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Snarky UFOs and Interdimensional Boojums. The Case for UAP Lifeforms.

“In the midst of the word he was trying to say,
   In the midst of his laughter and glee,
He had softly and suddenly vanished away—
   For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.”

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Caroll

This article will attempt to make the case that UAPs/UFOs are actually interdimensional lifeforms. and that the lifeforms, though possessing survival instincts, are non-intelligent. We experience reality in three spacial dimensions and one temporal dimension. These lifeforms, which for the purposes of this article I’ll call Boojums after the unobservable creature in the Lewis Caroll poem, have evolved to experience their reality with a very different probabalistic perception of space and time as opposed to the perception of reality that we experience. I can infer this by the characteristics and behaviour of Boojums as they manifest themselves in our reality in the form of UAPs and UFOs. Boojums consume electromagnetic energy and are drawn to the large resevoirs of energy that we have been inadvertantly providing for them at atomic test sites, nuclear misslie silos and radar instalations. A Boojum is almost pure energy, it has no natural form in our reality, and it manifests itself as energy/matter potential. Once a Boojum has been observed this potential collapses and the Boojum adopts a form within our observed reality. There are two unbreakable rules that govern this process. 1) The state of energy/matter potential must collapse while being observed, 2) There can be no paradox across space and time. While the first rule ensures that we can never observe a Boojum in it’s natural exo-reality state, the second rule determines that what is observed, recorded, or even retrieved must be consistant across observers and exist at the very least as potential, or more likely as the most probable solution that can explain the characteristics of the observable phenomena. Ergo, Intelligent extraterrestrial beings and advanced craft are likely to exist in the forms that have been observed, though it may not neccessarily be the case that they are visiting Earth at this time.

And if all of that isn’t enough, I’m going to explain how we can trap Boojums, how we might benefit from them but also a couple of the negative consequences of their establishment within our environment.

Exo-realityexo, from the Greek for outside – Exo-reality will be the shorthand for the Boojum’s extra-dimensional reality that they are able to perceive and operate in. I don’t have enough evidence to determine how many spacial or temporal dimensions there are in this exo-reality, only that it is probabalistic. More on this later.

To make the case I’ve outlined above, I first want to establish that a non-intelligent organism that consumes electromagnetic energy can, and do, exist.

It is generally accepted that life on Earth began some time between 3.5 and 4 Billion years ago, single cell organisms relying on chemosynthesis for energy evolving near to hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. These were bacteria and archaea. It is much later, around 2.1 Billion years ago, that we find the first evidence of photosynthesis. All of these dates are based on fossil evidence. I’m going to introduce you to something that you may not have been aware of, electric bacteria, bacteria that consume electricity and we have no idea how long they’ve been around, they might be the very first life on Earth.

“Unlike any other living thing on Earth, electric bacteria use energy in its purest form – naked electricity in the shape of electrons harvested from rocks and metals.”

New Scientist

Obviously, I’m not suggesting that these electric bacteria are Boojums but they illustrate a potential for basic lifeforms living off of energy and there are many different types of them that we have been completely unaware of until very recently. In a short extract from her TED Talk HERE, Laurine Burdorf from the Centre of Electromicrobiology describes how the sediment on the sea floor around the world is full these electric bacteria, in effect, making it one giant battery-like biosphere which might provide one reason as to why the UAPs seem to like being around water. These electric bacteria are from our reality whereas a Boojum is from an exo-reality. The boojum might have evolved entirely within its own exo-reality, it might have evolved within our reality and migrated to the exo-reality, or it might have evolved in the exo-reality and migrated to our reality kicking off life on Earth, as we’ve become accustomed to perceiving life within our reality.

I’d bet good money that if you took the image above to someone who had no idea what they were looking at and asked what their best guess of it was, a fair proportion might suggest it was a graphic representation of bacterial single cell division, very few would correctly guess that it was infra-red imaging of the UAP recorded on the evening of 25th April 2013 around Rafael Hernández airport, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The report that these images were taken from can be viewed HERE. I’m suggesting that this is an interdimensional lifeform that is feeding off of the high energy around the airport. It is such a rich source of energy that it is able to reproduce and sub-divide.

I’ve no doubt that knowledgable readers will be able to reference many other videos of UAPs dividing off, I know I’ve seen quite a few. From this apparent evidence of reproduction, there might be two different types of Boojum, one smaller that we perceive as the size of a drone that divides in half as in the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico case and a larger one which looks like it is spawning multiple smaller offspring. You can see two examples of the latter on this secureteam10 video HERE from 10 minutes onward. I can’t tell if these are two different species of Boojum or images of the same species reproducing at different times of its life cycle.

Once you start to look at UAPs in this way and view their behaviour as that of a lifeform it gives you a completely new perspective. Take the video below taken on November 14th 2014, by a Chilean Navy helicopter pilot and technician west of Santiago. You can view the full video HERE. As the narrator describes, in two incidences on the full video the UAP was seen ejecting some kind of gas or liquid with high thermal tracking. Organic lifeforms excrete as well as consume and they become sick or injured. What at first seems difficult to explain suddenly has quite an everyday natural explanation, once you’ve changed your perspective.

Imagining how we might perceive an exo-reality might seem impossible because we have no experience and seemingly no evidence to help us create a template for it but we can imagine how the infiltration of an object from an environment with 3 spacial dimensions might impact on a 2 spacial dimension environment. If a piece of paper represents 2D world, we can imagine how a 3D object, a sharpened pencil, would be perceived by the inhabitants of 2D world. The inhabitants wouldn’t notice a thing as the sharpened pencil approached the paper but as it touched an anomalous point would appear, as the pencil point pierced the paper that point would appear as an expanding circle to the inhabitants of 2D world. Then as you withdrew your pencil, the circle would diminish in size back to a point and then seem to disappear. When an object from an exo-reality enters our 3D world it would not be perceived as a circle but as a sphere and appear and disappear, blink in and blink out of existence, in much the same way as has been reported by UFO witnesses.

The very first time it crossed my mind that UAPs might be lifeforms was while watching The Nimitz Encounter. Two F/A-18F Super Hornets piloted by David Fravor and Alex Dietrich are directed to intercept a UAP. Undetected by the pilots, at the exact time that they reach the area that the target should be in the UAP drops from 28,000ft to 50ft above the water in 0.78 seconds. The pilots see a disturbance seemingly caused by an object about the size of a 737 aircraft (36m, 110ft) beneath the water. They then spot the smaller object, the one that had been tracked by radar and had just dropped, which was about 47ft long and tic tac shaped moving erratically just above the water, repeatedly hovering and then darting, seemingly focused on the much larger submerged object. While Dietrich circles above, Fravor begins a spiral descent. The smaller tic tac UAP suddenly points toward Fravor’s Super Hornet and ascends mirroring Fravor’s descent. When Fravor and the UAP are about a mile apart, Fravor attempts to close the distance between them but the UAP then disappears over the horizon. The two fighter jets then confer with the operations officer on the Princeton and were told to head to a rendezvous point 60 miles away, called the CAP (Combat Air Patrol) point. En route to the CAP point the radio operator tells them “Sir, you won’t believe it but that thing is at your CAP point.”

This enounter tells us a great deat about the Boojum and the exo-reality it experiences. We experience time in a linear way. We have a memory of the past, we have a solid present but the future is unknown to us. Time is perceived by us to be moving along a line of progression, an arrow of time moving from the past, up to the present with an expectation of the future. The most important stage in that progression is our present which we perceive to be continually experiencing. I descibed our present above as ‘solid’ and that is an important adjective to help us grasp how we perceive our reality. If you look around you right now, everything is solidly and firmly in its place both physically and temporally. This solid and certain physical and temporal reality has enabled us humans to evolve into the intelligent beings that we are but we are so embedded within our reality that it is very difficult for us to comprehend what an exo-reality would be like – difficult but not impossible. Boojums do not experience reality in a linear way, their present isn’t solid, it is probabalistic.

Imagine for a moment that you are sat at your kitchen table in your reality. This moment in your present we’ll call Point A. You look at the table in your kitchen and it is very solid and bare, you tap it with your hand twice just to ensure that it is solid. Over the next 5 minutes you do a number of things. You decide that you want to have a hot drink and so you put the kettle on. Which mug will you have your hot drink in? You decide to flip a coin, heads it will be in a red mug and tails it will be in a blue mug. The coin comes down as tails and you select blue mug. Now coffee or tea? You toss a coin for that and it comes down as tails again so you pop a teabag into the blue mug and just as the kettle boils you pour the hot water into the mug. Now, which biscuit to have with you tea? Digestive or shortbread? You toss the coin one last time and it comes down heads and you put 3 digestive biscuits on a plate, after finishing making your tea you take everything back to the kitchen table. This is Point B. You are sat before your solid kitchen table and in front of you is a solid blue mug containing tea and a solid plate with 3 solid digestive biscuits on it. Now let’s imagine a Boojum going through the same process. Point A and Point B look quite similar. In Point A the table isn’t 100% solid, on the table is a mug that is both red and blue, filled with coffee and tea and on the side is a ghostly plate with 3 digestive and 3 shortbread biscuits on it. In Point B the mug is more blue than red, filled with more likely tea than coffee and the digestive biscuits look more solid than the shortbread. In our reality everything is solid and certain in our Present, everything is absolute in our Now but the Boojum perceives shifting probabilities. everything is ethereal, unresolved, and ambiguous.

Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly how a Boojum perceives its reality. I’m translating this sensing of probabilities into our primary sense which is sight which is what we do with a bat’s sonar for example. We can’t know how a bat processes and ‘visualises’ in its mind the information it is gathering and so we render it into a visual image so we can comprehend it.

Let’s broaden this thought experiment out. This time imagine that you are standing in a living room looking north out of your window in your English house built in 1890, before that time there were fields but to the north there are ruins of a monastery and just beyond that is the ocean. What you can’t know is that in 20 years developers are going to build a hotel near the ocean and what the developers don’t know is that in 30 years climate change will have raised sea levels by 10 metres. You all know what you would perceive in your Present looking out of the window to the north but what would the Boojum see? I’ll leave that one for you.

Let’s apply this now to the encounter between the UAP and the two F/A-18F Super Hornets piloted by David Fravor and Alex Dietrich and attempt to analyse the encounter from the Boojum’s perspective. There is clearly some kind of relationship between the smaller UAP and the larger submerged USP. The smaller tic tac UAP currently at 28,000ft perceives an increasing probability of two unknown objects approaching the submerged USP. This probability is like a smear across the area all around the submerged object. The tic tac immediately drops to 50ft as the probability increases – Perhaps some of the probabilities that it begins to perceive indicate a danger to the submerged object? Perhaps the larger submerged object is vulnerable at this time? The smaller tic tac darts around. Is it drawing attention to itself? Is it drawing the dangerous probabilities away from the larger submerged object? As one of these objects begins to descend the probability of it closing on the submerged object approaches 100%, This interloper is almost solid and the tic tac takes action. It points toward the interloper – Does this pointing indicate a directional sense? It ascends as the object descends but keeping its distance. – Is this similar to the way that birds draw predators away from a nest? As the interloper attempts to close the distance, the tic tac perceives another increasing area of probability for these two objects about 60 miles away. The probability that this interloper would be in this new place is increasing just as the probability that the interloper approaching the submerged object is decreasing. The tic tac heads to this new area of increasing probability.

As you can see, there is no need to infer intelligence on the part of the Boojum, only a probabalistic perception of reality which we might mistake for anticipation or precognition. Exactly the same can be said of the phenomena alleged at Skinwalker Ranch. If we consider the exo-reality that the Boojum ordinarily inhabits as an environment just like any other then we could expect many times greater chance of basic life, even if that is extremophile life, than intelligent life. It just isn’t necessary to imagine Boojums as having intelligence to explain the available evidence that we have. There is a further point, and I accept this may be anthropocentric prejudice but it is difficult to conceive how intelligence could evolve in a reality so confusing, without time as we experience it, just potential and probabilities. I can see how life could evolve life with survival instincts that might even be able to communicate with each other through electrical or chemical signals on some basic level but intelligence, without complex language, without writing, without science, without true cause and effect? Perhaps it is a failure of imagination on my part but I think this exo-reality is too harsh a place for intelligent beings to evolve in.

Why do Boojums appear to us as UFOs and other snarks?

Now, please bear with me because this is a little difficult to explain and I’m not a physicist but imagine the double slit experiment on a larger scale. If you recall in the double slit experiment, a single photon is repeatedly fired at a photosensitive backscreen with a board with two vertical slits in its path. When no attempt is made to ascertain which slit the photons have gone through an interference pattern appears on the backscreen indicative of wave-like behaviour, when an attempt is made to observe the photon pass through a slit, the probability wave function collapses and the interference pattern is replaced with two vertical stripes indicative of particle-like behaviour. Without our observation the photon appears to pass through both slits, in fact it takes every possible route, once we attempt to observe this the range of probabilities collapses to one – the one we observe.

Boojums are almost pure energy. They are infinite potential and probability. It would be impossible for us to observe it as it was, it would be at once a ball of nothing and everything, an incomprehensible hole in our reality filled with infinite potential, something our consciousness must resolve into something understandable, and probable. Unobserved the Boojum exists in its reality, once observed it exists in a realm of duality. we perceive it as matter while it continues to exist as energy. Once the Boojum is observed dead, however death can be defined, it resolves itself entirely as matter in our reality. As I mentioned at the beginning, there are two unbreakable rules that govern this process. 1) The wave state of energy/matter potential must collapse while being observed, 2) There can be no paradox across space and time. This second rule helps to determine what can and can not be observed by us and resolved in our reality.

Whereas the first rule dictates that something must be seen that will appear comprehensible to the observer, the second rule dictates the limits of what can be observed. There are two slightly different possibilities, either only things that are theoretically possible can manifest themselves in these circumstances or alternatively, only things that actually exist in the universe across space and time can manifest themselves. If it is the former then only the impossible might be excluded from what might be seen by an observer. A craft made of a fictional element like Unobtainium for example can not manifest itself in our reality. If it is the latter then the things that manifest themselves in our reality might actually be genuine or facsimiles of genuine craft and beings that exist across space and time. Two or more people might observe different manifestations of the same Boojum but only if their observations can not be proven to be the same Boojum.

You don’t need to take a Snark gun on a Boojum hunt.

I want to turn to how to trap a Boojum and the first part of that is what bait to use. I’ve already stated above that Boojums are interdimensional lifeforms that feed off of energy and therefore the best bait to use if you want to trap a Boojum is electromagnetic energy. There is some evidence that the US and UK military are already aware of this though it might be that they believe they are communicating or summoning extraterrestrial craft. The most obvious example of the US and UK attempting to do this is the Pentyrch Incident. I’ve embedded the excellent documentary on the incident by The Paranormal Scholar but for our purposes the important information is that the Welsh village of Pentyrch is just outside of Cardiff and less than 15 miles away from, what was at the time, Military of Defence base RAF St Athan. Military aircraft, including an AWAC E3 Sentry, constantly saturated the area with electromagnetic energy for at least 24 hours before the incident began. In the early hours of 26th February 2016 at around 4am a Bojum, observed as a large triangular or pyramid shaped UFO, arrived and appears to have immediately spawned in the energy rich environment. Aircraft including three Apache helicopters converged on the area. One of the newly spawned Boojum appears to draw the military aircraft off. The aircraft give chase and there is a very large explosion. Military personel are seen in the area looking for wreckage and debris.

The Boojum would not have perceived the situation in the same way as we would have. They are navigating through the landscape exploiting a sense of shifting probabilities that we do not possess. The Boojum would have sensed that the aircraft represented an ever increasing threat probability, that if one drew away there was a high probability that the aircraft would follow and that the threat to the remaining Boojum would diminish. Similily they would have perceived the primary witness Caz Clarke with her friend standing on the gate and perceived then to have a threat probability close to zero.

