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Cyril Smith And Operation Hedgerow


I tweeted about this earlier this evening as I have done before but then I realised that I haven’t actually made a blog post about it. I don’t know why, I guess that I thought that readers had heard enough Cyril Smith connections and really want something about a politician who is alive. I’m sure it won’t be too long before that happens, just as I’m sure that victims of Cyril Smith’s don’t feel that he is ‘old news’.

Sometimes posts on The Needle are speculative and sometimes not, I hope it is clear to readers which is which. This story is definitely not speculative, it is impeccably sourced and I’d stake my reputation that it is true. To my knowledge this has not been reported in the MSM.

For some background regarding this read: Operation Hedgerow (1987-89)

To understand how Cyril Smith was identified as a child abuser during this police investigation you need look at the innovative approach that the police team took.

From the article linked above;

The Operation was rated a success because of the novel police approach.

Firstly, they took a different tack with the allegations. Normally, an alleged abuser would be confronted immediately, putting the word of a child against that of an adult and making evidence difficult to collect. Instead, a team was established to keep the abuser’s house under surveillance. They noted the visits of boys and other adults and tailed them home to discover who they were.

Secondly, they formed a very close link to Brent Social Services Department (SSD) at an early stage. David Divine, the director of Brent SSD was called upon to discuss working together. Nine experienced social workers were assigned to the core team and these people supported both the children, their parents and the police.

Thirdly, DCI Gaspar viewed their success in terms of shifting the power base [of procurers of boys]

Fourthly, the police took the approach of investigating all the leads, and expanding the operation, rather than limiting themselves to dealing with the single complaint from one social worker. This resulted in the exposure of two paedophile rings.

This all led to a huge number of leads and an unprecedented number of arrests.

While trailing and observing the ‘rent boys’ they were led to Cyril Smith.

And so we have yet another example of a police investigation independently stumbling onto the fact that Cyril Smith had an unhealthy sexual interest in young boys.

It joins a long list of similar incidences starting in the 1960s through the 1970s and into the 1980s including Elm Guest House. Operation Hedgerow 1987-1989  is the last occasion I know of.

This police operation took place at a time before computers were widely used. Cyril Smith is now just a name on an index card, among many,  and only those involved in that police investigation can provide any context other than that he was a person of interest.

Though it explains the police ‘gossip’ that Jackie Malton refers to in this LBC interview.


Anyway, it’s another piece of the jigsaw for you.


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Operation Outreach Concludes

This information is from Rabbitaway.blogspot. The blog does not in general reflect my views but I include the link as I believe it is fair to include attribution.

Operation Outreach was the police investigation into Jimmy Savile’s offending at Duncroft Approved School.

My understanding is that Jimmy Savile had not visited Duncroft until the 1970s and therefore could not have sexually abused any girl there during the 1960s. Some who have decided that Jimmy Savile has been maligned and who mistakenly, in my view, think he can be exonerated from the child abuse allegations have chosen to suggest that because allegations from Duncroft in the 1960s are untrue that all Duncroft allegations, and even all allegations against Jimmy Savile anywhere, are also untrue.

This suggestion is based on extremely flawed logic and to me demonstrates that those that hold that view have set out to defend Jimmy Savile at all costs, ignoring the evidence, rather than set out to get to the truth. In other words, these people have a pre-existing agenda.

It is interesting to note that this letter which marks the conclusion of Operation Outreach DOES NOT suggest that Savile was not a sex offender. On the contrary, it repeatedly has a clear presumption throughout that Jimmy Savile was an offender. The conclusion within this letter is only that no prosecution against former staff members from Duncroft for complicity in Savile’s crimes would likely be successful and that is an important criteria the CPS must pass before any prosecution goes ahead.




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Read All About It

The Friday Night Song


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Simon Danczuk Warned Off By Sir Edward Henry Garnier MP

Sir Edward Henry Garnier

Sir Edward Henry Garnier

We now know from Simon Danczuk that the Member of Parliament who attempted to warn him off naming Leon Brittan in the Home Affairs Select Committee was Sir Edward Henry Garnier.

He was alluded to in the MSM earlier in the year.

After finding the video below, I might have been a bit behind the curve on this.

A campaigning Labour MP claimed on Sunday that he was “warned off” challenging Lord Brittan, the former Home Secretary, about what he knew about an alleged Westminster paedophile ring.

Simon Danczuk said a Conservative minister told him not to name Lord Brittan in a parliamentary committee last week, suggesting if he did he could be responsible for the Conservative peer’s death.

Mr Danczuk ignored the warning and revealed that Lord Brittan had seen a “bundle” of papers detailing an alleged Westminster paedophile ring. Lord Brittan has since said he passed the 40-page dossier of papers on to Home Office officials to investigate.

Mr Danczuk said the warning came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him. He said: “I’d never spoken to him before in my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

The Independent


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The Underfunding Of CEOP And The Police.

Finding Andreas Bauminis

Finding Andreas Bauminis

Given recent concerns raised about the underfunding of CEOP and the police in general, I thought I’d share this story with you.

It should give you an insight into some of the things that are wrong with law enforcement and crimes involving child sexual abuse in the UK and also demonstrate the lengths I will sometimes go to to get to the bottom of a story.

