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The ‘Holy Trinity’ Paedophile Ring


Police search Tattingstone, Suffolk 1967

Sometimes investigating historic child sexual abuse is a bit like tugging at a loose end of a knitted jumper. You begin to pull a strand of wool and slowly, inevitably, more comes away until you’re left with the component parts of a forgotten scandal. Such was the case this weekend when, following an email from a reader (SM), the Needleteam began to look into what has become known as the ‘Tattingstone suitcase murder’ .

The case of the murder of Bernard Oliver, 17, whose dismembered body was found in two suitcases in the village of Tattingstone in Suffolk in 1967, is unsolved and because the main suspects are both now dead, it will likely remain so, but it was the identifying of those two suspects, Dr Martin Reddington and Dr John Byles, and the tracing of the history of at least some of their offending which led us  to the ‘Holy Trinity Paedophile Ring’.  This was a group of professionals that in 1975 stood trial at Leeds Crown Court and were found guilty of the sexual abuse of young boys including abuse within the Holy Trinity church, Huddersfield, and the trade in child sexual abuse images to Copenhagen and Amsterdam.


The Holy Trinity church, Huddersfield

We uncovered further evidence that offenders will often re-offend and reveal that one member of the Holy Trinity paedophile ring has only recently avoided justice for abhorrent crimes abroad because he claims to have dementia.

There are also links to possible child murders and that is why we are sharing this with you now because we know that there are some great researchers out there and perhaps possible witnesses who might as a result contact us and help us to complete the picture, so we’ll include most of the related newspaper cuttings we have at the bottom of this post.

It is probably easiest to start with the trial at Leeds Crown Court. On the 9th June 1975 three men stood trial on charges of indecently assaulting boys aged between 9 and 14 and conspiracies to contravene the Sexual Offences Act, the Obscene Publications Act and the Post Office Act. They were the Rev John Poole, vicar at the Holy Trinity Church, Raymond Varley, a former child care worker, and Clive Wilcock, a school teacher. Two other men named during the proceedings were missing.  They were Dr John Byles and a Mr Jack Nicholls. More on Dr Byles later but we need to say that we’ve not been able to identify Jack Nicholls.

The crux of the allegations was that the 5 men named above had used the vicarage as a base to abuse young boys and had taken photographs of the sexual abuse.  Some of the pictures were then sold to pornographic magazines in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Some of the sexual abuse took place in the church and in the crypt. On one occasion the Rev Poole had presided over a ‘wedding’ which resulted in acts of  gross indecency taking place before the church altar. The likelihood is that these crimes were photographed.

The Rev Poole, Raymond Varley and Clive Wilcock were all found guilty of offences.

Dr John Byles, who along with Dr Martin Reddington, was identified as one of the prime suspects in the ‘suitcase murder’ of Bernard Oliver in 1967, had evaded justice. At some point during the police inquiries into the Holy Trinity paedophile ring, he had run off to Australia.  On the 17th December 1974 he was arrested in Melbourne. His friend, Dr Martin Reddington, who had previously fled abroad to escape similar allegations of gross indecency against a minor, was on hand to help and posted bail for Dr Byles. On the 27th December Dr Byles failed to attend an extradition hearing and on January 19th 1975 his body was found at the Proserpine Hotel in Queensland. Dr Byles had committed suicide. Three notes were found in the hotel room, one to his family, one to Scotland Yard, and the third to Dr Martin Reddington. Frustratingly for the police, none of the notes contained a confession.

The complicity in very serious crimes, including possible child murders, by Dr Byles and Dr Reddington appears to have been suspected by British police. In 1963 Dr Byles, who is described in newspaper reports as a ‘Kensington Doctor’, had stood trial along with a marketing executive called Mr James Halsall  for the sexual abuse of a boy and in 1967 it seems likely that the police believed that Dr John Byles was one of two men thought to have been seen talking to Michael John Trower, aged 14, of Hove on the day he went missing and who the police wanted to talk to following the discovery of the boy’s body. Brian Field, after his conviction in 2001 for the 1968 murder of Roy Tutill was suspected by the police of involvement in the murder of Michael Trower, however Trower’s murder remains unsolved.

What we know for sure is that Dr Byles was described in his absence at Leeds Crown Court during the ‘Holy Trinity’ trial as an “evil man” and ringleader in the network of pornography.

Dr Martin Reddington is harder to trace. According to the Ipswich Star who viewed the ‘suitcase murder’ files held by Suffolk police, Reddington had fled to South Africa in 1965 after a warrant had been issued for his arrest for buggery and indecent assault of males. In 1977 he was recognised as one of three men owning the distinctive P.V.A suitcases used in the murder of Bernard Oliver and that, along with Dr Byles, he was wanted for questioning with regards to the murder in London of a boy which took place around 1973. (We have been unable to identify this child murder in London and would be particularly grateful for any help with that.) We know also that in 1977 he was arrested in Australia for indecently assaulting an Australian boy around 1973.