One aspect I find very interesting is this description of part of the encounter that Caz Clarke recalls,

“And these two red barrel shaped objects came to my left hand side, one stopped above the hedge just where I was standing and I’m still standing on the gate and I just stared at it for a few seconds because of the shock and because I wanted to know. And I could see all of the insides moving like, I described it like white noise on a TV screen but it was more 3D than that, it was more like it was turning in on itself, not flat…”

What I find fascinating is that what she is describing is exactly what I would theorise someone would see if they could see a Boojum as it is. Why is this? Is it because this Boojum is newly spawned in our reality?

So, when attempting to trap a Boojum the best bait to use is electromagnetic energy. The second part of trapping a Boojum involves understanding how Boojums perceive their reality. They have no solid present which allows them to navigate through our reality with certainty as we do, they instead sense and perceive continually shifting probabilities. Therefore an environment across time which experiences great changes is not one that a Boojum likes. An environment that has hardly experienced change in thousands of years and is unlikely to experience change into the future is exactly the kind of environment a Boojum feels comfortable navigating through. At high altitude and under the ocean are two places that experience very little change. If I were going to choose an ideal place to set my Boojum trap I’d probably choose one of the Scottish Islands in the Hebrides, Shetland, or Orkney Islands. Somewhere isolated, uninhabited, without many trees. I’d saturate the chosen area with electromagnetic energy in the same way as the US and UK did at Pentyrch but then just before the arrival of the Boojum I’d quickly erect temporary frame construction tower structures capable of earthing electricity. There are historical examples of UFOs crashing into recently erected structures, Aurora Texas April 1897 and San Antonio New Mexico August 1945 are two examples. This suggests that temporary structures in locations with little change might be almost invisible to Boojums. It would be important to remove the structures as soon as the Boojum hunt has concluded. The longer the structures are erected the longer they are able to imprint as a probability in that location.

It would be possible to trap a Boojum alive and that would open up wondrous and marvelous [almost magical] technological opportunities but that would entail considerable investment and preparation. The first step along that road has to be understanding Boojums better particularly studying how our consciousness effects manifestations.

Before concluding I just want to address one final issue and that is the effect that Boojums might be having on our environment and our reality. Boojums are here in our reality because of the increasing levels of energy we humans are pumping into our environment. All life consumes and excretes and that process can change the environment if it is on a large enough scale over a long enough timeline. It may be that environmentally Boojums are regulating the environment to our benefit rather than causing further damage but it would be important to understand the process either way. Another effect that must be understood better is not on our environment but on our reality. If Boojums proliferate in our reality what effect is that going to have? It might have profound implications. Our reality and the exo-reality might begin to merge and what appears solid and certain now might slowly become ethereal and probable.

Thank you once again if you reached the end. Please share if you found it interesting or useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think that other readers would find useful or email me at if you want me to correct something.

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When Ye Go Away


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Cosmic Hoax: A Critical Response

Dr Steven Greer

Given that this article will be very critical of Dr Greer’s film, ‘The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé’ I first want to acknowledge Dr Greers contribution to Ufology and the cause of Disclosure. To not do so would be churlish. Although I do not believe that the success of the current disclosure movement has been dependent on his efforts in the past, his foundation of the Disclosure Project in 1993 and the landmark 2001 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC have helped create an environment in the public realm that is beneficial to the current disclosure movement. This critical response to this film is in no way meant to diminish those historical efforts or to subtract from the testimony of the courageous people who have previously come forward as a result of Dr Greer’s past leadership.

The film purports to be set out in three parts; Part I: Exo-Fascism, Part II: Exo-Racism, and Part III: Exo-Agnosticism. However, the structure of the film is not rigid on the lines of these three themes. The prefix ‘Exo’, from the Greek meaning: outside, outer, or external, is being used here to denote that these themes are related to extraterrestrials. For simplicity I’ll adress these three themes first.

Exo-Fascism is used to denote the political ideology that underpins the unconstitutional shadow government within the industrial/military complex that according to Dr Greer is monopolising extraterrestrial technology. Exo-Racism is used to suggest that there has been a campaign by the ‘Exo-Fascists’ to demonise or ‘dehumanise’ extraterrestrials within human culture with the express aim of making us unreceptive to extraterrestrial visitors. Exo-Agnosticism refers to the unwillingness of Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Jeremy Corbell, and others leading the current Disclosure movement to catagorically state that UFOs/UAPs are of extraterrestrial origin.

With regards to Exo-Fascism, I’m not going to dispute the appropriateness of the term. I’ve written before that I believe the current disclosure campaign which was initiated by former Senator Harry Reid with the creation of AATIP is an attempt to wrest control of data and technology related to UFOs/UAPs from powerful unconstitutional factions within the military/industrial complex and reassert democratic oversight, democratic accountability, and proper chain of command within military and agency structures with regards to UFOs/UAPs. The first step was to set up AATIP which was accountable to the executive branch of government, rather than the military, to gather as much information as possible. The second step, after AATIP was denied access to data held by these factions, was to harness public opinion to put pressure on Congress to set aside the historical stigma associated with the UFO/UAP subject and begin to reassert democratic oversight. We are now at Step three, which will likely take a couple more years, where Congress must wrest control of information, technology, and materials and place it in the hands of a constitutional and democratically accountable body.

With regards to Exo-Racism, I’d have to disagree with the argument put forward by Dr Greer. To suggest that negative depictions of aliens in movies and literature is a deliberate campaign by exo-fascists to ‘dehumanise’ extraterrestrial beings in the eyes of the general public to prepare them for a false flag alien invasion – which is in short the premise of Greer’s movie – is beyond preposterous. When thinking on this, it’s sobering to recall that HG Wells’ War of the Worlds was published in 1897, over 120 years ago. Is there anyone out there that believes that Alien, Mars Attacks, Predator, Starship Troopers, or Pitch Black are not entertainment but are really part of a secret plot by exo-fascists to brainwash you into hating extraterrestrials beings? Dr Greer also suggests that alien abductions and cattle mutilations, which he believes are all faked by exo-fascists, are the equivalent of antisemitic blood libel, comparing the historical mistreatment of jews, including by the Nazis, to his imagined exo-fascist propaganda campaign against extraterrestrial beings.

Now on to Exo-Agnosticism. I could quibble about the term. An agnostic is a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God and I’m pretty certain that those who Greer accuses of being Exo-Agnostics do not believe that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of the existence of extraterrestrials. It seems to me that Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, and Jeremy Corbell, who were specifically identified by Greer in the film, just have an open mind and are honest enough to be clear that they don’t have enough evidence to categorically identify what the UFOs/UAPs are. Dr Greer, on the other hand, is 100% certain that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth in UFOs. Dr Greer offers no evidence of this, let alone proof, it seems to be an article of faith with Greer which might explain why he attributes a theological position, ‘agnosticism’, to his opponents who are open minded and do not have his faith.

Over the course of the movie, Dr Greer identifies and highlights 8 lies which he claims are in general circulation and are promoted by Elizondo and others in the media. I’m going to look at these in turn next.

  1. Extraterrestrials are Demons. Really? OK, I’ve heard Luis Elizondo mention that there are factions within the military/industrial complex who believe this but I’ve not heard him or anyone else promoting this in the media. Quite the opposite.
  2. It’s all inter-dimensional not extraterrestrial. Again, really? I’ve just never heard anyone make this suggestion, certainly not Luis Elizondo or those associated with him.
  3. We don’t have man-made UFOs. Of course we need to accept that ‘unidentified’ is subjective but a UFO is simply an Unidentified Flying Object. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t accept that some sightings over the last 80 years might be advanced human technology, specifically advanced US technology. Dr Greer may be attempting to suggest something more than this which I’ll address later.
  4. Aliens are abducting people. Who is saying this? Not Elizondo.
  5. Aliens are a threat therefore we need to build weapons in space. Again, has anyone heard Elizondo or anyone else for that matter suggest this?
  6. We do not know what UFOs are. This, Dr Greer suggests, is a lie. I don’t know what UFOs are. I suppose I’d like them to be extraterrestrial but I don’t know that they are. I’ve seen no proof that UFOs are extraterrestrial. Luis Elizondo who has had greater access to data, as former director of AATIP, than Dr Greer has, doesn’t know what UFOs are. Dr Greer offers no proof of what UFOs are but anyone who maintains an open mind, who doesn’t share his faith, is lying?
  7. The US Military does not have any aircraft that can perform in the way these UFOs maneuver. See number 3 for now. I’m aware that this is part of a broader point that Greer is making which I’ll address later.
  8. They are a threat to national security. I think if you were to ask anyone who watched the movie what their big take from it was then the suggestion that Elizondo and others are promulgating a threat narrative on behalf of exo-fascists would likely be it. A good place to start addressing the ‘threat narrative’ issue is to look at what Daniel Sheehan said in the movie.
Daniel Sheehan

“I know from direct conversations with Lue [Elizondo] and Chris [Mellon] that they know that the major military authorities with whom they’ve had very close communications realise that if in fact the extraterrestrials were hostile in their intent toward us they could have done anything they wanted to. They can come and go at their pleasure. So, in that regard they do not constitute a clear and present danger to our national security but they also know that they’re in the habit of getting their funding for all of their entire organisations, etc, by flagging threat and so they’re inclined to do that because, the simple fact is they don’t trust the people in Congress. They think the people in Congress are so Pavlovian in that they, in fact, distrust their constituents so much, that they have to scare them. And so they say well if we’re going to have to justify having hearings about the UFO issue we’re going to have to tell our people that they’re a potential threat to us. and so therefore they’re conning their own constituents…

Daniel Sheehan The Cosmic Hoax [41:50]

This seems pretty clear to me. Those who really want full disclosure now have professionals on their side who know how the game is played, who know which buttons to press, who have a strategy to achieve the ends that we all want. It’s 20 years since Dr Steven Greer held his press conference at the National Press Club, 28 years since the Disclosure Project was founded. How much has been achieved by amateurs, who don’t know how the game is played and who don’t have a strategy? In all the public interviews I’ve watched with Elizondo, Mellon and others, I’ve never seen them overstate the threat angle. In fact I’d say the threat angle is normally given the same weight as commercial and military aircraft safety. For Elizondo and Mellon the threat aspect is minor, it is a way of leveraging the military, Congress, and the media into taking the UFO/UAP issue seriously.

Ironically, Daniel Sheehan goes on to say in the film,

“Those of us in the CE5 [Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind] Community need to establish some kind of level of discourse with Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon. All they have to do is let them know that we’re obviously sophisticated enough to know that what they’re saying publically, they know isn’t true.”

Obviously, the leader of the CE5 Community, Dr Steven Greer, isn’t “sophisticated enough” to understand this simple observation. Unless Dr Greer is being wilfully dishonest? Let me know in the comments what you think, is Dr Greer stupid or deceitful?

I think this would be the appropriate place to insert Daniel Sheehan’s public statement (click on images to enlarge) which you can read on Facebook HERE in which he explains that Dr Greer edited an interview he did, extracts of which were used in The Cosmic Hoax, to distort the meaning of what was said.

Now I’m going to address some of the miscellaneous points raised during the movie one by one.

Carol Rosin

Carol Rosin claims that Wernher von Braun warned her that an alien invasion would be faked as a way of controlling people. She claims that believing he only had 6 weeks to live, von Braun confided in her a secret plan. The final card to be turned over would be a faked alien invasion, the preceding card being a faked asteroid threat. Wernher von Braun is undoubtedly an eminent figure in 20th century rocket science, a former major in the SS, von Braun helped develop the V2 rocket and following Nazi Germany’s defeat in WW2 he moved to the USA where he played a significant role in the US Space program. In 1972, after leaving NASA, he joined Fairchild Industries where in 1974 he was joined by Carol Rosin who acted as his spokeperson. He died of pancreatic cancer in 1977 aged 65.

One of the things that ceased to amaze me long ago are the number of bizarre plans and programs developed by the US military during the Cold War. It is almost as though much of the creative and imaginative genuis of Hollywood were recruited and so I wouldn’t dispute that such a plan allegedly outlined by von Braun to Carol Rosin once existed but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that 50 years on and 30 years after the Cold War ended that this plan is now being set in motion. Besides, if I’m to follow the logic of the cards turning over one by one, shouldn’t we have a fake asteroid threat first?

Paola Harris

Journalist Paola Harris relates the story of a UFO crash in New Mexico about 20 miles from, and one month after, the detonation of the first atomic bomb, this would place the crash date in August 1945. The crash was witnessed by two young boys who approached the wreckage. Harris interviewed one of the witnesses who told of the dreadful screams of the 3 occupants as the wreckage burned.

I think this is quite an interesting case and Paola Harris deserves credit for investigating it. You can find out more about it HERE where Jacques Vallée discusses it in some detail. The problem comes when Paola Harris attempts to shoehorn this account into the film’s broad narrative by claiming that this event was extraterrestrials making a statement to the people of Earth. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life? 3 extraterrestrials deliberately crashed their vehicle, dying in agony to make a statement to the people of Earth? Does this sound plausible to you?

Greer makes a claim that extraterrestrials reached out to President Eisenhower near Edwards Airforce Base. The extraterrestrials wanted Eisenhower to stop testing Nuclear weapons because they were disrupting the fabric of the universe.

This claim was originally proposed by Michael Salla, he suggests that on Feb. 20, 1954 President Eisenhower interrupted his vacation in Palm Springs to meet two ‘Nordic’ extraterrestrials at Edwards Airforce Base. Alternatively, he went to the dentist which is the version of events you’ll find in Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Library corroborated by James Mixson, professor of dentistry and historian of presidential dental work. I think I know which version I believe, but regardless of what you think, this is an excellent example of Dr Steven Greer’s unscrupulous cherry picking because Michael Salla also claims that later in 1954, Eisenhower made a deal with the ‘Greys’ allowing them to capture earthling cattle and humans for medical experiments, provided that they returned the humans safely home. As you’ll probably know Greer believes that all cattle mutations and alien abductions are exo-fascist Psy Ops designed to feed our exo-racism. Why does Dr Steven Greer think that Michael Salla is a reliable source for the alleged ‘Nordic’ embassy but not the alleged ‘Grey’ embassy?

Col Ross Dedrickson

Col Ross Dedrickson US Air Force makes a couple of claims. First that extraterrestrials destroyed a nuclear weapon sent into space and then that in the late 1970s, early 1980s the USA attempted to explode nuclear weapons on the moon but that this was unacceptable to the extraterrestrials who destroyed the weapons.

I think the first claim refers to an incident recounted by Prof Robert Jacobs in which he witnessed an unarmed ballistic missile (not a nuclear weapon as claimed) being shot down by a UFO, It is quite an interesting story and so I’ve embedded a video of Prof Jacobs’ recount below. As for the second claim, it is difficult to know what to make of it. The US certainly did have a plan, codenamed Project A119, to explode a nuclear weapon on the moon in the late 1950s, as did the Soviet Union codenamed Project E-4 both were canceled in the planning stages within a year. In 1963 The Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was ratified by 121 nations including the nuclear powers of the time, this banned testing in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space and under Water. In 1967 The Outer Space Treaty was signed by 111 nations, including the nuclear powers of the time. This specifically banned stationing nuclear weapons in space and on celestial bodies, including the moon and it expressly prohibits testing nuclear weapons on the moon. Is it really possible that the USA would attempt to explode nuclear weapons on the moon in the late 1970s, early 1980s, an act that could not be hidden from the rest of the world, contrary to their treaty obligations? I doubt it. I suspect that Col Dedrickson has misremembered. It is unfortunate that Dr Greer didn’t fact check this before broadcast.

Before moving on I think this is a good place to point out that regardless of the status of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty the provisions of the two treaties I’ve mention above are still in place. There was a lot of nonsense talked about in this movie about the need for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons in space. Let’s be clear, treaties already exist.

