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Former Police Chief And Convicted Child Abuser, Gordon Anglesea Dies


A former North Wales Police superintendent who was jailed for sexually abusing young boys has died.

Gordon Anglesea, 79, of Old Colwyn, Conwy county, was jailed for 12 years for historical offences in November.

He abused two boys between 1982 and 1987 when they were 14 or 15, his trial at Mold Crown Court heard.

Anglesea died in hospital on Thursday, his solicitor Jonathan Wall, of Manchester-based Burton Copeland, said.

In November, the retired police officer lodged an appeal against his convictions for three indecent assaults on one boy and one indecent assault on another.

BBC News


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Op Pallial: Gordon Anglesea Charged


Former Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea

This is quite a significant development. Gordon Anglesea has been charged with 5 offences against 3 boys.

For anyone unaware, Anglesea successfully sued for libel in 1994 after Private Eye, the Independent on Sunday and HTV (Harlech Television/ITV Wales) published allegations. There’ll be a few ‘bruised’ journalists watching this with interest.

An ex-police chief who was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing young boys has been charged.

Retired North Wales superintendent Gordon Anglesea, 77, was arrested in 2013 and bailed, then re-bailed in January this year by detectives from Operation Pallial, a National Crime Investigation into claims of historical sex offences in the North Wales care home system.

Today, he was charged with five sexual offences against three boys between 1979 and 1987.

A spokesman for the National Crime Agency said: “A 78-year-old man from North Wales has been charged with five offences of sexual assault and two offences of buggery, following an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

“Gordon Anglesea, from Old Colwyn, is alleged to have abused three boys between 1979 and 1987, when they were between 11 and 16 years old.

“He was arrested by officers from Operation Pallial in December 2013. Pallial is an independent NCA investigation into recent allegations of past sexual abuse in the care system in North Wales, being delivered by the NCA at the request of Mark Polin, the Chief Constable of North Wales Police.

Daily Post


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My Story, Bryn Alyn Survivor Dave Harries

Written by @dharries056

My name is David Harries and I am 38 years old and a survivor of child abuse. When I was 5/6 I used to climb out of my bedroom window and run away because of the abuse I was getting off my drunk father. I told my primary teachers of all the nasty things my dad was doing, it was all physical abuse very violent and very cruel/wicked. Social services were aware but never intervened for another three and half years which led me to get more damaged.

Just before my tenth birthday I was given a beating by my father for something I never did. Of course I ran away. The next day being hungry I stole a pack of three Mars bars and I got caught and when the police officer grabbed my arm I winched. Upon getting into the police station the officer made the Sergeant aware of my winching. A doctor looked me over and I had a bruise the the whole of my back. That’s when social services got involved. That’s when I was taken away from my mum.

The weird thing is how the social worker made ‘care’ sound comfortable and safe and creepily inviting. I have never forgot that day Whitney Houston’s track One Moment In Time was on the radio and my mum was broken in floods of tears and my dad never said a word(coward). The social worker took me to Elmfield house in Rochdale. I was put in a big bedroom with a big antique bed in it and I curled up and I fell asleep. Nobody checked to see if I was OK till about half past eight in the morning. Coming out of that room was the scariest moment. Eleven years of age and every single person around me was a stranger. They use to give you a clipper card to get to school and I used mine to go on a bus journey all over Manchester. When I got back I was frog marched into the office. The manager told the member of staff to leave and he belted me right around my head hard then slapped me across my back and bum. The place has been knocked down now plus the night watchman use to be on the girls landing all the time. He use to hit you in the private bits if he caught you out of your room, I can still remember in detail the inside of that place.

Read The Rest Of David’s Story On Darren Laverty’s Blog


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From Fighting Back



Just some of the survivors of John Allen’s regime following the sentence in Mold Crown Court today.





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Police Failures ? John Allen, Bryn Alyn, And Pallial

John Allen

John Allen


John Allen was sentenced to life in prison today. Here. Personally, I’m left asking more questions than I was before Operation Pallial arrested him. I’d like to put these questions to the officers in charge of the many previous police investigations. I’m not alone when it comes to wanting answers. I know many ex-residents in the care systems that are left with more questions than answers.

