A Case Of The Tale Scallywagging The Police Dog ?

Sometimes you just take for granted that everyone already knows something when in reality that is not the case; I realised that I’d made that error when I read the article in The Times [below] which referenced the ‘Dolphin Square’ stories in Scallywag Magazine from the 1990s.

These stories have been kicking around for the last 20 years and repeated online. I doubt that Nick has lifted extracts directly from Scallywag but stories about Dolphin Square probably influenced him in exactly the same way as online stories about Ted Heath, Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile, Sir Peter Hayman, Harvey Proctor, and Greville Janner – were also an influence.

I should point out that I have heard credible accounts of ‘rent boys’ being taken to Dolphin Square. Just because one account is fictitious doesn’t mean that all are – in exactly the same way that just because Nick’s accounts of abuse against Savile, Hayman, and Janner are untrue it doesn’t follow that those three individuals weren’t child abusers.


Key elements of the main witness’s account of the alleged Westminster paedophile ring first appeared 20 years ago in a magazine whose editor later stood trial accused of spreading malicious lies.

Claims of child abuse “parties” attended by MPs, made to Scotland Yard by a man identified only as Nick, bear striking similarities to articles published in Scallywag in the mid-1990s.

Detectives investigating the informant’s allegations under Operation Midland admitted that they had not read the stories or even heard ofScallywag before they declared his story to be credible and true.

There are, however, common factors between accounts by Nick, as published by the website Exaro News, and articles that appeared inScallywag and are still available to read online:

• Dolphin Square in Pimlico, central London, is identified as the main location for “parties” at which children were abused.

• Children were said to have been driven to London from different parts of the country to be abused.

• The abusers are said to have been extremely aggressive, with Scallywag talking of “savage violence” and Nick telling Exaro about “brutal” assaults.

• Both sets of accounts focus on allegations that the abusers were senior figures in the Conservative party.

• In a Scallywag article from 1994, a “source” is quoted as saying: “We often have underage boys wandering the corridors, totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP”. An Exaro article from 2014 reports Nick describing how he was “escorted up several flights of stairs, down a ‘dimly lit and musty’ corridor, then he was taken into an apartment”.

The Times

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Call Out For Lambeth Care Home Survivors And Witnesses

Made by Shirley Oaks Survivors




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The ‘Independent’ Review Into Operation Vincente


We do not have the full report only Appendix A, which includes an edited version of the Key observations and Conclusions, which can be found HERE

The report concludes that the investigation into the allegations were justified. However, I’m unaware that anyone has suggested otherwise. A very serious allegation had been made and it was absolutely correct that it should be investigated and it was.

The report states that the first statement taken by South Yorkshire Police was of “poor standard” and that the second statement taken by the Metropolitan Police “lacked sufficient probing”. There is no reference made of any third statement to correct these shortcomings.

The report describes the conclusion of DCI Paul Settle (SIO) that the offence had not been made out due to issues of consent as “erroneous”.


No mention is made in the “Key Observations and Conclusions” of the reviewer’s opinion of the CPS’s independent assessment at the time which concurred with DCI Settle’s conclusion or the subsequent opinion expressed by the DPP Alison Saunders who told the Home Affairs Select Committee on the 21/10/2015:

“From the complainants account herself, we [CPS] didn’t think there was enough on that alone for it to go ahead and there would not be sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect [for conviction]”

As the reviewer has not referred to this we have no way of knowing whether he believes that the CPS and DPP took an ‘erroneous’ view.

All we can say is that following his independent review, he came, all be it grudgingly, to exactly the same conclusion as DCI Settle, the CPS and the DPP Alison Saunders.


Internal police politics – Who’d want to swim in that sewer?


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Why Operation Midland Should Have Interviewed Nick’s Ex-Wife.

Before continuing I need to make a quick correction. I’ve written before that there were around 60 detectives working on Operation Midland. In a story today the Daily Mail gives the number at 27. I’m happy to accept that I was wrong, and correct that mistake now.


Last Thursday BBC Radio 4 broadcast an episode of The Report entitled Lord Bramall: a failure to investigate. It can be listened to on BBC iplayer HERE but we’ve also saved a recording on Youtube which I’ve embedded at the foot of this post. The programme contained the first interview with Lord Bramall, it also highlighted some extraordinary shortcomings of the Operation Midland investigation, not least the failure of the 27 detectives to interview Nick’s ex-wife.

