‘Thro’ Narrow Chinks of the Cavern’- Evolution, Quantum Mechanics, and Skinwalker Ranch.

William Blake

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”

William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Human Beings and every other living organism on Earth have adapted to survive in their niche within Earth’s environment. Human Beings do not have gills because we have not evolved to live under water and we do not have wings because we have not evolved to fly. Our ape antecedents shared a common ancestor with the chimpanzee and bonobo apes between 4 and 7 million years ago and because the environmental niche that those antecedents were exploiting was on the ground instead of in the trees and since they were more likely to be prey than predator they began to stand up on their hind legs an innovation which allowed them see the approach of danger. Increasingly our ape ancestor evolved bipedal locomotion which freed our hands to do far more interesting things than walking upon them and set us along a path towards experimentation, innovation, curiousity, and intelligence. However, one consequence of bipedalism was that their sense of smell, so important for animals with noses close to the ground, began to diminish which is why, dogs for example, have such a superior sense of smell compared to humans. A dog has 300 million olfactory receptors in it’s nose compared to the measly 3 million human beings possess and the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analysing smells is about 40 times larger than that of a human being.

A human being’s visual spectrum is within a frequency of 400–790 TeraHertz but many animals can see within the utraviolet range including birds, bees, butterflies, salmon, scorpions, hedgehogs, reindeer, and possibly even cats and dogs. Beyond the other end of our visual light spectrum, frogs, snakes, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and fish can see in the infrared range and with regards to visual acuity, if you have 20/20 vision, it means that when you stand 20 feet away from the chart you can see what a normal human being can see. A hawk, on the other hand, might have 20/2 vision meaning that it can see from 20 feet what a human can see from 2 feet.

Whereas adult humans can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20Hz to 20kHz. Elephants can hear between 16Hz to 12,000Hz and cats between 45Hz to 64,000Hz. Dolphins, bats, and moths can all hear well within the ultrasonic range. Whales, octopus, pigeons, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses can all hear within the infrasonic range.

As you can see our perception of the world is quite narrow and this isn’t even taking into account the sense that we do not even have but that some other animals do like the magnetic field sensors that turtles, birds, and wolves possess or electric field detectors that sharks, rays, and skates have. Finches are tetrachromatic, meaning the can see more colours than we humans do, while flies see the world in slow motion because their flicker fusion rate, how fast a light has to be turned on and off before it’s perceived a continuous light, up to 400, whereas a human beings flicker fusion rate averages around 60.

As the most intelligent species on Earth, the apex predator, the supreme adapter it is easy to forget that human beings have evolved within an environmental niche that is as bounded by the limits of our perception as it is by the sky above us or the water’s edge. Sure, we have invented machines that allow us to fly or travel beneath the waves, our technological advancements allow us to perceive beyond our visible light spectrum or our natural hearing range but this shouldn’t stop us from acknowledging the narrowness of environmental niche that we have evolved to be adapted to and that there are environments outside of that niche that other animals exploit and are adapted to. Furthermore, it shouldn’t stop us from acknowledging that there may be environmental niches on Earth able to sustain life, possibly even intelligent life, that we are completely incapable of perceiving or even imagining.

Imagine a reality within which there is no order, a reality with no time. There are only snapshots of every possible combination of particles without any heirarchy. It is extremely difficult because we human beings experience reality in 4 dimensions, 3 spacial and 1 temporal, we have evolved to survive in that niche. Experiencing reality in more dimensions might make other niches available to us but that might inhibit our ability to exploit the niches currently available to us in 4 dimensions, in exactly the same way that our antecedents’ sense of smell diminished when they began to stand upright, there is very likely a trade off. To help picture this other reality imagine a jar of M&Ms. In this simplistic illustration each M&M represents a particle and pictured above is just one snapshot, one possible combination of particles. Now try to conceive the idea of the billions of different possible combinations of particles all existing without order or heirarchy. Not like a pack of cards, one atop the other, nor like a stream of images like a movie both of these are ordered heirarchical concepts but each existing in the same space, each possibility equal to the others. Now, in the picture above, you’ll see a green M&M near the middle about 3 from the bottom. I want you to imagine that this M&M has intelligence equal to our own and it has evolved to experience reality in 4 dimensions just like you do. That M&M can not cope with the chaos it observes around it and so it orders reality around it in order to survive. That M&M decides to make its way to the top of the jar and it does two things. It selects one of the most probable possible combinations, from the billions that exist, that moves it upwards while ordering the other observable particles in the jar so that they are not jumping all over the place and doing things that do not fit in with it 4 dimensional concept of reality. The other thing the green M&M does is it selects a sequence of possible combinations to explain how it got to where it is in the first place. From a reality with no order or heirarchy only billions of possibilities, our intelligent green M&M has created order, time, and memory within its observable experienced version of reality.