Finally, I’m going to address the issues that I put off earlier regarding man-made UFOs

Clearly, anything that is unidentified and in the air is a UFO and I think this can lead to people being at cross-purposes on this issue. When Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Martin Skunkworks explains in a letter, quoted in this movie, that UFO reports are both ‘ours’ [human] and extraterrestrial, he is simply stating a fact that top secret advanced aerospace tests have been misidentified as UFOs, of extraterrestrial origin. What Greer is suggesting is that the exo-fascist shadow government are deliberately deploying UFOs/UAPs in a Psy Ops campaign designed to establish in the general population the impression that an alien invasion is imminent. This, according to Greer, will allow the exo-fascist shadow government to declare war on the extraterrestrials, I’m not entirely clear if Greer believes the exo-fascists will literally declare war on extraterrestrials or just pretend to as a way controlling the public by bringing in repressive measures. I feel obliged to note that Luis Elizondo and those close to him, who remember, Dr Greer believes are spokespeople for the exo-fascist shadow government, have repeatedly stated that UAPs represent beyond next generation capability and I’m confused as to the Psy Ops advantage gained by making it clear that we wouldn’t have a chance in a conflict.

Dr Steven Greer doesn’t just believe that some top secret advanced aerospace tests have been misidentified as UFOs he actually believes that the exo-fascists have retro-engineered extraterrestrial technology and that they possess craft that have similar capabilities. So, Greer is suggesting that they possess technology that can do 6 to 7 hundred G forces, that can fly at 13 thousand miles an hour, that can evade radar, and that can fly through air, and water, and possibly space, have no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces, and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity and that the exo-fascists are using this technology to fake UFO/UAP sightings around the world. Those leaked tic tac videos? Fake. Black triangles? Mostly fake.

Does Dr Steven Greer actually want disclosure? Because from where I’m sitting he is one of the most prolific debunkers of UFO sightings in history.

Seemingly, Dr Greer is the only person who knows which UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters are genuine – Buy Dr Greer’s videos! Dr Greer can facilitate your communion with UFOs and extraterrestrials through his guided meditation and special organised events – Download his App now! Dr Greer wants galactic peace and spiritual harmony and extraterrestrials are telling him how you can help him do this – Don’t drink the Kool-aid!

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How UFOs Might Disguise Themselves and What They Might Look Like in Reality.

Tim McMillan

“All facets, cognitive, engineering and materials, energy and the science to understand it, we lacked. And so the decision was made to put it up until 1979”Tim McMillan

In this blog post I’m going to examine some things related by journalist Tim McMillann, The Debrief, in his interview with Steven Greenstreet in this bonus episode of The Basement Office, which I highly recommend you watch. In this interview McMillan relates part of a conversation he had with an old school intelligence/aerospace source. For the purposes of this post I’m going to assume that everything that this source imparted to Tim McMillan is true. This is not to say that it is true, I’m not in a position to say, but the source’s account does seem perfectly plausible to me and it is an extremely interesting premise to work from . I’m particularly interested in what was said about the appearance of the Roswell UAP and to see if it can inform us about the phenomena more generally. Let’s look at what Tim has to say:

“I was told by somebody during all of this, very older gentleman who has been around the game for a very long time, and when I said ‘the game’ I meant the intelligence and aerospace game and he told me an intriguing story… First thing he said that I thought was interesting, he said, “Listen man, 70% of what you’ve ever heard about Roswell, or a lot of the stuff that came out in the eighties, total bullshit; 30% is true.” And he said, you know, “there was a vehicle with an occupant,”those were his exact words… Everybody’s always looking at the CIA, the Airforce, you know all these people. They forget the Atomic Energy Commission was founded in…January 1947, right before Roswell. The Atomic Energy Commission was a civilian commission that was in charge of all of our nuclear weapons but they were outside the scope of government, they were civilian… therefore their informtion is proprietary…if a car fell out of the sky into the 11th century, the first thing you’ve got to figure out is how to fuel it, how to run it, how to make it work, and so the Department of Energy would be your source and they said that whatever it was was stored by them and… the conclusion was made that we lacked, on every facet, including cognitive understanding… They alluded to the fact that they weren’t flying saucers, they weren’t tic tacs, they were something that possessed the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.

The Basement Office with Tim McMillan

This post could be divided into two parts. In the first part I’m going to speculate as to what might have actually been found at Roswell based on what Tim McMillan’s source has said, while in the second part I’m going to attempt to explain how “the vehicle” could ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.’ The second part does not depend on the first being accurate.

The UFO sighting in the Canary Islands on June 22nd 1976 is interesting on a number of different levels. It lasted for more than 40 minutes, was seen by hundreds of witnesses, both military and civilian, across almost the entire archipelago. It was first spotted at 9:27pm by a Spanish Navy corvette and was originally misidentified as an an aircraft with its landing lights on.

“Shortly after observation, the yellow light ceased, and was replaced by a ‘luminous’ rotating beam that persisted for approximately 2 minutes. A glowing halo then developed around the object and it split into two components, a smaller component which split away from the bottom and went out of view, and a larger component which rose from the top of the halo and climbed away at a ‘rapid and irregular’ spiral pattern”


By 9:30pm it had been seen on Gran Canaria where it was described as being the size of three full moons, it then grew in size until it was described by witnesses as being the size of a twenty storey building before shooting off at “breakneck speed” leaving behind a halo of light where it had been. I’m going to suggest that this was not normal operating behaviour of a UAP. If I were going to compare what is being described to something, a concept, we might all be familiar with, I’d suggest a nuclear meltdown. A core meltdown accident occurs when the heat generated by a nuclear reactor exceeds the heat removed by the cooling systems. I’m not suggesting that UAPs are powered by the simple nuclear reactors that we’re familiar with but they are being powered by something that is able to generate an immense amount of energy and I don’t care how advanced a species you are, when you are attempting to harness that kind of energy there will be dangers. Imagine if this were a US nuclear powered submarine submerged just off the coast of New York and it had reactor damage and was going to blow. First thing you’d do, if you had time, would be to get as many crew off as possible, witnesses describe the light splitting in two, the next thing the skeleton crew left would do would be to get as far away from a densely populated area as quickly as possible.

If this speculation is correct and this is an example of UAP malfunction, then the witness statements of a number of civilians including a doctor, teacher, farmer, and a police officer, among others, who observed two figures within a sphere might be extremely revealing because if the UAP is not operating properly for whatever reason, then the image below, drawn from eyewitness accounts, might be a fairly good representation of what the base technology of a UFO may look like.

Furthermore, as we’re assuming, for the purposes of this post, that Tim McMillan’s source is accurate and that UFOs ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.’ it is reasonable to ask, in the context that this was seen, whether this ‘makes sense to you.’ in the same way as a saucer did in the 1950s, or chariots of fire might have done to a devout follower of Judaism over two and a half thousand years ago? I’d suggest not. Whether it is Livy’s phantom ships gleaming in the sky, the mystery airships reported in the USA in the 1890s, black triangles and boomerangs in the 1980s, or tic tacs today; UFO sightings always appear to retain an historical and cultural context. Or put another way, people always see what makes sense to them and what makes sense to them is invariably an enclosed vehicle or vessel. We don’t know what was found at Roswell in 1947 but might the ‘Something’ alluded to by McMillan’s source resemble the consoles and pillar within a sphere described by some of the witnesses to the 1976 Canary Islands incident?

Let’s move on to the second part of this post, how could a craft ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.’? This is a question I’ve spent the last week researching and thinking about and I went down quite a few cul-de-sacs before I eventually struck upon a method that would theoretically work.

Initially, I looked at how we human beings might be manipulated into seeing something that isn’t there. Flickering lights have been found to cause very mild hallucinations and there is a suggestion that sound frequency below a human beings hearing range, around 20Hz, causes symptoms including fear, sorrow, depression, anxiety, nausea, chest pressure and even hallucination. NASA discovered that the human eyeball resonates at 18Hz. Could a UAP be emitting light and/or sound waves that trigger humans to hallucinate? The problem with this is that while it might be possible to induce hallucinations in human beings, this wouldn’t account for other physical evidence like video, photography, and radar; and the same must be admitted for any attempt to manipulate our minds through telepathy.

If it wasn’t us being manipulated into seeing something that wasn’t really there then perhaps the craft was cloaking or camourflaging itself and I looked into starfield camouflage, active camouflage, adaptive camouflage, and holographic camouflage. Could UFOs be using a form of advanced cloaking? The problem with this is that the UFO would have to ascertain what made sense to you and then project that, in itself not an impossible mechanism but it not as elegant as I’d hoped. It was at this point that I had my little Eureka moment.

Now, please bear with me because this is a little difficult to explain and I’m not a physicist but imagine the double slit experiment on a larger scale. If you recall in the double slit experiment a single photon is repeatedly fired at a photosensitive backscreen with a board with two vertical slits in its path. When no attempt is made to ascertain which slit the photons have gone through an interference pattern appears on the backscreen indicative of wave-like behaviour, when an attempt is made to observe the photon pass through a slit, the probability wave function collapses and the interference pattern is replaced with two vertical stripes indicative of particle-like behaviour. Without our observation the photon appears to pass through both slits, in fact it takes every possible route, once we attempt to observe this the range of probabilities collapses to one – the one we observe.

If UFOs were able to create a bubble or field around them which was produced using waves of potential and probability ,something impossible for us to observe without us collapsing its wave function, then theoretically the UFO would ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.‘ In other words, it would be impossible for us to observe it as it was, it would be at once a ball of nothing and everything, an incomprehensible hole in reality filled with infinite potential, something our consciousness must resolve into something familiar and understandable. Once observed it would be as real in physical form as everything else observed outside of the bubble. Furthermore such a bubble would ripple with interference waves which would very likely perturb water in the way described by witnesses. I can not speak at this time to the other UAP observables that have been mentioned.

And what might be further food for thought, is that such a bubble or field of probability interference dissipated over an immense distance might resemble the image of cosmic microwave background radiation.

Thank you once again if you reached the end. Please share if you found it interesting or useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think that other readers would find useful or email me at if you want me to correct something.

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What Does a UAP Smell Like?

I don’t know how many interviews with Luis Elizondo I’ve watched over the last few weeks but quite a lot and the reason why I’ll keep watching is that often there is a little nugget or two with something new in it. The most recent interview I watch was with Astro Terry, Astronaut Terry Virts, and the part that seem a little odd was at the very end of the interview when Luis Elizondo asked Terry Virts what space smelled like.

Lue Elizondo: Terry, I’ve got one question for you… I have heard that space has a very distinctive smell almost like an ionisation smell, now obviously the vacuum of space doesn’t really have a smell but there is something associated. Can you share with me for just a momment because I’m dying to know from someone who’s been there

Terry Virts: Yeh. The smell of space. So, what does a strawbeery smell like?… It’s hard to describe a smell there’s all kinds of smells thats hard too describe. So, when a space walker comes inside with his spacesuit you can go up and smell the fabric of the spacesuit or when a cargo ship docks and you open the hatch you can go smell the part of the spaceship that was just out and it’s kind of musty, it’s kind of electric, like the old railroad trains we had when we were kids. There was that electric smell, it’s mechanical If I smelled it, I would go “You were just in space.” You know I would know it immediately but its hard to describe it but I would describe it as musty, electrical, and unlike anything else I’d ever smelled before.

Lue Elizondo: Wow! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing that with me. I’ve always been told that… I was dying to hear from an expert ike you who’s actually been there and done that, so thank you.

Terry Virts nterview with Lue Elizondo.

I find this kind of thing really interesting. The unique smell seems to cling to objects that have been in space and unsurpringly NASA found it interesting too. In 2008 they commisioned a chemist, Steve Pearce, founder of Omega Ingredients, to recreate the scent of space after he worked on a scent exhibition for which he recreated the smell of the inside of the Mir Space Station. Using notes from astronauts he was able to recreate the scent which you can now buy for yourself. The website describes the fagrance as, “…a rather pleasant metallic sensation… [like] … sweet-smelling welding fumes, burning metal, a distinct odour of ozone, an acrid smell, walnuts and brake pads, gunpowder, fruit, rum, and even burnt almond cookie.” – eau de space

So, we know that objects that have been in space have a distinctive odour. It might then be the case that UFOs/UAPs have been in space then witnesses may have mentioned a similar distinct odour. Furthermore, we could deduce that given that the smell associated with space is not something that most members of the public are even aware of let alone actually experienced, if a witness to an encounter described a smell very similar to the unique smell of space that astronauts have described, that that could been viewed as corroborative evidence.

Now, I’m sure there are ufologists out there who have an extensive knowledge of witness statements and will be able to take this further but I did find this report from A F Rullan entitled Odors of UFOs from 2000.He doesn’t as far as I’ve read, suggest a connection between the smell of UFOs and the smell of space but he does examine a relatively small number UFO encounters with associated odors.

Of the 146 descriptors used in the ASTM Profiling Study, 11 of them are present in the 26 UFO odor cases evaluated in this report. ASTM odor descriptors present in UFO cases are:

1.Burnt, smoky


3.Like ammonia


5.Sharp, Pungent, Acid

6.Camphor like



9.Putrid, Foul, Decayed

10.Burnt Rubber-like


Odors of UFOs

As you can see there are similarities and it could well be the case that UFOs smell like space.

Anyway, this is just a quick post. I think this could be quite a fruitful area of research for someone with access to a large number of UFO witness statements.

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Down the Rabbit Hole with Luis Elizondo. Global Existential Crisis and UFO Cults.

Often we hear mention of Galileo, the most famous advocate of Copernican heliocentrism, who in June 1633 was found by the Catholic Church to be “vehemently suspect of heresy”, his book Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was banned, and he was placed under house arrest for the rest of his life. This is rightly held up as one of the clearest and egregious examples of censorship by authority and bears fair comparison to the failure of the scientific and academic communities to investigate UFOs over that last 70 years and ridicule and ostracise anyone from these communities that did investigate. However, Like the Catholic Church before who genuinely believed Copernican heliocentrism to be false and heretical, the scientific and academic communities genuinely believed that UFOs were a fiction and therefore not a subject for serious scientic investigation. In this they were ignorant and close minded but they were not, for the most part, guilty of attempting to suppress information which they knew to be true. This can not be said to be a fair representation of the positions of governments of developed nations around the world, more specifically the Government of the USA, who have had plenty of evidence over the last 70 years to support the conclusion that UFOs are genuine, and this even if we exclude the very real possibility of recovered wreckage and exotic materials. Obviously, there is an imperative to restrict access to possible advanced technology that might aid national defence, or compromise it if an adversary were to attain it. In this case, it can be reasonably argued, the Government is acting responsibly to protect its citizens from a possible physical threat, however, this is not the case when it comes to the disclosure of the existence of UFOs, this is the deliberate supression of knowledge and an altogether different historical example of censorship might be more useful here.

Charles Darwin and his evolutionary tree sketch 1837

A more appropriate historical example of censorship which bears comparison to the failure to disclose evidence of the existence and reality UFOs would be the self-censorship of Charles Darwin. By July 1837, less than a year after HMS Beagle docked at Falmouth after a 5 year voyage, Darwin was already sketching out a new theory of evolution, this more than 22 years before the publication of On the Origin of the Species, 22 years of increasing internal mental conflict and stress which led to debiltating psychosomatic illness throughout the rest of his life all caused, not because he, and he alone, understood the mechanism of evolution but because he understood the consequences to a Victorian society built on Christian faith of his new theory. The very first person Darwin confides in is to his friend Joseph Hooker in a letter in which he compares it to confessing to murder.

