medical treatment.  The man, a 34-year-old porter, had been convicted three times previously of sex offences against children, but had never received a sentence.

After the hearing, the boy’s father said: The judge must be cracked.  It’s him who wants medical treatment.  Or else the British system of justice is up the spout.

The Sydney Morning Herald 1st July 1983


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Elm Guest House, Mary Moss Files – Clarification

I am sorry, in my efforts to try and clarify some of this for people, I seem to have sown confusion. Please accept my apologies, my head is so full of this stuff that it is sometimes difficult to remember what was written down and what is still in my memory.
There are only 3 of the documents that I wanted to put some context and clarification to. All the documents are here.  The rest are exactly as they are and I stand by what I wrote back then. These are the 3 documents and my reasons for comments:

Document 6. It was drawn to my attention that some people though it was a list of abusers. I only want to clarify absolutely that this is a list of VICTIMS that should never have been made public. They are victims!!

Document 103. This is a list of police officers who carried out the raid. It again was drawn to my attention that some people thought these names were involved in abuse at Grafton or EGH. They were NOT. See my previous post.

Documents 104/6. This is a list of names I scribbled down from the registers, whilst the person I was with was talking to Carol. This was the very first time we had acess to them. They were just names and include by the way, victims!  As you can see from later docs we did go on to identify many of the abusers and also the aliases that were used, not just for the Guest House but also the use of the “facilities”.

I hope this clarifies the position. I sought only to protect victims and eliminate innocent people! I stand totally by everything else. It is ONLY that last list I wanted people to be cautious of, everything else is okay.

Once again I appologise for any confusion caused.
chris fay

A compilation of press-cuttings on Elm Guest House and Richmond can be found here


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Elm Guest House – “Mary Moss” files

In the interests of accuracy, and to protect the reputations of innocent people, I would like to set the record straight about certain things contained in the “Mary Moss” files placed online last year.

These were mostly handwritten notes made on a daily basis concerning NAYPIC’s investigation into complaints from young people in the care of Richmond of abuse at Grafton Close Children’s Home, and elsewhere, including the Elm Guest House in Barnes from 1977 to 1982.

Unfortunately, being just notes, they have no real context.  I will try to provide that.  Amongst the documents is a list of boys names. These are VICTIMS not abusers.  These were the names of young people who had complained to us, were strictly confidential and should never have been made public.  Due to the unfortunate circumstances around the police raid on Mary Moss’s home, these were released online.

Also included was a list compiled by me of all the people who had stayed at the guest house in 1981/82.  I know some people feel differently, but in the interest of fairness I will point out again, this is a list of guests NOT abusers. There is no evidence to support that – it was a preliminary list I compiled but I had not yet verified the identity of any alleged abusers.

Also, you may be aware of the claims made by both sides as to the nature of the raid on the guest house in 1982. The Kazirs, their legal team and supporters have always maintained the raid was carried out by Special Branch under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. However, the authorities, including the police have always maintained that the raid was carried out by local police in response to complaints by neighbours, under vice legislation.  The only hard evidence was a “notice to detained persons” Carol said was given to her by the police. This was backed up by her solicitor. I gave this notice to the Coroner at the Inquest into Carol’s death.

In trying to ascertain the truth, I carried out some extensive research for NAYPIC and managed to identify about 20 police officers who had taken part in the raid. My hope was to find a friendly one who would come for a quiet drink and I could ask him, or her, what they had been told about the reasons for the raid at the briefing.  Unfortunately, Carol died and as you can imagine no-one was willing to talk to us.

So in the documents is a list of police officers who carried out the raid.  There is no suggestion at all that any of these officers were involved in any way with anything that had gone on at EGH or Grafton. They were just ordinary, mostly decent coppers doing their job.  I hope this is clear.
The only two senior MPS officers who are alleged to have been involved at Elm are named in the documents.  These are Commander Richard Tresstrail then head of the royal protection unit and Paul Henry, a senior officer in Special Branch.