This post is an attempt at trying to explain why this omission is so difficult to understand.

In one of Nick’s own blog posts published 4th May 2014, which have since all been removed, he gives us a timeline of disclosure.

“I first disclosed that I had been abused 6 years after it had finished, and this was just to acknowledge that I had been hurt. 15 years or so after it ended, I was able to say that I had been raped but on both occasions I kept everything else to myself. 30 years after the abuse stopped, I finally disclosed everything.”

We know from elsewhere in his blogs that he claims his abuse ended when he was 16 years old, circa 1984, and so we can deduce that Nick disclosed physical abuse circa 1990, sexual abuse circa 1999, and the entire allegations that were investigated by Operation Midland, including rape, sadistic torture, and murder by VIPs circa 2014.

In his blog published August 10, 2014, Nick goes into significant detail about the circumstances in which he first claimed to have been sexually abused. This was during a one to one session with a marriage counselor  and if Nick is consistent we can therefore date this to around 1999. The second person that he disclosed to was his then wife:

“Eventually it affected our relationship and she demanded we go to marriage guidance. I could not bear the thought of being alone, so agreed to go. But of course the counsellor wanted to know what was at the route cause of my intimacy issues. Eventually in a one to one session, I told her that I had been abused, and she had already suspected that it was the case. The counsellor encouraged me to tell my wife the reason so she could understand and help me work through things. So I did and that was the end of our relationship.”

It isn’t strictly true that that was the end of their relationship, the marriage didn’t break up for several years and in the intervening period they had a child together. I’m not going to quote more extensively from that post as I believe it would be unfair and hurtful to Nick’s ex-wife. Once a marriage breaks up there is always bitterness, blame, and recrimination and it is impossible to get a clear picture from just one of the parties involved.

What should be clear is that Nick’s ex wife would be able to shed a great deal of light on the circumstances in which Nick first claimed to have been sexually abused as a child. It must have been a desperate time for Nick – “I could not bear the thought of being alone”, he writes.

So, why didn’t Operation Midland interview Nick’s ex wife ?


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The Nitty Gritty

The Friday Night Song


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Edward Heath: Operation Conifer

Many thanks to gw.

Wiltshire Police are currently recruiting civilian investigators to help investigate allegations of child sexual abuse that have been made against former Prime Minister Edward Heath.

The advertisement explains:

It has been agreed that Wiltshire Police will lead on the national oversight and coordination of any investigations into Sir Edward Heath. This decision has been taken following consultation between Operation Hydrant and affected forces and is based on operational consideration. The appointment of a lead force is to ensure that a national consistent approach is adopted across the Police forces concerned and to avoid duplication.

Regular readers of The Needle will already be aware that Operation Midland included allegations made by their witness ‘Nick’ who claimed that Edward Heath and Harvey Proctor had both abused him and that Edward Heath had stopped Harvey Proctor from cutting off Nick’s penis with a penknife. Harvey Proctor has always denied these allegations and Edward Heath is unavailable for comment.

It is unclear whether the commencement of Operation Conifer is yet another indication that Operation Midland is to close. It seems unlikely that a comprehensive and coordinated police investigation into allegations regarding Edward Heath could begin while a related Metropolitan Police investigation continued independently.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police told me; “In common with other forces around the country, we have a combination of detectives and civilian investigators. Given the professional skills and experience required for this particular investigation, the civilian applicants will almost certainly be retired detectives.” and that, “The investigation is ongoing and it would not be appropriate to comment.”


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Tom Watson MP On Operation Midland Witness ‘Nick’


From an interview with Tom Watson 28/11/14

He has met the man known as Nick, but “it was a very, very traumatic and difficult conversation, as you would imagine. He only told me about one murder. He spoke very slowly, very intermittently, and I didn’t need to hear any more.” Did Watson trust the account? He sighs uneasily. “These allegations, they’re so enormous that you need critical faculties. What I’m certain of is that he’s not delusional. He is either telling the truth, or he’s made up a meticulous and elaborate story.

The Guardian

Well, he isn’t telling the truth…


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