Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped

Sonia Poulton and Esther Baker

On the off chance that former Exaro News editor in chief, Mark Watts. doesn’t report this development – good news today as we learn that the spurious criminal allegations of stalking against blogger and former North Wales child abuse victim, Darren Laverty made by wannabe celebrity germalist and internet troll, Sonia Poulton and, Exaro witness and serial vexatious complainant, Esther Baker, have been dropped by the Metropolitan Police.

I can reveal that it is highly likely that the CPS will now inform the former Member of Parliament that Esther Baker accused of sexually abusing her as a child, that there is no case against him – as will others that Esther Baker has made allegations against. This begs the question, was pressure put on the CPS by the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Darren Laverty and Simon Just, who I will not name at this time as she may now come under investigation by the IPCC, not to make public the CPS’s conclusion with regards the former MP who was investigated by Staffordshire Police? This may sound far fetched but I will remind readers that the CPS were asked to make a decision on this politician over a year ago. I can also reveal that the officer in charge of the Met investigation contacted Greater Manchester Police and attempted to persuade them to drop a case made against Esther Baker following a complaint by a head of a charity and so it doesn’t sound too far fetched to venture the possibility that the CPS decision regarding the former member of Parliament had been delayed because it would undermine the credibility of Ms Baker.

I can also reveal that as many had suspected from the start, shameless attention seeker and professional victim, Sonia Poulton, had already been in touch with broadcast media outlets, including the BBC, about her ‘story’ of being a victim of stalking. Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone who has followed Ms Poulton’s online activity of bullying, intimidation, and trolling over the last 5 years would have known that this was likely one of Ms Poulton’s primary motivations – to play the victim and relaunch her haggard media career.

Esther Baker and Sonia Poulton are linked by their close friends Graham Wilmer and convicted troll James Royden Jones which brings me to another very interesting piece of information which has arisen as a consequence of this woeful saga. It would appear that from very early on, soon after the Jimmy Savile revelations, James Royden Jones who set up his Outlaw blog in November 2012, was supplying ‘intelligence’ information regarding victims of North Wales child abuse to North Wales Police – the police force that would see one of their most senior former police officers, retired Superintendent Gordon Anglesea convicted of the sexual abuse of minors in 2016.

James Royden Jones of North Wales, who appeared on Channel 4 news falsely claiming to have been a resident of the notorious Bryn Estyn children’s home and to have erroneously witnessed, now deceased MP, Sir Peter Morrison,  visiting the home, and who has spent the last 5 years stalking and hacking victims of North Wales child abuse and campaigners, and has a criminal conviction for this stalking, was all the time providing ‘intelligence’ information on the very same victims and campaigners to the very police force at the centre of the appalling abuse allegations. To this end, and despite not being a witness to North Wales abuse, Mr Jones even became a witness to the independent investigation run by Operation Pallial.

In my own view, it is high time that the IPCC look into the activity of North Wales police with regards to Mr Jones and also take a good hard look at the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Mr Laverty.



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  1. Sue

    Due to the costs of compensation, it is rare for police to admit their mistakes.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏

    Not everyday get admissions from coppers that they fucked up… ka-boom … knock on effects will be interesting.
    11:57 AM – 22 Jun 2017

  2. Sue

    This is a serious allegation if true, and may be used as evidence of more police corruption in the case..

    Screencap Girl‏

    Screencap Girl Retweeted
    What about the money you’ve wasted reporting 47 people to the police in 3 years. Kendal police think you’re a menace https://twitter.com/majorleak2017/status/875263956327292928

  3. Sue

    Goldsmiths‏Verified account

    “When collective narcissists believe their group is threatened, they engage in hostile actions.” @GoldsmithsPsych’s Agnieszka Golec de Zavala

  4. Sue

    This mocking account below seems unaware the perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to harm are already proven. Other trolls are running around like headless chickens since finding out their malicious acts, carried out under the umbrella of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw, will no longer be protected by corrupt police.

    Adrian‏ @Adeyblob Jun 19

    As for PTCJ,

    or claiming there is a conspiracy against you.