I hope this provides some context to the “Mary Moss” documents and clears up some of the misunderstandings around them. I do think it is important to make absolutely clear that many innocent people have been unwittingly caught up in this as well as guilty ones. I hope this clarifies things.
chris fay


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What is ‘evidence’? -2

Gojam’s post reminded me, at the heart of all this, there are victims.  We must not forget them.  It is important, yes, to bring people to account for their actions, no matter how high up in society they may be, but we cannot forget what victims want.

All my experience has taught me that mostly they just want their voice to be heard.  It is not how some like to present it, as some sort of chase after compensation!

They seek an acknowledgement that what happened to them did happen and it was wrong.  I am really grateful that Exaro have now opened up their website to all.  To all who seek the truth I would urge them to look there and read the VICTIMS’ stories for themselves.  This is not about politics, power or money – its about justice!!!
chris fay


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Kincora, a small footnote to history.

Those who have followed events at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, until it was closed down in a “police” raid in 1982, will know there has always been some dispute over the nature of the raid that took place. Carol Kazir (and her legal team) always insisted that this raid was carried out under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. The police and government have always insisted it was under vice law legislation. All I can say is, Carol gave me the “notice to detained persons” issued under the Act, to stop her talking to a lawyer. This I gave to the coroner at Carol Kazir’s inquest in the summer of 1990.

Why has this always been so important and what did it matter which law was used to conduct the raid? Well, without benefit of counsel, Special Branch were the first to question her. They were not interested in the senior politicians or others in high places who had stayed at the guest house. They questioned her for hours, about Sir Antony Blunt, disgaced former spy and Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures; Richard Langley, a royal aide at Buckingham Palace; Commander Tresstrail, Head of the Royal Protection Squad and Paul Henry, a senior officer in Special Branch.

In an unprecedented move, Blunt had been awarded immunity from prosecution for his spy activities. What is less known, is that this immunity applied to ALL of Blunts unlawful activities, particularly in respect of his activities in Northern Ireland and his part in the abuse of boys from Kincora and other homes.

It was this connection that NAYPIC decided to look into in 1990. We believed it showed a direct connection to events in Barnes with Kincora. I spoke with Carol (and her lawyer) about this. They confirmed that Blunt had been questioned as a “witness” and was on the list of witnesses given to the defence of those who had made witness statements. His statement was never used in court, besides he had conveniently died of a heart attack before the Kazir’s trial. This was not the only event happening around this time. Very reliable sources had told us in 1990 that the Cabinet had been briefed around this time about Kincora. The recent release of cabinet documents has confirmed this DID happen. The same sources also said that the Prime Minister and senior members of the Cabinet had also been briefed on events at Elm Guest House around the 24th August 1982, about 2 weeks after the article about a “report” on Elm had been handed to Scotland Yard, carried by the Times.

We spoke to many people in the “know” about Kincora and other homes in Northern Ireland. Amongst these was the well-respected journalist, Paul Foot. He always dismissed Elm Guest House as a distraction from the real cover-up that was Kincora. In his book, he dismissed as rumour that a cabinet member had been involved at Elm. I had great respect for Paul and admired his work and his integrity as a journalist. But we at NAYPIC disagreed with him. There were victims of serious abuse, from care in both Richmond and Northern Ireland – you cannot dismiss one group as more important than the other. All deserve justice.

Blunt had made it very clear to the security services that if he was going to go down for offences in Barnes, then he was going to take everyone else involved, particularly in Kincora, down with him. Luckily for the government, Blunt died of a heart attack before the trial. So all could be covered up again.

I am acutely aware that, although these events may be seen now as history, there are still victims of Kincora and other homes still alive. They deserve answers and some justice. I saw in the presss that a new inquiry was to be carried out. The victims deserve better than yet another cover-up. There should be a full public inquiry. If any of those who carried out this horrific abuse, or those that covered it up, are still alive, then they should be held to account for their actions and brought to justice.

Now wouldn’t THAT be the best footnote of all to history?
Chris Fay


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G4S. Or, why you shouldn’t trust a set of initials, even with a number in it!

