Mission Statement


Needles are one of the earliest tools that mankind created and used. The earliest example was found in the Potok Caves in modern day Slovenia, made of bone it dates to around 40,000 years ago.

Needles were used primarily to make and repair clothing but needles have many uses.

A needle can lance a boil or it can burst a balloon, in the hands of a pathologist it can draw blood, and in the hands of a doctor it can vaccinate a child.

This blog is a metaphorical needle with many uses.

This blog was not created as simply a platform to express my own views but my earnest hope is that others who comment on other blogs will contribute to this one and be credited and perhaps even take ownership of it as an equal partner.

If you are interested in becoming part of ’The Needle’ team, have any essay you wish to see published (not simply as a comment on someone else’s blog) or have an idea for a topic which you would like to see discussed, then please email me at gojam56@gmail.com .

Kind Regards


73 responses to “Mission Statement


    jonathan lib dem gatekeeper sawyer and mates of DCI Paul Settle,ex Royalty douche bag protector and pedo-protector Daniel janner QC + many others.FUCK THE LOT OF YOU

  2. Pingback: We all need to try and help each other and find out what happened to us in colwood / larchwood – colwood / larchwood

  3. Fiona D

    Cllr Whittaker died in September 2015 & you cannot libel dead people.

  4. Fiona D

    I don’t agree with you Lee Davis. Ron Whittaker actually told me he had been accused of interfering with children and visited by Dorset Police.
    Transparency is needed with regard to these people.

  5. Further to my recent comment earlier today, I am now suffering from London bus syndrome, i.e., you wait for ages and then 3 come along at once!

    I slightly varied my search terms, and came across 2 more references to the case, in the archive of the I. J. F. C. 1 only refers to it in passing; this is the International Journal of Forensic Computing direct site, issue 11 of 1997, the November edition.

    The other is the same October edition that I have given a reference for above; however, I will give it as well below, in case 1 or other suddenly becomes unavailable. As the pages numbers are not shown on this version, you need to scroll down about 3/4 of the way down the page to find the article.


    I would like to correct an error that I made in my previous comment: the sentences were 1 of 6 months for possession, and 1 of 12 months for distribution, to run concurrently. Sorry for my doziness!

  6. Neville Driver

    Does Lee Davis have any connections with Yorkshire by any chance?

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