“…I have been now ever since my return engaged in a very presumptuous work & which I know no one individual who wd not say a very foolish one… At last gleams of light have come, & I am almost convinced (quite contrary to opinion I started with) that species are not (it is like confessing a murder) immutable… I think I have found out (here’s presumption!) the simple way by which species become exquisitely adapted to various ends.— You will now groan, & think to yourself ‘on what a man have I been wasting my time in writing to.’— I shd, five years ago, have thought so.— I fear you will also groan at the length of this letter—excuse me, I did not begin with malice prepense. Believe me my dear Sir | Very truly your’s | C. Darwin

Letter to Joseph Dalton Hooker [11 January 1844]

Given that at this time evolutionary theories were considered synonymous with revolution, Jacobinism, and atheism, Hooker’s reply was cautiously encouraging, “There may in my opinion have been a series of… gradual change of species. I shall be delighted to hear how you think that this change may have taken place, as no presently conceived opinions satisfy me on the subject.” By the summer of 1844, 15 years before the publication of the Origins, Darwin had written an 189 page essay but instead of publishing he instead wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Darwin, to be opened on the occasion of his death. It reads “I have just finished my sketch of my species theory. If, as I believe that my theory is true & if it be accepted even by one competent judge, it will be a considerable step in science. I therefore write this, in case of my sudden death, as my most solemn & last request…” Darwin then gives instructions on how to get his essay published. Over the next 15 years Darwin is always working on his theory, expanding and refining it, he lets his wife in on his secret and one or two close friends get a glimpse but otherwise it is a heavy burden of self censorship that he takes upon himself. It was only when Darwin received a paper from Alfred Russell Wallace in June 1848 describing natural selection that his hand was forced and a joint presentation of both Darwin’s and Wallace’s theories at the Linnean Society.

In Hindsite we can see that society adapted to this new theory of evolution but it wasn’t without social convulsions. The established Church of England which underpinned many British institutions was rocked to its core until after a few decades it accepted and adopted evolution as a chosen mechanism of God. The principles of natural selection and survival of the fittest were used to justify empirial colonialism, eugenics, social policy, and capitalist economics but it didn’t destroy the fabric of society as Darwin had feared.

We’ve all seen the movie. There is an apocalyptic event on the way and its in the balance whether we’re going to pull through. Our leaders decide that we’re all too fragile to be told the truth. If we were to be told, society will break down, there’ll be riots in the streets, shops will be looted, nobody will show up to work, wanton debauchery and gratuitous violence will be widespread ; and so we’re all kept in the dark, it’s for our own good you see? The world’s governments can then hatch a plan in secret which may or may not involve firing the planet’s combined nuclear arsenal at something or building huge underground bunkers, we’ll all be told once the plan has failed but we’ll have enough time to “make peace with our god” and be with our loved ones at the end. Well, we’re now near the beginning of that movie but instead of facing an Extinction Level Event humanity is facing a global existential crisis and the expert decision makers do not think the public can handle it and the really worrying thing about this is – that they may be correct.

Soon after the public version of UAP report to Congress was released a Reddit user called Gambitx posted his take. See below. [Many thanks to Akam1129 for his help. Great person to follow on Twitter]

I have no doubt that this post is from a former US Government official as he claims because of the tone of the message as much as what is actually said. I don’t want to analyse the entire message, for the purposes of this post I’m only interested in point number 3. On the Report itself I’d only wish to remind readers of what I wrote in a previous post An Examination of the Factions in Opposition to UAP Disclosure that I believe the thrust of the well organised campaign which has been headed by Lue Elizondo since 2017 is to reassert democratic oversight and accountability and proper chain of command on the UAP issue and some disclosure to the public is a corollary of that effort. I would, however, take issue with what Gambit6x has to say about expectation management when it seems clear to me that some influential and connected people have been raising expectations about the report prior to its release because public expectation was, and still is, useful leverage. I’ve no problem with that but it is then a bit rich for some within the UFO Community to be superior and patronising to those who are disappointed by the reality of the report’s content.

3. What else is at stake? My take. The people’s state of mind. The general public is unpredictable and the government wants to spoon feed information on the subject in order to maintain calm and control of the situation. This allows them to ensure that there are no unexpected riots or revolutions.


Gambit6x doesn’t claim to have inside knowledge on this specific issue only an understanding of how government operates and how much of what he’s written is hyperbole is difficult to gauge. Nevertheless, it begs the question, what exactly could people become so agitated by? Why would the US Government think that the public needed protecting? I’d suggest three possibilities:

  • The certain knowledge that non-human beings with superior intelligence and technology exist.
  • The certain knowledge that the US Government, among others, have withheld information about UFOs for 70 years and mislead the public.
  • A global existential crisis as a result of a better understanding of reality gained after examining the science behind UAPs and related phenomena.

It is the last of these three possibilities that I want to look at in this post. I’m now going to be referencing a remarkable interview with Lue Elizondo by Curt Jaimungal on his youtube channel Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal What I really like about Curt Jaimungal’s work is that in much of it he is looking at the importance of consciousness and in that I think he is ahead of the curve on where understanding of UAPs may eventually lead us.

Lue Elizondo: “I don’t want to go down any rabbit holes prematurely… This is a very complex universe we’re living in, and it’s a system, and we’re learning more and more about the reality of life, and the transition of what birth means and the transition of what death means,… and human consciousness and human spirit… Suffice it to say, we probably don’t have a very good handle right now on what lies beyond our five senses”

Interview with Lue Elizondo by Curt Jaimungal

Just think about that statement for a moment and bear in mind this is coming from someone with double majors in Microbiology and Immunology and minors in Chemistry from the University of Miami, and a 20 year career in army intelligence, before heading AATIP. Lue Elizondo is not a hippy, he is a serious individual with a solid scientific background. The transitions of birth and death suggests a movement from one state to another. From an unknown state to birth and from death to an unknown state. This is the kind of language we’d normally expect in a spiritual context and not a scientific context. Before looking at another passage of the interview it is worth while noting the phrase “I don’t want to go down any rabbit holes prematurely” it suggests that it is too soon, that people need to get used to, and accept, the idea of UFOs before addressing these difficult issues but that is our ultimate destination. Here is some more from the interview in answer to this question from the Lonesome Space Cowboy; “If the general public knew, or saw what you saw, what would the next week look like? How would the people react?”

Lue Elizondo: Sombre… I think there would be this big exhale for about a day and then this turning inward and trying to reflect on what this means to us and our species, and ourselves… Sombre meaning serious, not like Hollywood portrays people partying in the streets and silliness like that. I think you would have some people perhaps turning to religion more so, you might have some people turning away from religion. I think you’re going to have… at that point the philisophical and theological questions will be raised and people will have some serious soul searching to do, no pun intended. And I don’t think that’s bad, by the way. I think that a lot of folks that have spent their time in this community being charlatans will have been exposed and they will probably be unemployed, and probably have to change their names because, you know, the rest of society will look at them in an unfavourable light. I think there are some unsung heroes that will probably come to light and the world will appreciate their contributions to this topic. I think the scientific community and academic communities are going to have to take a real hard look at themselves and see why we repeated the same mistakes we did when Galileo first proposed that the Earth was not the centre of the solar system. Hubris is a big part of that. And then I think, you know, that we start the international conversations, say “OK, we realise that there are some things out there that are probably well beyond our petty discrepancies we have with each other, maybe we need to start working together on this and realise that we really are a global family” It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t matter what your religion is, your culture or your colour is or anything else, we are all brothers and sisters on this tiny little rock called Earth, you know this pale blue dot that is hurtling through space.

Curt Jaimungal: It may unify us?

Lue Elizondo: Well , I would certainly hope so. Unless we allow our poor nature to interfer and we look at this as opportunities to subjugate each other. I would hope that’s not the case.

Interview with Lue Elizondo by Curt Jaimungal

Honestly, I could write an entire article just attempting to unpick that reply. I think the section, “people will have some serious soul searching to do, no pun intended.” is very interesting, why would we think it was a pun, it is a common enough phrase? This, along with the previous comments about transition to birth and from death and reference to “human consciousness and human spirit” is a glimpse into Elizondo’s thinking, If the general public knew what he knew we’d believe in the continuity of consciousness outside of life, something analogous to a soul. I’m darn curious to know who exactly Elizondo considers to be Charlatans, he specifies them initially as from within “this community” and so I first assumed he meant charlatans within the UFO community but then, them becoming unemployed, having to change their names, and having “the rest of society” think ill of them seems a little extreme. Having watched quite a few interviews with Lue Elizondo I don’t believe this is bitterness or nastiness towards those people who disagree with him. I get the impression that he’s a little irritated by these people and frustrated that they’re the cause of division within the UFO Community, as he views it, but the term Charlatan implies fraud and deceit not simply opposition. Alternatively, It could be that Elizondo is using the word community as a synonym of society in which case what could possibly incur those extreme consequences? I’m not going to attempt to guess who these people are because I don’t have a clue but if you know, or think you do, then please email me at or leave a comment below because I am very interested.

For those who haven’t read my previous post, ‘Thro’ Narrow Chinks of the Cavern’- Evolution, Quantum Mechanics, and Skinwalker Ranch. now might be the time to read it as some background because we are now re-entering the world of Skinwalker Ranch, a place where the paranormal is just undiscovered science. Skinwalker could lay claim to being the birth place of AAWSAP (Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program) sister program of AATIP. When a DIA agent, referred to as JL, wth PHD in physics and math visited Skinwalker Ranch in 2007.

“JL was in the living room of the former NIDS double wide observation trailer/staff quarters. A 3D object appeared in mid-air in front of him and changed shape like a changing topological figure. It went from pretzel-shaped to Möbius strip shaped. It was 3D and multi-colored. Then it disappeared.”

Dr Eric Davis – UfoJoe
A Möbius strip has a shape with only one side

Following this event JL would relate his experience to Senator Harry Reid who would meet with Senators Daniel Inouye and Ted Stevens. They agreed to provide funding for AAWSAP and then AATIP. JL would be Luis Elizondo’s predecessor as director of AATIP. So, AAWSAP and AATIP could be said to have been conceived following an apparition or materialisation before a DIA scientist at Skinwalker Ranch and so we must recognise that those most intimately involved with unravelling the science behind UAPs are inclined to do so in the context of larger scientific understanding of reality that can explain such apparitions as well as other phenomena alleged to have been witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch such as poltergeist like activity, telepathic messaging, invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields, inter-dimensional portals, and cryptozoology.

Lue Elizondo: I worked with colleagues that were focused on the AAWSAP and Skinwalker phenomena. What I can say is that they are very convinced and I think that I am too that there are things that probably go bump in the night that probably need further explanation… That was done with the tremendous efforts of Mr Bigelow and the former AAWSAP Director (JL) and a lot of folks at Bigelow Aerospace and the data was very compelling. I’ll say that, it was absolutely compelling.

Interview with Lue Elizondo by Curt Jaimungal
Can you name the actor and film?

I’ve been open about the fact that I’ve really only been delving into the topic of UAPs for about 6 weeks now. Of course, like a lot of people, I’ve had a passing interest in the subject and an occasional deeper foray when something piqued my interest. One of the first areas I naively looked into was what the intelligent beings that operated UAPs might have communicated to humans and thus I stumbled upon the phenomenon, whether genuine or cultural, of Contactees. I always begin looking at something with an open but sceptical mind and I accept that my research is very limited. My first thoughts after reading some of these messages was that a ‘contactee’ with a theological or philisophical outlook was likely to receive messages that confirmed this unconscious bias but then I had to acknowledge that I could be looking through the telescope the wrong way around and that if a form telepathic communication did exist, possibly assisted by technology which allowed communication between beings with different languages (like a babel fish) then such communication would have to utilise the limited concepts and vocabulary that the ‘contactee’ possessed and this might look like confirmation bias. Anyway, my point in raising the issue of contactees is not to make any argument for it, I remain an open minded sceptic but I want to note that many of the alleged contactee communications could be reinterpreted using some of the scientific concepts currently being used to explain UAPs and Skinwalker Ranch phenomena and appear surprisingly relevant. The scientic concept of vibrating strings in string theory and graduating to a new level of consciousness for example. If the religiousity and spirituality is stripped away does it still all look implausible ?

Here is a sample of different alleged contactee communications:

“We have aided many other planets within this general vibratory level. The aid is given to this level by us because we are, shall we say, at the next level of awareness, and are best able to communicate to those people who wish to enter into understanding which we share.”

“We have dealt with many planets who are beginning a new phase of vibration. We have aided many a graduating class, and we have done so successfully. We have also failed, not once but several times. It is completely possible for us to fail if it be the will of the people of the planet we are attempting to aid.”

“We come because we feel the desire that brings us here. And we give what aid we can to those who wish it. Our thoughts are available to those who desire them. However, we attempt to do this in such a way that no individual is ever in a position where he cannot accept or deny our thinking as he so pleases. Those who are vibrating within the level that will appreciate the information that we give surely recognize that which is truth.”

“At the present time, we are far behind where we had hoped to be at this point while helping planet Earth. We had hoped to have been much more successful at reaching the people of this planet. It is possible that there will be a smaller graduation than we had hoped.”

“Our purpose in coming at this time is to help speed up these reactions so you will be prepared for the change-over in the Earth’s frequency. This is taking place over a number of years.”

“Many of your people are being affected mentally and spiritually in a discomforting way, and some of them in a very spiritual way.”

“The program that is in operation is to prepare the Earth for a major rise in consciousness, to what you call Christ awareness but what we term communication with Universal Energy.”

“They are making themselves known to the world as a whole to lead mankind thereby into a New Age as the Earth enters the more intense vibrations of Aquarius.”

“To sum up just what Flying Saucers are, we would say that they are mechanical devices intelligently controlled by men like ourselves. These men originate from many planets and planes and although they are different from one another in spiritual evolvement…”

Secrets of the UFOs by Don Elkins With Carla Rueckert

As Lue Elizondo has stated previously the alleged phenomenon of contactees is extremely subjective. I’m inclined not to believe in contactee evidence myself but I think it would have been remiss of me not to mention it in the context of this article. What do you think? When we know that apparitions and telepathic communications have been investigated by scientists at Skinwalker Ranch and that such an apparition actually precipitated the creation of AAWSAP, is it time to look again at contactee evidence?

Regardless of whether contactees are genuine or not, they have had an undeniable cultural impact because it was as a direct consequence of the contactee movement that UFO religions and cults began to emerge.

When we look at the language I’ve quoted Lue Elizondo using above and the kind of science that is necessary to explain UAPs – a phenomena now acknowledged by the US Government – is it really so hard to see that a global existential crisis may be imminent and why the public might need to be protected?

Elizondo: “I think you would have some people perhaps turning to religion more so, you might have some people turning away from religion.” What kind of religion will they turn to?

In my personal view UFO religions and cults fall into two catagories. The dangerous like Scientology and The Nation of Islam and the deadly, the suicide cults like Heaven’s Gate and the Order of the Solar Temple. All UFO religion/cults seem to me to involve an unholy interest in assuming a member’s wealth, coercion, isolating members from those outside the religion/cult, and a degree of brainwashing but the very worst of them are able to persuade members to commit crimes ranging from suicide, murder, to mass murder. Some even want to bring about an apocolypse.

This is a long post, my apologies. We began by looking at Charles Darwin who self-censored for at least 15 years because he was, in part, concerned about the consequences of his theory of evolution on the fabric of Victorian society and we’ve ended up, via some very thoughtful and thought provoking comments from Lue Elizondo, Skinwalker Ranch, and Contactee transcripts, at the end with UFO suicide cults.

You’ll recall above, after looking at the comment left by Gambit6x on reddit, I asked, Why the US Government might think that the public needed protecting?

Not everyone is going to cope with disclosure, and if Luis Elizondo is correct, it seems likely to me that not everyone is going to cope well if one day, in the not too distant future, a new reality is revealed to them and their entire belief system is destroyed. At times of great stress the fight or flight mechanism kicks in which in this case could translate into violent anger or fear and despair. Understanding the nature of reality doesn’t necessarily help us to adjust to it.

I’m not suggesting that there should be any censorship on this issue but I do hope that those that want disclosure can acknowledge that the bottom of this rabbit hole might be a very dark place for many people, especially those with pre-existing mental health problems.

Thank you once again if you reached the end. This is a longer post and I appreciate readers stying with it. Please share if you found it interesting or useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think that other readers would find useful or email me at if you want me to correct something.

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‘Thro’ Narrow Chinks of the Cavern’- Evolution, Quantum Mechanics, and Skinwalker Ranch.