Last week bobchewie posted about G4S and their move into the child “warehousing” business with their new glossy brochure, making all the right PC comments. Er, would this be the same G4S (don’t mention the Olympics), who were today slated in a report on News 24 for their handling of deportees?

G4S (I won’t mention the Olympics) were found to be deeply racist, their behaviour violent and their use of “inappropriate” restraint techniques unlawful.  Now, I know G4S (not a word about the Olympics) are a large multi-national, who normally supply bouncers and security people for large public events, shift large amounts of cash around and run prisons.  But running children’s homes???  That’s all we need, another set of initials running private care homes (even with a number in it).  Well I guess we can look forward to about 20 years from now, when allegations of historic abuse of young people in their care, are made.

For the benefit of IDS and other supporters of private provision, can I remind them that Britain is a signatory to both the European Convention and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Just a thought, but what about their right to “family life”, while in the custody of hired muscle, how does that work then?

What does G4S (not a word about you know what) think its experiences in running prisons will contribute towards childcare?  So here we have it – another bunch of faceless, annonymous initials running care homes!!

On the subject of groups of initials, I know I’ve become a bit of an anorak on the subject…I’ve spent ages chasing corporate initials around the world.  But in relation to AMI and its involvement in Langton House, Grafton Manor and Kneesworth House, can I say I have finally, finally sorted it out!  Well, possibly or even probably maybe!  Well, here goes – pay attention at the back – right then!  (pause, take deep breath)

AMI bought Langton House in 1972, when it was an approved school. Not to be confused with AMI healthcare who ran it as a Adolesent and Young People’s Unit or indeed AMI plc who registered it as a Nursing Home but were running it as an Adolescent Psychiatric Unit.  Or Grant Health Ltd who purchased Grafton Manor in 1982 and became BMI the same year.  Although BMI were not registered as a company till 1993. And you should not confuse them with BMI Healthcare who bought Kneesworth House in 1985.  Neither had any connection to AMI who were running Langton House as an Adolescent Unit, except when they were taking 40 year old and 50 year old patients from NHS secure mental hospitals. It was 16 to 21 year olds, right?  Except when they were taking 12 and 13 year old referrals from local authorities.

So nothing to do with BMI, or AMI who had become GS Ltd in 1989 and the GSI, leaving BMI Healthcare all alone in 1993.  Well, er, no.  In response to NAYPICs complaints about lack of medically qualified staff, BMI said that PSL (Psychiatric Services Ltd) had been established in 1989 to provide psychiatric services to Langton House. Its only known employee, the company secretary!

So, you’ve all kept up with me?  Good.  Except, in an advert in the British Journal of Psychiatry on 22 December 1985, under a BMI logo, Langton House, Grafton Manor and Kneesworth House were listed as belonging to Psychiatric Services Ltd which was set up in 1989.
Sorry, I must go have a lie down in a dark room, with wet flannel and something strongly alcoholic. These corporate initials put Dr Who to shame.

Chris Fay.

The controversial contractor G4S has admitted using individual people’s names on planning applications – rather than its company name – in order to hide its true identity while the application is being considered.

The company, which was hit by widespread criticism after it failed to produce enough security guards for last year’s Olympic Games, faced accusations that it was trying to remain under the public’s radar by submitting the applications in the name of a staff member.

After the practice was uncovered by a journalist writing for the openDemocracy group, G4S admitted regularly using the ploy. But it insisted it was an attempt to conceal its identity from commercial competitors, rather than local authorities or residents.

The Independent 02/05/13

Previous G4S stories featured on The Needle are here and here.


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Langton House: a tale of international corporate greed.

Langton House

When I wrote ‘Therapy of Fear’ for NAYPIC (back in the dark ages before the www), I only knew the name of the company running Langton House – AMI plc. I knew AMI had its roots in the USA and that it had moved into the UK private health market in 1972 when it bought Langton House, or Spyways as it was then known.