Despite the fact that the police wanted to talk to him regarding very serious sexual crimes and even murder, Dr Reddington seems to have flitted back and forth between Australia and the UK where he died in Surrey in 1995.


Raymond Varley

Of the original three men convicted in 1975 for their part in the ‘Holy Trinity paedophile ring’ one name, Raymond Varley, might seem familiar. Varley, who was described during the Holy Trinity trial as having already had a previous conviction for indecency with a boy, had pleaded guilty in 1975 and was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. He appears to have offended and been convicted once again in the early 1980s before becoming an English tutor in Albania, Serbia, and then Thailand.

Raymond Varley is wanted by the Indian authorities in connection with his involvement in child abuse in Goa. For information on Varley’s involvement with Dr Freddie Peats and that sickening child abuse and exploitation episode read HERE

An extradition application by the Indians failed because poor Mr Raymond Varley at the tender age of just 63 has ‘dementia’  and it would be “unjust” and “oppressive” to return him to India for trial. (Sound familiar ?)

No wonder the Indian authorities are pissed off.

The Times 17th September 1963


The Times 11th November 1963


‘Suitcase Murder’ 1967





Michael John Trower Murder January 1967 



Roy Tutill Murder November 2001

A 65-year-old farm labourer from the Midlands has been jailed for life for the murder, 33 years ago, of schoolboy Roy Tutill.

The 14-year-old was abducted, raped and strangled in 1968 as he hitch-hiked to his Surrey home from school so he could save his bus fare to pay for a new bicycle.

Divorced Brian Field, from Solihull, West Midlands, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to the 33-year-old murder – thought to be the longest period between a crime being committed and solved.

BBC News

The Holy Trinity paedophile ring 1975








Dr John Byles’s death in Australia from The Age, January 1975


Dr Martin Reddington in Australia 1977



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The Bishop Of Stepney, Trevor Huddleston



The Bishop of Stepney, Trevor Huddleston

Q ~ What do you do when an Anglican Bishop is found to be sexually abusing young boys ?

A ~ Cover it up and move the problem as far away as possible.

Luckily the Establishment have plenty of ways of achieving this. So when in 1974 the Bishop of Stepney, Trevor Huddleton, then a shortlisted candidate to become the Archbishop of Canterbury, was accused of sexually abusing young boys at his house, 400 Commercial Road, London E1, it posed few problems.

Interviewed by police at the time over the sexual abuse of four boys, Huddleston told ­officers: “I sat them on my lap, touched their ­bottoms and pinched them but there is nothing indecent.”

Nothing indecent ?

Yet the description on the file relating to this case at The National Archives alludes to accusations of “gross indecency with young boys”.

But there is no need to worry as far as the Establishment are concerned because as we have explained before HERE  following Leo Abse MP’s amendment to the Sexual Offences Act 1967 and the 1968 Appeal Court judgement, Regina V Robert Charles Angell, every allegation of homosexual paedophilia had to get the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) before proceeding.


Sir Norman Skelhorn

The DPP and paedophile gatekeeper at the time was Sir Norman Skelhorn, who a few years before had helpfully ensured that allegations of ‘gross indecency’ related to Cambridge House against Cyril Smith had been dropped was again on hand to rescue the Bishop of Stepney, declaring that doing so was “for the public good”.

Public good, or Establishment good ? It certainly doesn’t seem to have been a decision taken in the interests of local children and parents.

However, that still left the thorny problem with what to do with a paedophile Bishop but fortunately, the Anglican Church is worldwide. You can almost imagine the church’s hierarchy wracking their collective brains until suddenly an opportunity presented itself and he was packed off to become the Bishop of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


It is unknown if any allegations have been made regarding the then Bishop of Mauritius before his retirement in 1983 but what I think is clear is that it was entirely irresponsible of the Church of England to send Trevor Huddleton there knowing that there were serious allegations of sexual impropriety hanging over him.


As a footnote I thought I’d add that Peter Mandelson described Bishop Trevor Huddleston as “one of the most inspiring people of my life.” The Bishop of Stepney seems to have been something of a father figure in the young Peter’s life. He helped organise Mandelson’s gap year stay in Tanzania and even paid for his board and lodging.


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‘Hurt’ Johnny Cash


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Hampstead, McKenzie Friends, And Terence Ewing

I really don’t know how far I need to go before a large number of misguided people will let go of the Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Hoax. Not far enough yet judging by the comments left on the last article.

So, here is something to make you think.

With acknowledgement to Camden Council Lords Of The Manner Blog

The Association of McKenzie Friends are the group ‘supporting’ Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, who along with Sabine McNeill are wanted for questioning by police in relation to allegations of harassment and child abuse connected to the Hampstead Satanic Hoax.


ewing and friends

Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, and Sabine McNeill


Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves

Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves are both convicted paedophiles.

And both happen to be former business partners of Terence Ewing  advisor for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’

Terence Ewing and Keith Hammerton- Euston Trust

Terence Ewing and Roger Gleaves- Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service

Terence Ewing, having been described by a high court judge as “unattractive and indicative of a lack of personal integrity and honesty”, is banned from taking a civil action in England and Wales unless he has the permission of a High Court judge. (BBC News)

I’m sure that many will think that this proves nothing other than that Terence Ewing has an extremely poor taste when selecting business partners.