    You morons clearly have no idea how difficult that is to prove.

  5. Sue


    Replying to @EveThomasSAFE @drlavertyx
    By your exact description Eve, James Rhoyden Jones, AKA Outlaw Jimmy is ‘Gaslighting’ & has since Nov 2012 but who for? North Wales Police?

    3:40 PM – 24 Jun 2017

  6. Sue

    gojam‏ @gojam_i_am 4h4 hours ago

    Have North Wales Police been leaking confidential information to the press since the early 1990s & been employing a ‘Gaslighter’ since 2012?

    gojam‏ @gojam_i_am 4h4 hours ago

    Replying to @gojam_i_am @EveThomasSAFE @drlavertyx

    Since Nov 2012 have North Wales Police been paying him? Have a police force that harboured an abusers been paying a ‘Gaslighter’?

    gojam‏ @gojam_i_am 4h4 hours ago

    Replying to @gojam_i_am @EveThomasSAFE @drlavertyx
    Why would a police force who have a convicted abuser at a high level, like North Wales, use a ‘Gaslighter’ like Jones to undermine victims?

    gojam‏ @gojam_i_am 5h5 hours ago

    Replying to @EveThomasSAFE @drlavertyx
    By your exact description Eve, James Rhoyden Jones, AKA Outlaw Jimmy is ‘Gaslighting’ & has since Nov 2012 but who for? North Wales Police?

  7. Sue

    Benjamin Thompson, one of Sonia Poulton’s troll team’s most prolific stalkers, appears to have deleted one of his twitter accounts due to impending police prosecution. https://twitter.com/TheBunnyReturns/with_replies

    fredthefish‏ @fredthefish10 11m11 minutes ago
    So let me get this right. You’ve accused me of threats but now think it’s Bugsy and also we’re 1 and the same? #mccann #losttheplot #shill

    fredthefish‏ @fredthefish10 12m12 minutes ago
    Replying to @zampos
    I’ve offered to meet U, Jill Havern at any Police station. Let’s get this sorted as I want an apology. And that’s just for starters #McCann

    fredthefish‏ @fredthefish10
    Replying to @zampos
    Know what you weirdo? I’m better looking than that (no offence Ben) Do what U have to do. Nothing to hide as I’m not Ben. #McCann #freak

    Get ’em Gonçalo‏ @abuseofpower
    Replying to @fredthefish10
    I’m acting really desperate? Where’s TheBunnyReturns? Looks like he’s deleted his account. That looks really desperate to me. #mccann

  8. Sue

    Jill Havern lists some of the criminal activities of Sonia Poulton’s troll team member and prolific gaslighter, Benjamin Thompson.:

    wow #deaththreat
    Here’s some of Ben’s crimes that we now know about after some people have contacted me in confidence on facebook:

    1 Threats to kill (other than Tony)
    2 Threats of violence
    3 Persistent (and continuing) stalking/harassment
    4 Sexual assault
    5 Fraud
    6 Blackmail
    7 Making a false statement to the police
    8 Obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception

  9. Sue

    Benjamin Thompson uses internet cafes and several devices to avoid being traced by police, and states a leading member of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw advised him to do this. Thompson alleges the same troll team member of having a partner who has sex with underage girls, and that another of Team Outlaw also prefers underage girls, and alleges he has proof of this.


    Replying to @fredthefish10 @abuseofpower
    And the lies you said on #CMoMM years ago that you had evidence I worked for team #McCann out of an Internet cafe. Yr pathetic and a joke
    9:43 PM – 24 Jun 2017

  10. Sue

    Get ’em Gonçalo‏ @abuseofpower 38m38 minutes ago
    Replying to @fredthefish10
    Bugsy’s supporters very quiet tonight #mccann

    Get ’em Gonçalo‏ @abuseofpower 39m39 minutes ago

    Replying to @fredthefish10
    I unblocked you so you could see this. It’s not good is it? Something needs to be done. Death threats, sexual assault, fraud #mccann

  11. Sue

    None of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw stalkers are defending Benjamin Thompson today, so he is left defending himself via his fish account.


