Snarky UFOs and Interdimensional Boojums. The Case for UAP Lifeforms.

“In the midst of the word he was trying to say,
   In the midst of his laughter and glee,
He had softly and suddenly vanished away—
   For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.”

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Caroll

This article will attempt to make the case that UAPs/UFOs are actually interdimensional lifeforms. and that the lifeforms, though possessing survival instincts, are non-intelligent. We experience reality in three spacial dimensions and one temporal dimension. These lifeforms, which for the purposes of this article I’ll call Boojums after the unobservable creature in the Lewis Caroll poem, have evolved to experience their reality with a very different probabalistic perception of space and time as opposed to the perception of reality that we experience. I can infer this by the characteristics and behaviour of Boojums as they manifest themselves in our reality in the form of UAPs and UFOs. Boojums consume electromagnetic energy and are drawn to the large resevoirs of energy that we have been inadvertantly providing for them at atomic test sites, nuclear misslie silos and radar instalations. A Boojum is almost pure energy, it has no natural form in our reality, and it manifests itself as energy/matter potential. Once a Boojum has been observed this potential collapses and the Boojum adopts a form within our observed reality. There are two unbreakable rules that govern this process. 1) The state of energy/matter potential must collapse while being observed, 2) There can be no paradox across space and time. While the first rule ensures that we can never observe a Boojum in it’s natural exo-reality state, the second rule determines that what is observed, recorded, or even retrieved must be consistant across observers and exist at the very least as potential, or more likely as the most probable solution that can explain the characteristics of the observable phenomena. Ergo, Intelligent extraterrestrial beings and advanced craft are likely to exist in the forms that have been observed, though it may not neccessarily be the case that they are visiting Earth at this time.

And if all of that isn’t enough, I’m going to explain how we can trap Boojums, how we might benefit from them but also a couple of the negative consequences of their establishment within our environment.

Exo-realityexo, from the Greek for outside – Exo-reality will be the shorthand for the Boojum’s extra-dimensional reality that they are able to perceive and operate in. I don’t have enough evidence to determine how many spacial or temporal dimensions there are in this exo-reality, only that it is probabalistic. More on this later.

To make the case I’ve outlined above, I first want to establish that a non-intelligent organism that consumes electromagnetic energy can, and do, exist.

It is generally accepted that life on Earth began some time between 3.5 and 4 Billion years ago, single cell organisms relying on chemosynthesis for energy evolving near to hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. These were bacteria and archaea. It is much later, around 2.1 Billion years ago, that we find the first evidence of photosynthesis. All of these dates are based on fossil evidence. I’m going to introduce you to something that you may not have been aware of, electric bacteria, bacteria that consume electricity and we have no idea how long they’ve been around, they might be the very first life on Earth.

“Unlike any other living thing on Earth, electric bacteria use energy in its purest form – naked electricity in the shape of electrons harvested from rocks and metals.”

New Scientist

Obviously, I’m not suggesting that these electric bacteria are Boojums but they illustrate a potential for basic lifeforms living off of energy and there are many different types of them that we have been completely unaware of until very recently. In a short extract from her TED Talk HERE, Laurine Burdorf from the Centre of Electromicrobiology describes how the sediment on the sea floor around the world is full these electric bacteria, in effect, making it one giant battery-like biosphere which might provide one reason as to why the UAPs seem to like being around water. These electric bacteria are from our reality whereas a Boojum is from an exo-reality. The boojum might have evolved entirely within its own exo-reality, it might have evolved within our reality and migrated to the exo-reality, or it might have evolved in the exo-reality and migrated to our reality kicking off life on Earth, as we’ve become accustomed to perceiving life within our reality.

I’d bet good money that if you took the image above to someone who had no idea what they were looking at and asked what their best guess of it was, a fair proportion might suggest it was a graphic representation of bacterial single cell division, very few would correctly guess that it was infra-red imaging of the UAP recorded on the evening of 25th April 2013 around Rafael Hernández airport, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The report that these images were taken from can be viewed HERE. I’m suggesting that this is an interdimensional lifeform that is feeding off of the high energy around the airport. It is such a rich source of energy that it is able to reproduce and sub-divide.

I’ve no doubt that knowledgable readers will be able to reference many other videos of UAPs dividing off, I know I’ve seen quite a few. From this apparent evidence of reproduction, there might be two different types of Boojum, one smaller that we perceive as the size of a drone that divides in half as in the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico case and a larger one which looks like it is spawning multiple smaller offspring. You can see two examples of the latter on this secureteam10 video HERE from 10 minutes onward. I can’t tell if these are two different species of Boojum or images of the same species reproducing at different times of its life cycle.

