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The Wisdom of Thucycides.

“Thucydides was probably born about 460BC and was for a time a General on the side of democratic Athens against aristocratic Sparta in what is known as the Peloponnesian War in which most of Greece took a side. After being exiled he wrote his famous history. The passage that I’ve quoted in full below is, in my opinion, one of the finest passages of classical antiquity. I was somewhat surprise not to be able to find it elsewhere quoted online. It descibes the breakdown of civil society and in doing so it perfectly describes every civil war and revolution that has taken place in the almost two and half thousands years since it was written including the English Civil War, French Revolution, American Civil War, Russian Revolution, and Spanish Civil War. Human nature, it seems is immutable.”

EU ‘Bistronomics’, Explained !

“It was Douglas Adams, in the third book of his famous ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ series, who first explained ‘Bistromath’ but it seems that it’s the EU who have taken ‘Bistromaths’ and extended it’s use into Economics and created ‘Bistronomics’.

Scientists Announce Discovery of the ‘God’ Gene.

Scientists are 99.999% sure that they have found the ‘God’ gene, the gene which makes some members at the top of our society act as if they were gods.

Peak Employment

What is ‘Peak Employment’ ?

Peak employment is the theory that due to factors such as efficiency, driven by technological innovation, and demand, developed economies may have already passed beyond the highest point of employment and that from this point onwards employment will continue to fall and unemployment inexorably rise causing increased social tension.

Immigration: Cui Bono ?

I think it is about time that some aspects of immigration, in the context of it’s supposed benefits (cui bono ?) are more widely understood and if by doing so I upset anyone, then I hope it will suffice to say that it is not my intention to do so. If you are from the USA you may like to know that the UK, with a population of 63 million, is one fifth of that of the USA, but the USA has a land mass 38 times bigger. In the USA there are 32.3 people per square kilometre, in the UK it is 250.2 per sq km.

Coming to Terms With a Borderless World Economy

Wealth has become stateless, and as a consequence it is becoming increasingly less accountable to any state’s laws or tax codes. Over the last quarter century it has become increasing easier to transfer large sums of money, what is more, large financial institutions find it far easier today to relocate to a different legal and tax jurisdiction than at any previous time, because it is easier to re-establish the necessary business infrastructure, the cost of relocation has lessened.

Revolution is Evolution.

This article should not be read as support for violent revolutionary political change but hopefully it will demonstrate that, far from revolution being unnatural and contrary to evolution, it is actually a process of evolution.

All organic structures can be modelled using evolutionary theory and governance, politics and economics, which involve the cooperation of millions of human beings are no exception.

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  2. Gojam, I find with surprise on your otherwise excellent blog all of the above derogatory comments about living and dead people. The comments which I believe are from only one or two people (I’m pretty sure the IP addresses will reveal that) they obviously have a particular axe to grind with regard to certain radio presenters and BBC staff. They are certainly irrelevant to your ‘Favourites’.

  3. Brian

    Ralph Bernard the head of GCap Media was one of a number of broadcasting bosses who was very friendly with Savile and other perverts.
    A great friend of Greville Janner, from the old days when he worked as a journalist, Ralph Bernard’s climb to the top was spectacular, as was Lord Janner’s who was elevated to the Peerage and Ralph frequently boasts that he intends to call himself ‘Lord Bernard of Hallam’ when he receives his peerage.
    Ralph Bernard, who is affectionately known as ‘the anus of Covent Garden’, by his colleagues has been promised a peerage to keep his mouth shut and is getting impatient, threatening to blow the gaff about’ more big names at the top, if his knighthood doesn’t arrive soon.
    Jimmy Savile always referred to Ralph Bernard for some reason as ‘the Ram of Derbyshire’.

  4. Edward Campbell

    Fran Godfrey was in great demand and Mr Terry Wogan was unhappy at what was going on at the Beeb. Unfortunately one of her long term lovers, Richard Gwynn of Southern Sound died in mysterious circumstances after he ‘fell’ off the multi story car park at Gatwick Airport.
    Just before he was about to share all his research about Jimmy Savile and others with a national newspaper.
    How strange !

  5. Michael Forbes

    Stanley Horobin worked as a sound recording engineer before he became a top manager in broadcasting He recorded a number of bands managed by John Allen. Horobin was a qualified pilot who spent time at the homes and establishments run by John Allen, who was a great friend of Jimmy Savile who he used to take flying on trips throughout the UK and abroad.

  6. Alex

    Interesting to read about Stanley Horobin’s involvement with Jimmy Savile. Horobin came from North Wales where he regularly visited and stayed, accompanied by his companions throughout the entertainment and broadcasting industry including Tony Hardman who was a regular visitor to the childrens’ homes there. Horobin became the boss of a radio station at Bournemouth when Ralph Barnard the GWR radio chief promoted him .
    Ralph Barnard was involved with some strange goings on at Covent Garden, as well as other interesting passtimes in Wiltshire and elsewhere.
    Looking forward to seeing how the Child abuse investigation goes and whether or not these and others are mentioned.