The report was written in response to a claim from a survivor of Langton House. The response to the claim was along the lines of “Who guv? Not me guv,” because BMI Healthcare Ltd say they came into being in 1993. BMI are not to be confused with AMI who closed the home in 1991. Now, AMI had become GdS in 1990 and in 1991 they became GSI for international corporate ventures leaving BMI as the holder of their UK ventures. I hope you’re keeping up.

In co-operation with other sets of initials, AMU and AME, they established private mental health units in other countries. By 1995 they were under investigation in Western Australia for excessive deaths, misuse of drugs, unlawful use of confinement, lack of qualified staff etc. An exact mirror of what had been happening with BMI’s Kneesworth House.

As some of you may know, we have some incredibly dedicated people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I am much indebted to them for tracking these corporate greed merchants who put profits before people everytime, in this case vulnerable, mentally ill young people. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, these corporations left a worldwide trail of dead, damaged people. A trail of wrecked lives and hopeless futures. There are many other sets of corporate initials that can be added alongside AMI. Their greed is limitless, not even a $600million dollar fine by US federal authories dented their bottom line.

Back to BMI Healthcare. Only formed in 1993, eh? Well, look at the 2012/2013 anual report for another set of initials (sorry about that) called PIC (Partnership in Care). They very helpfully include a “map” of their “achievements” (my ironic punctuation). You will see they proudly proclaim that BMI bought Kneesworth House in 1985!

It doesn’t matter what set of letters of the alphabet they chose to call themselves, it is what they DID that matters. It’s what they DID at Langton House that needs accounting for. The torture, violence, brutality; the misuse of narcotic drugs, the sexual abuse, the fear, the contempt for the humanity and dignity of their residents. That is what matters! Not just those who carried it out, but those who ran it and those who made massive profits from it. Also those who knew what was going on there. The health authority that covered it up, the police who failed to investigate complaints, who labelled those that did as “disturbed mentally ill trouble makers.” The Minister of State for Health, Mrs Virginia Bottomley, who refused to allow residents to complain or give evidence. They all have much to answer for.

In our report we highlighted the number of victims who hadn’t survived. Dead from drugs, suicide, etc. Those who survived left to live damaged, blighted lives with no support. I have recently been trying to trace the names of victims we knew were at Langton. I regret to say many have died and most of those who survive do so in long term residential care. All those who survive, and those that did not, deserve justice, or at least the recognition that what happened to them HAPPENED!

So the next time you hear Ian Duncan Smith extolling the virtues of the private sector and the “free” market, please remember the cost in human lives and all those faceless sets of initials.

One final thought. When we first heard of Langton, we all had difficulty getting our heads around this. The sheer level of brutality, violence and abuse seemed impossible in this “green and pleasant land”, this was happening, in England? Well, yes, it was. However, we tried to remain professional. Our report was based only upon the evidence and the testimony of victims. We tried not to listen to gossip or rumour. But knowing what I know now, I think a spot of deep gardening in the grounds of Langton House could well be in order. What secrets would that uncover?  What have these faceless sets of initials really got to hide?

Chris Fay


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Langton House: Finally an Inquiry.

Langton House

Langton House

I understand that, as of 24th July 2013, Devon County Council is carrying out an Inquiry into allegations of historic abuse of young people in the council’s care who were placed at Langton House in Dorset.

According to Mr Roger Hall, a senior official in the council’s Social Services Department, they are contacting survivors of Langton House, described as an “Adolescent Psychiatric Unit” and run by a private company called AMI plc.  AMI operated the unit in the 1970’s and 80’s until it closed in 1993.

According to Dorset Health Authority records at the time, it was in fact registered as a Nursing Home.  Devon County Council were one of the largest user authorities of Langton House.  Following complaints to the National Association of Young People in Care (NAYPIC) by young people of the extreme violence and brutality of the regime there, Dorset Health Authority carried out a brief, secret inquiry in early 1990 and concluded that there was nothing to investigate.  It did not interview any of the residents or past residents or NAYPIC during this “Inquiry”.