    An excellent truth seeker (Bugsy / Ben / Laid Bare) with facts got hounded off #McCann earlier because of Jill and Tony from CMoMM #disgrace
    10:44 PM – 24 Jun 2017

  12. Sue

    Despite evidence of Benjamin Thompson saying he knows which buttons to press to drive a woman named Frances Gallagher to a heart attack or suicide, Benjamin Thompson makes reference to a woman who allegedly took her own life after being stalked by twitter users and Sky news Martin Brunt.


    RIP Brenda Leyland. Tonight you’ve seen similar team #McCann tactics from Jill Havern and Tony Bennett from #CMoMM on the ‘laid bare’ author
    10:47 PM – 24 Jun 2017

  13. Sue

    London Metropolitan police had evidence against Sonia Poulton and her Team Outlaw from 2012, yet made a decision to collude with them and engage other police forces around Britain in their malicious hate campaigns to destroy abuse victims and whistleblowers.

    3. val ‏@Val__34 Feb 24
    #mccann Have Rico’s activities with the Poulton/Outlaw troll gang been explored by a judge yet? If not, why not?

    4. In reply to Fanny Fanclub
    val ‏@Val__34 Feb 18
    @FancIubFanny @fiorifan #mccann I met Outlaw once .. at the inquest. No wait! It definitely wasn’t him.

    5. In reply to ann-kristine
    val ‏@Val__34 Feb 18
    @fiorifan @WokkaisChokka #mccann Outlaw was at the inquest? I think Sonia is more than a little acquainted with him btw …

    6. val ‏@Val__34 Feb 18
    Funny how none of Outlaw’s old pals on #mccann will stand up & say they still support him.

    7. val ‏@Val__34 Feb 18
    @ChickEll #mccann If one of @LittlemoreJB’s mates was there I’m guessing they’d be there to support Outlaw though. She’s in that gang.

    8. val ‏@Val__34 Feb 15
    #mccann Some Poulton tweets to/about convicted troll & best bud “Outlaw” https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=from%3A%40soniapoulton%20outlaw%20OR%20realjimmyjones&src=typd

    9. I Do Not Exist ‏@Injunction_Fool Feb 15
    With the BREAKING NEWS about ‘The Outlaw’ we understand Mr. Steel has had further talks w/ legal advisors regarding defamatory blogs #McCann

    10. In reply to val
    Fanny Fanclub ‏@FancIubFanny 19 Nov 2015
    @Val__34 he might be tetchy out of fear. He’s tied up with Outlaw’s network. can’t be easy when your bum is twitching all day #mccann

  14. Sue

    Like convicted stalker, James Rhoyden Jones of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw, Benjamin Thompson also makes repeated false and malicious allegations and statements to police, and coerces other individuals in Team Outlaw to make threats to kill and maim, and to phone police up to make further false allegations to pervert the course of justice and prevent Team Outlaw being arrested and charged.

    Replying to @zampos
    #essexpolice Just so U know. It’s about time Bennett and I had a little chat. Preferably at your station. This loon needs addressing #McCann
    11:29 PM – 24 Jun 2017

  15. Sue

    dancinginshadows‏ @dancinginshado

    Replying to @EveThomasSAFE
    The police brushed it off as stuff people say when angry or messing about. I had a young baby and didn’t leave the house I was so scared.

    Jon Irwin‏ @JonIrwinLD

    Replying to @marionste @EveThomasSAFE
    Sadly I don’t think it’s an illness as that implies a temporary state. Abusers are consistent over time as that is who they are.

    Eve Thomas 🦋‏ @EveThomasSAFE

    Replying to @marionste
    100% agree, imo it is. Need robust, psychiatric, psychological assessments & interventions.