William Blake

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”

William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Human Beings and every other living organism on Earth have adapted to survive in their niche within Earth’s environment. Human Beings do not have gills because we have not evolved to live under water and we do not have wings because we have not evolved to fly. Our ape antecedents shared a common ancestor with the chimpanzee and bonobo apes between 4 and 7 million years ago and because the environmental niche that those antecedents were exploiting was on the ground instead of in the trees and since they were more likely to be prey than predator they began to stand up on their hind legs an innovation which allowed them see the approach of danger. Increasingly our ape ancestor evolved bipedal locomotion which freed our hands to do far more interesting things than walking upon them and set us along a path towards experimentation, innovation, curiousity, and intelligence. However, one consequence of bipedalism was that their sense of smell, so important for animals with noses close to the ground, began to diminish which is why, dogs for example, have such a superior sense of smell compared to humans. A dog has 300 million olfactory receptors in it’s nose compared to the measly 3 million human beings possess and the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analysing smells is about 40 times larger than that of a human being.

A human being’s visual spectrum is within a frequency of 400–790 TeraHertz but many animals can see within the utraviolet range including birds, bees, butterflies, salmon, scorpions, hedgehogs, reindeer, and possibly even cats and dogs. Beyond the other end of our visual light spectrum, frogs, snakes, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and fish can see in the infrared range and with regards to visual acuity, if you have 20/20 vision, it means that when you stand 20 feet away from the chart you can see what a normal human being can see. A hawk, on the other hand, might have 20/2 vision meaning that it can see from 20 feet what a human can see from 2 feet.

Whereas adult humans can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20Hz to 20kHz. Elephants can hear between 16Hz to 12,000Hz and cats between 45Hz to 64,000Hz. Dolphins, bats, and moths can all hear well within the ultrasonic range. Whales, octopus, pigeons, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses can all hear within the infrasonic range.

As you can see our perception of the world is quite narrow and this isn’t even taking into account the sense that we do not even have but that some other animals do like the magnetic field sensors that turtles, birds, and wolves possess or electric field detectors that sharks, rays, and skates have. Finches are tetrachromatic, meaning the can see more colours than we humans do, while flies see the world in slow motion because their flicker fusion rate, how fast a light has to be turned on and off before it’s perceived a continuous light, up to 400, whereas a human beings flicker fusion rate averages around 60.

As the most intelligent species on Earth, the apex predator, the supreme adapter it is easy to forget that human beings have evolved within an environmental niche that is as bounded by the limits of our perception as it is by the sky above us or the water’s edge. Sure, we have invented machines that allow us to fly or travel beneath the waves, our technological advancements allow us to perceive beyond our visible light spectrum or our natural hearing range but this shouldn’t stop us from acknowledging the narrowness of environmental niche that we have evolved to be adapted to and that there are environments outside of that niche that other animals exploit and are adapted to. Furthermore, it shouldn’t stop us from acknowledging that there may be environmental niches on Earth able to sustain life, possibly even intelligent life, that we are completely incapable of perceiving or even imagining.

Imagine a reality within which there is no order, a reality with no time. There are only snapshots of every possible combination of particles without any heirarchy. It is extremely difficult because we human beings experience reality in 4 dimensions, 3 spacial and 1 temporal, we have evolved to survive in that niche. Experiencing reality in more dimensions might make other niches available to us but that might inhibit our ability to exploit the niches currently available to us in 4 dimensions, in exactly the same way that our antecedents’ sense of smell diminished when they began to stand upright, there is very likely a trade off. To help picture this other reality imagine a jar of M&Ms. In this simplistic illustration each M&M represents a particle and pictured above is just one snapshot, one possible combination of particles. Now try to conceive the idea of the billions of different possible combinations of particles all existing without order or heirarchy. Not like a pack of cards, one atop the other, nor like a stream of images like a movie both of these are ordered heirarchical concepts but each existing in the same space, each possibility equal to the others. Now, in the picture above, you’ll see a green M&M near the middle about 3 from the bottom. I want you to imagine that this M&M has intelligence equal to our own and it has evolved to experience reality in 4 dimensions just like you do. That M&M can not cope with the chaos it observes around it and so it orders reality around it in order to survive. That M&M decides to make its way to the top of the jar and it does two things. It selects one of the most probable possible combinations, from the billions that exist, that moves it upwards while ordering the other observable particles in the jar so that they are not jumping all over the place and doing things that do not fit in with it 4 dimensional concept of reality. The other thing the green M&M does is it selects a sequence of possible combinations to explain how it got to where it is in the first place. From a reality with no order or heirarchy only billions of possibilities, our intelligent green M&M has created order, time, and memory within its observable experienced version of reality.

Many years ago when I first started this blog and took the name gojam, I chose for my avatar the single drop radiating waves. This for me symbolised the tiny moment within infinite existence within which I exist and the waves of observation, comprehension, influence, and stability which I radiate but the second image above is how I believe reality can be imagined, billions of drops, representing the billions of human beings, radiating out interacting and interferring, creating a field of order, heirarchy, and stability through our intelligence, comprehension, and observation within a multi-dimensional reality which otherwise has none of these.

The video below explains the ‘smoking gun’ of quantum mechanics, the double slit experiment. It is only included for those not familiar with it or as a quick recap. It explains probability waves and how those wave functions collapse when observed.

Unobserved, the particle forms a probability wave because it occupies every possible space that it could be simultaneously but when observed, specifically observed by an intelligence that has evolved to survive within a 4 dimensional version of reality, the probability wave function collapses and the particle takes one path as if forced to conform with our conception of reality and there is no way of gaming this experiment. It can appear as if the particle not only knows what you’re doing but knows what you are going to do as if it is exhibiting ‘precognitive behaviour’ (a term that I noticed was used often in the documentary ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’)

This is all theory though, right? All on a quantum level, it doesn’t effect the real world that we human beings have evolved to live in? Actually not so. It turns out that the process of photosynthesis, a process which is the foundation upon which almost all life on Earth is either directly or indirectly dependent on utilises quantum coherence to work. as the short video below explains for photosynthesis to achieve the near 100% efficiency needed for it to work, any single photon must take every possible path to the reaction centre at the same time.

We human beings can readily accept that we have evolved to occupy a niche within our planet’s environment and to that end our sight, hearing, smell, and other senses are limited in comparison to other animals which have evolved to exploit different niches but what if the natural evolved limits to our perception are far more profound and we are unable to perceive other dimensions? What if other lifeforms have evolved to exploit niches within those dimensions?

On to Skinwalker Ranch…

It didn’t take me too long, once I began to look into AATIP, before I came across the many connections to Skinwalker Ranch. AASWAP, Robert Bigelow, Dr. Eric Davis, Former Senator Harry Reid, Hal Puthoff, George Knapp, and Jeremy Corbell all have direct connections between Skinwalker Ranch and the current campaign for UAP disclosure, I’ve no doubt that some readers will be aware of more connections. Very relunctantly, because of this clear connection, I have watched Hunt for the Skinwalker and The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch Season 1 which amounts to aproximately 5 hours of my life that I will never get back. I found it all thoroughly unconvincing, especially the series. Nevertheless, I have to accept that these are people I’m inclined to believe with regard to UAPs and have far more information on Skinwalker Ranch than I do. This poses a dilemma for me. On the one hand, it forces me to look seriously at the claims regarding Skinwalker Ranch while on the other it makes me question the UAP disclosure campaign they are involved in. For the purposes of this post I’m going to suspend my own objections but I’m uncomfortable enough about it that I’m putting it on the record here.

For those unaware, Skinwalker Ranch is located in the Uintah basin and borders a Ute Indian Reservation. There have been reports of many different types of alleged paranormal activity there including: UFOs, cattle mutilations, bigfoot, poltergeist activity, apparitions, telepathic messaging, interdimensional portals, and the Skinwalker, a shape shifting entity which, it is said, stalks the land following a Navejo shamen’s curse and for which the ranch is named. So, in other words a large number of very serious people involved with the AATIP and the UAP disclosure campaign also seem to believe in an awful lot of very weird shit.

There seems to me to be two ways an organism can become inter-dimensional, defined here as the ability to move between our 4 dimensions and others that we are unable to interact with or perceive; the first has evolved within the 4 dimensions that we experience and has advanced intelligence and the capability to develop technology that allows them to interact with extra-dimensions. Of the phenomena that is alleged to have been witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch the observation of craft UAPs and telepathic communication either through language or apparitions seems to me to require intelligence. I’m not going to look at intelligent beings using inter-dimensional UAPs to visit Earth here other than to acknowledge it as a possibility. The second way an organism can become inter-dimensional is if it has evolved to have that ability, in which case it need not necessarily be intelligent. Neither a Bigfoot type creature nor a Skinwalker type creature need be intelligent and technologically advanced they both need only to have evolved the ability to exploit extra-dimensions; possibly to hide from predators or the better to predate on other creatures. Cattle mutilations and poltageist-like activity might be the acts of intelligence but not necessarily. Only the fact that we are not able to perceive the cause of these actions sets it apart from activity that we already understand. If a creature we could see mutilated a cow, shut a door, or carried an object into a tree we would not assume that it was intelligent. As for the apparent precognitive behaviour that some at Skinwalker Ranch have suggested this might simply be the function of extra-dimensions in which time is experienced as non-linear or just like in the results of the double slit experiment mentioned above, variations of which can appear precognitive, we, as intelligent beings that have evolved within 4 dimensional space/time, are simply unable to observe or directly interact with these extra-dimensional creatures. This would mean that these creatures might appear to be outsmarting us, avoiding being caught in increasingly cunning traps but in reality any attempt at observing them collapses the probability wave function and the creature is no longer where we are looking.

A few months ago I listened to an In Our Time podcast on The Late Devonian Extinction and I was struck by the part of the discussion about how plant life began to colonise the land. At the beginning of the Devonian Period, 419.2 million years ago there was very little life on land, there may have been fungi but no plant life. Early plants, single stem, without roots, and rather like liverwort or moss today kept very close to the water, in part because there was virtually no soil on the rocky land. Through an achingly slow process of chemical/biological weathering by plants and mechanical/environmental weathering by the wind and water soil began to be produced and plants, developing roots along the way, encroached further and further inland. By the end of the Devonian Period 60.3 million years later vast forests, roots deep in abundant soil, filled the land while crustaceans began to occupy and exploit the new environmental niches that had opened up and evolved to become the first insects, even developing flight. The plant life consumed huge amounts of carbon dioxide, excreting oxygen, and cooling the planet. This climate change caused a mass extinction which would open up newly available environmental niches that would be exploited by newly evolved species – including by our antecedents.

Is it possible that life could evolve on Earth in extra-dimensions that we humans are unaware of ? If there is an environmental niche that can be occupied and exploited, life will find a way.

Like everyone else I’m looking forward he report to US Congress on UAPs. Hopefully there’ll be more to ponder soon.

Thank you once again if you reached the end. Please share if you found it interesting or useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think that other readers would find useful or email me at if you want me to correct something.


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An Examination of the Factions in Opposition to UAP Disclosure

Before I start I’d just like to thank all those people who were kind enough to share my last post. If I’m honest this blog has been dormant for a few years and I was a little concerned that nobody would read it and so I’m very grateful to readers who said complimentary things about it and shared it with others. Many thanks!

“When I was contacted by the New York Times, they said they wanted to do a story on UFOs and the money you got, the $22 million. And I said I am happy to do that story, as long as we are not talking about little green men. If you want to talk about science, I’m all in. And that is how I looked at this.”

Former Senator Harry Reid

There seems to be little doubt that an effort is being made to rebrand a certain kind of phenomena. Out go UFOs and ‘Little Green Men’, and in come UAPs and Non-Human Entitities (NHE) or’Not From Here’ and I think this speaks to how well organised this disclosure process is being managed despite the quasi-insurgent nature of the insider movement towards responsible disclosure. It would appear that such a movement has either not existed, or failed to successfully organise, in the previous 70 years and so it seems reasonable to ask why that is and why it is now having some success.

Before continuing I should just admit that this is obviously just my take. I do not consider myself to be an expert in any way, shape, or form. If I’m wrong then I welcome corrections either in the comments below or privately by email at I’m just one person attempting to make sense of the current and past ‘UFO’ Chessboard.

…I think for some people… it was too much of a pill to swallow. I remember distinctly given a briefing to one senior and after having the pilots there and all the evidence and reporting, at the end of the day he just couldn’t process it… Some individuals have a problem with this topic because it conflicts with their philisophical or maybe theological belief system.

Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo goes on to tell the story, in this interview with The Basement Office (Part 1) of a senior Pentagon official who wanted Elizondo to stop looking at UFOs because, as he said, they were demonic.

When I first heard these comments I thought that Luis Elizondo was telling a couple of the more extreme examples of opposition that he faced while director of AATIP. I now believe that Elizondo was actually using these examples to illustrate the two broad factions that have existed for a while on this subject and constitute the two factions that are currently roadblocks to disclosure. Elizondo suggests that the first group are overwhelmed by the reality of UAPs, we’ll be kind and call these people sceptics, people who might dismiss or even ridicule the entire possibility of UFOs. The second broad grouping are fundamentalist Christians who believe that UFOs have a demonic anti-Christian origin. Until I understood that these two factions had dominated the USA’s official response to UFOs since the 1950s, I couldn’t grasp how a cover-up of such a colossal magnitude could have taken place. I was familiar with Eisenhower’s warning about the military/industrial complex…

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military/industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

President Eisenhower Jan 17th 1961

I can recognise that the military/industrial complex might provide a shadow environment within which a cover-up could evolve and mature but what about those involved? We could call them Men in Black for ease. I think any reasonable person would be sceptical that a 70 year conspiracy to cover-up the existence of UFOs which must have necessitated the involvement of thousands has been the reality but what if individuals were either vetted for their religious beliefs to ensure that their interpretation of the UFO phenomena would be demonic before disclosure? If this group, almost like a secret society, inducted only fundamentalists Christians and had a conscious or unconscious bias promotng their own within various government organisations, then this would act as a powerful mechanism for creatingA very loyal, secretive, and heirarchical faction within government. I’d suggest that a sincere believer would always put their God first before their country regardless of how patriotic they are, it is one of the reasons why Western Democracies do not ask citizens to choose between the two.

Richard Dolan: A number of years ago, Nick Redfern wrote a book about the so-called Collins Elite, which s essentially what he defined was a group of religious Christian, perhaps evangelical Christians within military that see UFOs as demonic. Now is that what you’re kind of referring to, indirectly?

Lue Elizondo: That’s precisely what I’m referring to. Look, radicalismis radicalism. It doesn’t atter if it’s Islam or Christianity, or Judaism or anything else.

Richard Dolan: So there’s a certain percentage of people within the military and intel community who do believe in UFOs but they think that they’re demonic entities. That’s essentially…

Lue Elizondo: Yes…

Richard Dolan, Luis Elizondo interview. Transcript UfoJoe

So, we’re left with two broad groups of people, those that are overwhelmed by, or perhaps sceptical of, the subject of UFOs and those who take a Christian fundamentalist position on UFOs. When you think about it, it really isn’t difficult to guess which of these two broad groupings engaged with the UFO subject and which wanted nothing to do with it and, as a consequence, which grouping came to dominate the secret research and the distribution of any findings.

Above, Richard Dolan mentions The Collins Elite, which according to Nick Redfern’s book, FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, was the unofficial name of a group of fundamentalist Christians within government who investigated UFOs and paranornal activity with the perspective that they had a demonic origin and that this group was formed when Project Blue Book was terminated, so around Dec 17th 1969. In this fairly recent Open Minds Interview with Nick Redfern the author suggest that there were two porous groups that he had become aware of. The first was looking at demonology and attempting to weaponise it for the US military and the second were investigating UFOs, believed that they had a demonic origin, and that disclosure would lead to Armageddon. That the Roswell crash was a demonic false flag, an attempt by dark forces to seduce mankind and lure them into exploring avenues that would lead to the opening of portals which would allow the demons into our world. As a result many, but by no means all, in this group were fanatically opposed to the disclosure of existence UFOs. This is a simplistic synopsis but I think it is a fair summary.

