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Akhtar…a spider at the centre of the taxi trade web

Rotherham Politics

It also named taxi firms involved in both grooming and the transportation of young girls for the purposes of their prostitution. Taxi drivers were critical to the industrialization of CSE, moving girls around sometimes even between towns.

Much has been made of Akhtars aggressive role in the Council, however what mustn’t be forgotten is his senior role in the local Taxi business.

For many years he was leader of the Taxi Drivers association, and himself was joint owner of a private hire firm. He is notorious among drivers for somehow getting himself a highly lucrative disabled taxi permit. Very cheaply.

Akhtar is now denying having knowledge of the extent of grooming until 2013, and by implication how taxis were used in the abuse and prostitution. Personally, I find this incredible.

Since becoming aware of the CSE issue on a couple of occasions when in taxis with drivers I could trust…

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Rotherham Council Paid Paedophile Taxi Drivers To Pick Up Vulnerable Girls.

…And despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the taxi drivers sexually abusing young girls were of ‘Pakistani Heritage’ the only driver banned from driving the children was “white”.

From BBC’s Today Programme [29/08/2014]


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Akhtar and the scene of the crime

Rotherham Politics

The case of Jessica was one of those Rotherham Child Sex Abuse cases reported by Andrew Norfolk in the Times. Jessica claims that when she was abducted from a Children’s Services foster home her abductor and sexual abuser was allowed to go free, un-prosecuted. She further alleged that his freedom resulted from a deal done by former Councillor Jahangir Akhtar to secure a non-prosecution deal in return for her release.

The perpetrator, Ash Hussain, was a close family friend of Akhtars, so close that once when in hospital he named Akhtars address as his home.

She stated that when she was handed over to Police Akhtar was stood nearby and that is was probably Akhtar who arranged for her abuser to be taken home.

Publicly Akhtar focused on the Police assessing whether or not he had done anything illegal despite it never being suggested by the Times that he hsd…

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Labour, Biraderi, Corruption and Child Sexual Abuse: Joining the Dots

Rotherham Politics

Once the Mirpuri/ Pakistani community in Britain started to politically organise its leaders found the UK highly fertile ground for the introduction of political practices imported from their homeland.

Specifically I am talking about the close links between organised crime, politics based in caste and clan and the protection of the misogynistic male dominance within their own community; inevitably this ended up protecting sexual criminals.

A culture where the clan (Biraderi) leaders effectively abuse religion and family ties to enrich themselves , abusing their own community by deliberately building up fear of kafir (non Muslim outsiders) to make them toe the community leadership line. The likes of EDL, BNP and UKIP are a gift to a Biraderi leadership who canscare their own by saying “that’s what awaits if you leave our nest”.

Another tactic of the leadership is to be seen with white figures of power, because poor and ill-educated…

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One Year Ago: Deputy Leader Jahangir Akhtar Steps Down

 Jahangir Akhtar

Jahangir Akhtar

There is much much more to come out. If this entire sordid situation doesn’t unravel then our society is sick beyond help.


The deputy leader of Rotherham Council has stepped down over claims he knew about a relationship between a girl in care and a suspected child abuser.

Jahangir Akhtar’s decision follows the publication of one woman’s account of being allowed contact with the alleged abuser from 1999, when aged 14.

The Times newspaper reported Mr Akhtar is related to the alleged offender and was aware of their relationship.

Mr Akhtar said he was resigning out of “courtesy”. He denies the claims.

The Labour councillor said he was also standing down as vice-chairman of the Police and Crime Panel, which scrutinises the local force.

BBC News

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Rotherham Councillors Connected To Taxi Firms.

This comment left on the excellent Rotherham Politics blog caught my eye.

Given that the BBC, HERE, are making it clear that Muslim taxi drivers contracted by Rotherham council to drive vulnerable girls from care homes accepted sexual favours as ‘payment’ for lifts (on top of billing taxpayers via the council), this information posted as a comment, that there are connections between Muslim councillors and a taxi firm (contracted to ferry girls ??) should be of interest.

I’ve just spoken to a ‘Rotherham insider’ who advised me that the names of Cllr Mahroof Hussain and Ex Deputy Leader Jahngir Akhtar are ones to watch out for as this story develops in the MSM.

It does not surprise me with Sajid Bostan as to what he said its true?
People like Sajid Bostan, Majid Bostan who have criminal records are still driving taxis for Goldstar Taxis, these two and the rest of the criminals have been given licence to driver public around.
There relatives Cllr Mahroof Hussain and Ex Deputy Leader Jahngir Akhtar were the ones who had quite word with licencing department to issue taxi plates and licences.
Sajid bostan and his criminals colleagues were the ones driving these vulnerable victims around The North.


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