Elm Guest House & Richmond press cuttings

The evil men behind child sex empire

Would the real Louis Minster please stand up?

Spartacus Invitation to Elm Guest House

Spartacus Letter to Harry Kasir

Spartacus letter from Peter Glencross to Harry Kasir

CPS Considering Elm Guest House Abuse Charges

Monday Group Donate Money to Kasirs

3 responses to “Richmond

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    I have recently come across an interesting statement by a police officer in the IICSA report of last year. I believe it would help Carl Beech in his appeal against his immoral 18 yr sentence that even a murderer would receive.
    If the police officers had acted at the time Leon Britton, Cyril Smith, Edward Heath, Jeremy Thorpe, would have all been arrested in a known pedophile’s house ( Roddam Twiss ) they were watching. but senior officers when told, abruptly stopped the investigations.

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