I’m suggesting that this is just one small sub-group within the US Government and not one of the 4 larger Secret Access Programs involving private companies related to UFO/UAP research that have been speculated about but The Collins Elite is a possible window into the philosophy and theology of other groups.

“The following is conjecture. Sources tell me that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. A group of four related, but separate, unacknowledged SCI programs tracing back to a 1947 Truman memorandum still exist and were housed, as of the 1990s, in major aerospace companies such as, for example: Lockheed, TRW, Raytheon, Aerospace Corp. etc. These would be expensive programs since the cost of secrecy can be several times higher than the research. The [AATIP] program has no relation to these four, much better funded, deep black ones. Indeed, the black programs collectively have budgets in the $10B ranch and up. Topics apparently include both reverse engineering and extraterrestrial biology…”

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, PhD, 2018 (I can’t identify original source for this quote)

I’m going to posit that for much of the last 70 years the official research and response to UFOs in the USA was undertaken by a loose faction of fundamentalist Christians if only because these were, more or less, the only people prepared to engage with the subject but that over the last 20 years at least, as our understanding of the science that might explain the phenomena has improved, another faction has emerged. I’ll call this faction Agnostics, not because they are necessarily theologically agnostic individuals but because they are agnostic with regards to the relationship between UFOs and religion. An Agnostic does not dismiss that there may be a connection between UFOs and religion but does not assume that there is. These people take a scientific approach to the subject. As scientific understanding has improved this faction has grown and they’ve discovered that the fundamentalist Christian faction is unwilling to relinquish their control over the subject.

My best guess is that at some point, certainly by the time former Senator Harry Reid took an interest but possibly before that, serious and legitimate concerns began to be raised regarding the democratic accountability of US Govenment funded Secret Access Programs related to UAPs/UFOs and that AATIP, responsible to the Executive Branch and not the DoD, was an effort to reassert democratic oversight over an area of research which, on the one hand, due to US military’s technological improvements was providing increasingly better data and, on the other hand, due to a more sophisticated understanding of the science that may be related to the phenomena was suggesting alternative, possibly more rational, explanations.

However, it doesn’t look like AATIP got very much cooperation. Once again, this from Luis Elizondo’s interview on The Basement Office embedded above., Steven Greenstreet asks about whether there was proactive suppressing or limiting of what Elizondo (AATIP) could do because of theological conflicts on the subject of UFOs within the Pentagon, he responds

“I had to be very careful. I really had to operate in the shadows more than ever. I was used to doing it because of my job [USAISA] but I wasn’t used to running operations inside my own organisation but that is what we had to wind up doing because there were people who were certainly against this effort and only because of their, again, philisophical belief system…”

The Basement Office

“…The AATIP did find the UFO crash retrieval program, via official channels, but was denied access to it because the AATIP itself is not a SAP. Senator Harry Reid petitioned the DoD to confer SAP status to the AATIP but the DoD denied his request.”

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, PhD, 2018 (I can’t identify original source for this quote)

I’ll speculate that at some point Luis Elizondo and Senator Harry Reid, among many others with a simiar ‘agnostic’ mindset, became so frustrated by the bureaucracy within which these factions had become entrenched that a plan was hatched to push the subject out into the open. I’ll again speculate that the preparation for this began before Luis Elizondo’s resignation with the declassification of some data so that Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests could lawfully retrieve information and put it into the public domain. The actual reason for Elizondo’s resignation from AATIP, that the Secretary of Defence, General Mattis, was not being briefed on what Elizondo considered a potential national securirty threat though I’m sure was genuine, also gave him and those that support him in his role as both spokesman and lightening rod, very solid ground from which to proceed.

I’m not going to go over all the leaks and informed FOIA requests that have followed Elizondo’s 2017 resignation , It has been a competent and well-prepared campaign which has wrong footed the bureaucracy and factions. I do suggest people read this article on The Debrief ‘Inspector General Will Have a Critical Role in the ‘UFO Mystery’ which gives valuable insights into how the bureaucracy is struggling to adjust. I think that although some disclosure that doesn’t prejudice US National Security is going to be the result, it is important to bear in mind that the thrust of this campaign is democratic oversight and accountability It coopts the public with its promise of disclosure but it serves a greater public good by empowering and informing their elected representatives. I’ll make a prediction here. I expect that there will be more leaks and informed FOIA requests going forward and more considered reports to come. This Pentagon Report, both the Public one and the more comprehensive one to Congress, is an important waypoint for this disclosure campaign but not a final destination. Woe betide those that attempt to mislead Congress or withhold information from them. My prediction is that that would be a foolish and costly mistake. As this article by Christopher Mellon Questions for Congress Regarding the Pending UAP Report demonstrates, Congress will not be short of extremely informed individuals more than happy to point out any oversights.

I’d like to circle back and look again at the Richard Dolan interview with Luis Elizondo. It really is a very good interview which I recommend without reservation. Richard Dolan is very impressive. I’ve watched a few of his videos and I really like the way he thinks, he’s objective with an extraordinary depth of knowledge. I’m using the transcript on which is a fantastic resource . At the point where there is a discussion about the fundamentist Christian faction Elizondo makes a concerted, and I believe sincere, defence of them. He also suggests a legal amnesty for those responsible for withholding information on UAPs in the past. I think there are two reasons for this. The first is strategic, as Sun Tzu remarked in The Art of War “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” and I think that Elizondo is attemping to give those who oppose disclosure an honourable and painless exit from the conflict. The second reason why he’s being so generous is for a reason that, as someone who has only been looking at this for a month or so, seems incredible and a little disturbing and that is that the difference between a demon who emerges from a portal and is able to telepathically message a person or bring forth a vision and an inter-dimensional entity who emerges from a portal and is able to telepathically message a person or bring forth a vision is determined by the philisophical perspective somebody has.

I think for now that is a good place to stop. To go further would mean to look at Skinwalker Ranch and Quantum physics and that would result a post twice as long as this one. I will say that I much prefer my UAPs to be operated by Extraterrestrials who might use a wormhole to get here rather the weirder stuff but I’ve no idea where this process of disclosure will lead,

Thank you once again if you reached the end. Please share if you found it useful. Leave a comment if you want to add something that you think readers would find useful or email me at if you want me to correct something.


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Luis Elizondo,Warp Bubbles, and the Shape, Utility, and Propulsion of UAPs

As almost everyone must be aware by now The Pentagon are due to publish a report to Congress on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) on or around 25th June and so we should all know a great deal more about the subject within the next few weeks. I wouldn’t want to claim any expertise on this subject, I know that for many the subject of UFOs and UAPs has been an area of intense research for many years, even decades, however, I would like to share some of my thoughts and observations on this subject as I hope you’ll share some of yours in the comments below.

For those unaware who Luis Elizondo is, he worked for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) since 2008 and was director from 2010 until he resigned in 2017. Despite what looks like a campaign to discredit him, his credentials with AATIP have now been officially confirmed, as has AATIP’s role in investigating UAPs.

As well as collecting and analysing UAP data, AATIP also commissioned a number of scientific studies, the research titles of 38 of which were published following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in 2019, which can be viewed in full HERE but include papers on “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions“, “Invisibility Cloaking” and “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy”. With this in mind, and given his previous access to highly classified data and these scientific studies, it is rather safe to say that Luis Elizondo is in as good a position as anyone to speculate about how UAPs work. However, this is something he rarely does.

This article will focus on a couple occasions in recent interviews where Luis Elizondo has speculated about what UAPs, specifically the so-called ‘tic tac’ UAPs, are and how they work but before I do I want to first clarify what exactly is at stake and why Luis Elizondo, The Pentagon, and others with knowledge about UAPs will be withholding important information on this topic.

UAPs are real and have been acknowledged as such by The Pentagon. Official internal US military reports demonstrate that UAPs have been observed for at least 70 years . Furthermore, Luis Elzondo told Bill Whitaker on 60 Minutes

Imagine a technology that can do 6 to 7 hundred G forces, that can fly at 13 thousand miles an hour,that can evade radar,and that can fly through air, and water, and possibly space; and by the way has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces, and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.

60 Minutes

UAPs have been reported near sites associated with nuclear power, weaponry and technology since 1948 at least and there are reports from former US military sources of UAPs disabling nuclear weapons in silos and downing nuclear capable missiles while being tested.

Regardless, of any hedges The Pentagon might express to the contrary, UAPs are certainly not early 21st Century human technology, let alone mid 20th Century human technology.

Every human scientific or technological advance to this point has been made blind but for the very first time the characteristics of a technological advancement have been observed before humans understand it and knowing that something is possible is a huge advantage. That prior and certain knowledge of a technological advance’s existence can inform the direction and parameters of scientific enquiry.

At some point in the future a nation on Earth will recreate, either entirely or in part, UAP technology and whichever nation does will have the power to shape how human society is organised. If China or Russia develop UAP technology first then they could impose an authoritarian regime across the planet. If the USA recreates UAP technology first, with democracy, individual freedoms, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press not only enshrined in its constitution but running through its cultural DNA; then it could defend its values around the world and despite the worrying emergence of Big Tech Oligarchs increasingly wishing to exploit their power to inhibit freedoms and influence democracy, nevertheless I know which nation I’d prefer to develop UAP technology first and so noone should be surprised if Luis Elizonda and others with highly classified insights regarding how these UAPs actually work do not share that information with the general public… and Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. The only surprise is that given what is at stake, not only a defence capability that makes current weaponry obsolete but also a cheap, clean, stable, and abundant energy source and viable, affordable access to off planet resources, why the USA doesn’t have The Manhatten Project Mark 2 already under way.

Let’s move on to the science which for obvious reasons will be speculative and sketchy. First let’s look at what Luis Elizondo has to say about how UAPs may be powered in The New York Post’s The Basement Office interview (Part 1)

It has been proposed that… water may be some sort of simplistic fuel source. When you look at what water is comprised of, primarily hydrogen and oxygen… if you wanted to get a yield of energy cracking the atom is one way of doing it and the smaller you go into the world of the atom the more tightly that energy is packaged within the atom and the sub-atomic particles with the atom. And so, if you want to warp space/time some have theorised that you need a lot, a lot of energy. There’s two ways to warp space/time, a lot of mass or a lot of energy, and it turns out that you need a lot, a lot of energy to do it. And if one wanted to harness that energy perhaps one of the most efficient ways is through hydrogen.

In The New York Post’s The Basement Office interview with Luis Elizondo (Part 2) In answer to a question regarding ‘Warp Bubbles’ from (the excellent) Steven Greenstreet, Luis Elizondo responds,

There is a delta within the space/time construct compared to the external environment in which a lot of the observations we see as seemingly extraordinary really aren’t. They are rooted in some of the relativity principles that Einstein proposed in that if you werte inside this bubble travelling, what appears to us this incredible capability to manoeuvre at hypersonic speeds and instantaneous acceleration, and yes even low observability; in fact if you were inside that bubble looking out the rest of the world would be going by in slow motion. And so it’s not really… it’s that weird duality where both are actually occurring. Both our existence in this time and the relaivity of being in this localised environment where you are insulated where you are not… where the way we experience space/time there’s a delta, it’s different.

Now, it is clear that Luis Elizono is speculating but he is doing so with the benefit of far more information than we have including those 38 scientific studies that AATIP commssioned. I think it is safe to say that Luis Elizondo’s best assessment is that UAPs are powered by some kind of advanced nuclear reactor which powers technology that can create field of warped space/time around it. I’m going to come back to this later but before moving on I think it is worth noting that Luis Elizondo becomes very reticent in this interview when asked whether AATIP had access to physical UAP material (watch from 7 minutes). I’ve watched many of his interviews and this is the only time I’ve seen him uncomfortable, he’s shifting, almost squirming in his seat, caught between his natural default truthful attitude when doing interviews on this subject and the restraints of his security clearance. Really great interviewing from Steven Greenstreet, Elizondo’s unconscience reaction speaks louder than words.. You make up your own mind after watching it but in my opinion, and I’ve always dismissed this until this point, the USA does have physical evidence, exotic material connected to UAPs.

Moving on now to UAP expert and Youtuber Max Moszkowicz who recently did an interview with Luis Elizondo and who elicited new information on what I’m going to describe as the possible multi-warp bubble nature of some UAPs. As an expert on the subject Max Moszkowicz asks a great question and recognises straight away that the reply is new information, or more accurately new informed speculation from Luis Elizondo. The full interview video is below but the extract I’m quoting from is from 50 minutes.

Max Moszkowicz: Are there differences in behaviour traits or skill sets depending on the shape of the UAP? For example is a tictac different from a disc or an orb different from a triangle? Are they from the same source or do they seem completely different?

Luis Elizondo: …clearly there are differences but they’ll be utilising the same or similar technologies and the differences between a disc versus a rod, or if you will, a cigar shape and that versus a triangular or even a boomerang may simply be the result of the propulsion that is being used and the intent and purpose of the vehicle… Let’s say that the warping of space/time in a localised area is finite. Let’s say that you have this bubble that can only be so big… For arguments sake let’s say 43 feet, you can only fit a certain size automobile inside that bubble, a vehicle right… If you were to have this bubble… and create a car that this bubble was surrounding you on all equal sides, the shape of the car you would want to make sure that you were uniformly fitting inside this bubble is a sphere because the bubble is a sphere but a two dimensional representation is a disc and if you’re driving in a car that is shaped like a disc in this bubble that you want to protect you on all sides equally a disc would be a perfect way to do this. So, think of a Corvette. You can fit two people in a Corvette… you can go really fast but let’s say a corvette isn’t big enough. Let’s say you need a school bus. You need a lot of people to fit in and you need a lot of equipment. Well, you could put two of these discs together and have these, if you will, overlapping bubbles. But two discs together… you have now a cigar. Those two diiscs, you could have a propulsion unit here and here [gestures either end of the cigar] now all of a sudden you’ve got these two bubbles that are still protecting you equally… There’s another shape in geometry that if you needed something really big… like an aircraft carrier let’s say a triangle.[Luis Elizondo proceeds to draw out what he’s been describing]

I think a useful analogy here may one of mankinds first inventions, the wheel. As everyone knows wheels are simple machines for reducing the force of friction. Dragging something over rough ground is hard work, but wheels make it much easier by allowing the object to roll along. With one wheel I could make a wheelbarrow and transport quite alot of rocks but too many rocks it might become unstable and I might add a second wheel. More rocks still and a third wheel might be necessary then a fourth the more weight I carry the more wheels I need to reduce he friction.

Luis Elizondo suggests a maximum diameter of the Warp Bubble at a suspiciously specific but possibly mischievous 43ft. The formula for the volume of a sphere is V = 4/3 πr³ which would mean the volume of a Warp Bubble with a diameter of 43ft would be 41629.77ft³. Regardless of whether 43ft is accurate and based on classified data and observations or not, there would likely come a point when it is more efficient and stable to have another Warp Bubble than continue to increase the power needed to expand one Warp Bubble’s diameter.

The three images below, nicknamed Acorn, Sphere, and Blimp, were captured by the rear-seat weapons system officer of an F/A-18 fighter jet on March 4th 2019 and have been confirmed to be genuine by a Pentagon spokesperson All three images were captured within a 32 minute window. In his article at Mystery Wire, (link block to Europe) journalist George Knapp reported that the photos show three separate objects. For more information about this encounter see The Debrief

The first thing I’d like to note is that there are almost certainly more images connected to this event as well as eyewitness accounts and radar data which confirm that these were three seperate UAPs and their 3D shape. Without that extra data it would be a bit of a reach to describe the first image as an acorn and the second as a sphere so let’s assume that the data exists and the descriptive nicknames are broadly apt. Once this is accepted there should be a glaring revelation, these are all shapes that are ideal for withstanding high pressure. Much of mankind’s deep sea exploration has been in diving bells (acorn shaped) and Bathyspheres (spheres) and there is a very good reason butane tanks are shaped the way that they are. Each of these three forms are perfect for resisting high pressure.