  7. Clive

    Sarah Kennedy wondered who put the boot in for her at the Beeb, which undermined her and got her the push from her job on air.
    Sarah’s long term relationship with D.J. Richard Gwynn with whom she’d started her BBC career was the cause. Richard Gwynn went on to become a presenter at Southern Sound at Brighton, having moved up through the independent radio and television ranks, during which time he conducted a long term affair with a certain woman who lived at Southcote Road in the red light area, who was known as ‘the Bournemouth Bicycle. ‘Fanny’, the Bournemouth Bicycle worked with him at Two Counties Radio as a technical operator and presenter, before moving on to the BBC, where she worked with Terry Wogan and read the news, before going into voice overs.
    The ‘Bicycle’, nicknamed ‘F*** ing Fanny’ by her BBC colleagues on the Wogan show, hated Sarah Kennedy and managed to use her influence to get Kennedy, who’s a tippler, the push, which wasn’t hard. Richard Gwynn was said to have committed suicide when he ‘fell’ off the top of a multi story car park at Gatwick, but he had some help. because he knew too much.
    His death upset Sarah Kennedy, who never came to terms with it.
    Meanwhile, the Bournemouth Bicycle, continues to make holy recordings and puts her golden voice, plus other talents to good use and gainful employment.
    There was nothing new under the old BBC bosses, nor the new ones either! One Director General remarked that Fanny the BBC Bike had more between her legs than she had between her ears !
    Richard Gwynn was writing a dossier on child abuse and other scandals in the BBC and elsewhere at the time of his death his death. He hated Jimmy Savile who was a friend of Stanley L. Horobin, a chief engineer who later became the boss at 2CR where Richard Gwynn worked. Horobin also had a long term affair with the Bournemouth Bicycle before he fled to Orlando Florida .

  8. Jim Ghandler

    Trudy Swann, whose stage name was Trudy Van Doorn was a dancer who was found drowned and poisoned shortly after she confided in friends that she was worried about what appeared to be a child pornography group spread widely in the dancing and theatre world. Trudy was the mother of twins and she hated the idea of any cruelty to children. She met Jimmy Savile at the BBC where he was involved with Carol Marchant-Smith a dancing teacher from Guildford who worked on Blue Peter shows and was involved in teaching children. She was involved in a group of witchcraft and Satanism who held meetings in Surrey. Carol Marchant Smith’s married name was Norris and Jimmy Savile had many more links in Guildford.

  9. Brian Walters

    Laurier Lister a former male model whose services were in great demand, managed to land himself the post of Director of the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre here in Guildford some years ago, through his influential contacts and friends in high as well as low places and was actively involved in a satanic circle with his partner Max Adrian.
    Others involved included Peter Arne, Yat Malmgren, Christopher Fettes and Harold Lang. BBC staff, as well as Jimmy Savile regularly visited the Guildford gatherings and one dancer Trudy Swann drowned in mysterious circumstances after she became aware of information which cost her her life.
    Trudy Van Doorn, as she was known by her stage name came from the Guildford area and she recognised some familiar faces from there when touring some time later, after which she was found drugged and drowned on the East coast.

  10. Christopher Roberts

    There were staff at the BBC”s ‘Blue Peter’ who pimped for Jimmy Savile, and links with the actor Max Adrian, who was also involved in the ‘satanic circle’.

  11. Dan Barrett

    The late Eddie Blackwell of Essex Radio had a huge collection of juvenile pornography, according to Ralph Bernard who also shared Blackwell’s interests.

    • Michael Corbin

      Eddie Blackwell was a lay preacher and avid collector of pornography.
      He ran Essex Radio and used to party with Savile and friends.

  12. Liam

    Ron Swade was another member of the infamous Azimuth Trust. He’s also a member of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum committee who hold lunches at the Carnon Inn at Carnon Downs in Cornwall.

  13. Sam Hayes

    Nigel Hudson took over as treasurer of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum in 2013 but suddenly stepped down after a short time. He’s experienced at finances as he was with the Azimuth Trust working with figures, some years ago.

  14. Christopher Palmer

    Now that David Wheeler of Falmouth has ‘finished his sentence’, the Carrick Over 50’s Forum are seeking a new Treasurer to cook the Forum’s books.
    Any takers?
    The other Management Committee .members appear reluctant to take it on.
    Meanwhile, let’s hope that David Wheeler doesn;t have to serve any more sentences.

  15. Robert

    John Noyes helped to cover up a number of accounts regarding the Azimuth Trust, which involved considerable amounts of money, which was carefully ‘laundered’ and which helped to fund more paedophile groups.

  16. John Miles

    John Noyes was a former Broadstone councillor and friend of Ken Bailey, the notorious Bournemouth paedophile. Noyes was also a friend of Tony Hardman and Jimmy Savile, as well as being involved in the Azimuth Trust.

  17. Springer. ( Isle of Wight contact)

    How can convictions for child porn and paedophilia be erased from the internet? It’s amazing how some people with influential friends manage to get their convictions erased. People like Jean-Paul Hansford from the Isle of Wight who reinvent themselves and emerge unsullied. Hansford has been busy on air abroad and in the UK. Another of Tony Hardman’s circle.

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