Once you start to look at UAPs in this way and view their behaviour as that of a lifeform it gives you a completely new perspective. Take the video below taken on November 14th 2014, by a Chilean Navy helicopter pilot and technician west of Santiago. You can view the full video HERE. As the narrator describes, in two incidences on the full video the UAP was seen ejecting some kind of gas or liquid with high thermal tracking. Organic lifeforms excrete as well as consume and they become sick or injured. What at first seems difficult to explain suddenly has quite an everyday natural explanation, once you’ve changed your perspective.

Imagining how we might perceive an exo-reality might seem impossible because we have no experience and seemingly no evidence to help us create a template for it but we can imagine how the infiltration of an object from an environment with 3 spacial dimensions might impact on a 2 spacial dimension environment. If a piece of paper represents 2D world, we can imagine how a 3D object, a sharpened pencil, would be perceived by the inhabitants of 2D world. The inhabitants wouldn’t notice a thing as the sharpened pencil approached the paper but as it touched an anomalous point would appear, as the pencil point pierced the paper that point would appear as an expanding circle to the inhabitants of 2D world. Then as you withdrew your pencil, the circle would diminish in size back to a point and then seem to disappear. When an object from an exo-reality enters our 3D world it would not be perceived as a circle but as a sphere and appear and disappear, blink in and blink out of existence, in much the same way as has been reported by UFO witnesses.

The very first time it crossed my mind that UAPs might be lifeforms was while watching The Nimitz Encounter. Two F/A-18F Super Hornets piloted by David Fravor and Alex Dietrich are directed to intercept a UAP. Undetected by the pilots, at the exact time that they reach the area that the target should be in the UAP drops from 28,000ft to 50ft above the water in 0.78 seconds. The pilots see a disturbance seemingly caused by an object about the size of a 737 aircraft (36m, 110ft) beneath the water. They then spot the smaller object, the one that had been tracked by radar and had just dropped, which was about 47ft long and tic tac shaped moving erratically just above the water, repeatedly hovering and then darting, seemingly focused on the much larger submerged object. While Dietrich circles above, Fravor begins a spiral descent. The smaller tic tac UAP suddenly points toward Fravor’s Super Hornet and ascends mirroring Fravor’s descent. When Fravor and the UAP are about a mile apart, Fravor attempts to close the distance between them but the UAP then disappears over the horizon. The two fighter jets then confer with the operations officer on the Princeton and were told to head to a rendezvous point 60 miles away, called the CAP (Combat Air Patrol) point. En route to the CAP point the radio operator tells them “Sir, you won’t believe it but that thing is at your CAP point.”

This enounter tells us a great deat about the Boojum and the exo-reality it experiences. We experience time in a linear way. We have a memory of the past, we have a solid present but the future is unknown to us. Time is perceived by us to be moving along a line of progression, an arrow of time moving from the past, up to the present with an expectation of the future. The most important stage in that progression is our present which we perceive to be continually experiencing. I descibed our present above as ‘solid’ and that is an important adjective to help us grasp how we perceive our reality. If you look around you right now, everything is solidly and firmly in its place both physically and temporally. This solid and certain physical and temporal reality has enabled us humans to evolve into the intelligent beings that we are but we are so embedded within our reality that it is very difficult for us to comprehend what an exo-reality would be like – difficult but not impossible. Boojums do not experience reality in a linear way, their present isn’t solid, it is probabalistic.

Imagine for a moment that you are sat at your kitchen table in your reality. This moment in your present we’ll call Point A. You look at the table in your kitchen and it is very solid and bare, you tap it with your hand twice just to ensure that it is solid. Over the next 5 minutes you do a number of things. You decide that you want to have a hot drink and so you put the kettle on. Which mug will you have your hot drink in? You decide to flip a coin, heads it will be in a red mug and tails it will be in a blue mug. The coin comes down as tails and you select blue mug. Now coffee or tea? You toss a coin for that and it comes down as tails again so you pop a teabag into the blue mug and just as the kettle boils you pour the hot water into the mug. Now, which biscuit to have with you tea? Digestive or shortbread? You toss the coin one last time and it comes down heads and you put 3 digestive biscuits on a plate, after finishing making your tea you take everything back to the kitchen table. This is Point B. You are sat before your solid kitchen table and in front of you is a solid blue mug containing tea and a solid plate with 3 solid digestive biscuits on it. Now let’s imagine a Boojum going through the same process. Point A and Point B look quite similar. In Point A the table isn’t 100% solid, on the table is a mug that is both red and blue, filled with coffee and tea and on the side is a ghostly plate with 3 digestive and 3 shortbread biscuits on it. In Point B the mug is more blue than red, filled with more likely tea than coffee and the digestive biscuits look more solid than the shortbread. In our reality everything is solid and certain in our Present, everything is absolute in our Now but the Boojum perceives shifting probabilities. everything is ethereal, unresolved, and ambiguous.

Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly how a Boojum perceives its reality. I’m translating this sensing of probabilities into our primary sense which is sight which is what we do with a bat’s sonar for example. We can’t know how a bat processes and ‘visualises’ in its mind the information it is gathering and so we render it into a visual image so we can comprehend it.

Let’s broaden this thought experiment out. This time imagine that you are standing in a living room looking north out of your window in your English house built in 1890, before that time there were fields but to the north there are ruins of a monastery and just beyond that is the ocean. What you can’t know is that in 20 years developers are going to build a hotel near the ocean and what the developers don’t know is that in 30 years climate change will have raised sea levels by 10 metres. You all know what you would perceive in your Present looking out of the window to the north but what would the Boojum see? I’ll leave that one for you.

Let’s apply this now to the encounter between the UAP and the two F/A-18F Super Hornets piloted by David Fravor and Alex Dietrich and attempt to analyse the encounter from the Boojum’s perspective. There is clearly some kind of relationship between the smaller UAP and the larger submerged USP. The smaller tic tac UAP currently at 28,000ft perceives an increasing probability of two unknown objects approaching the submerged USP. This probability is like a smear across the area all around the submerged object. The tic tac immediately drops to 50ft as the probability increases – Perhaps some of the probabilities that it begins to perceive indicate a danger to the submerged object? Perhaps the larger submerged object is vulnerable at this time? The smaller tic tac darts around. Is it drawing attention to itself? Is it drawing the dangerous probabilities away from the larger submerged object? As one of these objects begins to descend the probability of it closing on the submerged object approaches 100%, This interloper is almost solid and the tic tac takes action. It points toward the interloper – Does this pointing indicate a directional sense? It ascends as the object descends but keeping its distance. – Is this similar to the way that birds draw predators away from a nest? As the interloper attempts to close the distance, the tic tac perceives another increasing area of probability for these two objects about 60 miles away. The probability that this interloper would be in this new place is increasing just as the probability that the interloper approaching the submerged object is decreasing. The tic tac heads to this new area of increasing probability.

As you can see, there is no need to infer intelligence on the part of the Boojum, only a probabalistic perception of reality which we might mistake for anticipation or precognition. Exactly the same can be said of the phenomena alleged at Skinwalker Ranch. If we consider the exo-reality that the Boojum ordinarily inhabits as an environment just like any other then we could expect many times greater chance of basic life, even if that is extremophile life, than intelligent life. It just isn’t necessary to imagine Boojums as having intelligence to explain the available evidence that we have. There is a further point, and I accept this may be anthropocentric prejudice but it is difficult to conceive how intelligence could evolve in a reality so confusing, without time as we experience it, just potential and probabilities. I can see how life could evolve life with survival instincts that might even be able to communicate with each other through electrical or chemical signals on some basic level but intelligence, without complex language, without writing, without science, without true cause and effect? Perhaps it is a failure of imagination on my part but I think this exo-reality is too harsh a place for intelligent beings to evolve in.

Why do Boojums appear to us as UFOs and other snarks?

Now, please bear with me because this is a little difficult to explain and I’m not a physicist but imagine the double slit experiment on a larger scale. If you recall in the double slit experiment, a single photon is repeatedly fired at a photosensitive backscreen with a board with two vertical slits in its path. When no attempt is made to ascertain which slit the photons have gone through an interference pattern appears on the backscreen indicative of wave-like behaviour, when an attempt is made to observe the photon pass through a slit, the probability wave function collapses and the interference pattern is replaced with two vertical stripes indicative of particle-like behaviour. Without our observation the photon appears to pass through both slits, in fact it takes every possible route, once we attempt to observe this the range of probabilities collapses to one – the one we observe.

Boojums are almost pure energy. They are infinite potential and probability. It would be impossible for us to observe it as it was, it would be at once a ball of nothing and everything, an incomprehensible hole in our reality filled with infinite potential, something our consciousness must resolve into something understandable, and probable. Unobserved the Boojum exists in its reality, once observed it exists in a realm of duality. we perceive it as matter while it continues to exist as energy. Once the Boojum is observed dead, however death can be defined, it resolves itself entirely as matter in our reality. As I mentioned at the beginning, there are two unbreakable rules that govern this process. 1) The wave state of energy/matter potential must collapse while being observed, 2) There can be no paradox across space and time. This second rule helps to determine what can and can not be observed by us and resolved in our reality.

Whereas the first rule dictates that something must be seen that will appear comprehensible to the observer, the second rule dictates the limits of what can be observed. There are two slightly different possibilities, either only things that are theoretically possible can manifest themselves in these circumstances or alternatively, only things that actually exist in the universe across space and time can manifest themselves. If it is the former then only the impossible might be excluded from what might be seen by an observer. A craft made of a fictional element like Unobtainium for example can not manifest itself in our reality. If it is the latter then the things that manifest themselves in our reality might actually be genuine or facsimiles of genuine craft and beings that exist across space and time. Two or more people might observe different manifestations of the same Boojum but only if their observations can not be proven to be the same Boojum.

