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‘Nick’ and the Jimmy Savile allegations

The allegations that Nick has made that readers will be more familiar with have been against powerful establishment figures. A former Prime Minister, a former Home Secretary, a former Head of MI5, a former Head of MI6,  a former High Commissioner in Canada, a former Chief of the Defence Staff, a former Master-General of the Ordnance, and Harvey Proctor a former MP – among others.

*Nick has also made allegations against Leslie Goddard, Adam Ant’s father who was convicted in 1987 of child abuse as part of the notorious ‘Dirty Dozen’ which also included both Sidney Cooke and Lennie Smith who were later convicted for Jason Swift’s death.*

[A correction is needed here. I’ve been informed that despite Harvey Proctor having mentioned Leslie Goddard in his own statement, the Op Midland witness Nick has never made an allegation that Leslie Goddard abused him. This information comes from a reliable source and I accept it as true]

Yet another man that Nick has made allegations against is Jimmy Savile.

This five minute extract from a documentary called Crimes That Shook Britain: Jimmy Savile which was first broadcast on the Sky Crime and Investigation Channel on 17th August 2014, contains an interview with Nick about his abuse by Jimmy Savile. The full programme can be viewed HERE.

Nick’s allegations against Savile are very unusual. I’m not aware of any other genuine allegation against him which suggests that he was a sadist or that he ever abused within a group.

I should explain that in this documentary ‘Nick’ is referred to as ‘Stephen’

Transcript from programme

Stephen was only seven years old when he began to be abused at home.

‘My father started it, started being very violent.  He used to drink quite heavily and it started from there.  I suppose over a quite a short space of time it escalated quite quickly from, you know, just being hit to being kissed and touched and I don’t really know how many months before others were involved’.
As the abuse got worse, Stephen was handed over to an organised paedophile ring.
‘I just remembered my father coming away really pleased that he liked me and they wanted me in the group.  I had no idea what that meant at the time and then it was only a few days, I suppose, after that that I was taken to my first meeting.  There was only a few of them there and that was then set for years then.’
Stephen was abused by the group for the next nine years.  He would be collected from home at any time, day or night and on occasions he would even be picked up from school.  He was taken to various locations including houses and hotels where he, and often other boys, would be subjected to the most appalling sexual abuse by one or more men.
‘Nobody questioned it and, you know, sometimes it was during the day or the evening – at night, weekends – that was just part of life really and nobody said anything, not a word.  It’s strange because they never said “Don’t tell”.  You know, you hear people saying we were told not to tell – nobody actually ever said that but it was made very clear that if you broke the rules or if you went against the group, you would just disappear and no one would care.  They had their rules and you had to follow their rules without question: no crying and not being unconscious.  They didn’t like it if you passed out.  No passing out.  So that was it.  That was the rules you had to follow and were pretty much broke quite regularly.’
Occasionally, Stephen would be brought to the group to be told that guests would be joining them.  On more than one occasion the guests would include Jimmy Savile.
‘You didn’t always know beforehand.  Sometimes we were told as we were being taken to wherever it would happen to be that there would be a guest coming that evening, or that day, or whenever it was, but not always.  No names were ever used, you know – just didn’t use names at all, and yeah, he came probably a couple of times a year over several years, just odd occasions youknow, there was nothing different about the event.  It’s just that there was somebody different there.’
Did Savile abuse you directly?
‘Yes.  He was just sadistic in what he wanted to do and what he wanted other people to do.  Yeah.  Just evil and enjoyed seeing pain inflicted and humiliation I suppose.  It was hard to comprehend because you know who it is when you’re sat watching TV and he’s on the TV and, you know, it’s just a really strange feeling.  I think all of us were just objects, the best way I can describe it is like sweets in a bag that you hand round and share.  We meant nothing, nothing at all.’
Stephen’s abuse at the hands of the group stopped when he was 16.  Only recently has he been able to talk about his horrific ordeal.  Following the Savile revelations, he reported his abuse to the police.
‘The police have been fantastic, because that was a nerve-wracking experience and positive I suppose for my own life because I’m now much more grounded with it I suppose.  I know what triggers me, I know what doesn’t.  I mean, it’s easier to live with now and hopefully that’s going to enable me to get another relationship at some point.’


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Edwina Currie On Jimmy Savile And Broadmoor


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Links To 15 DoE Reports And 16 NHS Reports Related To Jimmy Savile.

All published today

Links to all 14 individual reports regarding Jimmy Savile (Department for Education)

Overarching Department for Education Report (Scott-Moncrieff)

Action for Children


Bournemouth Borough Council

Devon County Council – Colleton Lodge report

Gloucestershire County Council

Henshaws Society for Blind People

Hounslow Council

Leeds City Council

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Manchester City Council

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottingham City Council

Sevenoaks School

Southwark Council

Links to all 15 individual reports regarding Jimmy Savile (NHS)

Overarching NHS report (Lampard)

Stoke Mandeville Hospital (Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHST)

Rampton Hospital (Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHST)

Springfield University Hospital (SW London and St George’s Mental Health) This relates to the activities of Johnny Savile

Crawley Hospital (Sussex Community)

Leeds General Infirmary (Leeds Teaching Hospitals)

Birch Hill Hospital Rochdale (Pennine Acute)

Scott House Hospital Rochdale (Calderstones)

Bethlem Royal Hospital (South London and Maudsley)

Shenley Hospital (Central and NW London)

West Yorkshire Ambulance Service (Yorkshire Ambulance Service)

St Martin’s Hospital Canterbury (Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead (Gateshead Health)

Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals)

Meanwood Park Hospital (Leeds and York Partnership)

Calderdale Royal Hospital (Calderdale and Huddersfield)


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Manchester City Council Report On Jimmy Savile

To access page where report can be downloaded please click on link below.

The Noble Report for Manchester City Council


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Leeds City Council’s Report On Jimmy Savile.

Please click on link below to access full report.

The Stewart Report for Leeds City Council.



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Department Of Education Report On Jimmy Savile

Please click on link below to access full report.

Independent oversight of investigation into matters relating to Jimmy Savile at schools and children’s homes


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Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Report On Jimmy Savile

Please click on link below to access full report.

Investigation into the association of Jimmy Savile with Stoke Mandeville Hospital

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Kate Lampard Report On Jimmy Savile

There are quite a few reports on Jimmy Savile published today.

This one is for the Department of Health and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Themes and lessons learnt from NHS investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile


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