    Marion Steggles‏ @marionste

    Replying to @EveThomasSAFE
    That’s exactly what I think of those types. I think chronic manipulative behaviour should be considered a serious mental illness

    Marion Steggles‏ @marionste

    Replying to @EveThomasSAFE
    Yes. Gas lighting happens in many forms based on the old 50s film to make their victim insane or at least appear that way to others

    Eve Thomas 🦋‏ @EveThomasSAFE 18h18 hours ago

    Replying to @dancinginshado
    An abuser with control is a dangerous person, any control. We have to find a way to secure balance for all whilst managing the risks

    Eve Thomas 🦋‏ @EveThomasSAFE

    Eve Thomas 🦋 Retweeted Eve Thomas 🦋
    A #Stalker, abuser, predator, offender who stalks & then maliciously engages with a victims👇🏻 should be reported. This IS #stalkingEve Thomas 🦋 added,

    Eve Thomas 🦋 @EveThomasSAFE
    A #stalker, abuser, predator, offender may engage with colleagues, associates, partnerships in an attempt to force the victim to engage https://twitter.com/evethomassafe/status/878619296951398401

  16. Sue

    Consequences time for Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw and those who collude and conspire with them to cause harm.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 12m12 minutes ago

    Can’t say you weren’t warned what was going to happen though, chose poorly didn’t ya.

    Truth and consequences.
    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Some of those Nxxx forms are not about financial damages btw. Some are however. Especially those who were asked to cease and desist.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Some people need to learn they cannot carry on fucking about on Twitter and LYING about other people.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Timelapse of the requests for SAR under DPA that is. And then material connected with Nxxx can then be sent to the relevant court.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Someone’s been doing some in depth research… it’s what he specializes in. Multiple form Nxxx HAVE been completed… waiting for timelapse

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Failing to comply with said legal requests can then be used as a further evidence to support possible injunctions etc at later point.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Employee if has a separate DPA registration with ICO ALSO has a responsibility under said Data Protection Act to provide copies.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Employer has a liability under the DPA to provide copies of all correspondence under a SAR request.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Data Protection Act is very clear on where the responsibility lies.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Doesn’t matter if you are freelance/consultant etc, you’re using THEIR system to commit acts which could land you and them in trouble.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    If your employers find out about those emails… oops.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    If you use your employers email system to send derogatory comments in emails… oops.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Replying to @BarbaraHewson @pennymellor
    Yep, have to establish who created the mess not just the landlords in the “spotlight”. Paper/digital trail will be key.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    FP is making far too many assumptions about what legal action may be on it’s way… allegedly.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️ Retweeted
    A Country Girl‏ @BarbaraHewson

    Pretty hypocritical to try and stop other people suing for damages, when that’s what you’ve done yourself….

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    More relevant is the simple fact that article on Real Troll Exposure point the way in which the police SHOULD’VE examined her behaviour.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017
    Those lies by her (and others) to the Met are now part of a formal counter complaint.

    Full disclosure.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 25m25 minutes ago

    Poulton’s connection + annoyance at conviction of malicious communicator Jones was likely also the motivation for complaint to Met.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 26m26 minutes ago
    It was probably that ONE blog entry that caused Poulton to want to nail Mr Just so much that she invented stories about him to the cops.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 30m30 minutes ago


    16 months on and it’s still relevant, perhaps more so now.

  17. Sue

    This disclosure may explain Sarah Phillimore’s behaviour towards victims of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw..

    Sarah Phillimore Retweeted Coercive Control
    I have coffee and years of repressed rage and bitterness. We will make a great team.

  18. Sue

    Sarah Phillimore‏ @SVPhillimore 7h7 hours ago
    I have coffee and years of repressed rage and bitterness. We will make a great team.

  19. Sue

    You have the right to get a copy of the information that is held about you. This is known as a Subject Access Request.

    This right of subject access means that you can make a request under the Data Protection Act to any organisation processing your personal data. The Act calls these organisations ‘data controllers’.

    You can ask the organisation you think is holding, using or sharing the personal information you want, to supply you with copies of both paper and computer records and related information.


  20. Sue

    Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw member, Benjamin Thompson uses blackmail and death threats to intimidate witnesses and pervert the course of justice, and also tells lies and makes false allegations directly to the police to pervert the course of justice.