Following this, NAYPIC published its own report called “Therapy of Fear” highlighting the extreme abuse and misuse of drugs as “therapy”, including the abuse of both physically and mentally handicapped people who had been inappropriately placed there.

Following a question from Mrs Rosie Barnes MP in the House of Commons in 1991, the then Minister for Health, Mrs Virginia Bottomley, confirmed that former residents of Langton House would not be allowed to give evidence. I understand that even at the time Devon County Council were concerned about the lack of response from AMI in response to their enquiries.

I understand Mr Hall has assured the leader of the survivors’ group that they will look at the allegations of abuse, missing young people and what he described as the unexplained deaths of three young people there.  NAYPIC had expressed concerns in its report at the extremely high death rate amongst survivors of this regime and concern for young people who appear to have disappeared, their whereabouts unknown to their local authorities.

Chris Fay


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Mary Moss Files

I have written about this before, but given the confusion still apparent, particularly on the twittersphere, I should try again to provide some context to these. These were internal documents at NAYPIC, never intended for public use.
In early 1990 at one of the meetings we had with Mrs Carol Kazir she was telling us about the guest house and who had stayed there. Whilst we were talking I was busy scribbling down names from the guest house register. This was only a list of people who had stayed at the guest house. At this point we had NO evidence that these people were involved in abuse. It was a list of guests NOT abusers. Given that it advertised itself as a gay guest house, it was perceived as a “safe” place for ordinary gay couples to stay. Neither then nor now did I want this to turn into a gay witch-hunt.
As later investigation was to show, of far more importance were the cash reciept books for the sauna/video conference facilities. Because it was there, along with the “Kings & Queens” parties that most of the abuse of underage boys and child pornography took place.
We were able to identify most of the individuals who rented this “facility”. Yes, it is true that many were prominent public figures.
Whatever my own views on police cover-ups may be, the bottom line is they are the “authorities” that we complain to. There is no-one else. For that reason I believe the police must be given the opportunity to do the right thing. I have refrained therefore from any public mention of these individuals whilst the investigation is ongoing.
At this point, I would like to offer my sincere appologies to the victims whose names were also put on line. This is something I would NEVER do.
If anyone needs to know why, please read “Secret Justice V Secret Pain“.
I know the Mary Moss I knew would never have done this. I can only assume that fear of a cover-up, a houseful of armed police and a belief that these docs might dissappear for ever, contributed much to this. I hope at some point post-Fernbridge to be able to write about these events on Needle in full, victims’ stories need to be told.

View the ‘Mary Moss’ files here.


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Langton House: The True Story.

Langton House

Langton House

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never met “Steven”.  I have to tell you that what he has to say backs up fully the complaints we were getting from young people there in 1989. In our NAYPIC report, “Therapy of Fear”, we dealt solely with the professional issues, but I think you can tell how angry Mary Moss and I were at what was going on there. You will see from the report our deep concerns and suspicions about young people who had just “disappeared”.  We said in our report that Hillend and Langton House were the two worst places we had ever come across.  I would like to go on record as saying if ever there was a place from the darkest pits of hell it was Langton House. Because here not just supposed “disturbed” kids from care, but physically and mentally handicapped kids were also sent there.  They were all subjected to the same “therapy” and were truly at the bottom of the heap. We are not talking about some nazi prison camp, this was DORSET, ENGLAND in the 1980’s.
The Area Health Authority held a short secret Inquiry in early 1990. Everything said by AMI plc was accepted as true. All complaints were labelled as “malicious”. The Dorset police refused to carry out any inquiry, they said because no victims had come to them. Well, if you are locked up in a unit, barred from having any visitors and have not “earned” enough points to use the phone – it’s a bit difficult. For the record they refused to act on our complaints, even though we represented victims.
Let me be very clear what we are talking about here. Serious sexual abuse, rape, serious physical abuse, torture, unlawful use of drugs by non-qualified staff, grevious bodily harm, humiliating and degrading treatment and a total disregard for welfare and safety of the young people in their care. All young people there spent every waking moment in fear and terror, their childhood stripped from them by evil thugs masquerading as “carers”.

