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The Riverboat Song

Friday night song

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Thank you for your interest in the work of the Macur Review, which is progressing well.
Mrs Justice Macur is keen to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible and would like to let you know that we will shortly be holding a public meeting in North Wales, to provide local people with an opportunity to identify the Review team and to provide any additional information relevant to the Macur Review terms of reference.
The meeting will take place on Tuesday 18 June and will be held at the Ramada Hotel in Wrexham, to provide a neutral venue in a location with good transport links. The event will be attended by Mrs Justice Macur and members of the Review team. There will be two sessions; one starting at 12:30, the other at 18:00 when the Judge will say a few opening words, but in keeping with wishing to hear views, she will otherwise be very much in listening mode. Given the sensitivity of the issues covered by the Review, we would like to offer attendees a private appointment by prior arrangement if this would be preferable. Please contact Marie Colton at the address /contact details below if you are interested in considering this option.
There may be some local media coverage of the meeting, but Mrs Justice Macur is clear that she is not holding a press conference.
We do appreciate that you may not be available to attend given the pressures on your time. However, should you wish to provide any relevant information in addition to that already submitted, this can be sent either by email to or by post to Room TM 10.02, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL.
Kind regards
Macur Review
TM 10.02 | Royal Courts of Justice | London | WC2A 2LL


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Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths


The headline summed it up: “Is this the film that should never have been made ?”.

Just as telling was that the article under it – in the TV Times – was the only national press coverage of the film. Ten years after the Cleveland Child Abuse Crisis not a single newspaper reported on a documentary which told – for the first time – the truth about what had happened to the children at the heart of a “scandal” which had gripped and divided the entire country. Not for nothing was the film called “Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths”.

For those too young to recall it – and for those who still do – it’s worth recalling the events as they unfolded.

In the spring of 1987, 121 children from the (then) county of Cleveland – an area of some 583 square km and including the economically depressed towns of Hartlepool, Redcar…

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Jimmy Savile: West Yorkshire Police reveal abuse figures

From BBC News


Jimmy Savile’s offending took place in locations including hospitals, public toilets, a cemetery and nightclubs, allegations collated by police show.

Across West Yorkshire, 79 offences have been recorded against 71 people, the figures have revealed.

Thirty-five attacks by the broadcaster in hospitals involved complainants ranging in age from five to 45.

The West Yorkshire Police figures show Savile targeted 18 victims at private addresses in Leeds and Bradford.

The figures, from West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Newgreen victim and crime survey, suggest Savile was most prolific in his offending in the region – including at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) and the city’s St James’s Hospital – in the 1960s and 70s.

In January, Operation Yewtree detectives revealed they had recorded 214 alleged sex offences committed nationwide by the BBC presenter, who died in October 2011, aged 84.

By March, 450 claims had been made against Savile since the launch of Yewtree in October 2012.

According to the West Yorkshire Police figures, in the 1960s Savile struck 25 times in the region, with eight attacks at the LGI and two at St James’s Hospital. A further nine offences are reported to have happened in nightclubs.

In the following decade the presenter continued to prey on people at the LGI, according to complaints made to police, with 11 alleged offences committed there.

No attacks were reported at St James’ Hospital in the 1970s, although 11 offences were committed on what police described as private property during that decade and eight in other public places.

A spokesman for Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust declined to comment on the hospital allegations.

Savile’s hospital attacks

  • 29 at Leeds General Infirmary
  • 2 at St James’s
  • 2 at High Royds
  • 1 at Dewsbury
  • 1 at LGI or St James (unknown)

Savile’s ‘public’ attacks

  • 1 restaurant
  • 1 park
  • 1 cemetery
  • 1 charity event
  • 3 business premises
  • 1 school
  • 1 public toilet
  • 1 car park
  • 2 hotels
  • 1 railway station
  • 1 in the a street

‘Pattern of offending’

Attacks in other hospitals in West Yorkshire have also been reported to police, with one at Dewsbury Hospital in the 1960s, and two separate attacks in High Royds Hospital at Menston, near Ilkley, which treated psychiatric patients, in the 1970s and 1980s.

