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Judge Mental ! Judge Cahill, Mr Justice Walker, Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Mitting


Mr Justice Walker

White girls suffer less as a result of child abuse!

That is the bizarre though natural conclusion that emerges from the bonkers logic of the sentencing justification of the original trial judge, Judge Cahill, and the Court of Appeal headed by  Mr Justice Walker and sitting with Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Mitting.

Nobody is suggesting that Jamal Muhammed Raheem-ul-Nasir, who was jailed for seven years at Leeds Crown Court last year for sex attacks on two Asian girls, aged nine and 14, should have received a lesser sentence but it is a cause for concern that it appears that he received a harsher sentence than if he’d committed exactly the same offences against two white girls.

The logic for this was that the Asian girls’ fathers might struggle to find a good match for their daughters when it came to negotiate their arranged marriages. Thus more harm was caused to the Asian girls than would have been caused if the children had been white.

Is the judiciary sending paedophiles a clear message that they’ll receive a lesser sentence if they rape white girls than if they rape Asian girls. Is the rape of white girls now considered a lesser crime ? This is, of course, similar logic to that used by the Asian grooming gangs that operate throughout the UK. Underage white girls are considered “white trash” or “white meat” which is OK for them to “practice on” . In short these abusers believe that white girls are less deserving of respect than Asian girls and it seems that the UK judiciary agree with them.

Regardless of the ethnicity of the child, boy or girl, a survivor of child sexual abuse is far more likely to have issues of trust and intimacy within the future adult relationships that they might have. It seems that first Judge Cahill and then the Court of Appeal have concluded that because Asian families often treat girls as property to be bartered during arranged marriage negotiations, and as that property has been somehow ‘damaged’ and therefore has less value, the crime is somehow greater.

The judiciary in the UK have always put property rights above human rights and so I guess that thinking about children as property that has been damaged, rather than girls that have suffered sexual abuse, has led them to see a more grievous crime ?

2C6C038800000578-3238409-Jamal_Mohammed_Raheem_ul_Nasir_was_given_a_longer_sentence_becau-m-42_1442498994051 (1)

Jamal Muhammed Raheem-ul-Nasir

A senior judge has ruled a child molester was rightly given a tougher than normal sentence because his victims were Asian and so suffered more from his crimes.

Jamal Muhammed Raheem-ul-Nasir was jailed for seven years at Leeds Crown Court last year for sex attacks on two girls, aged nine and 14.

But the paedophile took the case to appeal, with his lawyers complaining that his sentence was unfairly inflated and ‘excessive’.

Senior judge Mr Justice Walker has now thrown out those arguments after hearing that the victims’ families feared they would struggle to find future husbands because of the abuse.

The move has been criticised by children’s charity the NSPCC, who insist justice should be blind to the race of victims.

Daily Mail


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Judge Mental: Shaun Burford And The Court Of Appeal

Sharing the Judge Mental award today are 3 judges from the Court of Appeal for allowing convicted sex offender Shaun Burford to work with children again.

Asked to comment, journalist and former police officer Mark Williams-Thomas said; “This is a disgraceful decision and I can tell you as someone who undertakes risk assessments on sex offenders that at best he remains a low risk. Any organisation employing him to work with children is taking a huge risk and would be wrong to do so .”


Judge Bourne-Arton, Lord Justice Pitchford and Mr Justice Haddon-Cave

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC said: “Are we satisfied that he will commit further offences against children? There is no material before us to allow us to come to such a conclusion. The disqualification order will be quashed.”

No material before them except the evidence from Burford’s conviction that is, which apparently doesn’t count.

It’s almost as though their appeal judgement in this case is based purely on their personal recognition that they are unable to predict the future. No one can.  The Court of Appeal are not supposed to act like Precogs in the Minority Report.

The question that I’m sure will be on everyone’s mind is; why would Shaun Burford want leave to work with children again ? There are plenty of other jobs he could seek.