Now, here is what I find interesting. If we assume that Luis Elizondo’s, admittedly speculative but well informed, best assessment is correct, and that some kind of advanced nuclear/quantum hydrogen reactor is powering technology that creates a warp bubble in the manner he describes above, then I don’t believe a form able to resist hign pressure is necessary. Theoretically, there would be the pressure, gravity, and atmosphere present within the warp bubble that there was when and where the warp bubble was created. Form would be almost irrelevant within the bubble because the bubble insulates the craft from pressure, drag, and gravity. The bubble and it’s contents effectively have zero mass relative to the exterior environment. If I’m correct then you could actually take the Corvette that Luis Elizondo spoke of to illustrate his theory, retrofit the Warp Bubble technology and off you could go. You might have to take precautions against radiation and ensure an oxygen supply but structurally you’d have a rather cool Corvette UAP.

Now clearly I’m not an expert or a scientist and readers might be tempted to suggest that I’m completely wrong and the pressure resistant form is a necessary prerequisite for a vehicle using Warp Bubble technology but I would point out that Triangles, Boomerangs, Pyramids, and Discs are not the best form for resisting hign pressure. Perhaps, these craft have different uses. Perhaps, the Acorn, Sphere, Blimp, and Tic Tac; assuming the Blimp and Tic Tac are not the same design, are subtly different submersible UAP, or USP (Unidentified Submersible Phenomena). Yet that raises another question, why would a pressure resistant form be needed, even in the deepest ocean as long as you have a Warp Bubble insulating you from the high pressure?

I’ve no answer to that. Perhaps you do? In which case leave a comment of email me at

The Triangles, Boomerangs, and Discs are better forms for flight and I’ve heard Christopher Mellon Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence speculate that the Triangles might be engaged scanning, surveying, or mapping; this because often they have been observed moving back and forth in a slow grid-like pattern over a specific area and noting that triangles (Triangulation) are an ideal shape for mapping.

Finally and very quickly I want to touch on the propulsion of UAPs. As I’ve said above relative to the exterior environment the contents of the warp bubble would act like it had no mass. It would be like the puck in a 3D game of Air Hockey. The very lightest force would see it fly off. An object can be pushed or pulled and I’d suggest that these bubbles are being drawn in whichever direction is desired by vacuum. It wouldn’t take very much energy to do this. It wouldn’t need huge vacuums because the Warp Bubble’s movement is frictionless. Nature abhors a vacuum as the saying goes and by using small vacuums in each direction like bouyancy tanks the warp bubble would rush forward as long as the vacuum in that direction existed and stop on a dime by creating a braking vacuum. Without gravity, friction, air compression, or water displacement; the means of propulsion would require very little energy in comparison to that which is necessary to create and maintain the warp bubble itself.

Anyway we’ll all find out more soon enough. I hope there are some readers that have reached the end! Thank you if you did. Let me know what you think Do you agree with any of my points or do you have a different opinion?

If you found this useful then please share.

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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Recently, I was asked by someone who wanted to start a blog for some advice and I replied as I’ve always done, that; they should write for themselves only – assuming always that nobody else will read it – and that they should stop the moment that writing it ceased to be enjoyable. Unfortunately, writing this blog ceased to be enjoyable for me about two years back and so I’m stopping.

I’ve deactivated my Twitter account but I’ll not delete this blog as it may have material useful to researchers. My email will be deactivated also.

I wish all my readers the best of luck in the future.

This is the way the blog ends, not with a bang but with an ellipsis…


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DCI Paul Settle Cleared By The IPCC

As many readers will be aware DCI Paul Settle has been under investigation by the IPCC with regards to complaints made by former Exaro ‘witness’ ‘Darren’, who is himself now facing charges of malicious communications against another police force, and already had previous convictions for making false allegations to the police; and former Exaro source Chris Fay.

I can now confirm that DCI Paul Settle has been cleared by the IPCC.

DCI Paul Settle’s only ‘mistake’ (an inappropriate word) was to do his job lawfully by closing the investigation into Lord Leon Brittan following a complaint made by another Exaro ‘witness’, known as ‘Jane’. The allegation of rape made by ‘Jane’ in two police statements was found by the Crown Prosecution Service, DCI Paul Settle, and later the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders to have ‘not been made out in law’ – that is to say that the account that ‘Jane’ gave in those two police statements, which seemingly differs significantly from the account that Exaro made public, did not amount to rape.

Unfortunately, for DCI Paul Settle, Exaro exerted political pressure on his superior officers who removed him from the investigation. Since that time DCI Settle has been dogged by false allegations made by supporters of Exaro News, while being hung out to dry by senior MPS management for no other apparent reason than that he, DCI Settle, had made the correct and lawful decision originally to discontinue the investigation and that others, notably Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse , had got their fingers horribly burned when their new investigation went pear-shaped.

When Sir Richard Henriques published his report in November last year, it concluded that DCI Paul Settle had acted with integrity – while 5 Met police officers including DAC Rodhouse faced an IPCC investigation themselves.

I hope that this decision by the IPCC will draw a line, once and for all, under the repeated libellous allegations online and vexatious complaints, that DCI Settle has at any time passed sensitive or personal information about any complainant to anyone in the media.


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Prison Documents Relating To Lennie Smith

These documents have come to light as a result of a FOI request by Martin Walkerdine and so credit must go to him but also to Daedalus for formatting this post and images and Greenlight for transcribing some of the very hard to read handwritten documents.


Click on images to expand:

John William Thornton, 37, Leonard William Smith, 31, Leslie
Goddard, 37, Sidney Cooke, [58], Roy Morris, 25 and Walter
Balantyne, 46, have all been charged with conspiracy to commit buggary with boys under the age of consent.
Details of the [crimes] were obtained from [ ].
Thornton and the other five used to pick up runaway boys
and use them for their own sexual pleasures before setting
them up as prostitutes.
Morris was the one who usually picked the boys up from
London and took them to the others [ ] usually Thornton
set them up as prostitutes. There was never any violence used towards the boys [ ].
Thornton is suspected of giving them [LSD ].
All 6 were arrested on a [ ].
They have all admitted [ ]
Although the current charge only relates to a 13 year old boy
they are known to have picked up and used many others
and further charges will follow.
All but Goddard have previous convictions. Thornton’s was
for [ ] burglary and [handling]. Morris was for theft,
burglary, criminal damage and [deception]. Smith’s was for [ ] burglary, theft, deception and [ ]. …handling, burglary
and …

…to be dangerous.
distasteful offence in that young runaway boys were used for
sexual purposes and were put on the streets as prostitutes.
None of the boys however were forced to take part in the
acts and no violence was used. None of these in my mind
are anywhere near warrenting cat ‘A’.
? All six not cat A on remand.
I agree that although this offence is distasteful these men
cannot be considered as category A material since no
violence has been used. However I think we should review
carefully on conviction in view of the fact that they may be
charged with further offences.
? As proposed
Cd you find out the number of other charges there may be
involved pl?
Violence was not used in any of them.

Wormwood Scrubs pleased with [ ] sent.
1) Mr [ ]
2) Registry to note not cat A
Noted 1 Apr 1986
3) PA

PDP Registry
Correspondence date
filed 25 Nov 1987

I’ve spoke agan to Dc who told me that so far 3 boys have made statements to the police concerning the [evidence]. And that 3 boys have been questioned but are reluctant to make a statement. The police are still making enquiries and it is possible that more victims may be discovered.
Dr [ ]
Although these six men could presumably face at least a further 6 charges of a similar nature there are no indications that violence was ever used against the boys.
The circumstances of the offences do not suggest there is a need to read them as highly dangerous.
I agree we should look closely at this case on conviction.
All 6 not cat A on remand.
Lennie Smith is charged with murder. Details of the offence
are on docs (7). These were confirmed by DCI.

up and arranged the activities. Were it not for the question of the other murder, there would be no case here for category A conditions. It would be helpful if police advisors could provide some indication of how strongly suspected Leonard Smith is of the murder of Barry Lewis.
DCI mentioned that in interview Sydney Cooke and Robert Oliver geve 2 differeing adresses as the scene of the crime. Leslie Baily also mentioned a 1/2 caste boy being present, the fate of whom is not known. Are these circumstances the grounds for the police’s suspicions of another murder?
Police Advisors.
Please see x1 and x2 above for your comments please.
(DCI Coss 0277230373)
P3 8/12/87 (Rest of document is typed).

DCI confirmed that none of the men intended to kill Jason, but once he was dead, they were very calm and careful in disposing of the body. Because of the circumstances of the murder, Smith’s name too has been mentioned in the investigation of the murder of Barry Lewis in South London. However police have no evidence and no charges will be brought against Smith.

Smith has numerous pre cons. A full list of at doc 5. His longest sentence was 2 1/2 years for Ind. Ass. It was on remand for this charge that Smith was a potential cat A (made not cat A 21/3/86). On of his present co acc Sydney Cooke, was also a co occ of Smith in 1986. Smith was [ ] arrested from this sentence, for the current charge.

Smith’s role in the offence is greater than the other five mens and his name being linked with another murder has prompted DCI [Cass] to say he requires cat A conditions. He is not considered an escape risk.

Smith’s ‘great role’ in the offence involves no more than him being the one who picked the boy.

This new information calls for a reappraisal of the
dangerousness of the accused. I should like to consider the
results please. 9 12 87
Leonard Smith is considered by the police investigating to be
the instigator of the offence, and the onlyl one worthy of cat
A conditions, the others just going along with his
arrangements, with the exception of Leslie Bailey who may
have hit Swift with an iron bar (the only action which could
have had no intention other than to harm). As regards the
Carl Lewis murder, all suspects in the

Swift case have been interviewed. It is not probable but
possible that there is a connection. The two investigations
have a computer link up to exchange information so police
keep an open mind on their involvement.
The police investigating the Lewis murder are still actively
pursuing other lines of enquiry. The investigation will continue
up till the mens trial. They are due to be committed on
15.2.88. A lot still seems to remain uncertain. However the
finger of guilt points steadily in Leonard Smiths direction and
as such cat A conditions seem suitable. If there is a
connection with the Carl Lewis murder, he is it.
Details of the above obtained from Dr [Heard]
Smith cat A on remand, review others closely on conviction
(esp Bailey)
I agree

1) Mr [redacted] to note now cat A
2) Mr [redacted] to ” ” ”
3) Police advisors to ” ” ”
4) Regy to note, now cat A
5) BD 5.6.88 to me conviction
Smith’s cases was dismissed on 14/4/88.
He has be rearrested on another murder charge and is in [Bll]
custody. I informed [redacted] he should bring him into
prison custody asap.
The above information now appears to relate to Smith. He*
has only returned from police custody and is not further
* [redacted]

B87908 Smith
H M Prison
Jebb Avenue
[Stamped] 19 Jan 1988 20 Jan 1988

Dear Home Secretary
As you can see from the above address i am in prison
on remand for murder i am charged along with four others
who are hear in this prison also the thing i dont understand is
why have i been made a cat “A” and not one of the others
have i must stress to you i have never been violent or a
danger to anyone. i have been in prison now for 23 months
and of that time i have done one sentence of 30 moths
(which i had to do 20 months of 30) i have there fore been
hear on the charge for three months and as a cat “A” since
the 8th/1/88.
i would like you if you can to change your mind about my
being made a

cat “A” as i have said already i have never been a vilont or
danger person.
even the officers who have known me for most of the time i
have spent hear can not understand why i should be a cat
look forward to hearing from you about this matter
yours sincerely
L W Smith
Leonard William Gilchrist Smith

[Stamped H M Prison and Home Office April 1988]

B87908 Smith L W
H M Prison
Jebb Avenue

i am writing to you as i have as you know lived in the
hackney AREA for sometime before being sent to prison.
i am at present on remand charged with murder as my
solicitor told you in his letter dated the 14th of march.
i put a petition in to the home office 26th of FEB since them i
have heard that they will look into it. i have been waiting now
to come of cat “A” status as yet it seems notheing has been
done i don’t know if there is anything else i can do to speed
things up? as i am back in court on the 11th of april to the
14th for old style committed which i hope to be going home if
not i don’t think i can stand another 8 mo on remand as a
cat “A” that is if it is not me


there is another reason for my writing to you and i don’t
know if you can help me but hear goes i had a flat on
Kingsmead estate hackney but since i have been in prison
the houseing have termanated my tennance i have wrote
and wrote to them and asked about my property they said
they would put it in storage i also asked them is they would
tell me if they would would rehouse me when this is all over
as yet i have not had a letter to any of my letters as to
what they are doing my solicitor had a letter from them
sometime ago in which they say
the flat had been broken into several times and items may
well have been taken.
if this is the case then what can i do about it? i was not
insured also i need a home when i get out i don’t


wish to be in a bed and breakfast as i have been in one
room long enough.
i look forward to hearing from you
yours sincerely
Leonard William Gilchrist Smith

Smith petitions from Shepton Mallet for transfer to a local
London prison in order to have visits and make
arrangements for accommodation on release.
Smith is a Cat ‘c’ inmate, serving 1yr 9mths his EFR is
Smith does not present any compelling reason for transfer,
he has no relatives who visit and no compassionate grounds.
The probation officer at Shepton mallet has contacted the
After Care Officer in London with a view to helping Smith find
accommodation on release. Therefore, I do not feel this is a
strong case for transfer.
Reply? “NO ACTION”
Agreed. Arrangements for accommodation can be made via
the Prob Service.
Reply “No Action” sent 19/9/83

Mostly typed and legible.

Smith was assaulted by another, unamed prisoner, allegedly over homosexual matters. He came here from Midland Region off R43 for this same reason. He is not to be returned to Birmingham for reallocation.


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Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped

Sonia Poulton and Esther Baker

On the off chance that former Exaro News editor in chief, Mark Watts. doesn’t report this development – good news today as we learn that the spurious criminal allegations of stalking against blogger and former North Wales child abuse victim, Darren Laverty made by wannabe celebrity germalist and internet troll, Sonia Poulton and, Exaro witness and serial vexatious complainant, Esther Baker, have been dropped by the Metropolitan Police.

I can reveal that it is highly likely that the CPS will now inform the former Member of Parliament that Esther Baker accused of sexually abusing her as a child, that there is no case against him – as will others that Esther Baker has made allegations against. This begs the question, was pressure put on the CPS by the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Darren Laverty and Simon Just, who I will not name at this time as she may now come under investigation by the IPCC, not to make public the CPS’s conclusion with regards the former MP who was investigated by Staffordshire Police? This may sound far fetched but I will remind readers that the CPS were asked to make a decision on this politician over a year ago. I can also reveal that the officer in charge of the Met investigation contacted Greater Manchester Police and attempted to persuade them to drop a case made against Esther Baker following a complaint by a head of a charity and so it doesn’t sound too far fetched to venture the possibility that the CPS decision regarding the former member of Parliament had been delayed because it would undermine the credibility of Ms Baker.

I can also reveal that as many had suspected from the start, shameless attention seeker and professional victim, Sonia Poulton, had already been in touch with broadcast media outlets, including the BBC, about her ‘story’ of being a victim of stalking. Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone who has followed Ms Poulton’s online activity of bullying, intimidation, and trolling over the last 5 years would have known that this was likely one of Ms Poulton’s primary motivations – to play the victim and relaunch her haggard media career.

Esther Baker and Sonia Poulton are linked by their close friends Graham Wilmer and convicted troll James Royden Jones which brings me to another very interesting piece of information which has arisen as a consequence of this woeful saga. It would appear that from very early on, soon after the Jimmy Savile revelations, James Royden Jones who set up his Outlaw blog in November 2012, was supplying ‘intelligence’ information regarding victims of North Wales child abuse to North Wales Police – the police force that would see one of their most senior former police officers, retired Superintendent Gordon Anglesea convicted of the sexual abuse of minors in 2016.