I was in Cardiff the day Waterhouse’s report Lost in Care was released to the public. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and relief. I was with friends and we celebrated being vindicated, being believed and being heard. Because that’s how we felt. Or did we? Most of the day was spent at HTV HQ among many staff who had been involved in the abuse scandal for the past 15/20 years. It’s my belief that many of the staff were as relieved as we were. They too considered themselves vindicated and proven to be telling the truth. Maybe we were carried along more with the ambiance of the environment rather than with our own internalised feelings.

The following weeks were an anti-climax. Dullness appeared. The sky looked grey most of the time. I couldn’t fathom out why. I didn’t bother to examine my thinking. I was studying at university at the time and had things to be getting on with. The next ten years were lived as any other member of society lives. Work, rest and play. All my time and energy was devoted to building a secure family environment within which my children could grow up safely and with solid foundations. It’s ongoing.

I’d moved on. I existed as a graduate, a father and a husband and employee. Residential care abuses were a thing of the past. I still bumped into others who were in care with me and we used mention this and that but I wasn’t the “spearhead” of victims I used to be.

More at DarrenLaverty.blogspot


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John Allen Guilty On 26 Counts Of Child Abuse


John Allen

12 other counts are still being considered by the jury. At 73 years old I doubt John Allen will be free to walk the streets ever again. I hope that is some small consolation to his many victims.

A former children’s homes boss has been found guilty of 26 charges of sexually abusing youngsters in Wrexham.

John Allen, 73, of Needham Market, Suffolk, denies 40 counts of sexual abuse against 19 boys and one girl in the late 1960s up to the early 1990s.

The jury in his trial at Mold Crown Court started their deliberations last Wednesday. The trial began in October.

Allen has been found not guilty of two verdicts. The jury is still deliberating on 12 charges.

The case was adjourned for the rest of Wednesday.

The former hotelier and pop band manager ran 11 homes in the Wrexham area known as the Bryn Alyn Community.

BBC News


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Operation Orarian Investigation Into North Wales Police



Orarian – From Latin orarius, from ora coast. Adjective – Of or pertaining to a coast. Noun – An inhabitant of a coast.

Which is a suitable name given that the source of this information is Darren Laverty who spends his down time beach combing the Angelsey coast for driftwood. It might be worth following him on Twitter if you’re not already.

Operation Orarian is a new police investigation into North Wales Police (NWP) and others which is investigating allegations that past investigations by NWP into child abuse at North Wales care homes during the 1980s and early 1990s were illegally perverted.

It is separate and distinct from another investigation into the conduct of three police forces, including NWP, in relation to Operation Spade which is more recent. You can find information on that HERE

Darren Laverty released a statement on his blog on Wednesday. It would seem that as a former resident of Bryn Estyn, Darren would likely have been asked about issues regarding the investigation. I’m sure others were asked also.

I can confirm that IPCC have launched a criminal investigation into the potential actions of North Wales Police during the investigations into child abuse in the late 1980’s early 1990’s. Serving and non serving officers are under scrutiny. In addition they will investigate the potential criminal activities of a number of senior council officials who ruled the roost at Gwynedd county council/social services. It’s been estimated to take a minimum of 6 months.

Operation Orarian will be overseen by the IPCC and will have its own Head of Review, thought to be Martin Lloyd Evans. DI Tim Evans will head the team from SOUTH WALES.

Darren Laverty

Anyone who has looked at past investigations into child abuse in care homes will have been left with an extremely uncomfortable feeling. At the least that investigations were not as thorough as the general public might reasonably have expected, at worst, that there might have been some form of collusion or corruption which prevented these police investigations from getting to the truth.

The very fact that, in the case of North Wales care homes, so many new charges have been made by Operation Pallial against suspects, and that so many witnesses have come forward to Pallial alleging unresolved crimes, bears out the need for this new  independent criminal investigation.

I personally consider Operation Orarian to be an extremely significant police investigation and I’ll be watching developments very closely.

The message should be clear. It doesn’t matter who you are or how protected you thought you were, there will be no hiding place.


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