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The Friday Night Song


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Tom Watson On PIE: “I wouldn’t have touched them with a bargepole”



Shaun Ley interviews Labour MP Tom Watson about the Paedophile Information Exchange and allegations of child abuse.

Interview can be listened to HERE


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Patricia Hewitt’s Full Statement And Apology.


“I have been away for the last twelve days and have only now been able to study the allegations made by the Daily Mail and others.

Any suggestion that I supported or condoned the vile crimes of child abusers is completely untrue. When Jack Dromey, as NCCL chairman in 1976, vigorously opposed PIE at the NCCL AGM, he did so with the full support of the executive committee and myself as general secretary. As the NCCL archives demonstrate, I consistently distinguished between consenting relationships between homosexual men, on the one hand, and the abuse of children on the other.

NCCL in the 1970s, along with many others, was naive and wrong to accept PIE’s claim to be a ‘campaigning and counselling organisation’ that ‘does not promote unlawful acts’. As general secretary then, I take responsibility for the mistakes we made. I got it wrong on PIE and I apologise for having done so. I should have urged the executive committee to take stronger measures to protect NCCL’s integrity from the activities of PIE members and sympathisers and I deeply regret not having done so. In particular, Tom O’Carroll should never have been allowed to join the gay rights sub-committee.

The proposal to reduce the age of consent was not mine – it was the policy of the organisation and its executive committee at that time. I do not support reducing the age of consent or legalising incest.

I note some of the comments about Harriet Harman and her role. Harriet did not join the NCCL staff until 1978. She was one of two legal officers, neither of whom was a member of the executive committee.

NCCL in the 1970s played a leading role in anti-discrimination and equality campaigns. We helped to secure the Sex Discrimination Act, anonymity for rape victims and an end to discriminatory immigration rules against British women with a foreign husband. We also built support for equalising the age of consent for homosexual men – a change eventually made in 1998. I am proud of the contribution NCCL made to these and other important reforms during my time as general secretary.

Many people’s lives have been destroyed by sexual abuse in their childhood. Although the evil of child sexual abuse is now properly recognised, as a society we still have a long way to go in protecting children, tackling the sexualisation of girls and supporting the survivors of sexual abuse. I hope the lessons that are being learnt from the mistakes of the 1970s will contribute to those goals.”


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Paedophile Information Exchange Interview From 1983



For 10 years, the Paedophile Information Exchange openly advocated that adults should be allowed to have sex with children.

In this 1983 Newsnight interview, two members of the group explain their views.

Short interview can be found HERE


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PIE Had Consequences That Need To Be Examined



It is over a year ago that I wrote about the connection through the NCCL, between Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, and Patricia Hewett and the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

In The Life Of PIE I concluded;

In 1978, until 1983, PIE  became affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), now known as Liberty. Under PIE’s influence the NCCL campaigned for incest to be decriminalised and argued that sexually explicit child pornography should be legal unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered harm.

During the period 1978-85, when PIE was finally outlawed, the organisation was dogged by bad press, and it’s members subject to a series of arrests.

However, the long term consequences of allowing PIE to operate legally for ten years can not be overestimated. To think that an established and organised semi-covert network of predatory paedophiles would simply disappear once PIE had been made an illegal organisation would be folly. Many members, including Steven Adrian Smith who was Chairperson of PIE from 1979 to 1985, fled to Holland, where they continued to abuse children, others remained in the UK unharassed by the authorities.

The PIE network, which had always operated in a semi-covert way, no longer needed a central and public communication hub. The contacts, of a disparate paedophile minority, which would have been unlikely to natually evolve a covert organisational structure due to the necessarily secretive nature of their sexual proclivities,  had already been established.

It is, in part, the failure of that generation’s politicians which included Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewett, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, and many more, which has bequeathed to us the current unacceptable situation.

My view has not changed. 

This issue should not be a political football kicked from one political team to another with greater and greater spin because at the very heart of all  of this are victims.

Is it incumbent on Harriet Harman to resign ? I don’t think so but she should take the time to explain how this happened because at worst it looks as if she turned a blind eye to child abuse.

Many commentators I’ve heard or read over the last week, regardless of their political affiliation, seem to consign this disgraceful episode to  the past. I’ve not seen one person on TV or in the newspapers who has attempted to examine the consequences of the 10 years, 1974-1984, that PIE were able to legally operate.

