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Operation Greenlight was set up because we were appalled by the revelations of sexual and other abuse of children and vulnerable young people in this country spanning decades. Operation Greenlight is intended to drive awareness of the situation by providing a focused resource that links to the wealth of publicly available information relating to abuse in children’s homes and other institutions. The purpose is to alert people to be more aware in order to protect our current and future generations.

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  2. joanne

    The history of all the homes that Norman Wainwright and Richard Groome worked together in at Shropshire need a thorough investigation. Wainwright a social worker who was highly commended for his work within the Bryn Alyn community seems not to be of such good bloke when working at Milverton Court. Wainwright was at Milverton court from 84 till its demise late 80s. Victims say when they complained of abuse he made them suffer and told people they was not to be believed. Names that even now work within child care in high up positions that either ignored the abuse or abused. Also Brookside School was what it was called before the theraputic unit Groome went on to open ( Milverton Court ). This school is under investigation currently but it is all being hushed up. CPS has asked victims to keep quiet till investigation is concluded. Some victims are saying they believe a paedophile ring was operating in and around the shropshire area predominentley Craven Arms, Ludlow,Bishops Castle, Clungford.

    • derek hon


      • joanne shaw

        Baker went to hengwert in wales because i know of at least one residant that went there with him. I got someone to set up a facebook page for Milverton court and have had some posts removed concening convicted paedophiles that worked there ( Milverton Court ) Ian Muir, Brian Ely and Roger Griffiths and his wife Anthea Roberts. Griffiths and his wife ran the notorious Gatwen Hall before going to work at Milverton. This was the home and man involved in the Chief Superintendant Gordon Angleseas libel case. Anglsea has very recently been arrested for historical abuse.. I wonder if Anglesea ever visited his friend Rogers at Milverton. heres a few other bits of info John Duggan worked at the notorious Castle Hill and was convicted of abuse was also working at Milverton in and around the same time.. Because the cps do not want the private school to be named that is implicated in the recent charges of abuse on the oldest man ever to be charged with historical abuse i feel that there is waya around it. I dont have to name the school but can tell you that the school went on to be known as Milverton Court.. They are not going to like it but they are doing there best to cover up what was going on throughout history at Milverton Court.

      • Mercer had nothing to do with the home near Telford that Wainwright ran before Milverton. That was Cotsbrook Community, which was part of the infamous Bryn Alyn group, owned by John Allen who is about to go down for the rest of his life.

    • Wainwright wasn’t a social worker. He wasn’t qualified. Like Groome, he just had the old residential care worker’s qualification.

      Who says he was commended for his work at Bryn Alyn? I’ve never heard that and I’m sure he would have said (loud and often) if that had been the case. The place was owned of course (originally at least) by John Allen. He brought Wainwright in later because they were struggling to get kids. Allen didn’t know how to deal with Social Services but Wainwright had the connections. He had various cronies in places like Newcastle that used to put loads of kids in Bryn Alyn. He used to take them down the pub, feed them and pour beer into them and, bingo, another few kids would follow.

      In my experience, Wainwright didn’t cover things up. It was him who brought in the police when accusations were made against Groome in 86/87. He thought Groome was guilty and expected him to be prosecuted. I think it was a shock when there were no charges and he came back.

      • knowing

        Maybe the reason they do not want to look into Wainwright is because his two fellow directors at Corvedale Care WERE/ARE prominent North Wales Solicitors and that one of them was influential in the Welsh CBI and stood for election on the tory ticket and is a board director of a number of influential organisations. In addition the two directors knew very well Lord Williams Of Mostyn QC who represented Anglesea in the libel case having grown up with him.This North Wales Firm of Solicitors never represented ANY children at Waterhouse Enquiry, which also casually referenced Corvedale as an OK institution.
        Many of the paedophiles moved around North Wales and onto “therapeutic care establishments in Shropshire”.
        Wainwright now lives in retirement in Prestatyn, North Wales( behind bars) 4 miles away from his fellow former directors at Corvedale.
        I read that it appears any attempt to complain about abuse at Corvedale was dismissed.
        The paper trail to understand the links is pretty straightforward and it spans North Wales Coast, Wrexham and Shropshire with one common link being that these strange bedfellows spent their early adult life in late 60`s early 70`s Liverpool.
        If you try to bring anything out in the open in North Wales you find a protection of NWP( no records), Inferior Insular Solicitors( all members of NW & Cheshire Law Society) and as was shown with Anglesea a proper cover up.