I would also add that the then Secretary of State, Virginia Bottomley, expressed herself satisfied with the actions of Dorset Health Authority. Yes, the same Mrs Bottomley who thinks all children in care make up malicious stories. Well Mrs Bottomley these were not “stories”, they were real accounts by victims. Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Steven has to say about what really went on there, he speaks for the many victims who have not survived.  I believe the people who carried this out, those that ran Langton and those that covered it up, Mrs Bottomley, are criminals or as they say down my way “nonces”.  If the cap fits…..
Here is the true story of one boy’s nightmare.

Mr Paul H was not a doctor nor was he qualified in looking after adolescents with behaviour problems.
However he is a qualified tosser whom enjoyed pushing his weight around with people whom were either mentally or physically disabled.
He often targeted residents whom would not fight back and seem to enjoy what he did to others.
Paul claimed to had been in the Marines and would often do moves on residents that he claimed he was taught.
Paul H stands approx 6’3″ blonde hair big built covered in tattoos.
At the time he was in his mid 30’s so I would estimate his age now to be approx 58ish.

When Paul was around other staff he use to dominate the staff telling them to fail a resident constantly even though that resident had done nothing wrong that day.
Once I had refused to take my medication because Paul hat put my medication up from 50mg Chlorpromazine to a stonking 800 mgs 3 times a day in total 2400 mgs.
Paul had grabbed me around my neck from behind pulling me to the floor.
I was then turned over onto my back and Paul sat on my chest instructing staff to hold my arms and legs down to stop me lashing out.
Paul then instructed another member of staff to get a funnel from the kitchen and also a door wedge from the staff room.
When these items were produced Paul then squeezed my Jaw to open my mouth forcing the funnel into my mouth cutting my gums and lips.
The tablets were dropped down the funnel and flushed down with water.
When I vomited up the medication the medication was then picked up off the floor and put back down the funnel.
This happened for at least 5 times before he managed to get the medication inside of me.
Not only was this assault but illegal and also very dangerous.
There was a coloured girl called Susan whom was (deaf, dumb and partially sighted and mute).
Her only enjoyment in life was reading car magazines which was an obsession and would often laugh out for no reason.
Paul took a personal dislike to Sharon always failing her, Finding excuses to get her out of the room and upstairs out of shot of prying eyes.
One can only guess what went on upstairs.
There was another coloured girl called Sharon whom staff use to pick on her daily.
One night she had found her way into the classrooms in the attac and managed to open the sky lights and crawled onto the roof.
She then jumped from the roof breaking her arms and legs and also ended up with other internal injuries.
I watched Paul and Mark drag Sharon by her arms across the car park back into the main enterance screaming in agony and into the corridor leaving her on the wooden floor.
What I witnessed next will stay with me for a very long time.
Paul stamped on her stomach and chest before dragging her into the room where we were all sat and left her screaming and crying in pain.
Paul then failed her systematically for attention seeking behaviour (eg) crying.
It was a week later Sharon was taken to hospital.
From what I understand there was no formal investigation into why the classroom was left unlocked and no investigation into how she managed to leave the room.
There were other things that happened which I had witnessed including one resident trying to hang herself in which I had discovered her and managed to get her down before calling for help in which I failed my points for telling tales.
Another resident slit his wrists while another attempted to slit his throat with broken glass.
These are just some of the things that happened while I was resident there.
If I had a chance to pick Langton House or hell to reside in I would pick hell.
There was no education sessions there and there was very little or no care of residents.
It seems that if a resident needed to talk privately to staff on a personal worry then they ran the risk of failing their points.
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“A full and thorough Inquiry”

I was watching TV and heard those dreaded words in response to something or other. Its a phrase we have often heard down the years. It is the standard response of social services depts, local authorities, gov depts and Ministers, etc. Aside from the Hillsborough Panel has anyone ever heard of one that was “full” and “thorough”, particularly when it came to the investigation of abuse of any kind of children in care? I recently offered as an example the Melanie Klein House “Inquiry” that wasn’t.
I do not want to bore you with some 10,000 plus worded report. I thought I could illustrate my point with 2 press cuttings and a letter. A “full and thorough inquiry”? You can make your own mind up…..