PIE laid the foundation for underground paedophile networks after 1984. They were organised and ready when the internet emerged and were some of the first to take advantage of its potential.

PIE might not be legal, the networks it spawned may no longer exist but the consequences of PIE have reverberated through the decades and as it has done, it has left many child abuse victims in it’s wake.

It needs to be examined.



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Scammers call Santa to fix his pc

This is what happens if a scammer interrupts a needleteam member’s breakfast!




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PIE: Charles Oxley Interview 1983

Charles Oxley who infiltrated PIE

Charles Oxley who infiltrated PIE

Asked how he, Charles Oxley, was sure that members of PIE actually abused children, he replies,

“Because I’ve heard them boast about their activities [at PIE committee meetings]. One of them boasted about an afternoon he spent with two boys on the river Thames.”

I wonder who he could be talking about ?

Extract of Charles Oxley interview begins 10 minutes in.

BBC Radio 4


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Op Cayacos: New Arrests Imminent ?

Tom Watson

Detectives expect to press charges within weeks in an investigation that was sparked by a question in Parliament about a paedophile ring linked to politicians.

The charges would be the first to result directly from a dramatic intervention in the House of Commons by Tom Watson, the campaigning MP, in October 2012.

Officers on the case were astounded when a bishop in the Church of England came foward to allege that he was sexually abused as a boy.

An eminent businessman also told police that he was sexually abused as a boy.  In addition, detectives have interviewed a well-known journalist who reported an attempt to sexually abuse him when he was a boy.

Watson alleged in Parliament that a network run by Peter Righton, the notorious paedophile, reached into the top levels of British politics.  The MP riased the issue in prime minister’s questions soon after the exposure of Jimmy Saville, the late BBC star, as a paedophile.

Exaro News


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Are The Daily Mail Having Their PIE And Eating It ?

I find it very interesting to read in the MSM all of these stories which first broke in the alternative media.

And I’m very very intrigued by the timing. I’m still asking myself, why now?

Last night, Mr Watson said the Conservatives have questions to answer about alleged cover-ups of paedophilia in their ranks.

He claimed the Tories tried to suppress the case of diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, who was jailed in 1984 for posting child pornography.


Mr Watson added: ‘The shared shame of all the political parties is that they can do more – much more – to protect kids who face abuse.’

A Labour MP has demanded renewed and wider inquiries into the Paedophile Information Exchange amid fears that government files proving it received taxpayers’ cash have been shredded.

An ex-civil servant has previously claimed the government gave money to the PIE – which called paedophiles ‘ordinary, decent, sensible human beings’ – during the 1970s.

Home Secretary Theresa May has asked Mark Sedwill, the permanent secretary at the Home Office, to investigate after details of the claims were passed on by Labour MP Tom Watson.

Last night Mr Watson welcomed the probe but also demanded a wider-ranging police inquiry into the PIE.

Daily Mail


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PIE: Harriet Harman Newsnight Interview

I couldn’t believe just how badly Harman put across her defence in last night’s interview.


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Non-Current Childhood Abuse Victims – Current Human Rights Victims???

Support for Survivors of Childhood Abuse

This is an incredibly difficult piece to write, but possibly a profoundly important one to the debate as to how victims of childhood abuse should be treated. Victims, like others, have rights, but without expensive practitioners in law, it is very difficult to exercise these. It is even more difficult in the area of Human Rights, which enshrines the states responsibilities to take positive steps to ensure that the rights of the individual are protected. I write this as a lay person, with no legal training, but having sought some advice on this issue.

The Human Rights Act outlines core principles which should be protected – no matter what – and places the burden of responsibility to act – clearly upon the state and its agencies.

Victims are vulnerable, and the protection of their rights is critical to confidence in the Criminal Justice System. If Victims are being Victimised again…

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The Full Savile Report: Giving Victims A Voice


Giving Victims A Voice

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Dave Lee Travis Faces Retrial

images (2)

Dave Lee Travis was acquitted of 12 charges of indecent assault at Southwark Crown Court recently.

The jury could not reach a verdict on the other two charges.

The CPS have decided on a retrial.


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Savile Victims Laughed At Then And Sadly Laughed At Now.

Victims of serial sex attacker Jimmy Savile were not believed when they first confided in others, an NSPCC report has found.

Many were ignored, dismissed or laughed at by those they told shortly after Savile abused them.