    Re: Ben Thompson’s attack on Tony Bennett, CMOMM and myself
    Post by trollexposure Today at 21:04

    Have been observing the shenanigans regarding Thompson etc for some time. As you may already know Darren Laverty was effectively acquitted recently following false allegations and charges against him from Sonia Poulton aided and abetted by her little gang.

    What you may not know are the names that she dropped “in it” as part of her statements which had to be disclosed to Laverty’s defence team.

    Laverty was initially arrested on 19th May 2016 in an over the top raid involving police in riot gear at 6am in the morning. Poulton then arranged after Laverty’s (and on the SAME day as) initial arrest to introduce Esther Baker (she of Cannock Chase CSA allegation fame) into the mix. Baker then told her story to the same Met officers who had travelled up from London to Anglesey to arrest Laverty. Within a week, he was arrested again on more false allegations. Laverty was subsequently charged later in the year. I had offered Laverty’s legal team evidence to support his defence and I had signed off on formal witness statements.

    On 22nd November 2016, I gave a voluntary statement to Cumbria Police concerning the same allegations I’ll describe below. Bear that in mind when you read the rest of this.

    However, what is also apparent from information in Poulton’s statements is that she also lied to the police, including attempting to claim that there was a “gang” after her – when in reality it was merely a disparate group of individuals who all had the same concerns about her behaviour and that of her associates like Thompson.

    As someone who was also targeted by her and as someone who had exposed her and her associates online behaviour, I was also arrested in January on 4th January 2017 in another over the top raid at 6am on trumped up allegations from Baker and her friends the Wilmers. They had complained falsely that I had a twitter account (which was not mine and never accessed or logged in by me) named @scsidrive who had expressed similar concerns to those on my blog site Real Troll Exposure. Further, they also falsely accused me of owning the “twitterati” blog site which had also been very critical of Baker, Poulton etc. The only blog entries on Real Troll Exposure I was questioned about concerned a quote from another blogsite (which was supporting Baker and Poulton etc) and also one concerning a Fathers 4 Justice stunt on Jeremy Corbyn’s house. However, once I became aware that Poulton was behind all of this it started to make much more sense and the connections to one of the Wilmers to Poulton were cast in stone from January/February 2015. The timing of my arrest in the middle of Laverty’s court case (he was going through pre-trial procedures) was I believe an attempt to intimidate me from helping his defence team.

    It was around that time that Poulton also published links to articles on Ryan’s trollpatrol blog which included gross and offensive material about Laverty and others. Same Wilmer also requested Poulton’s help in the lead up to Baker’s Sky News etc appearances in May 2015.

    Also the day BEFORE I was arrested, Mark Watts of the failed Exaro News knew about the impending raid and tweeted about it on Twitter. How did he know? One can make some educated guesses as to how. He then tweeted stuff naming me on the same day as my arrest. As a guide, the police don’t routinely name suspects and on the same day they arrested someone at Heathrow on suspected terrorism offences but didn’t name them. So again, why did Watts feel it necessary?

    From the disclosures in Laverty’s case it has become apparent that Ben Thompson and others associated with Poulton, named in her statements and other correspondence, were part of a concerted effort/conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – or that is my personal interpretation of it. Poulton had claimed that she was in physical danger, she was not, she also lied about what I’d supposedly done, she’d effectively planted so many sob stories into the heads of the investigating officers that I believe that she was manipulating events for a purpose: to get back at Laverty for the conviction of Royden James Jones. The timing of her complaints to the Met would strongly suggest so.

    The extent of the manipulation has only become apparent over the last few weeks however. The attempts to silence any critics of Poulton and gang have been extraordinary and they’ve used as many devious means as possible to try and shut people up or to silence them by other means. Their evilness is going to be exposed further however, rest assured the repercussions from this are happening though. The amount of police time and effort wasted was scandalous, there also have to be questions asked about why the cops didn’t examine the behaviour of the complainants before steaming in with arrests. Especially in my case as they had not proven I was the owner of the accounts/blog I was falsely accused of, that the Met had obtained a search warrant suggesting they’d already got proof of ownership when they admitted they hadn’t in interview and also that I’d already given a voluntary interview in November 2016 which was seemingly completely ignored. Furthermore, at the time of my arrest there were ongoing investigations (and still are) to complaints from me to 3 different police forces about Poulton’s associates online. You can imagine my anger.