      • derek hon


      • joanne

        Wainwright did not expose any abuse he convinced parents kids was lying. Police had names given to them as abusing people was told they would get back to them and they never did. In 87 various complaints was being made a member of staff complained that bob miller was abusing nothing was done she said. Meetings with social workers dropping because a child alleged abuse. Many many instances. One child complained to Wainwright that he was being abused by groome next thing this boy is horrificaly rapped by two residants who ripped out his rectum the boys was sent to bishops castle home. Also groome and Wainwright had links with milverton before 84.groome was head in 82 seems strange that some are denying his envolvement at that time but yes there wad about 11 residants in 82 when groome took over. John Duggan worked at castle hill and Nash court where he recieved convictions for abusing there. Why no mention of him working at milverton. strange as it strange that notorious convicted pedos have never been investigated for there time at milverton court. As for corvedale care it took over castle hill and renamed it hill top. Corvdale care workers in 2004 was implicated in grooming a young boy in a childrens home..this was and is still also being covers up.. My brother went to milverton and have many ex residants on my fb they are all saying cover up and have backed me in exposing the cover up..

      • joanne

        We know from des frost that the financial side of Bryn Alyn should of rung alarm bells.. We know that Wainwright was marketing director and then also liason officer and placement officer. He would have been the one who organised placements visits and says there is no critism of his time there and he seemed to do good things for the company..what we do know is not only Bryn Alyn but Milverton Court kids said the felt they was moved to more abusive homes if the complained. So at least through some stage this would of been wainwrights job. Coredale care registers with companys house as did rousse. In 88 companys house shows Holbrook manor group using milbertin court as his trading regards to the Liverpool connection that is correct and I know solicitors where on the directors board for corvedale care did not know they had connections with the Waterhouse inquiry thank you for that. Makes things a lot clearer now. Phillips has had rather a lot of directorships with some very interesting companies. Also in 1994 Vaughn Phillips company globe row ltd was find 15 grand when an 11 yr old girl died at manor adventure. Please read the story of this it is something else the place should of been shut down then and there.. Wonder if the Phillips from corvedale care is related to the Phillips ffrom globe row

      • Nikeboro

        Joanne, I’m conflicted about your description of Wainwright lying to parents when kids complained. That doesn’t fit at all with the Wainwright I knew for most of the time. I saw him bring in social workers when complaints were made and sack more than one staff for hitting kids. Wainwright was from a one parent family and grew up in a very poor area if Liverpool and so was utterly committed to kids welfare. That was the person I knew – until Milverton.

        In my opinion, he changed by 86 when he became a partner with Groome at Milverton. It became about the business and about the money. That was why I fell out with him and left in 87. Corners were cut, standards dropped and kids were being crammed in. It wasn’t right, I stood up for standards and that challenge wasn’t welcome.

        So your description doesn’t fit with the Wainwright I knew for most of the time but may well fit with the personality I came into conflict with.

        One the other hand, I would believe anything about Groome. He was a slimeball.

      • This might be old news to some on here but I’m just catching since hearing that John Allen had, thankfully, gone down again. Both Groome and Wainwright claimed in the Milverton prospectus that they had CQSWs, which was then the latest and top qualification for social workers.

        However neither did hold that qualification and they advertised that unlawfully. Both of them only had the old residential worker’s qualification, the Certificate in the Residential Care of Young People. Even previous versions of the prospectus gave the CRCCYP qualification. Therefore neither was technically ever a social worker and they were guilty of passing themselves off as CQSWS qualified. This was just one more reason why I came into conflict with them.

  3. derek hon

    hi i’m derek hon i was at milverton court if u need more info ask me

    • joanne shaw

      Hi Derek we emailed each other a few years ago. I did recently email you but do not know if you have changed you’re email address. Did you know Roger Griffiths and his wife plus Brian Ely and Ian Muir got convicted for abuse commited in homes in Devon and wales. I know ex residants from milverton have never been contacted by police into the above staff working at milverton. The waterhouse inquiry failed to investigate the abuse at milverton court by saying it was not under the Waterhouse remit or scope. As many ex Bryn Alyn staff and people who was investigated by the inquiry was working there it defys belief that ex residants have not been contacted by police. I know many allegations was made by ex residants about staff to West Mercia Police and social workers as early as 1986. West Mercia police seemed interested only in Richard Groome and failed to investigate other names given to them. We need to make sure by lobbying appropriate authoritys that Milverton Court should be under the remit of the new inquiry. My email address is Some say there was a high up pedo ring operating there also what do you know about the underground tunnels if anything.

      • Not true that Milverton people were not interviewed by the police. I was and I know of others. However your right that, as far as I could see, the focus was on Groome.

        He was the only abuser that I was aware of but I agree that Milverton should be investigated. Because of the Bryn Alyn/Cotsbrook cross-over it should have been part of the N. Wales enquiry, not least because that’s where Groome came from.

      • june

        I also was interviewed about milverton too.

      • helen

        Jo what is your email address i was a victim of bob miller and told wainroght myself…sad but true

      • helen

        I was interviewed but at time it was too raw to talk about…issed my chamce of seeing justice done x

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  5. I`m wondering if anyone reading this webpage knows Peter Kearle, who managed Bracken Place hostel for girls outside Southampton in the late 1960`s. I lived there at the time, & he was always mauling & groping me, trying to get me to do what he wanted.I finally ran away because I was so scared of him. I couldn`t tell anyone because I knew that they wouldn`t believe me.

