Recently, I was asked by someone who wanted to start a blog for some advice and I replied as I’ve always done, that; they should write for themselves only – assuming always that nobody else will read it – and that they should stop the moment that writing it ceased to be enjoyable. Unfortunately, writing this blog ceased to be enjoyable for me about two years back and so I’m stopping.

I’ve deactivated my Twitter account but I’ll not delete this blog as it may have material useful to researchers. My email will be deactivated also.

I wish all my readers the best of luck in the future.

This is the way the blog ends, not with a bang but with an ellipsis…


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33 responses to “Endings

  1. tdf

    For my friend D****

  2. tdf

    Gojam will be back. He is just taking a break.

  3. tdf


    Let’s pretend (we get a)
    Happy end

  4. A Well Wisher

    Can I respectfully ask here why Simon Just AKA @majorleak2017 and trollexposure blog publisher never mentions that his latest false allegation against one of his many critics was NFA’d? Specially as he is so vocal about false accusers etc. He is one after all

  5. We had many disagreements, but I always respected your ability as a blogger. I understand your reasons for giving up too – I made the same decision. Sometimes you just have to let go for your own sanity. I wish you well for the future.

  6. Mary Taylor

    Thank you – you helped more than you know.

  7. John Dooley

    Sorry to see the end of the blog. The inquiry and the hyped false starts took the wind out of the issue (I use the phrase advisedly).

    I think that more and wider issues could have been explored. It was a fine blog and personally I’m sorry to see it go. I suspect that we would have always had many political differences, however, you always seemed to take an open minded approach, not totally unknown amongst libdems ? Farewell …

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  8. Bob Hayden-Gilbert

    This is a great shame as I loved reading your exposés. I hope thst you’ll change your mind, but in case you don’t, I wish you all the best for the future.

  9. Julie benson

    Does anyone know blackbrook house st helens

  10. tdf

    Not precisely sure what prompted this decision, but best wishes in any case.

  11. Justin Sanity

    Thanks for everything! Have a happy life.

  12. Thank you for your time and effort. I hope your spirits buck up and that your future is bright. All the best – Chris.

  13. Sammy

    good riddance. You have damaged so many people. Let’s hope the law catches up with you one day which it probably will as the conspirators who promoted the Hampstead hoax are slowly but surely being nabbed.

    • Brian

      This blog has been a vehicle for the ‘truth’. A word obviously NOT in your dictionary !

    • Sammy. A quick search of this site proves that you are either misinformed or yet another team player trying to get value out of this blogs demise. This site clearly tried to highlight the bogus nature of the Hampstead Hoax.
      The important question, if you are a team player, is why all the effort?

      • tdf

        Indeed, R J Bilton.

        In fact, no legitimate anti-CSA campaigner gave even close to consideration to the Hampstead Hoax.

        The hoax was so obviously bogus that it had to be a set-up.

        But if I continue in that vein, then the creepy Iraq war shill and ex-communist, the foul-mouthed David Aaronovitch might accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist!!

  14. mike

    This site has been so useful to me personally. I was a child at one of the institutions mentioned in the 1960’s and am currently in therapy so thank you very much Gojam
    Best Wishes,

  15. Anne Wade

    Thank you for all you have done.
    I particularly remember you linking us to Niall Meehan’s research on Morris Fraser. Brilliant.

  16. But where on earth is the promised “hard written evidence” you threatened David ‘Lying Piece Of Shit’ Hencke with just a few short hours ago?!?

    “Then tomorrow I will publish the evidence – I have the communications between you and Claire Bennett. We’ll let the public decide.”

    Did this counter-threat from Discovery77 give you cold feet?

    “I have many, many, damning comms. By the way. Sure you want to play this game?”

    What a cowardly way to go!

    • Brian

      Hi Bandini, I would like to share info with you relating to this . . . bpwchile@hotmail.com

    • Joe

      Gojam doesn’t need to publish them. Claire Bennett can publish them herself. After all, she has many, many comms so surely has these ones amongst her many, many comms too.
      She admitted on Twitter that she knew which comms these were, and also stated that they were irrelevant. In that case she should have no problem with providing them for everybody to see should she. .
      Sad to see the blog will be no more and all the best to Gojam

  17. If it stops being fun, it becomes a drag. Your life; live it any way you want.
    Anyway, glad you’re keeping the blog open..and I hope you keep your hand in.
    You touched a lot of lives, and you saw a lot of change. I hope it hasn’t changed you..and I hope your pen isn’t completely retired.

    See you around, man. Hope to see you when strong words are needed.

  18. Thank you Gojam for all your hard work and dedication. To have made a difference and helped so many by your in depth perseverance and research is truly inspiring. As is your openness and honesty today. Enjoy your time… wishing you well.

  19. marlonhayley

    hello go jam
    if it wasn’t for this amazing site i think people would still be questioning ourselves over what had happened but once they found your site it opened up and found were not alone and i truly believe the investigation that will be carried out is due too this site and i thank you for not deleting as in my case its the only bit of proof i have but i know I’m not alone on here.
    like peter said YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  20. Peter Nowlan

    Hello Gojam It’s Peter Nowlan here I will miss your comments .Here something for you and the readers .In Australia all the pensions are paid every second Tuesday .The Chemist shops are ususlly full that dat and you have to waitin in line I stuckup a converastion with a uniformed fire man ( here we call them fires) .It tuned out he was the son of the couple who took over the running of ROSE Cottage ( Hornchurch Cottage homes- read the purging of the demonds on Google) from Mrs Newton .He knew my name ( all of the first prizes books I won – that were taken from me – were still in the Library ).The point I am making is people like you DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.I wish you well.

  21. john. e

    good luck and thanks for taking time on your blog..