The police figures show a total of 25 offences were committed against 24 victims in what the force described as public locations.

Ten of these were in nightclubs, with other attacks detailed in a cemetery, a public toilet, a railway station, a park, a street and two in hotels.

Savile’s alleged attacks on private property include 19 offences against 18 victims, with the youngest aged five and the oldest an 18 year old.

Seventeen of those offences were said to have happened in Leeds, one in Bradford and one at an undisclosed location.

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police said: “It is important that any victims of either recent or past offences have the confidence to come forward.

“All reports are taken seriously and West Yorkshire Police assures victims that they will be treated in confidence with sensitivity and respect.”

Alan Collins, a lawyer representing some of the alleged victims of Savile, said the figures showed the presenter had been prepared to take risks to satisfy his needs.

He said: “I draw two conclusions from the statistics: one they provide corroboration there is a pattern of offending. It shows that Savile was a serial abuser operating with a particular MO (modus operandi).

“Secondly, it shows that he took risks, that he was an opportunist – the type of location that has been revealed by police is very diverse.

“And it shows that Savile was prepared to take risks in order to abuse children and young people.”

From BBC News


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In Response To Council Review Of The White Report

By Dr Liz Davies

In Response to this post HERE

This is the first time I have read this report. All these years later it shocks me deeply.  Herbert Laming was head of the Social Services Inspectorate at the time. He did a paper review and so would have been limited by which papers he received from the Council.

Please be assured we didn’t make it up. So much was never investigated – the police, who were working very well with me,  were removed from one of the main investigations I was conducting into the most serious crimes against children you could ever imagine.  Also the child protection police were very supportive of our work and other professionals such as paediatricians, GPs, teachers, probation officers, health visitors, lawyers and child psychiatrists were all working with us on the front line very closely and effectively. Yet, when reports were sent to the Islington Area Child Protection Committee – it found no evidence. The White report said there was no evidence and reported the police as stating the same thing at a time when I was working with police investigating organised abuse!

There must be professionals and survivors of the Islington scandal who could now come forward to Operation Fernbridge.

As I have said before, I am happy to respond  to emails about Islington.

Dr Liz Davies

Reader in Child Protection

London Metropolitan University


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THE PAEDOFILE: Reforming the Family Courts…what is behind this disastrous MoJ effort?

The Slog

Do we blame the Fishface at the top? Or is this just another élite cover-up?

graylingptAn intellectual stickleback engages in introspection

The constitutional braindeath at the heart of the Conservative Party gets more depressing with every month that passes. Labour under Blair and Brown were no better – and I have no doubt at all that the ‘advisers’ in the Ed Miller Band are just as thick – but it is the Tory Party that’s in power, and as right now they’re the ones vandalising the Rule of Law and Equality before the Law, they are obviously the people to fire at. With these clowns in charge, one simply couldn’t miss.

The man at the top of the ironically named Ministry of Justice these days is Christopher Grayling. He is a bloke who recently said,”Britain’s reoffending rates are shameful” and then went on to ignore every successful voluntary sector experiment…

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Mark Bridger Found Guilty


Mark Bridger and Stuart Hazell

I’m not going to write too much about this, other than to point out that the murderer of April Jones viewed Child Sexual Abuse images before killing her and that the murderer of Tia Sharp likewise watched child pornography before he killed her.

Perhaps this is something that any man ‘curious’ about child pornography should consider before he runs an internet search. Curiosity can quickly become an addiction, an addiction becomes an obsession, and who knows where that obsession will lead you ?

If you accidentally come across Child Sexual Abuse images (child pornography) please bear in mind that you are looking at evidence of a crime and report it immediately to either the Internet Watch Foundation or CEOP.


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