Many years ago when I first started this blog and took the name gojam, I chose for my avatar the single drop radiating waves. This for me symbolised the tiny moment within infinite existence within which I exist and the waves of observation, comprehension, influence, and stability which I radiate but the second image above is how I believe reality can be imagined, billions of drops, representing the billions of human beings, radiating out interacting and interferring, creating a field of order, heirarchy, and stability through our intelligence, comprehension, and observation within a multi-dimensional reality which otherwise has none of these.

The video below explains the ‘smoking gun’ of quantum mechanics, the double slit experiment. It is only included for those not familiar with it or as a quick recap. It explains probability waves and how those wave functions collapse when observed.

Unobserved, the particle forms a probability wave because it occupies every possible space that it could be simultaneously but when observed, specifically observed by an intelligence that has evolved to survive within a 4 dimensional version of reality, the probability wave function collapses and the particle takes one path as if forced to conform with our conception of reality and there is no way of gaming this experiment. It can appear as if the particle not only knows what you’re doing but knows what you are going to do as if it is exhibiting ‘precognitive behaviour’ (a term that I noticed was used often in the documentary ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’)

This is all theory though, right? All on a quantum level, it doesn’t effect the real world that we human beings have evolved to live in? Actually not so. It turns out that the process of photosynthesis, a process which is the foundation upon which almost all life on Earth is either directly or indirectly dependent on utilises quantum coherence to work. as the short video below explains for photosynthesis to achieve the near 100% efficiency needed for it to work, any single photon must take every possible path to the reaction centre at the same time.

We human beings can readily accept that we have evolved to occupy a niche within our planet’s environment and to that end our sight, hearing, smell, and other senses are limited in comparison to other animals which have evolved to exploit different niches but what if the natural evolved limits to our perception are far more profound and we are unable to perceive other dimensions? What if other lifeforms have evolved to exploit niches within those dimensions?

On to Skinwalker Ranch…

It didn’t take me too long, once I began to look into AATIP, before I came across the many connections to Skinwalker Ranch. AASWAP, Robert Bigelow, Dr. Eric Davis, Former Senator Harry Reid, Hal Puthoff, George Knapp, and Jeremy Corbell all have direct connections between Skinwalker Ranch and the current campaign for UAP disclosure, I’ve no doubt that some readers will be aware of more connections. Very relunctantly, because of this clear connection, I have watched Hunt for the Skinwalker and The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch Season 1 which amounts to aproximately 5 hours of my life that I will never get back. I found it all thoroughly unconvincing, especially the series. Nevertheless, I have to accept that these are people I’m inclined to believe with regard to UAPs and have far more information on Skinwalker Ranch than I do. This poses a dilemma for me. On the one hand, it forces me to look seriously at the claims regarding Skinwalker Ranch while on the other it makes me question the UAP disclosure campaign they are involved in. For the purposes of this post I’m going to suspend my own objections but I’m uncomfortable enough about it that I’m putting it on the record here.

For those unaware, Skinwalker Ranch is located in the Uintah basin and borders a Ute Indian Reservation. There have been reports of many different types of alleged paranormal activity there including: UFOs, cattle mutilations, bigfoot, poltergeist activity, apparitions, telepathic messaging, interdimensional portals, and the Skinwalker, a shape shifting entity which, it is said, stalks the land following a Navejo shamen’s curse and for which the ranch is named. So, in other words a large number of very serious people involved with the AATIP and the UAP disclosure campaign also seem to believe in an awful lot of very weird shit.

There seems to me to be two ways an organism can become inter-dimensional, defined here as the ability to move between our 4 dimensions and others that we are unable to interact with or perceive; the first has evolved within the 4 dimensions that we experience and has advanced intelligence and the capability to develop technology that allows them to interact with extra-dimensions. Of the phenomena that is alleged to have been witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch the observation of craft UAPs and telepathic communication either through language or apparitions seems to me to require intelligence. I’m not going to look at intelligent beings using inter-dimensional UAPs to visit Earth here other than to acknowledge it as a possibility. The second way an organism can become inter-dimensional is if it has evolved to have that ability, in which case it need not necessarily be intelligent. Neither a Bigfoot type creature nor a Skinwalker type creature need be intelligent and technologically advanced they both need only to have evolved the ability to exploit extra-dimensions; possibly to hide from predators or the better to predate on other creatures. Cattle mutilations and poltageist-like activity might be the acts of intelligence but not necessarily. Only the fact that we are not able to perceive the cause of these actions sets it apart from activity that we already understand. If a creature we could see mutilated a cow, shut a door, or carried an object into a tree we would not assume that it was intelligent. As for the apparent precognitive behaviour that some at Skinwalker Ranch have suggested this might simply be the function of extra-dimensions in which time is experienced as non-linear or just like in the results of the double slit experiment mentioned above, variations of which can appear precognitive, we, as intelligent beings that have evolved within 4 dimensional space/time, are simply unable to observe or directly interact with these extra-dimensional creatures. This would mean that these creatures might appear to be outsmarting us, avoiding being caught in increasingly cunning traps but in reality any attempt at observing them collapses the probability wave function and the creature is no longer where we are looking.