    • It’s a long time ago so the memory is hazy but somebody with the same name, or similar, worked at Red Bank Scool in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside in the early-mid 70s. He left around 75 or 76, having been there several years. He taught pottery and PE.

      He sounded like a southerner, was chunkily built and had a greying bushy beard. It’s hard to say how old he was because your impression of age is distorted when you’re young. He looked middle aged but had young kids. I’d guess he was 40-45.

      Sound like him?

    • Eleanor

      Yes I’ve been thinking about Peter Kearle in the light of recent revelations. He abused many of us at Bracken Place (as you say, mostly just touching but not always) and I think eventually got the push but I don’t know the details. And yes, I think he had been a PE teacher, and he did have a beard. Classically, when I told my doctor about his approaches to me I was not believed.

  6. hi i went to bradfieldhouse school 1968 till 1973 some of thing that went on where unblievable when i have told people how we where treated they dont believe you. alot of children left this place not be albe to read or write.roger dixon

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  8. sxjack

    The cross over of Bryn Alyn staff to homes on the other side of the border is something that Kaz has brought to notice. N Wales leached into England. So should any investigation!

  9. derek hon

    hi only herd of roger griffiths there was a member of staff there called carol not sure of surname her husband was a police officer could be any info was passed throu them some staff were moved on or sacked. believe a couple of staff were made fools off they were only there couse they were easy to dictate to,, have u any details of ex residents would like to here from them again i know stella thomes was back in newtown

    • joanne shaw

      Yes I’m in contact with some ex residants. Because I think it would be unfair just to give peoples names out on here, think it better if you send me a friend request on fb I will msg the ex residants I’m in touch with to send u a friend request.. Sorry I’m taking it for granted you have fb.. If not and you have an email address I would pass that on to the ones I’m in touch with..I have a sneaky supspicion Milvertons name has been given as a place where historical abuse occurred and that Richard Francis Groome may face more charges of abuse..I know you know about the charges that was dropped against beckingham and that cunliffe died before any charges could be brought and Boyle faced no charges.. I also know Jordan solicitors are taking group action on behalf of ex residants at Milverton.. I hope there is not a gagging clause in the settlement.

  10. derek hon

    my email is there might not be if there was no gagging clause on any other case.. roger beckingham was not involved in child abuse. he got set up with drugs & had to make a deal got address 4 him if u want i will send it 2 your email

  11. joanne shaw

    Yes i remeber you telling me before he was set up for blowing the whistle..Notinghamshire council have included a gagging clause in compensation awarded to victims of abuse at a particular childrens home so they do do it. And yes would be very interested to chat to him. Who was running milverton when you was there in 81/82. was wainwright and groome there then. because i know in 1979 when jack mount was taken to court for abuse but found not guilty a man by the name of trickett took over. Im interested in this time span of 79 to 84 because records are sketchy..

  12. derek hon


    • joanne shaw

      Well the waterhouse report states quite clearly Groome opend it in 84 but we all now that that is seriously flawed.. Did you ever contacted the officers involved in operation greenlight because the official version of events is flawed and wrong.. And you think gromme was being investigated in 84 mmm interesting.. I know complaints was received in regards to milverton as early as 86.. A company called corvedale care registerd in 85 wainwright became director of that company in 1990.. Holbrrok manor group took over milverton in 87/8.. Corvedale took over in 90 and by 91 it was in the hands of globerow ltd and named manor adventure.. /roome and wainwright asl ran ryeland street childrens home and holbrook manor school in herefored.. They also owned one in !ridgnorth called st peters.. Abuse and bad things are alleged to of happend at every home thay ran or had something to do with.. .r mercer by the way what do you know about him. – was told to check him out and that he knows everything and that he was there all the way through milverton years.I have passed your email address to the people from milverton I’m in contact with so hopefully you can all get to have a chat.

      • s mcnulty

        I was at milverton in 82/83 groome and Wainwright was in charge I was involved in a court case against groome that was a Chester crown court think was when all the first abuse cases came to light contact me if you want to spikeg1972@gmailcom

      • It was 84 that Groome opened Milverton. As I’ve said elsewhere it wasn’t 84 that Groome was investigated – unless there was an earlier one – it was 87.

        I’ve never heard of Holbrook but know Corvedale. I might be wrong but I can’t see that they could have formed in 85. My understanding is that, when Milverton ran into trouble – can’t remember now whether it was Groome finally being prosecuted or just money trouble – Milverton reformed as Corvedale. That was probably the 90 date you mention. Wainwright was an owner and director of Milverton and then Corvedale. It was around then they sold the Milverton/Culmington Manor building and it became Manor Adventure.

        Milverton did buy a second school called St. Peter’s. Bought in 87 in Chelmarsh near Bridgnorth.