You don’t need to take a Snark gun on a Boojum hunt.

I want to turn to how to trap a Boojum and the first part of that is what bait to use. I’ve already stated above that Boojums are interdimensional lifeforms that feed off of energy and therefore the best bait to use if you want to trap a Boojum is electromagnetic energy. There is some evidence that the US and UK military are already aware of this though it might be that they believe they are communicating or summoning extraterrestrial craft. The most obvious example of the US and UK attempting to do this is the Pentyrch Incident. I’ve embedded the excellent documentary on the incident by The Paranormal Scholar but for our purposes the important information is that the Welsh village of Pentyrch is just outside of Cardiff and less than 15 miles away from, what was at the time, Military of Defence base RAF St Athan. Military aircraft, including an AWAC E3 Sentry, constantly saturated the area with electromagnetic energy for at least 24 hours before the incident began. In the early hours of 26th February 2016 at around 4am a Bojum, observed as a large triangular or pyramid shaped UFO, arrived and appears to have immediately spawned in the energy rich environment. Aircraft including three Apache helicopters converged on the area. One of the newly spawned Boojum appears to draw the military aircraft off. The aircraft give chase and there is a very large explosion. Military personel are seen in the area looking for wreckage and debris.

The Boojum would not have perceived the situation in the same way as we would have. They are navigating through the landscape exploiting a sense of shifting probabilities that we do not possess. The Boojum would have sensed that the aircraft represented an ever increasing threat probability, that if one drew away there was a high probability that the aircraft would follow and that the threat to the remaining Boojum would diminish. Similily they would have perceived the primary witness Caz Clarke with her friend standing on the gate and perceived then to have a threat probability close to zero.

One aspect I find very interesting is this description of part of the encounter that Caz Clarke recalls,

“And these two red barrel shaped objects came to my left hand side, one stopped above the hedge just where I was standing and I’m still standing on the gate and I just stared at it for a few seconds because of the shock and because I wanted to know. And I could see all of the insides moving like, I described it like white noise on a TV screen but it was more 3D than that, it was more like it was turning in on itself, not flat…”

What I find fascinating is that what she is describing is exactly what I would theorise someone would see if they could see a Boojum as it is. Why is this? Is it because this Boojum is newly spawned in our reality?

So, when attempting to trap a Boojum the best bait to use is electromagnetic energy. The second part of trapping a Boojum involves understanding how Boojums perceive their reality. They have no solid present which allows them to navigate through our reality with certainty as we do, they instead sense and perceive continually shifting probabilities. Therefore an environment across time which experiences great changes is not one that a Boojum likes. An environment that has hardly experienced change in thousands of years and is unlikely to experience change into the future is exactly the kind of environment a Boojum feels comfortable navigating through. At high altitude and under the ocean are two places that experience very little change. If I were going to choose an ideal place to set my Boojum trap I’d probably choose one of the Scottish Islands in the Hebrides, Shetland, or Orkney Islands. Somewhere isolated, uninhabited, without many trees. I’d saturate the chosen area with electromagnetic energy in the same way as the US and UK did at Pentyrch but then just before the arrival of the Boojum I’d quickly erect temporary frame construction tower structures capable of earthing electricity. There are historical examples of UFOs crashing into recently erected structures, Aurora Texas April 1897 and San Antonio New Mexico August 1945 are two examples. This suggests that temporary structures in locations with little change might be almost invisible to Boojums. It would be important to remove the structures as soon as the Boojum hunt has concluded. The longer the structures are erected the longer they are able to imprint as a probability in that location.

It would be possible to trap a Boojum alive and that would open up wondrous and marvelous [almost magical] technological opportunities but that would entail considerable investment and preparation. The first step along that road has to be understanding Boojums better particularly studying how our consciousness effects manifestations.

Before concluding I just want to address one final issue and that is the effect that Boojums might be having on our environment and our reality. Boojums are here in our reality because of the increasing levels of energy we humans are pumping into our environment. All life consumes and excretes and that process can change the environment if it is on a large enough scale over a long enough timeline. It may be that environmentally Boojums are regulating the environment to our benefit rather than causing further damage but it would be important to understand the process either way. Another effect that must be understood better is not on our environment but on our reality. If Boojums proliferate in our reality what effect is that going to have? It might have profound implications. Our reality and the exo-reality might begin to merge and what appears solid and certain now might slowly become ethereal and probable.

Thank you once again if you reached the end. Please share if you found it interesting or useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think that other readers would find useful or email me at if you want me to correct something.

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