However, call me old fashioned but I do believe that it is extremely unethical and potentially illegal for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’ to seek to sell “video evidence”, “interviews with victims of child trafficking”, and “documentation regarding child abuse”.


John Hemming MP withdrew as patron of The Association of McKenzie Friends on 22nd January 2015.

Despite trying I have been unable to reach Austin Mitchell MP to ascertain whether he is still a patron of this group.


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Three Further IPCC CSA Investigations Regarding The Met.

And a further 6 referrals being assessed.


Mar 26, 2015

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is to manage a further three investigations detailing allegations of corruption in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in relation to child sex offences dating from the 1970s to the 2000s.

This is in addition to the 14 referrals announced on 16 March. All relate to allegations about:

  • Suppressing evidence;
  • Hindering or halting investigations;
  • Covering up the offences because of the involvement of members of parliament and police officers

These three referrals are:

1)      Allegation that a child abuse investigation in central London gathered evidence against MP’s, judges, media entertainers, police, actors, clergy and others.  The file was submitted to start proceedings against those identified and two months later an officer was called in by a senior MPS officer and told to drop the case.

2)      Allegation about police actions during a child abuse investigation in the 1980s.

3)      A related allegation about the same investigation.

The IPCC is also assessing a further six referrals it has received from the MPS relating to similar matters.


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Three Wanted In Hampstead Harassment Case.


Ella Draper, Abraham Christie, and Sabina McNeill

News today from the Ham & High reporting that Ella Draper, mother of two young children who can only be identified as P and Q, her partner Abraham Christie, and their ‘supporter’ Sabine McNeill are among those wanted for questioning by the police in connection to allegations of harassment and child abuse.

This follows findings published online  HERE  by Mrs Justice Pauffley.

The ludicrous allegations of a Satanic Cult which half of Hampstead seem to have been accused of being part of, a cult that wore babies’ skulls, drank the blood of babies, and the members of which all wore specially designed shoes made of baby skin made by the owner of a local shoe repair shop, has led to the harassment and abuse of those named online.

If I’m honest, I can see only one thing that remotely resembles a ‘cult’ and that is the slavish, brainwashed, and irresponsible following online of those that refuse to accept that they’ve been hoodwinked.

Only last week a website appeared purporting to be connected to those who have promulgated and perpetuated these appalling lies, on it ‘supporters’ were invited to donate money and “select a perk”.


When Mrs Justice Pauffley wrote in her findings, “Those who have posted material identifying the children have done so with flagrant disregard for their welfare interests”… “Only those with prurient or unhealthy curiosity will take steps to identify the children.” some took umbrage.

But let me ask you, what exactly do you think is being offered for sale here for $10,000 ?

Of course, we’ve been here before. There are many similarities between this and the Hollie Greig Hoax. 

And why should there not be when some of those involved in that travesty are also involved in this ?

The Hollie Greig hoax is still ongoing despite the intervention of the authorities. It has been going on for over 6 years with a devastating effect on the lives of those falsely alleged to have been involved.

The children, P and Q, are eight and nine years old. If you genuinely care about their welfare then please don’t let them grow up at the centre of a sensationalist hoax.

Mrs Justice Pauffley also said in her findings that “My faith in humanity indicates that the overwhelming majority of individuals will do nothing because they, like me, have no interest in inflicting further harm.”

I hope her faith is vindicated.


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Pickled Opinions

It is almost 18 months since The Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP,  Minister of State for Communities and Local Government told Kendall House CSA survivor and victim of appalling care home drugging, Teresa Cooper, to “Adjust you medication.”

Now those girls have gone on to have children of their own; children who were born with a range of birth defects.

Teresa Cooper was one of those girls. She arrived at Kendall House in Kent at the age of 14. Over the 32 months she was there, she was given medication at least 1,248 times – cocktails of 11 different drugs.

BBC News

Listen to confrontation below

Following this inappropriate exchange Teresa Cooper received this strange and threatening letter.


Most of the media were very sympathetic to Teresa and recognised the inappropriateness of Mr Pickle’s remarks but one online news outlet took a different perspective.

Speaking at the conclusion of the Conservative party conference yesterday, Pickles told he had a “long history with that particular constituent”.

“Her behaviour was utterly unreasonable,” he explained.

“She recorded me surreptitiously. I was giving genuine advice… and her reaction was to do 50 tweets and broadcast it to the world.

“I’m very sympathetic with her, she has a difficult life. But she makes a number of serious allegations about people and I think, it’s very important she puts that allegation in writing and she puts her name to it.”

He claimed Cooper had denied all knowledge of making an initial statement to his office.

I’m sure that unique angle on the story wasn’t at all influenced by the fact that a major shareholder in Adfero Media Ltd which owns is Windsor’s Member of Parliament, Adam Afriyie MP  one of Eric Pickle’s Conservative colleagues in the Commons….




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