        Not sure who Mercer was. If he’s who I think he is, he put up the money for Groome to buy Milverton in 84. However Groome and Winwright bought him out in 86 with money from the bank. After that I don’t believe he was involved. I’d be surprised if he had any involvement in abuse or even if he knew about it.

    • Groome bought the school in 84 and it was he who called it Milverton Hall. Wainwright joined in 85 from Cotsbrook, near Toelford, part of the infamous Bryn Alyn Group. Although a manager, he came as an employee but became a partner the following year.

      It wasn’t 84 that Groome was investigated it was 87 although it might have started in late 86. A kid called Guy Barry made accusations that everybody believed to be true. However the police couldn’t make anything stick although it all caught up with him in later years of course.

      • joanne

        Wainwright was there before 85 st Peters was opend before 86because my brother remembers it and he left care in 86. Corvdale care registers in 85 so did Simon rousse ltd.. And no offence but I little birdie told me that mercer is important I wonder what that means mmmm..

      • I went to the then Brookside School 1966/69 and always believed it was owned by Jack Mount. There was also another building, Clungunford Hall which I also was of the belief that he owned. Looks like I am leaning a hell of a lot after 40+ yrs of ignorance!

      • Nikeboro

        I’d like to know the evidence for Wainwright being at Milverton before 85. There are lots of incorrect memories on here so I don’t trust people’s recollections 30 years later. I’ve been clear several times that, when I’ve had to rely on memory, that I might be wrong because it’s a bit hazy. However, when it comes to Wainwright’s move from Cotsbrook to Milverton, I’m certain it was in 85 because I have written evidence.

  13. derek hon


    • I’m not sure whether I remember Mercer or not. However Groome had borrowed money from a guy, presumably a private investor, who lived locally. That might have been Mercer. He had nothing to do with the running of the school just put up the money. Didn’t know he had dealings with other places but maybe he invested in them too.

    • derek hon

      could mercer have been there when it was brookside school

    • joanne

      Hi Paul im aware of Brookside and what was going on. It was a Brookside residant who set up the milverton fb also aware of how long people have had to wait to even begin to see any kind of justice. Lets hope the 7th jan puts an end to that..

      . Knowing would you please have a look at milverton court fb page.. I emailed you but I think my email account has been compromised so you may not of got it.. I need to set up a new account which I will do today and try and msg you again. You might be interested to know some posts have been removed of milverton court fb page. All it said wad roger Griffiths who was a witness in anglseas libal case worked at milverton court along with his wife. And that they had been convicted of abuse from Devon and welsh childrens homes.. Very strange to remove that post as it is factsul common knowlege what is not common knowlege though is that he worked at milverton court..

  14. derek hon


    • I don’t remember a Guy Pearse – do you mean Guy Barry? Your description of what happened fits with his accusations. I didn’t know about Alison Rogers but it was well known that she was having an affair with Roger Beckingham. I heard he left because of involvement with drugs (getting them for some kids, I heard). It would fit if he was set up because there were a few instances of that around then – very much Groome’s way of working.

      • derek hon


      • The trouble is that, even if he was guilty, he would say that, wouldn’t he? However Roger Beckingham never struck as being as daft as that and, if he was set up, that would fit in with other things that happened. My theory is that Groome used to be jealous of any staff who was close to the kids – especially ‘his’ kids (as he used to call them). RB was well liked especially because of his car mending.

      • derek hon

        it would be roger did say he thought ruth robottom was involved in some way.. & one kids simon morgan he did say he faced court if he did nont leave on there terms

      • I find it hard to imagine that Ruth Rowbottom was involved – not her style at all. If she was, my bet is she was roped into by Groome. He pulled the strings and preferred to get others to do the dirty work for him, usually without them realising they were being used.
        I hope they catch up with him and he gets the same as John Allen.

  15. hello can you contact me Joanne please thank you

    • Hi Elaine, I remember you from Milverton. I can’t picture you but I do recall the name.

    • helen

      Why didnt you zpeak out elaine? Not blaming you but most staff knew what was going on and about the sin bin and about the physical mental and sexual abuse…u were nice but surly you heard whispers xx

  16. derek hon


  17. derek hon


  18. derek hon


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  20. Richard

    Harold Lang was an actor who died mysteriously in Cairo aged about 46. He was a friend of Jimmy Savile and used to act as Savile’s ‘double’ as he could make himself up to look like Jimmy Savile’s twin. Harold Lang used to attend functions and parties in Savile’s place, impersonating Savile who paid him very well indeed and no one knew where Savile spent his time or what he was doing, when he had perfect alibis which could be backed up by all those who would swear he was with them, which he wasn’t, as his place was taken by Harold Lang who easily passed as Savile.
    They could have been twins.
    Various theories have been voiced about Harold Lang’s sudden untimely death in Cairo and he should not be confused with an American dancer of the same name. Lang was a British. actor. Please see his photo. His likeness to Jimmy Savile is uncanny.