Sadly, this still continues to this day. There is a small group of vocal apologists for Jimmy Savile, generally of a certain age, who use risible logic to justify their position.

“Things were different 40 years ago. We shouldn’t judge people for their actions back then by the moral standards of today.”

As though it was OK to sexually abuse children 40 years ago.

“Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Jimmy Savile has not had a trial”

Of course we now know that many victims did try to make complaints to the police at the time but were ignored. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin never faced trial, are they innocent of their crimes too ?

It’s all very sickening to watch.

It is interesting to note that the number of victims in this report is much less than many newspaper reports. 174 victims appear to have been listed. The police would have developed an offending profile or Modus Operandi (MO) for Savile which would have helped them prune out bogus allegations.

There are some people who have made false allegations against Savile but those that then go on to suggest that all allegations are bogus and all victims are liars demonstrate not only flawed logic but a callous attitude towards vulnerable people.

But then some people will do pretty much anything to appear to be controversial and get hits on their blog.

Frankly, these people are taking the piss. The youngest victim of Jimmy Savile was just 8 years old. Think about that for a moment and then try to think about what kind of lowlife defends such a person who would do that ?

The NSPCC said the accounts were “heart-rending”, and the victims had shown “true courage”.

The former presenter of the BBC’s Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It died aged 84 in October 2011 – a year before allegations that he had sexually abused children were broadcast in an ITV documentary.

The revelations prompted hundreds of victims to come forward. They said they were attacked at BBC premises or in other institutions, including hospitals.

The report was commissioned by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary to find out why so many victims stayed silent for so long.

BBC News


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Savile Report The Key Points

123 Untitled


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Islington: Demetrious Panton Speaks Out.

Demetrious Panton, the man who got an apology from the then Children’s Minister Margaret Hodge.



The childhood of Demetrious Panton ended one night in July 1978, a few days before his 11th birthday. That was when a man called Bernie Bain, who ran a care home in North London where Panton lived, knocked on the door of his dormitory.

‘Hey, little fella — can’t you sleep again?’ whispered Bain. ‘Why don’t you come and watch telly in my room?’

Panton, now a 46-year-old successful lawyer who once advised John Prescott on race relations, will never forget how Bain, then 29, grabbed his tiny hand, pressed a finger to his lips to ensure that he kept quiet and led him to a dimly-lit bedroom, with beige soft furnishings, piles of filthy clothes on the floor and ashtrays overflowing with Marlboro cigarettes.

He will never forget the studied nonchalance with which this man pulled back the duvet, patted his mattress and told him to join him in bed to keep warm while they watched a cowboy movie together on his black-and-white TV set.

Daily Mail


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Games Without Frontiers

The Friday Night Song


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Sometimes It’s Good To Be Reminded…

… that the overwhelming majority of people are caring and decent.

A hidden camera records the dilemma presented to passers by. A boy shivers in the harsh Oslo winter, pathetically wrapping his arms around himself on a bus stop bench. He isn’t wearing a coat, it has been stolen, and temperatures in the Norwegian capital regularly plunge to -10C during winter.


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Daily Mail: Why Now ?

Retweeted by Guido Fawkes

Retweeted by Guido Fawkes

The text of The Daily Mail story claims that this story can be exposed today, in reality this is very old news but look at how bombastic they are !

The headline screams ‘The truth about Labour’s apologists for paedophilia: Police probe child sex campaign group linked to three top party officials in wake of Savile scandal’ with one sub headline reading ‘Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt linked to vile group’ The vile group in question is the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)

For the MSM this is pretty strong stuff.

So why ?

Why has a Tory newspaper decided to go very heavy on some very old news attacking 3 senior Labour politicians now ?

It’s something for everyone to think about.

The full extent of the shocking links between three senior Labour figures and a vile group that tried to legalise sex with children can be exposed today.

The trio held key roles in a human rights organisation that supported the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman, her husband, home affairs spokesman Jack Dromey, and former health secretary Patricia Hewitt were all leading officials in the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Astonishingly this Left-wing group granted ‘affiliate’ status to PIE and built close links with it.

The group of predatory paedophiles was calling for the age of consent to be cut to just four.

Daily Mail


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Ineqe Survey On Attitudes Post Savile

This snapshot of attitudes post Savile was posted by Ineqe. Jim Gamble formerly of CEOP is the CEO of Ineqe.

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