Shaun Burford

A former school support worker who was jailed after exchanging explicit text messages with a teenage girl has been cleared to work with children again.

Shaun Alexander Burford was caged for six months in 2009 when he was employed at Christ Church School, now The John Wallis Academy, after sending a video of himself having a threesome to a 13-year-old girl and encouraging her to text him a topless photo of herself.

Burford, now 46, was made to sign the sex offenders’ register and was also hit with a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) and an order disqualifying him from working with children or vulnerable adults.

Kent Online


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Judge Mental: Judge Simon Carr

Photo needed of Judge Simon Carr.

A man sexually abuses a 5 year old girl and when she reports it to the police 35 years later 3 of the man’s family beat the victim up.

What do you think  Judge Simon Carr did ?

He lets all 4 walk free from court.

Christopher Prowse received a suspended sentence for indecent assault.


Christopher Prowse

Sentencing, Judge Simon Carr said the incident had been “disgraceful”.

“You deliberately assaulted a five-year-old child,” he said. “That would have been terrifying for her as it would have been confusing and embarrassing.”

He said the victim had shown him “enormous compassion” by not going to the police in the mid-2000s but that when the matter became known locally, Prowse had acted in a cowardly way by denying it – an action which led some people to consider the woman a liar.

The Cornishman

Michael Prowse, Amanda Durrant and Jason Thomas also received suspended sentences.


Michael Prowse, Amanda Durrant and Jason Thomas

The woman left the venue but came into contact with the three again sometime later.

Ms Martin said Thomas, 34, of St Johns Terrace, Pendeen, kicked the woman in the face.

Then all three of them began punching her in the face.

They each admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the woman but denied charges of witness intimidation…

…Sentencing, Judge Simon Carr said the three were lucky that the woman’s injuries were restricted to multiple bruising.

He said: “[She was] continually approached in the street that she was a liar; that she was making things up.

“On this particular occasion, yet again she was confronted by a group containing the three of you … you beat her up for telling the truth.”

The Cornishman



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Judge Mental! : Judge Joanna Greenberg QC



Congratulations go to Judge Joanna Greenberg QC who wins the ‘Judge Mental’ Award this time for her ‘blame the victim’ attitude to justice.

This resulted in Stuart Kerner a 44 year old RE (yes that is Religious Education) teacher who had sex with a 16 year old pupil on school premises to walk away from court with an 18 month suspended sentence.

OF course, blaming women for the lust of men has ancient religious roots that Stuart Kerner will be very well aware of but who’d have thought Judge Joanna Greenberg QC would have shared them ?

“She pursued you. Her friends said she was stalking you. She hung around where she would be near you. She had been obsessed with you for a long time.’There is no evidence you encouraged her in any way. There is no evidence you groomed her. If anything it was she who groomed you. You gave way to temptation”  – Judge Joanna Greenberg QC

Ah well. there you go. That damn temptation thing again, it’s the only thing I can’t resist! (as Oscar Wilde might say)

A religious studies teacher who repeatedly had sex with a pupil and took her virginity on the floor of a school cupboard was spared jail today after a judge said he had been ‘groomed’ by his victim.

Married Stuart Kerner, 44, had sex with the 16-year-old girl at his school in south-east London on a yoga mat and also at his family home when his wife was at work.

In between sex sessions he made her Marmite on toast and they watched Bargain Hunt on television.

However, he walked free from court today after Judge Joanna Greenberg QC gave him a suspended 18 month jail sentence because the pupil ‘pursued’ him.

Today the Attorney General’s office confirmed to MailOnline they will review whether the sentence was too lenient after five complaints from the public.