I’ve not published this before

On the 25th  March this year someone tipped me off about this story below. It is from a local free newspaper and I found that it was at that time only being reported in a couple of other local free newspapers. Two weeks later The Express would run a story on it.

A SHOCKING ‘snuff movie’ was found at the Skelmersdale home of a young factory worker along with other appalling child abuse images, a court has heard.

And a judge told Andreas Bauminis: “It is hard to imagine or contemplate a more grotesque, revolting, repulsive and inhuman series of images.”

The disgusting videos were discovered at the home of Bauminis following information from the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation about use of internet file sharing sites.

Police went to his home, which he shared with his brother’s family, including two children, in February last year and seized his computer tower.

When arrested Bauminis said: “I’m sorry, I have downloaded two or three videos involving 12 to 15-year-old girls from a sharing programme.”


Now, ‘snuff’ movies are a very difficult issue to pin down. It is not that movies that are suspected to be of murdered children do not exist but that it is almost impossible to prove that they are genuine and not special effects, a problem that can only have been exacerbated since the 1980s due to technological innovation.

The question that drove my investigation was a very simple one. As a child abuse video had turned up that had convinced a judge which contained evidence of a murder, what further action were the police taking ?

My first call was to Lancashire Police but they had no record of  Andreas Bauminis.

So I then called Merseyside Police but they had no record of him either.

And so I then call the CEOP press office but they could not find him. I explained that the evidence in the case included 20-minute ‘snuff’ video showing a 15-year-old girl being raped, strangled with a wire and apparently murdered before being wrapped in a plastic sheet and dragged out the room. She accepted that it was something that CEOP would be likely to look at but she didn’t know anything about the case.

Right, I thought, I better start from the beginning and check that the story was true and so I called Liverpool Crown Court where a lovely lady there confirmed that the court case had taken place and was true. I explained my dilemma but she had no record of which police force had been involved with this case. However, she did very helpfully suggest that I contact the regional CPS office.

I should just say that both the lady at Liverpool Crown Court and the lady at Merseyside/Cheshire CPS were extremely helpful and efficient.

The CPS did have a record of Andreas Bauminis and gave me a CPS reference number.

I then called Lancashire Police back and after once again asking about Andreas Bauminis who they still couldn’t find, I gave them the reference number the CPS had given me. Hey presto! They found him. They’d misspelt his name!

This raised altogether new concerns. Afterall, if Andreas Bauminis’ name had been spelled incorrectly on the arresting police force’s records, would his name be correctly spelled on the sex offenders register ?

After spending a minute correcting the spelling of Andreas Bauminis’ name on Lancashire Police’s records, I could now finally ask the question I’d originally set out to get an answer to. ‘What further action was being taken in the light of potential evidence of a murder being found when Andreas Bauminis’ home had been raided ?’

The lady in the press office didn’t know but did give me the telephone number of the police station in charge of the investigation.

So, I called them.

‘What further action was being taken in the light of potential evidence of a murder being found when Andreas Bauminis’ home had been raided ?’

The officer who took my call didn’t know but, she said, the officer in charge of the investigation would know. ‘Could I speak to him?’ He wasn’t there and so I gave my name, address, telephone number, and email to the police officer and asked if he could pass on my details to the officer in charge of the investigation so that he could call me back. (I never received a call back)

Undeterred, I called up CEOP once again. In the meantime someone at CEOP press office had looked up and found  Andreas Bauminis. As the newspaper report had suggested the UK investigation had begun after the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation had tipped of CEOP. CEOP had then identified Andreas Bauminis and passed the information on to Lancashire Police.

‘ And’, I asked, ‘What further action was being taken in the light of potential evidence of a murder being found when Andreas Bauminis’ home had been raided ?’

They didn’t know. Once CEOP had passed the information on to Lancashire Police it was their investigation. CEOP’s part had been played.

Didn’t they think that potentially evidence of a ‘snuff’ movie, probably filmed abroad, should have been fed back to CEOP ?

‘Probably, yes’, she replied.

And there you have it. CEOP is a fantastic idea but if it is to work efficiently in the interests of child protection it needs to be a great deal better resourced and act as a central hub which not only feeds information out to regional police forces but receives information back.

The system in the past has not been joined up and that has been part, though by no means not all, of the problems that led to a proliferation of child abuse in the 1970s, 1980’s, and 1990’s but the issues are not just historical. It is better than it was but it is still not properly joined up.


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Martin Allen & Vishal Mehrotra

I was struck by the similarity in dress between the artist’s impression of Martin Allen’s abductor and a description of a man seen with an Asian boy later on the afternoon of Vishal Mehrotra’s disappearance not far from the place where his remains would later be found.

Artists impression of Martin Allen and his abductor.



Sighting of a young Asian boy, possibly Vishal Mehrotra, and description of a man accompanying him. “6ft man dressed in Army-style combat jacket and matching cap.”


Vishal Mehrotra disappeared at around 2pm on the 29th July 1981. This sighting was at around 3:30pm at Beacon Hill on the South Downs not far from Rogate where Vishal Mehrotra’s remains were found 7 months after he disappeared.




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There Was A Time…


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