  21. joanne

    Im sorry you are very mistaken I have people who will openly state that Wainwright was there 84 also my brother was there in 85 and Wainwright also was running homes in Hereford way before 87. I have no idea why you are confused…im sorry but you are gravely mistaken. And yes there is a social services report where Wainwright went with a social worker to a boys mom told her boy was lying.boy over 30 yes later still claims he was abused.. you saying we are all lying or confused.. you’ll get your chance to tell your version when the new inquiry states. We are not going to agree but I’ve got staff that put him there also before date you state.. There is also a 1985 pic of milverton court and its staff..who do we see on there me Wainwright. .. And I don’t like the way you are insinuating that everyone is lyining.. You are the one that’s incorrect which makes me think why why why…please do your research and contact ex residabts and staff at milverton get your dates in order. Surely if your mistaken about wainwrights years of attendance you can be wrong about other things..

    • joanne

      I did not say police investigated grooms in 84.. Grooms was charged with abuse up to 1989.. He did leave in 87 for a while but came files was set on fire also in 87. Lots of changes in that year inspections staff moving kids moving. New staff coming.. Holbrook manor was a home groom and Wainwright ran in Hereford.. Wainwright what an unfortunate time for him. He moves from one home in sgropshire where abuse was rife to another one where abuse was rife. Leaves me with one of two opinions.. He is not capable of protecting kids in his care and needed more training or he did nothing to protect kids in his care. Its one or the other. This man was responsible to check staff, loads with social workers and decide placements. If any complaints of abuse surfaced it would of been his job to look at those complaints. So he either thought I don’t belive this child or im not going to do anything about what this child has get where im coming from either intentionally or not kids was failed by Wainwright.

    • Joanne, I haven’t insinuated anybody is a liar. You don’t need to be so quickly defensive when nobody is attacking. My aim is only to help, clarify and fill in gaps. I’m sure everybody is sincere and well-intended – but that doesn’t mean they’re right. As I said, wherever I have relied on memory, I have repeatedly said I could be wrong because after 30 years it is a bit hazy. Other people need to be as realistic about the accuracy of their memories decades later.

      There are a few things I’m sure about but you’re free to believe me or ignore. If people insist he was running the place in 84 or even 83 then their credibility will suffer in any enquiry. If there is another enquiry I will happily show my documentary proof that Wainwright started his employment in 85. Derek Hon said that Wainwright joined ‘a few years after’ Groome, which would fit with an 85 start. He may well have visited in 84, because he visited when the job offer was made and went to Milverton to look it over before moving across in the summer of 85. The photo of him there in 85 is pointless because it proves nothing other than he was there in 85, which everybody is agreed on.

      I’m also fairly sure that they didn’t open St Peters until 87. They might have bought the place in 86 and probably went to look over it but, when I left in the summer of 87, they were in the process of moving in. They also had no involvement in any Hereford home before I left – St. Peter’s was their first expansion. I heard about Hereford a year or two after I left in 87.

      I’ve already acknowledged that Wainwright had changed in personality by the time I left.

      I didn’t say that you said Groome was investigated in 84. Somebody else claimed that and you said that that was interesting.

      To the best of my knowledge, no accusations were made until 86/87. That was when Guy Barry alleged sexual abuse, Groome was suspended for months and the Ludlow police investigated. Most staff were sure he was guilty and were amazed when there were no charges and he eventually came back to work. It stank to high heaven and I was so pleased when he went down a few years later. Like everybody, I’d like to see the place investigated and the links with Bryn Alyn, Cotsbrook, Castle Hill and Brookside uncovered. You also seem to have other info on Holbrook and other people and places I’ve never heard of.

    • helen

      I was abused ny bob miller and told waignright he did nothing even when bob was seeing julie heinz and even ruth said “pull urself together girl”

    • Nikeboro

      Joanne, you say I need to do my research and contact ex-residents and staff. Yet, you have no idea who I know and am in touch with. I knew most of the people involved although some of the names that have been mentioned I no longer recall – inevitable after 30 years.

      From what I can gather, you weren’t at Milverton. I was there so I can speak from first hand experience and documentary evidence. For example, I went to St Peter’s with Wainwright to look round it when they were thinking of buying it.

      You’re right to avoid naming people and I have done the same. However many of them have already been named here and on other sites. Of those already made public, I knew Wainwright, Groome, Pam Groome, Dave Burford, Mike Hill, Bob Miller, Rick Baker, Ruth Rowbottom, Roger Beckingham, Alison Rogers and many others not yet referred to. I think I met Mercer (if he was who I think) and I also met the vile John Allen. Of the kids, I knew Derek Hon, Stuart McNulty, Guy Barry, Stella Thomas. I must have known your brother.