    The fact the Met were manipulated and it got within 3 weeks of Laverty’s trial before they were even aware of what Poulton etc were up to is not likely to go down well with them, especially as complaints have already been filed. I would like to embellish further and give names etc but I can’t for fairly obvious reasons. When I can update you on the progress of this utter shambles then I’ll do so.

    I would however urge some caution please though don’t bite to the incitement of Thompson etc. They get a massive kick out of making other lives a misery, defend your own corner but do it legally. The less you respond directly the more likely you are to expose their behaviour in the eyes of the police. If someone comes on here defending the likes of Thompson then it’s readily apparent they are part of the problem and not the solution.

    Good luck in your own personal endeavours in tackling that bunch of evil tossers. The sooner the police realize how they’ve been duped by Poulton and gang, the better in my view.

  21. Sue

    Evidence of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw malicious behaviour and threats to harm have been live and active for five years and therefore available throughout the London Metropolitan police investigations, yet they ignored all evidence and ignored the victims who repeatedly warned them to look at the evidence, and discontinue their collusion with Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw in perverting the course of justice.


  22. Sue

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏

    Benji is one of Poulton’s nastier little trolls.. interesting list of them in that blog article too. I can add a few more names into the mix
    8:24 PM – 25 Jun 2017

  23. Sue

    Like Sonia Poulton and all other members of Team Outlaw, Benjamin Thompson is obsessed with Tony Bennett and others who seek truth and justice for child abuse victims and survivors, and makes violent threats to maim, kill and destroy people who report them to police. Without Benjamin Thompson nobody would know of Sonia Poulton’s extraordinary relationship with London Metropolitan police whom it was suggested and latterly proven, would do anything Poulton told them to do.


    Take your agenda and stick it up your arse Bennett!! #McCann
    @zampos So Bennett, I see your hatred of Sonia Poulton knows no bounds. How I run the group Justice For Madeleine is none of your business, and you see here’s the thing, just have a look at the title of the group, here, I’ll put it in capitals for you, you obviously have difficulty reading the written word, J U S T I C E F O R M A D E L E I N E. Do you see that, is it clear enough for you? Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve looked and looked, and nowhere in that title do I see the words, “I am Tony Bennett, I don’t like Sonia, so let’s all get together and beat her with a stick” Do you see anything remotely like that in the title? There can be no question that you have contributed a great deal to the case, separate the lunacy, the myths you have put about, the fact you chose to leaflet drop the village of Rothley, and indeed your attempts to do your level best to drag Sonia’s documentary down, in a manner not even the staunchest of pros are doing, and somewhere underneath, lies someone who could be classed as an anti #McCann.

    The post you have got a bee in your oversized bonnet about, was removed due to the severity, and over the top attacks upon Sonia Poulton, and a documentary, that for all you know, could prove to be the best thing to come out of this case so far. Now you can start with your, “It’s taking too long” “It will be terrible” “It will be nothing more than………” blah blah blah! What are you, a fucking psychic? You have no idea what it will be like, and if you are so convinced it won’t be to your liking, I ask this.

    Where is your documentary Tony?

    Let’s face it, all you are known for, beyond the forums and the converted, is a trolling excursion to Rothley, looking slightly odd, and let’s not beat about the bush, a little creepy within the pages of a few long forgotten newspaper articles. Well done you. Could it be that is what needles you the most, that somebody is getting off their arse and doing something, that might be noticed beyond the inner sanctum? Or is it simply the fact that your hatred of Hutton, has snowballed into gathering up and shouting down anybody who is linked to her, and perpetually, anybody that is linked to them?