James Royden Jones of North Wales, who appeared on Channel 4 news falsely claiming to have been a resident of the notorious Bryn Estyn children’s home and to have erroneously witnessed, now deceased MP, Sir Peter Morrison,  visiting the home, and who has spent the last 5 years stalking and hacking victims of North Wales child abuse and campaigners, and has a criminal conviction for this stalking, was all the time providing ‘intelligence’ information on the very same victims and campaigners to the very police force at the centre of the appalling abuse allegations. To this end, and despite not being a witness to North Wales abuse, Mr Jones even became a witness to the independent investigation run by Operation Pallial.

In my own view, it is high time that the IPCC look into the activity of North Wales police with regards to Mr Jones and also take a good hard look at the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Mr Laverty.


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Us And Them

The Friday Night Song


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Exaro’s Mark Watts Tells Staff: “Dig Up A Field”


Some interesting titbits in Private Eye for any Exaro watchers out there, including that Mark ‘Flick’ Watts was told that their witness Andrew was unreliable yet published anyway despite the fact that there was no corroboration and that Oberführer Watts attempted to get Exaro staff to dig up a field looking for a suitcase proving conclusively that he was sane – all on the say so of a nonce. The staff refused and so the sanity of former Editor-in-Chief  of Exaro News’ has not been verified.

I expect on occasions Herr Watts still believes that there is a suitcase hidden beneath that field just waiting to be dug up. Perhaps he should publish his treasure map. I know the Needleteam would love a day out sitting on deckchairs on a nearby hill, eating sandwiches, drinking lashings of ginger beer, and watching Flick’s lunatic followers digging up a field.



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Lost Weekend

The Friday Night Song


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The Truth Shall Make You errr… Fret


Another excellent blog by Tim Tate. The original can be found HERE and includes Tim’s submission to the IICSA.


Mark Frost AKA Andrew Tracey PIE #268


Copy of entry in the police PIE list

Mark Frost, 70, one of Britain’s most prolific child  rapists today pleaded guilty to 45 historic sex offences against young boys in the UK and Thailand.

His case raises serious questions about the failures of the police and Home Office in dealing with the Paedophile Information Exchange in the 1980s.

Frost, previously known as Andrew Tracey and a former teacher and Scout movement volunteer, was first convicted in 1992 for possession of child pornography. Further convictions followed in 1993 and in 1998: in the second case he was sentenced to 12 months in prison for indecently assaulting a young boy. In 2002 he moved to Guernsey, where he was investigated for paedophilic offences, but left the island before he could be charged. He then travelled freely in Europe and the Far East. In Thailand he sexually abused boys aged between 7 and 13, recording the offences on video.

 But the Metropolitan Police knew that Frost/Tracey was a paedophile at least eight years before his first conviction.   Andrew Tracey’s name and address appeared on the Paedophile Information Exchange membership list held at New Scotland Yard in 1984. His membership number was 268.

I obtained a copy of this list in October 2015.   I wrote then (blog post dated October 29, 2015 – scroll back to find it) that an analysis of the names on it showed that several had been convicted some years later of serious offences involving children. It appeared the police and the Home Office had failed to appreciate the threat these men posed. Mark Frost, aka: Andrew Tracey, is merely the latest example of this.

In July last year I submitted a detailed dossier of evidence to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. It highlighted the cases of a number of PIE members who – despite being on the list held by the Metropolitan Police – had been left free to commit child sexual offences in the UK and abroad for many years. I urged IICSA to include the Met’s failure – and the Home Office’s remarkably relaxed approach to PIE – in its investigations. I attached the PIE list to my submission. (See blog post dated August 5, 2016).

Other than an acknowledgment of receipt, I have heard nothing from IICSA.

Today, Ogheneruona Iguyovwe, from the Crown Prosecution Service described Frost/Tracey’s crimes as “one of the most serious cases that I have dealt with as a prosecutor and one of the most serious cases of child sexual abuse”.

The IICSA should no longer ignore the evidence of repeated – but desperately belated – prosecutions like Frost/Tracey’s. Members of the Paedophile Information Exchange posed a threat to children: the failure of the Metropolitan Police and Home Office to accept this in the early 1980s led directly to the subsequent abuse of large numbers of young children in Britain and overseas.

IICSA must now publicly commit to investigating this historic failure.  In case it has mislaid my original evidence, I am re-posting it here.


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Donald Trump: Personality Type ESTP – The Entrepreneur


If there is one thing that you can be certain of, it is that the governments of every major country around the world, including the last Obama administration, have done a psychological evaluation of President Donald Trump and it is very doubtful that they like what they see.

I found it quite interesting and revealing that, according to CNN, President Obama asked Theresa May, and Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull, “to form a close relationship with [the then] incoming President Donald Trump”. What Obama appears to have understood is that those that have taken a partisan opposition to Trump, by sometimes perpetuating clearly false and bias stories, not only political opposition but also media opposition, have in the process carelessly discarded any influence they might have had over the Trump administration – in exactly the same way that they were no longer able to influence large swathes of the US public who voted for Trump. Which means that when criticism is due and opposition needed – Donald Trump will not listen.

For Theresa May to play any role as a moderating influence on President Trump, she must not be unthinkingly critical.

In the absence of a professional psychological evaluation of Donald Trump, I’ve decided to post extracts from the description of Trump’s likely personality type ESTP – The Entrepreneur. Further exploration of that personality type  can be found HERE.

As the BBC’s Crimewatch always used to conclude, Don’t have nightmares, do sleep well



ESTP personality types always have an impact on their immediate surroundings – the best way to spot them at a party is to look for the whirling eddy of people flitting about them as they move from group to group. Laughing and entertaining with a blunt and earthy humor, ESTP personalities love to be the center of attention. If an audience member is asked to come on stage, ESTPs volunteer – or volunteer a shy friend.

Theory, abstract concepts and plodding discussions about global issues and their implications don’t keep ESTPs interested for long. ESTPs keep their conversation energetic, with a good dose of intelligence, but they like to talk about what is – or better yet, to just go out and do it. ESTPs leap before they look, fixing their mistakes as they go, rather than sitting idle, preparing contingencies and escape clauses.

ESTPs are the likeliest personality type to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. They live in the moment and dive into the action – they are the eye of the storm. People with the ESTP personality type enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure, not for emotional thrills, but because it’s so stimulating to their logical minds. They are forced to make critical decisions based on factual, immediate reality in a process of rapid-fire rational stimulus response.

This makes school and other highly organized environments a challenge for ESTPs. It certainly isn’t because they aren’t smart, and they can do well, but the regimented, lecturing approach of formal education is just so far from the hands-on learning that ESTPs enjoy. It takes a great deal of maturity to see this process as a necessary means to an end, something that creates more exciting opportunities.

Also challenging is that to ESTPs, it makes more sense to use their own moral compass than someone else’s. Rules were made to be broken. This is a sentiment few high school instructors or corporate supervisors are likely to share, and can earn ESTP personalities a certain reputation. But if they minimize the trouble-making, harness their energy, and focus through the boring stuff, ESTPs are a force to be reckoned with.

With perhaps the most perceptive, unfiltered view of any type, ESTPs have a unique skill in noticing small changes. Whether a shift in facial expression, a new clothing style, or a broken habit, people with this personality type pick up on hidden thoughts and motives where most types would be lucky to pick up anything specific at all. ESTPs use these observations immediately, calling out the change and asking questions, often with little regard for sensitivity. ESTPs should remember that not everyone wants their secrets and decisions broadcast.

Sometimes ESTPs’ instantaneous observation and action is just what’s required, as in some corporate environments, and especially in emergencies.

If ESTPs aren’t careful though, they may get too caught in the moment, take things too far, and run roughshod over more sensitive people, or forget to take care of their own health and safety. Making up only four percent of the population, there are just enough ESTPs out there to keep things spicy and competitive, and not so many as to cause a systemic risk.

ESTPs are full of passion and energy, complemented by a rational, if sometimes distracted, mind. Inspiring, convincing and colorful, they are natural group leaders, pulling everyone along the path less traveled, bringing life and excitement everywhere they go. Putting these qualities to a constructive and rewarding end is ESTPs’ true challenge.


  • Bold – People with the ESTP personality type are full of life and energy. There is no greater joy for ESTPs than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas.
  • Rational and Practical – ESTPs love knowledge and philosophy, but not for their own sake. What’s fun for ESTP personalities is finding ideas that are actionable and drilling into the details so they can put them to use. If a discussion is completely arbitrary, there are better uses for ESTPs’ time.
  • Original – Combining their boldness and practicality, ESTPs love to experiment with new ideas and solutions. They put things together in ways no one else would think to.
  • Perceptive – This originality is helped by ESTPs’ ability to notice when things change – and when they need to change! Small shifts in habits and appearances stick out to ESTPs, and they use these observations to help create connections with others.
  • Direct – This perceptive skill isn’t used for mind games – ESTPs prefer to communicate clearly, with direct and factual questions and answers. Things are what they are.
  • Sociable – All these qualities pull together to make a natural group leader in ESTPs. This isn’t something that they actively seek – people with this personality type just have a knack for making excellent use of social interactions and networking opportunities.


  • Insensitive – Feelings and emotions come second to facts and “reality” for ESTPs. Emotionally charged situations are awkward, uncomfortable affairs, and ESTPs’ blunt honesty doesn’t help here. These personalities often have a lot of trouble acknowledging and expressing their own feelings as well.
  • Impatient – ESTPs move at their own pace to keep themselves excited. Slowing down because someone else “doesn’t get it” or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is extremely challenging for ESTPs.
  • Risk-prone – This impatience can lead ESTPs to push into uncharted territory without thinking of the long-term consequences. ESTP personalities sometimes intentionally combat boredom with extra risk.
  • Unstructured – ESTPs see an opportunity – to fix a problem, to advance, to have fun – and seize the moment, often ignoring rules and social expectations in the process. This may get things done, but it can create unexpected social fallout.
  • May Miss the Bigger Picture – Living in the moment can cause ESTPs to miss the forest for the trees. People with this personality type love to solve problems here and now, perhaps too much. All parts of a project can be perfect, but the project will still fail if those parts do not fit together.
  • Defiant – ESTPs won’t be boxed in. Repetition, hardline rules, sitting quietly while they are lectured at – this isn’t how ESTPs live their lives. They are action-oriented and hands-on. Environments like school and much entry-level work can be so tedious that they’re intolerable, requiring extraordinary effort from ESTPs to stay focused long enough to get to freer positions.

Career Paths

Restrictions, rules, highly structured environments – these are great ways to drive ESTPs crazy. People with this personality type live life on their own terms, and this makes them brilliant entrepreneurs and freelancers. These roles also allow them to delegate the more tedious aspects of work, the accounting, meticulous research and so forth, to those better suited.

ESTPs are curious, energetic people with a taste for action. There are those who analyze and manage the logistics of public safety resource distribution, and there are those who drive the ambulances, patrol the streets, and save lives with their own two hands – ESTP personalities are the latter. They are highly observant yet impatient, enabling them to take in the whole of a situation at a glance, and act. Any emergency response role is great for ESTPs, whether it be as paramedics, police officers, or soldiers.

Work Place Habits

Management positions are where ESTPs are usually most comfortable, as they often give the most flexibility. Rules and traditions are a bother for people with the ESTP personality type – they’d rather try a bunch of new ideas with a chance of getting things done faster or better than to pay attention to “the way things have always been done” or subordinates’ comfort with experimentation. ESTPs are practical, with a focus on what does, or could, work best.

This can make for a chaotic environment, but ESTPs’ inspiring cult of personality makes them well-suited to handling such a thing. ESTPs enjoy living in the moment. Rather than some broad, intangible future accomplishment like “making customers happy”, ESTP personalities set small, clear, measurable, and attainable goals that keep things on track day-to-day, and hearty congratulations can always be relied on for a job well done. ESTPs keep their eyes on the finish line, but they get there step by step.


Few personality types are as charming and attractive as ESTPs. Known for their ability to improvise and focus completely on the present, ESTPs are great at finding exciting new things to explore and experience. ESTPs’ creativity and down-to-earth attitude are invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth.

Yet ESTPs can be easily tripped up in situations where their focus on practical matters is more of a liability than an asset. Whether it is finding (or keeping) a partner, reaching dazzling heights on the career ladder, or learning to plan ahead, ESTPs need to put in a conscious effort to develop their weaker traits and additional skills.



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Fort Augustus Abbey Child Abuse 1st Extradtion

BBC Reporting Scotland 2017 report on Arrest / Extradition Fr Alexander


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Colin Wallace


Although I initially offered to give evidence to the Inquiry, I later decided not to mainly on the grounds that the Government repeatedly refused to give it the same legal powers as the corresponding Inquiry in London. I believe that both the perception and the reality of the Government’s decision is one of unfairness to the victims.

Despite my decision, I did, however, provide the Inquiry with 265 pages of comment and supporting documents, drawing attention to false or misleading information contained in the transcripts of the public hearings. My reason for doing so was to enable the Inquiry to investigate and corroborate the accuracy of my past comments about Kincora and related matters, and to provide the Inquiry with the opportunity to correct the relevant errors in the its published transcripts.

None of the information I provided to the Inquiry is new. Although some of it has not previously been in the public domain, it has been in the possession of the Ministry of Defence and other Government agencies for many years and should have been made available by those authorities to the Inquiry. It should also have been made available by the authorities to previous Inquiries and the Government needs to explain why that did not happen.

Even more worrying, is the acknowledged fact that key Army Intelligence files relating to Tara and William McGrath appear to have gone missing after they were handed over by the Army to MI5 in 1989, prior to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s admission to Parliament (30 January 1990) that Ministers had “inadvertently misled” Parliament about my case. There also appears to be no record whatsoever of what became of all the ‘Clockwork Orange’ project files which I handed over to my superiors when I left Army Headquarters in Lisburn in February 1975. Some of those files related to William McGrath. To make matters worse, it is now clear from the Inquiry’s transcripts that a senior MI5 officer, Ian Cameron, falsely accused me of ‘leaking’ information to the press about William McGrath. His claim was that I did so without authority.

The MI5 claim is bizarre because, as my Army superior at the time has confirmed in the press, I was officially instructed by my superiors in Psy Ops, at the behest of Major General Peter Leng, to brief the press about McGrath as early as 1973, in a bid to draw media attention to his activities. I have no doubts whatsoever that because General Leng wanted the press to investigate McGrath, he had very good reasons for doing so and deserves credit for what he did.

It is also significant that MI5 officer who accused me of ‘leaking’ information about McGrath to the press later refused to be interviewed by the Terry Inquiry investigators about why he ordered Army Intelligence officer, Captain Brian Gemmell, to stop investigating William McGrath. Clearly, the Army and MI5 had very different agendas regarding McGrath and his activities.

The astonishing claim by the authorities, including the Intelligence Services, that they knew nothing about the allegations surrounding McGrath’s sexual activities until 1980 is a total travesty. As my documents clearly show, it is simply not credible that I knew more about McGrath and his activities than the combined Intelligence community did in 1973/74. One must conclude, therefore, that the Intelligence Services did not tell the Inquiry all they knew about McGrath during the 1970s. Indeed, most of the information I possessed about McGrath in 1973/74 came from within the Intelligence community and was quite substantial. Moreover, my 1973 press briefing document clearly contains more information about McGrath than the Intelligence Services have claimed to the Inquiry that they possessed at that time! Finally, to suggest that because I gave the press the exact postal address (including the street number of the property) and telephone number of the Kincora home, but did not actually include the name, ‘Kincora’, somehow invalidates my evidence, is an unacceptable attempt to avoid facing up to what I have been saying over the years. That information also shows that the claim made by the Intelligence Services to the Inquiry that they were not aware until 1980 of where McGrath worked is demonstrably false.

Overall, I believe the Inquiry has been a wasted opportunity to establish the full facts relating to this matter and I feel the victims have been let down yet again, as they were by previous Inquiries


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