      Over the years, I have discussed the place many times with people from that time and have done so again recently. I have also checked dates and other things. Let me repeat: I am no supporter of Milverton, Groome or Wainwright. I think the place should be investigated. I want to help. I think it is very likely that a paedophile ring was operating between North Wales and Shropshire and I suspect there may well have been a cover up that is possibly ongoing. I gave my statement to the police in 87, again years later and would happily tell them now whatever I know.

  22. derek hon

    i’m on facebook this site won’t let me send email address

  23. Helen do I know you I reported Bob Miller re J Hines and A Pryke and that is why he was sacked please do not assume all staff did nothing and remember that many residents have made no complaints and were not aware of any wrong doing. I would have gladly spoken to Police during the investigation into R Groome but was never asked even though they must have had some of my complaints on file.

  24. As far as I can see, nobody has mentioned any link between Castle Hill School and Milverton. When I went there I’d never heard of Castle Hill but Groome certainly knew Ralph Morris. Apparently Castle Hill had had at least one sports day with Milverton. Morris was never on the scene during my time there in 85-87 but I had the impression he had been involved previously. It’s links like that that lead me to suspect there was a ring of them operating.

    • jo

      Now I know that is a connection they want keeping under wraps. Morris ran a child porn empire including snuff videos from castlehill and is an alleged visitor to elm guest house. I have been told by some ex milverton residents that they mixed with castlehill lads.

  25. joanne

    I’m sorry it seems we all want the same thing. And that is a new investigation. I seem deffensive because trying to expose this over the years as took its toll. So again im sorry, i have phoned the macur review its not within their scope. Very strange as it was set up to look into the flawed Waterhouse inquiry and the details about milverton court are wrong in that inquiry. Then there is the Bryn alyn link. So the macur review will also be flawed.. Operation pallial also are not going to look into it. Paul Davies from that inquiry has given me someone to contact in west mercia. Once i have a point of call for you all to contact with complaints or concerns i will post the brother took furniture to st peters with grooms before it opend and he left in 06. So yes he could be out a couple months. But we do know groom and Wainwright ran other homes in shropshire during early mid and late 80s. I’m in the process of gathering info on ryeland st and Holbrook manor. So if anyone has any info on staff..

  26. joanne

    What year did you meet Allen and how did that come about..

  27. joanne

    So I think we can see that Wainwright did recieve complaints about his staff..helen it is never to late to fight and get justice..miller also worked at a Bryn alyn home.cotsbrook hall his time there would also need looking into. Again showing a connection to the Waterhouse inquiry..and I wonder when Wainwright was on directors board of corvedale care untill 2000 if they was aware that he was not a qualified social worker because it states he is.. Interesting that..

  28. joanne

    Elaine there is no critism I’ve ever heard about you and you have been very honest with me.
    Somestaff did complain about certain things and I no you are one of those.. And I think others should now that you want to help and believe things should be looked into

  29. hi can someone please clarify what Richard Groome was actually accused/sentenced for I can find no reports tec

  30. joanne

    he got convicted in 2000 and appealled in 2001 he was not succesfull. He was tried under the double jepordy law. He was found guilty of sone abuse and squirted of other.. double jepordy meant he could not be retried for those offences he was aquitrd of.. Think that law has now changed.. groome was convicted of abuse from clwyd hall , catrefele( probs spelt that one wrong) and milverton court. I have heard different stories about how long he got but he was out of prison by 2005.. It was a public trial so I think its strange how you can hardly find anything about his trial.

    • David

      A lot of information about Groome is not available.
      He first went to Shropshire in the early ’70’s to a home in Wem.

      • joanne

        I would be very interested to know more about groomed early days in shropshire. Do you know the name of the home and what yes during the 70s.

  31. joanne

    Yes roger Griffiths was the art teacher.. He got 8 yes for abuse in Devon and welsh childrens homes. No investigation into his time at milverton court. His wife anthea got 2 yrs for abuse from the same places. There time at milverton has not been looked into..

    • I’ve just realised who Roger Griffiths was – as soon as you said art teacher, I remembered him. I knew him passably well for a couple of years. He struck me as a quiet and inoffensive type – how wrong can you be? What is fascinating is that I now find he’d previously been at Bryn Alyn, presumably along with Wainwright. Yet I don’t remember that ever being acknowledged by either of them. Odd. If it’s right, I find it hard to think that NW didn’t know about his history of offending. Interesting.

  32. helen

    the truth will come out ..anyone with information or if you have things you would like to disclose please contact Jordans solicitors who are collecting information and building a case………..

