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Fiona Woolf Resigns.


I don’t think I want to add too much other than it is a great shame that it has taken so long and I wish Fiona Woolf all the best for the future.

I think she’s been played and her year as Lord Mayor of London ruined by an incompetent Home Office.

Fiona Woolf is to step down as the head of an inquiry into historic child sex abuse, she has told the BBC.

She said it had been clear for some time that victims did not have confidence in her, adding that it was time to “get out of the way”.

Victims’ groups earlier told Home Office officials they were “unanimous” she should resign over social links with ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan.

David Cameron had been certain that she could do the job, a spokesman said.

It comes after the first person appointed to lead the inquiry – Baroness Butler-Sloss – stepped down in July after concerns were raised about the fact that her late brother was attorney general during the 1980s.

BBC News



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Why I Believe Jim Gamble Should Chair The CSA Inquiry.


What a mess!

What an appalling and horrendous mess!

Following the announcement in July by the Home Secretary Teresa May of an ‘overarching and independent inquiry into child abuse’ there was a sense of momentum, a feeling of optimism, and a sense of trust that finally the horrible truth about child sexual abuse in UK institutions over many decades and allegations of establishment complicity and even involvement would at last be exposed.

That momentum has been lost, that optimism has been worn down, that trust has been squandered.

At the time of writing this, Fiona Woolf is still chair of the Inquiry but I doubt anyone would suggest that she will be for much longer. She will be the second chairperson to forced to resign due to conflicted  links to those involved in issues that will almost certainly need to be looked at by the CSA Inquiry.

But the suitability of the chair alone is not the only concern that many have. This supposedly ‘independent’ inquiry appears to have had significant Home Office involvement. From the selection of the panel, providing Home Office staff to serve as the Inquiry’s secretariat, to even revising and redrafting Fiona Woolf’s public letter to the Home Secretary, the Home Office’s fingerprints are all over this. If the CSA Inquiry had made significant progress in the last couple of months then perhaps that wouldn’t have mattered but the entire process is stalled and questions are starting to be asked whether it was the intention of the Home Office all along to ‘sponsor’ a stalled, flawed, and impotent inquiry.

It is now abundantly clear that if this Inquiry is to be salvaged it is going to need decisive, independent and professional leadership and that is why I believe that Jim Gamble, the formerly the chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and more recently, since  he resigned in October 2010 after the Home Secretary Theresa May’s money saving decision to merge CEOP with SOCA and other bodies into a new National Crime Agency, he has continued to actively promote child safeguarding.

There are many great potential candidates who might credibly take over the chairmanship of the CSA Inquiry but very few, like Jim Gamble, could walk into a Home Affairs Select Committee meeting  tomorrow and demonstrate a broad understanding of the complexity, scope, and sensitivity of the issues involved.

Simon Danzuk MP has suggested that someone from inside the panel should be promoted to chair but I sincerely disagree because the effect of this recent Home Office debacle has been to  undermine to a greater or lesser degree all those connected to it. I would not expect to see an entirely new panel but I would hope to see a new uncontaminated chairperson accompanied by a panel that can provide balance and oversight.

Brian Moore would be an excellent addition to the panel.

Why ?


And to be frank, not accepting bollocks right now, after Home Office civil servants have been tinkering, is an essential qualification.

A well respected professional journalist would also add weight, required skill sets, and balance to the panel.

It is impossible for a chairman and a panel to be selected which will be supported by every survivor. Child sexual abuse is extremely personal and traumatic and the individual survivor is the only person that can express how they feel and that is why survivors will need a voice in this process. Every survivor must be given the opportunity to give testimony to this inquiry. Whether it is in private or in public, written or oral, whether in their own names or anonymously, that should be their choice but everyone should be given the chance if they wish.

I personally believe that Jim Gamble can rescue this travesty of an inquiry and deliver the answers that everyone wants. I believe he will deliver the clear leadership and independence which will give survivors confidence in the CSA Inquiry as a whole.


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Peter Saunders On Radio 4 CSA Inquiry 31/10/14


From Radio 4’s Today program.

Can be listened to HERE



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Private Dinners With Lord And Lady Brittan Were Hidden.

“The Brittan’s hosted two dinner parties at their residence, which I was invited to and attended on 10 November 2009 and 15 February 2012. From my recollection there were no other guests who attended” – Fiona Woolf (Page 14, Draft)
No mention of this in the final Home Office Approved Letter.
Why ?


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Colin Tucker: Lost In Home Office Revisions

This didn’t make the final Home Office approved draft.


Maybe because Scotland is excluded from this ‘Overarching’ ‘Independent’ Inquiry ?

Or was there another reason ?



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Fiona Woolf’s Letter To HASC And Drafts.

Original source can be found HERE
These are the images;
Woolf Letter 01aWoolf Letter 02aWoolf Letter 03a

Below are the ‘Thunbnails’ of the drafts from the document which are reproduced in the same order as they appear in the document.
NOTE : This may or may not be the order in which they were created at the time by the Home Office/Fiona Woolf.
Click the image to expand, and click again to see full size:-

First Draft;
FW Draft1 01

FW Draft1 02

Second Draft;
FW Draft2 01FW Draft2 02

Third Draft;
FW Draft3 01FW Draft3 02

Fourth Draft;
FW Draft4 01FW Draft4 02

Fifth Draft;
FW Draft5 01FW Draft5 02
FW Draft5 03FW Draft5 04
FW Draft5 05

Sixth Draft;

FW Draft6 01FW Draft6 02

FW Draft6 03FW Draft6 04

FW Draft6 05

Seventh and Final Draft;

FW Draft7 (Final) 01FW Draft7 (Final) 02

FW Draft7 (Final) 03FW Draft7 (Final) 04


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