    I don’t know if Sonia’s documentary will break box office records, I don’t know if it will succeed where others have failed, but here’s the thing, neither do you. It would stand a far greater chance of success, if people like you, and those rallied by you on a daily basis, would say their piece and move on. Not dedicate pages and pages on a forum to clipping the wings of a project that hasn’t been given the chance to fly.

    What you are doing is damaging the cause, not content with bringing the documentary down, you’re now setting your sights on my group, over one post. One post that I, and other admin decided was taking the main subject matter, way off course, and could have potentially incited others to follow your nasty little campaign.

    Such is your obsession at hounding Sonia, you forget the fact that the group justice For Madeleine, has only been running for just over a year, and in that time brought thousands of people to the case, a case you shouldn’t even be commenting on. Shouldn’t that be what matters, not your school yard bully boy tactics toward Sonia Poulton, a lady whose head can be held a lot higher than your own over inflated and agenda ridden bonce!

  24. Sue

    It’s apparent Sarah Phillimore still avoids reading the bundles of evidence regarding Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw, and she will find no evidence against the victims whom Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw conspired to harm and caused harm to in the process of them perverting the course of justice When in a hole…

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017

    Bunny has run down a hole it would appear according to info coming my way. I wonder why … ;-)

    A Country Girl‏ @BarbaraHewson

    Staggered to see that barrister Sarah Phillimore, St John’s Chambers thinks that calling a person “toxic” warrants reporting them to police!

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏

    Replying to @BarbaraHewson
    Wonder what she thinks falsely calling someone a stalker is going to get her… ;-)

  25. Sue

    S W‏ @justsukili 5h5 hours ago

    Something will be done when we reach that tipping point where everyone knows someone falsely accused. Then it will change

  26. Sue

    It is proven by dated documentation the police discussed evidence regarding Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s malicious activities to pervert the course of justice, but deliberately made a decision to fail to protect victims due to protecting police who actively encouraged and colluded with Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw throughout.

  27. Sue

    Why did police repeatedly and deliberately ignore reports and evidence of Team Outlaw’s Benjamin Thompson’s malicious activities both offline and online? The below was discovered in less than one minute by typing his name in twitter, proving beyond doubt no police investigations into his activities ever took place. Similarly with James Rhoyden Jones, Sonia Poulton, Jane Russell and others yet to be named who will now be investigated with the full rigours of law

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 5 Jul 2016
    Didn’t take long for Benji to bring along Syn to the Justice group for his own security :) #Bitty #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 18 Jun 2016
    Replying to @lisalulabelle @Abductionorscam
    Robtard and Cass will have their day. Duplicitous Benji involved too. Twats. #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 18 Jun 2016
    Replying to @Abductionorscam
    make sure you tighten up the admin Frances. Keep Guest, Cass and Benji at bay #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 18 Jun 2016
    Ah yes, looks like Benji was in on the act with Robtard, are you aware of this
    @Abductionorscam ? #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 16 Jun 2016
    Replying to @foxylady93
    it would seem Benji has spent the day doing what he does best Frances. Bullying women, this time you #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 16 Jun 2016
    I see needy Benji has now jumped to JillyCL for some “bitty” :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 16 Jun 2016
    Oh @foxylady93 is greater the person you will ever be Benji. And it is YOU that sends devious PMs to pros :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 11 Jun 2016
    Oh I see. Benji sends out his girlfriend to “bitch” for him. :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 3 Jun 2016
    Many people are asking us if Papa Rico is male or female.Well the answer to that all depends if Rico alligns “himself” with Benji :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 3 Jun 2016
    It’s such a shame Papa Rico has changed his alliances back to Benji. Papa Rico told us sooo much :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 30 May 2016
    Good of Denise to turn up, quickly followed by ‘bitty’ and very needy Benji. :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 29 May 2016
    Benji’s ex is sex mad apparently. Virgin Robtard wont know what to do with her. Best she keeps well away from you :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 26 May 2016

    Replying to @real_zm_
    I don’t blame you for distancing yourself from him. We have never had a direct issue with you, only that slimey twat Benji #mccann