  33. joanne

    Yes he was the art teacher

  34. Russell Mensah

    Norman wain Wright was my social worker in 1968 ,he along with 2 of my brothers took us to bryn alyn from shakelton n rd leasowe merseyside,I am the the youngest victim of john allen atrocities, if their is a connection between Norman wain Wright and that monster j allen,I would would be very interested in finding out,cause not long after he dumped us off in bryn alyn,he soon became a part of the elite group of nazis that were running bryn alyn,

    • Jag Man

      what a load of cods-wallop …atrocities haha Your too busy with your fists and gobby mouth like your brothers.
      I was molested as a child but I got over it. Trouble is your bitterness and bad attitude to white people is more of a hindrance. You and your brothers with you snide backstabbing comments…(eg calling people a parasite). Trouble with wannabe black people and half-castes they always play the colour card.. White people are not as lucky as you and your brother to to be handed plum jobs on a plate with no qualifications or experience. Easy cushy jobs in the police Slatersworld environment. I started work when I was 15 after being sexually molested in school by at least 5 people ….but i never bitched about it like you and your brothers. I decided to do some real hard work for a living…(something of a bad dream to you lot). Once worked in Bahrain, England Canada, Holland, Germany. Sure beats bitchin about life. Try a job in Halliburtons that might help. Who knows maybe one day you might meet a whinger whore and she can give you a sad story about being poor or having cancer etc…. take your mind of things
      Britains full of sympathy seekers like that. New Brighton area especially.

  35. jo

    They are of course connected through Bryn alyn.. I know terrible abuse occurred at most of the homes he went on to run after working or possibly still working for Bryn alyn. My research has now proved various allegations about places he run or companys he ran have a history of abuse allegations that have never been investigated. I can tell you he was a freemason and had some high up friends. Wainwright failed to act also when abuse was reported to him, the child was either made out to be a lier or moved to a harsher home or suffered even worse abuse. Seems he took the practices of Bryn alyn to his own places..have you watched the secrets of castle hill. You can see wainwright at the end looking very smug..

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  40. robert ashcroft

    We will see what happens when a certain person appears in court this month I have waited 46 years for justice for what happened at brookside school

  41. I went to Deansfield Primary School in Eltham in the 1970’s. There was a scandal involving a school holiday to (if memory serves) Dorset. My actual teacher of the time, a Mr. Morris, was sacked for taking photographs of the boys naked in the showers. My younger brother was in another class taught by Mr. Morris’s friend, Mr Trafford. My brother remembers Trafford had a young favourite among the boys who he would often sit on his knee and act inappropriately with. [edit]
    -I’ve never been able to find any mention of the scandal, although I’m sure it made the local papers (The Mercury?)

    • David Leigh

      I think you would have been in the same year as me in Deansfield, when Mr Morris was fired. As for Mr Trafford, I was in his class for 2 years as were both my brothers and we never head of there being any issues with him.

  42. Veritas & Probitas

    Two more names for your list –

    1) St William’s Community Home, The Catholic De La Salle Order, Market Weighton, East Yorkshire

    2) Roundstone Care Residential Home, Filey, North Yorkshire

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  46. Jason

    A few things here, frst regarding dates: I was posted earlier and was a bit shy about giving my name (paranoid actually – not because of anybody on here but because of the fact that anything to do with tackling the paedophile rings (rings of steel, it would seem) will be monitoring all such sites and boards; we are talking about something all right thinking people find deeply repugnant but which allegedly (a qualifier used for my own legal protection) goes to the very (black, cold) heart of the establishment. I’ll still only say that my first name is Jason. There were four or us Jason’s, so it won’t take a genius to work out which one I am. I was the ninth kid to attend Milverton. I started there on Sunday the 4th of Novermber 1984. I specifically remember the day because my dad drove me and it was hard for him to get any day off work other than Sunday back then, and the date because on the evening of the day I arrived we had a BIG bonfire up by the old greenhouse, the one we later started to restore (whether it was ever completed I don’t know). As a time point for anyone who is confused, when I arrived the pool did NOT have the inflatable cover over it, and the Coach-house had yet to be restored.

    The school might have been running for a couple of years but I doubt it; the only thing that makes me think that is I believe that Tracey (who was severely mentally handicapped – I prefere “handicaped” to disabled in certain contexts for reason I’ll explain if anyone is interersted in disbaility research, which is one of my core areas – and wore a padded head guard to protect her when she fell over during epileptic seiizures. I believe Tracey might have been in the care of Groome et al for a couple of years, but A, I might be wrong on that and B, even if true there’s no reason why that would have had to be at Milverton.

    I left MIlverton at xmas 1985/86. I was supposed to stay until summer terms but refused to go back, and by the time the court wrangling had caught up I was legally old enough to leave… Wainwright joined sometime in 2005 and I think had the title of Principle? Groome never really had a title. The headmaster, who only dealt with the school side of things was Glynn Condliffe; a top bloke who once got me in a healock in the kithchen and recited a ten minute shakespeare monologue. The headlock was not painful but was purely contextual and I was utterly blown away be the performance. He had a massively positve influence on my life.

