Greenlight CSA Database

GLO 21mar13

Greenlight Operations (GLO) is the visual research engine for Operation Greenlight.

Click the image above or HERE to activate GLO.

Operation Greenlight was set up because we were appalled by the revelations of sexual and other abuse of children and vulnerable young people in this country spanning decades. Operation Greenlight is intended to drive awareness of the situation by providing a focused resource that links to the wealth of publicly available information relating to abuse in children’s homes and other institutions. The purpose is to alert people to be more aware in order to protect our current and future generations.

GLO is intended to help build a clearer picture of the scale of abuse that has occurred. It is searchable by name, geographic region or police operation, and the system contains clickable links to take users directly to the source material for more detailed study.



North East England

North West England

Yorkshire & Humber

East Midlands

West Midlands

East England

South East England

South West England

Scotland: Highlands and Islands

Scotland: Lowlands


Northern Ireland

Channel Islands

Isle of Man

191 responses to “Greenlight CSA Database

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  8. Joseph Ryan

    Can operation green light give me some contact details need to Speak to someone urgently

  9. Natasha Johnson

    I was also placed in capital house Northampton road and I unsure which local authority ran this home, i was removed and placed in secure unit due witnessing events and something else which happened Miss johnson

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