Index of documents relating to the abuse of children in the care of the London Borough of Greenwich.

The documents refer in the main to Melanie Klein House, for which a summary can be found HERE, and Green Lane, a summary for that can be found HERE.

The documents can be made available to journalists, without redactions, on condition that the victims’ names are not made public without the expressed permission of the victim. Contact:

Addendum To Green Lane Report

ACTSS/TGWU Letter 09/05/1989 “Call Your Dogs Off”

Greenwich NALGO Internal Letter 02/05/1989

Handwritten Letter From Victim To NAYPIC

Human Rights Violations Of Young People In Care

“Lack Of Professionalism In Greenwich Children’s Homes” Ombudsman Report

Letter From Chris Fay 12/03/1989 To Mr D Lambert Social Services Inspectorate

Letter From Chris Fay 12/04/1989. Re: ‘Green Lane – Assault’

Letter From Chris Fay 27/04/1989 To Rosie Barnes MP. Re: ‘Melanie Klein House Enquiry’

Letter From Chris Fay 27/07/1989 ‘Melanie Klein House – Intimidation And Assault On Young People’

Letter From Chris Fay 09/11/1989 To Peter Bottomley MP

Letter From Lawyers Acting On Behalf Of Peter Bottomley MP 26/10/1989 To NAYPIC

Letter From Lawyers Acting On Behalf Of Peter Bottomley MP 27/11/1989 To Chris Fay

Letter To Chris Fay 09/03/1989 Re: Green Lane Working Party

Letter To Cllr Henderson 28/03/1990

Melanie Klein House Demonstration Leaflet 17/05/1989

Memo From Assistant Director Central Support Services 06/04/1988

Memo From Chris Fay 14/06/1989 ‘Melanie Klein House – Maladministration’

Met Police Note Complaint By Chris Fay 14/04/1988

NAYPIC 09/07/1990 : Frant Court – Regional Secure Unit

NAYPIC Briefing Note

NAYPIC ‘Strictly Confidential’ Report 24/09/1989

NAYPIC Report 1989

Poison Pen Letter Sent To Chris Fay Feb 1988

Reply From John Fahy, Chair, Social Services Committee To Cllr Henderson 

‘The Therapy Of Fear’ A Report On Complaints Received By NAYPIC From Young People In Adolescent Psychiatric Units.

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  3. Toby Walker

    Shenanigans in the South West :

    The number of victims in the South West, sexually assaulted over decades by convicted paedophile Jeremy Dowling who was sentenced to seven years jail after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting boys where he worked in the 1970s where he was regarded as a pillar of respectability, until his offences against those boys for whom he had a responsibility to care for came to light and were investigated by the police, may never be known.

    Neither the children’s parents, nor the school, welcomed the bad publicity that a prosecution of Jeremy Dowling would attract, so he was never prosecuted. So he simply moved on and reinvented himself in Cornwall, where he became a pillar of respectability within the Truro Diocese, being promoted to a number of responsible and prestigious positions, including that of ‘Lay Canon’ and Diocesan Press and Media Officer.

    Jeremy Dowling was also involved in films and broadcasting in Cornwall.
    He lived at Bude and was actively involved in all sorts of volunteer work in Truro and elsewhere in the South West, as well as at least one charity for young people which is called ‘CATS’ and of which he was (or is) a trustee.

    However, his series of crimes came to light and were investigated over several months by Devon and Cornwall Police last year, which resulted in the appearance by Jeremy Dowling at Truro Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to a number of sexual assaults against boys and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment, which means he’s likely to be let loose within the next two or three years, probably served in an open prison in view of his age, whilst his victims serve life sentences of suffering their terrible memories of their childhoods, during which Jeremy Dowling sexually abused them.

    Just where Jeremy Dowling worked in broadcasting, or where he learned his media and PR skills has never been disclosed, but will no doubt come to light in the fullness of time.

    Meanwhile, if anyone can contribute any details of Jeremy Dowling’s ‘past history’, there are a number of people in the South West who would very much like to know as there are several ‘gaps’ in Mr Dowling’s track record which need filling in, including the identities of those who sponsored him for all those prestigious voluntary positions which he held, as well as which broadcasting groups and organisations, professional or voluntary, which Jeremy Dowling may have occupied over the last 40 years or so.

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