    Which brings me to Roger Beckingham. He was my keyworker at Milverton and was the most important man in my childhood. It was Roger who taught me that I had inherent value just because I existed; it didn’t matter what I did or that I was dyslexic or any of the negatives that had led to my being bullied so much I never went to normal school, which is why I ened up in Milverton. Roger also taught me a whole bunch of self-defense stuff and instilled in me the importance of valuing myself and never taking shit from anyone. IN other words, the absolute opposite of what any predator would do. I made contact with both him and Glynn in the 1990s, and apart from couple of years when I really hit the skids due to my drinking, we have remained in contact ever since.

    Which means I am very familiar with Roger’s side of the story and with the court case against him which was thrown out with no case to answer. Groome roped in Rowbottom and – I would not usually name names but as he’s already been mentioned I will – Simon Morgan was threatened with being sent to a secure unit if he did not go along with Groome and Rowbottm’s agenda. Someone has said that they can’t image her being involved, but there was something sinister about her, something duplicitous which you could catch on her face if you saw her when she didn’t know you were watching. That’s speculative I know, and circumstantial evidence is a contradiction in terms, so I’ll go with the above mentioned notion that she was roped in by Groome. But it does beg the question of why her? Perhaps he had something on her?

    Remember that Groome was a charming, charismatic and powerful character, a giant of a man, so I can easily see why anyone would be intimdated by him, but he was also very intelligent and being a career paedophile he had had decades to perfet the art of manipulation, so it would not surprise me at all if Groome deliberately trapped people with things that he could use to threaten their careers – although it might have been out and out intimidation, who knows, who will ever know? What I do know though is that Groome an Rowbottom threatened and coarced a few kids so they would make allegations against Roger, but Groome’s plan A failed – I think the kids in Question might have been transfered (I think one of them was there voluntarily so perhaps their parents pulled them out of MIlvertonn when they found out something was going on). This was when everything was starting to unravel for Groome, so he was getting more and more desperate, which is when he got Simon to claim that Roger had been supplying him with drugs. The long and short though is that after a very good many went through many monhts of hell because of that c*nt Groome, when what could baredly even be called a case finally came to court it was thrown out as a total waste of time.

    One key fact that sems to be missing is that Roger was instrumental in Groome’s downfall, which is why he wanted to destroy him; Groome may well have been jealous of the genuine affection almost all of us had for Roger, but the motivation to destroy him was a mix of resemtment, malice and wanting to undermine someone who could prove instrumental in his downfall.

    Again on dates, Groome has been running the place for at least several months before I arrived but I don’t think for very long – land registry records of ownership might help clarify definite dates of ownership at least. On which point, to the best of my knowledge, Mercer was just a money man. I dont’t know whether his relationship with Groome went any further, but on the few occassions he came to Milverton it seemed very much like he was someone concerned with his investment, so I suspect he financed part or all of the venture ona purely business level. It’s perhaps useful to know that when I started there in Novermber 1984, there were no portacabin classrooms; all there was were stone out-buildings, which were domolished. Which we actually got to help demolish thanks to me because I refused to settle in a classroom so I’d ask to go to the loo then wander outside and talk to the builder/s – primarily and old-ish bloke called Dave, who had lamb-chop sideburns,

    When I initially started we were supposed to have lessons all day, but that quickly changed to doing more life-skills type stuff in the afternoons, which began with our helping to demolish the outbuildings. We then go on to resotring the sunken/quarry garden behind the house, then on to restoring the greedhouse. And things like building an assault course. Thursdays where always horseriding though. At a riding school with really dodgy wiring on the gallery where we would stand and watch, waiting for out turn.

    All the outbuildings came later, and if Mercer was paying for all or part of it, it would make sense that he would want to look things over before hading over a cheque. He never seemed interested in us kids, but given that I was not abused at MIlverton perhaps I was just blind; although my gut feeling is that he was just a money many and nothing more; he lived, incidentally, in a village called Diddlebury, about three miles to the East of the school.

    Some other facts that might help some of my old school mates get clear on time lines: we we not initally divided into groups of junior, intermidiates and seniors (and I think, super senios, though I might have that one wrong), but were all just one group, and as such we only had one dining room, but as more and more kids arrived, we were divided and began eating in our respective common rooms. Similarly, the bedrooms were not originally boys at the front and girls at the back (which I think changed around at one point; in fact they opened up a second stair way to allow easier segreation between boys and girls bedrooms – you would come to the top of the small stairs and turn left for girls and right for boys.

    We also never used to have a seperatel laundry; that came later when massve green portacabins were installed – which happened before the lower level ones which became the woodwork and craft workshops. We oringially only had the red/orange transit minibus. The white sherpa came later (does anyone remeber the trip the take district when it nearly tipped over? or hurtling through the lanes in the orange bus one winter and the mirror collided with the mirror of a van coming the other way? One other time point reference: we used to be allowed four or five cigarettes a day, but at a certain point it changed so that we were allowed to have our fags on us between the end of the school day and bedtime.

    One thing I can’t tell you though is who crapped in the swimming pool. We all had out suspicious but…

    I think that’s about it.

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