A beginning.


A middle.


The end.


Thanks to the sterling work of Det Chief Inspector Richard Thompson and his team of Greenwich Police, they did finally manage to interview one person under caution – a certain Cllr Fay, about the theft of Log Books.

Silly me! “A full and thorough inquiry” We were obviously using different dictionaries. I should look it up on Wikipedia. No I have an idea, why don’t I ask the Metropolitan Police to set up Operation  ‘Ever Hopefull’?

Never mind the abuse of children, I am sure it will be able to get to the real truth – who knicked the Log Books? Oh, hang on a minute. At this point can I make it absolutely clear, that I have no recollection of being handed any Log Books. Oh dear, I seem to have caught that Leon Brittan Syndrome!  I wonder if I can get some tablets from my Doctor for it?


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When is an Inquiry not an Inquiry ?

Everyone following The Needle will have seen the posts on Melanie Klein House, a secure unit for girls, run by the London Borough of Greenwich. You will also know there was an “Inquiry” into the allegations about this home following my letter to David Mellor.

I was told there was an Inquiry. Naypic were told there was an Inquiry. Mr Mellor said there was an Inquiry. Ditto London Boroughs Regional Children’s Planning Committee (LBRCPC) and the Chairs of all London Boroughs Social Services Committees. Most importantly the victims of the abuse suffered at this home were told there was an Inquiry. Given the allegations included rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sexist and racist abuse, child pornography and the use of the infamous “blanket searches”, where the girls were stripped naked by male staff members and thrown naked into cells, there was clearly much to “inquire” into.  Indeed in press releases Greenwich and the LBRCPC assured us of “a full and thorough Inquiry”.  Er, well apparently we were all mistaken….


When the redrafts of the drafts had been finally edited and amended by all relevant Directors of Social Services, the final, final report was published. Except it had become only “A Review of Management Practices and Procedures at Melanie Klein House”.
What’s that, I hear you ask? Victims? er, well, arrh, erm……


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Trade In Care

This HERE rings bells.

In the 1989 NAYPIC Report we highlighted the abuse of wardship orders and the way children could be shipped out around the country. Being wards there was no need to hold case conferences, reviews or to consult with anybody. Any query even from family members could be blocked by hiding behind the High Court. If anyone persisted they would be threatened with contempt proceedings. Occasionally, a Director of Social Services or Solicitor to the Council would admit that such moves were sanctioned on the basis of “a phone call” to the relevant judge.

It strikes me that if we can ever get a proper inquiry, along the lines of the Hillsborough Panel there is a huge volume of evidence buried in the files of the High Court Family Division. Mind you, it would leave their Lordships with a lot of questions to answer. But then they have much to account for.

Certainly NAYPIC had a lot of anecdotal evidence of children being abused in multiple homes, but no clear reasoning could be found why such moves had taken place. We strongly believed, as Gojam says, that these children were moved around on the say so of abusers.


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Hi Bishop.

You’re spot on HERE mate. We tried unsuccessfully for years to get a proper investigation of these people.

Just for clarity, we identified John Rowe as being Rhinehart/Rowe’s brother.  John Rowe ran the video conference/sauna suite at EGH, which was really a cipher for child porn. If you look at receipts I got from Carole Kasir, it shows the large sums of money that this facility was generating! Enough for Carole to send her daughter to a private boarding school and fund quite extravagant life style. You are also right about Jones, he was personally involved with running Rawro’s “Night Sauna” in the West End, the subject of the other advert placed in Capital Gay (see Rawro letter). This was a well known place for punters to pick up rentboys,most of whom would have been underage at the time!  Our own investigations had identified boys as young as 12 being pimped out there.

Nice work mate! Keep it up!


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