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CPS Prosecutor Robert Colover Steps Down.

You may remember this story from here

This is the barrister who described a 13 year old girl as  “sexually experienced” and “predatory”.

Well, he’s gone!

One rotten apple thrown out of the barrel. How many more to go ?


A CPS prosecutor who described the 13-year-old victim of a paedophile “predatory” in court will no longer undertake prosecutions involving serious sexual offences or child sexual abuse.

Robert Colover has agreed to resign from the CPS Rape Panel of advocates, admitting his description of the girl as “predatory” and “sexually experienced” was inappropriate, the Crown Prosecution Service said today.

Mr Colover’s comments during the sentencing of paedophile Neil Wilson, who was handed a suspended sentence, sparked outrage and today the CPS said that after a review of the case, director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer QC had found the language used to describe the teenager was “grossly inappropriate”.

A spokesman said: “Counsel in the case agreed that he should not have used the expression that he did and deeply regretted his choice of words.

“It was agreed that he would resign from the CPS Rape Panel of advocates and will no longer undertake prosecutions involving serious sexual offences or child sexual abuse.”

Daily Record


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Eric Pickles: Doctor ? Lawyer ?

Eric Pickles has still not apologised to Teresa Cooper for outrageously suggesting that she “Adjust your medication”

In lieu of an apology he has issued through a spokesperson this feeble explanation, “He was giving her a frank piece of advice in private. It wasn’t meant in any way to offend or insult her.” Even setting aside that this “Private advice” was given at a public wildlife event in Ongar, Essex, what makes Eric Pickles think he should offer medical advice ? He’s not a health care professional afterall.

This isn’t the first time that Eric Pickles has masqueraded as a ‘professional’. As you can read below, for a long time he led people to believe that he was a qualified lawyer…

Eric Pickles 1

The Face of Boo!

Shortly after being quizzed by Schopen, Pickles filled in his register entry for the second time in 9 years. He now gave his occupation as “Self employed lawyer” working in “Industrial and Employment law”. He added “no work in Bradford” as if to emphasise there could be no clash of interests between his private and political life.

Indeed, Pickles had insisted to Schopen that he had always publicly stated he was an employment lawyer working mainly in the North West. Records bear this claim out.

When he first stood as a councillor in 1979, Pickles had described himself on his election manifesto as “A Lawyer” only weeks before he filled in the council register claiming to be an employee of the Tory party.

Other public statements over the 9 years he had served as a councillor showed him describing himself as “a lawyer”.

Many journalists had noted that Pickles was a “solicitor”. This is not surprising since the rather vague sounding term “lawyer” is in fact quite specific. A “lawyer” is “someone qualified to practice law” and means either a solicitor or a barrister. Since Pickles had never claimed to be a barrister, journalists naturally took it that Pickles’ reference to being a “lawyer” meant he was a qualified solicitor. It was well known that Pickles had studied to be a solicitor in the early 1970’s.

There was just one small problem with all this – Eric Pickles had failed to qualify as a solicitor. And anyone who describes themselves as such without the necessary qualifications commits a criminal offence!The Solicitors Act 1974, Section 21 reads;

      • “Unqualified Person Not To Pretend To Be A Solicitor.
      • “Any unqualified person who wilfully pretends to be, or takes or uses any name, title, addition or description implying that he is qualified or recognised by law as qualified to act as a solicitor shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine….


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Did David Cameron Lie To Leveson ?


Perhaps this PMQ exchange between Chris Bryant and the Prime Minister might shed some light on that ?

David Cameron gave misleading evidence to the Leveson inquiry over his friendship with the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, according to a new book by a journalist with close links to No 10.

In one of the most authoritative accounts of Downing Street’s links with News International, Matthew d’Ancona also writes that the prime minister was awestruck by the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson.

D’Ancona, who has known the prime minister for 20 years, says the prime minister was wrong to tell the Leveson inquiry that he saw Brooks more frequently after her marriage to his Eton contemporary Charlie Brooks. “I was definitely seeing her more often because of my sort of friendship with Charlie and as a neighbour,” Cameron told Leveson of his fellow members of the “Chipping Norton set”.

The former Spectator editor dismisses this account in a new book on the coalition, In It Together. D’Ancona writes: “But this was misleading. Cameron knew Charlie Brooks only slightly before his marriage to Rebekah. It was Rebekah who brought him closer to Charlie, not the other way round.”

The Guardian


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Tory Vice-Chairman Alan Lewis Arrested Over Historical Rape Allegation


Here pictured talking to the Prime Minister


A Conservative vice-chairman has been arrested on suspicion of rape, relating to an alleged offence more than 40 years ago.

Alan Lewis, 75, was arrested by Greater Manchester Police after a woman claimed she was attacked in the late 1960s.

Mr Lewis was appointed vice-chairman for business relations by David Cameron in 2010. He has been released on bail.

A party spokesman said: “This is an ongoing police matter so we are not able to make any comments.”

Mr Lewis is a successful entrepreneur who owns the Crombie clothing chain, and is one of nine Conservative Party vice-chairmen.

In 1990, he was made a CBE for his services as chairman of the Confederation of British Industry’s initiative to prepare British businesses to the single market.

BBC News


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Apologise Eric Pickles!

The exchange between child abuse campaigner Teresa Cooper and Minister of the Crown Eric Pickles is a sad indictment of the indifference with which many politicians  deal with victims of child sexual abuse.

That someone who sits in the heart of government could disparage a survivor of child abuse with the playground taunt of “adjust your medication” is astonishing.

In my view, Eric Pickles should issue an immediate unreserved and public apology to Teresa Cooper.

If he does not do this then I suspect he will soon be an ‘ex minister’.

Below is the transcript of the conversation and below that the audio recording of the conversation.


Teresa Cooper: you need my signature for…

Eric Pickles: you’ve consistently…  you change your na [unfinished word]… you’ve changed your views…  You give me different stories.

TC: Different stories?

EP: and before I act I need your signature

TC: different stories.. its been proved publicly

EP: [aside]sorry about this

VOICE: no .. its okay

TC: we’ve got all this stuff its been proved publicly and its you – you tell different stores – nothing has changed on the Kendall House abuse? – only you have ignored it.  You have ignored.  You have ignored it.

EP: just, just, adjust your medication

TC: no you…. I am not on medication right, but you need to be, you ignore child abuse and people should know about it.


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A Politician In A Pickle Over Child Abuse

Campaigner Teresa Cooper confronts her MP and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government , Eric Pickles, and he advises a survivor of historic child abuse  to “Adjust your medication!

“Arrogant, Ignorant, Selfish and Rude”

Listen carefully to this exchange and decide for yourself.  Is this man part of the caring Coalition?


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With Friends Like This…



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