What Does a UAP Smell Like?

I don’t know how many interviews with Luis Elizondo I’ve watched over the last few weeks but quite a lot and the reason why I’ll keep watching is that often there is a little nugget or two with something new in it. The most recent interview I watch was with Astro Terry, Astronaut Terry Virts, and the part that seem a little odd was at the very end of the interview when Luis Elizondo asked Terry Virts what space smelled like.

Lue Elizondo: Terry, I’ve got one question for you… I have heard that space has a very distinctive smell almost like an ionisation smell, now obviously the vacuum of space doesn’t really have a smell but there is something associated. Can you share with me for just a momment because I’m dying to know from someone who’s been there

Terry Virts: Yeh. The smell of space. So, what does a strawbeery smell like?… It’s hard to describe a smell there’s all kinds of smells thats hard too describe. So, when a space walker comes inside with his spacesuit you can go up and smell the fabric of the spacesuit or when a cargo ship docks and you open the hatch you can go smell the part of the spaceship that was just out and it’s kind of musty, it’s kind of electric, like the old railroad trains we had when we were kids. There was that electric smell, it’s mechanical If I smelled it, I would go “You were just in space.” You know I would know it immediately but its hard to describe it but I would describe it as musty, electrical, and unlike anything else I’d ever smelled before.

Lue Elizondo: Wow! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing that with me. I’ve always been told that… I was dying to hear from an expert ike you who’s actually been there and done that, so thank you.

Terry Virts nterview with Lue Elizondo.

I find this kind of thing really interesting. The unique smell seems to cling to objects that have been in space and unsurpringly NASA found it interesting too. In 2008 they commisioned a chemist, Steve Pearce, founder of Omega Ingredients, to recreate the scent of space after he worked on a scent exhibition for which he recreated the smell of the inside of the Mir Space Station. Using notes from astronauts he was able to recreate the scent which you can now buy for yourself. The website describes the fagrance as, “…a rather pleasant metallic sensation… [like] … sweet-smelling welding fumes, burning metal, a distinct odour of ozone, an acrid smell, walnuts and brake pads, gunpowder, fruit, rum, and even burnt almond cookie.” – eau de space

So, we know that objects that have been in space have a distinctive odour. It might then be the case that UFOs/UAPs have been in space then witnesses may have mentioned a similar distinct odour. Furthermore, we could deduce that given that the smell associated with space is not something that most members of the public are even aware of let alone actually experienced, if a witness to an encounter described a smell very similar to the unique smell of space that astronauts have described, that that could been viewed as corroborative evidence.

Now, I’m sure there are ufologists out there who have an extensive knowledge of witness statements and will be able to take this further but I did find this report from A F Rullan entitled Odors of UFOs from 2000.He doesn’t as far as I’ve read, suggest a connection between the smell of UFOs and the smell of space but he does examine a relatively small number UFO encounters with associated odors.

Of the 146 descriptors used in the ASTM Profiling Study, 11 of them are present in the 26 UFO odor cases evaluated in this report. ASTM odor descriptors present in UFO cases are:

1.Burnt, smoky


3.Like ammonia


5.Sharp, Pungent, Acid

6.Camphor like



9.Putrid, Foul, Decayed

10.Burnt Rubber-like


Odors of UFOs

As you can see there are similarities and it could well be the case that UFOs smell like space.

Anyway, this is just a quick post. I think this could be quite a fruitful area of research for someone with access to a large number of UFO witness statements.

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