A few months ago I listened to an In Our Time podcast on The Late Devonian Extinction and I was struck by the part of the discussion about how plant life began to colonise the land. At the beginning of the Devonian Period, 419.2 million years ago there was very little life on land, there may have been fungi but no plant life. Early plants, single stem, without roots, and rather like liverwort or moss today kept very close to the water, in part because there was virtually no soil on the rocky land. Through an achingly slow process of chemical/biological weathering by plants and mechanical/environmental weathering by the wind and water soil began to be produced and plants, developing roots along the way, encroached further and further inland. By the end of the Devonian Period 60.3 million years later vast forests, roots deep in abundant soil, filled the land while crustaceans began to occupy and exploit the new environmental niches that had opened up and evolved to become the first insects, even developing flight. The plant life consumed huge amounts of carbon dioxide, excreting oxygen, and cooling the planet. This climate change caused a mass extinction which would open up newly available environmental niches that would be exploited by newly evolved species – including by our antecedents.

Is it possible that life could evolve on Earth in extra-dimensions that we humans are unaware of ? If there is an environmental niche that can be occupied and exploited, life will find a way.

Like everyone else I’m looking forward he report to US Congress on UAPs. Hopefully there’ll be more to ponder soon.

Thank you once again if you reached the end. Please share if you found it interesting or useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think that other readers would find useful or email me at gojam57@gmail.com if you want me to correct something.


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  2. Paul Ross

    Hi everyone.

    I tried to COMMENT on the discussion on our site about Quantum physics and expanding our consciousness—- below but somehow it blocks me from entering?

    Am I paranoid? Does anyone else feel that our Safe site for venting our pain and helping one another not become yet another molested child that eventually succeeds at suicide has been hijacked?

    This letter than is directed to the author of the discussion regarding expanding our thinking. Ironically I am going to suggest that tho many of us are more than capable of contributing to this thoughtline—previously looked at for centuries by philosophers and thinkers like Descarte and of course the Rosicrucians and Theosophists (who go into great detail about the Cosmic keyboard of vibrational existence beyond our physical senses— BUT! >>>>

    When did this site get hijacked?.

    This site has been devoted for some time to discussing the pain and torment and hopes for solutions for those of us who lived in Father Hudsons and other British homes where we were assaulted, molested, abused and betrayed ,and has been a safe place to unload and share and comfort one another. Few have questioned our stories, many have encouraged us to unload and name and shame—without regard of monetary gain.

    I can understand that this is where we all went with it and that just maybe possibly has been hi-jacked by us—

    >>> Yet once more some of us might wonder if there is any intent to make us go away. It would be a good strategy for those who fear exposure or who want us to forget their crimes or the crimes of those they prefer to love and believe in as Saints. And yes that could be paranoia on the one hand but still possible on the other. Are you some person wanting to shut us down by taking over and changing the subject you find uncomfortable, confronting or exposing? We do not know so have to suspect your motive.

    Though I will add that you are maybe some really nice innocent person who wants to help us get out of our self pity or PTSD.

    I intend to read your article as a quick scan suggests it could be more than interesting but feel somehow that I wish you had not disturbed this safe haven we have had to vent our nightmares and encourage other broken children to have somewhere to come to stay sane and not suicide.

    I do hope you understand and will consider some other side room where you can explore this higher thinking or anything else.

    Perhaps initially you came to this site as a fellow sufferer, but have found ways to move on and have fine intentions to distract our minds—but some of us, maybe just me, feels as if something sacred-once more- has been taken from us.

    You maybe do not understand that a collective of fellow victims might keep us as victims but we have felt safe-ish here in knowing we were not alone in our experiences and so have survived.

    Perhaps the psychology of our needs and gains might suit the author better than expounding what is really just the beginning of expansive thinking.

    Sincerely Paul Ross –(Nee McMenamin)

  3. John younger

    Nice to hear from you again