Daily Mail


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Judge Mental: Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas


Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas

Despite Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn, 48, being given an indeterminate sentence in 2012 for indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl;

Despite already having had a previous conviction for raping a nine-year-old child;

Despite it being recognised that Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn clearly represents a danger to the public being considered “a very dangerous offender indeed”;

Despite the Parole Board describing his conduct in prison as unsatisfactory after he threatened staff and was punished for fighting;

And despite his own lawyers admitting that he had made “no progress whatsoever” in prison and “his failure to engage with the relevant assistance available to him in prison, he has not begun to address his offending.”

Despite all of this, Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas has released him!

Thank you Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas for dumping, what you yourself described as “a very dangerous man”, on the public.

For that Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas you receive The Needle’s ‘Judge Mental’ Award.

A child rapist has been released after the UK’s top judge said it would be “unlawful” to keep him locked up.

Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn, 48, was given an indeterminate sentence in 2012 for indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl eight or more years earlier.

He already had a previous conviction for raping a nine-year-old child.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas said at the Court of Appeal that an open-ended sentence could only be passed for offences after April 2005.

“Despite the danger to the public which this applicant clearly represents, we are in no doubt that… The IPP (imprisonment for public protection) was unlawful,” he said.

The court heard Goodwyn was given an indeterminate sentence at Cardiff Crown Court in 2012 after admitting offences against a seven year old girl and being considered “a very dangerous offender indeed” by the judge.

BBC News




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Judge Mental: Judge Philip Cattan

I don’t have a ‘Judge-Ignorant’ category, so, I’ll have to stick this in The Needle’s ‘Judge Mental’ category.

There are a lot of ‘allegedlys’ in the stories this morning about this.

He ‘allegedly’ fell asleep.

But the undeniable fact remains that Judge Philip Cattan couldn’t be bothered to give the impression that he was awake regardless of whether he slept or not and as a consequence a schoolgirl looks likely to have to give her harrowing evidence again in the child sex abuse trial that Judge Philip Cattan was presiding over.

What kind of message does that send out ?

He should retire!


Judge Mental! Judge Philip Cattan

A young girl faces having to repeat her harrowing evidence of alleged sex abuse.

And taxpayers must pick up a bill for thousands of pounds – all because a judge is accused of falling asleep.

The jury was sent home as a probe was launched into claims Recorder Philip Cattan snoozed as the girl gave evidence via video link.

Worried he had nodded off during a crucial point in the case, barristers raised a “point of law”.

And while the jury was out of the room, the judge was confronted with the claim he had slept during part of the cross-examination.

Kama Melly, a leading criminal barrister who specialises in child sex crime , said: “If these allegations prove to be correct then they are extremely serious.

The Mirror


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Judge Mental: Judge Denis Watson

Judge Denis Watson QC

Judge Denis Watson QC


Judge Denis Watson QC gets the ‘Judge Mental’ award today for sentencing Andreas Bauminis, a Latvian national to only 8 months in prison despite the fact that he possessed an alleged snuff movie.

“A 20-minute ‘snuff’ video showed a 15-year-old girl being raped, strangled with a wire and apparently murdered before being wrapped in a plastic sheet and dragged out the room.”

Regardless of whether it was genuine or not, and the Judge having watched it thought it was genuine, anyone who would seek to get pleasure from such a video should receive a much greater custodial sentence than 8 months (out in 4 months).

It is also rather odd that a story that involves a ‘snuff’ movie, which must surely now be evidence in a potential murder inquiry somewhere in the world and a tip off from The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation has only been reported in a few local newspapers. So, unusual did this seem to me that I had to contact Liverpool Crown Court and the Police myself to verify the details.

Well done to those news sites that have covered it.

A SHOCKING ‘snuff movie’ was found at the Skelmersdale home of a young factory worker along with other appalling child abuse images, a court has heard.

And a judge told Andreas Bauminis: “It is hard to imagine or contemplate a more grotesque, revolting, repulsive and inhuman series of images.”

The disgusting videos were discovered at the home of Bauminis following information from the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation about use of internet file sharing sites.

Police went to his home, which he shared with his brother’s family, including two children, in February last year and seized his computer tower.



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