    McCann&OthrMysteries‏ @McConnMysteries 26 May 2016
    Reading v interesting copy of pms between Lurk the Berk & Benji. Would be an awful shame if published on #McCann where his girlf can see

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 26 May 2016
    I believe “worm neck” Benji has refused to meet “pinky” on numerous occasions. #sobigtopickonwomen #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 26 May 2016
    Would the “March 4 Maddie” failure Benji be so brave to say a lot of his abuse face to face with Chris? I think not :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 26 May 2016
    The “pro slimeball” Benji is back to his threatening ways and intimidating women :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 26 May 2016
    Is Benji threatening women again? Its Babs, so we will forgive him :) #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 25 May 2016
    Ah yes. Seems Catwoman, knows EXACTLY what that “pro” slime ball Benji is all about. #mccann

    The Pillory 3‏ @ThePillory3 25 May 2016
    who the hell does Lurch think she is? No time for Benji but hes right, shes a greasy faced twat who will get whats due #mccann

  28. Sue

    It seems everyone with connections to Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw breaks the law when making police statements and appearing as witnesses in court.

    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16
    from what I have seen and heard, he fabricated evidence to get off this last charge, now being reviewed by CPS ….. 1/2

    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16

    4 of his previous victims have written statements which have gone to the CPS with evidence of his fabrication of evidence
    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16

    If I were him I would be keeping a very low profile on social networks, but he is addicted to it, thinks he is above the law.

    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16

    his main victim who he actually went to prison for stalking will be in court on the 25th, thats why he wont go now.

    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16

    also 2 of his witnesses have no idea they are witnesses for a court hearing against his brother. One being @outlawjimmycom

    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16

    the other being a sonia pulton who I have never heard of.

    BONE‏ @Dogs_R_Out Jan 16

    excuse me for being rude, I have actually seen the evidence supporting the claim.


    Replying to @Dogs_R_Out @CherylM777 @thefoolchaser
    I find it very strange as @outlawjimmycom has also given a witness statement he knows nothing about either?
    7:38 PM – 16 Jan 2017

  29. Sue

    Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 Feb 8

    Employment tribunal ruled today that I was unfairly dismissed as editor of Exaro last year after financial crisis hit owner New Sparta. 1/2

    Mark Watts‏ @MarkWatts_1 Feb 8

    Tribunal ordered payment of compensation to me for unfair dismissal, including unpaid salary (“unlawful deductions”). 2/2

    Darren Thornham‏

    Replying to @MarkWatts_1
    so now you’ve won that are you going to help survivors get info and personal photos back??

  30. Sue

    Evidence is available regarding police colluding with journalists and leaving vulnerable people in fear for their own and their families safety.

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    pointless going forward to them nothing will be done and it’s a set up

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    people will give testimony then be attacked and harassed they need to know

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    mate if survivors give testimony they endanger themselves right now the way things are

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @DmjRuby @ciabaudo and 2 others
    anyone who spoke to truth project can expect visits and threats and harassment very soon

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @DmjRuby @ciabaudo and 2 others
    the whole inquiry is destroyed and anyone who gave personal details is in danger

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    I tried to warn IIcsa but they wouldn’t listen

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    every strand he gets them via lawyer mates

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    be very very careful the police will likely be nice at first then get nasty before cover up

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @DmjRuby @ciabaudo and 2 others
    no not good at all and IIcsa should be considered extremely dangerous now

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @DmjRuby @ciabaudo and 2 others
    including cops

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @DmjRuby @ciabaudo and 2 others
    don’t give IIcsa your home address you’ll find people visiting you there, nasty people

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    yes he has and it’s getting very nasty, everyone is in danger from it, he has transcripts

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    all I will say is home addresses and details getting out to abusers now including truth projec

    Darren Thornham‏ @DarrenCSAS Feb 3

    Replying to @ciabaudo @DmjRuby and 2 others
    no Kevin will verify what I’m saying, anyone speaking to IIcsa is in danger now

  31. Sue

    Northumbria police should ask about the safe-guards journalists had or did not have in place for vulnerable people disclosing the abuse they had suffered.. Some people felt forced to listen to and counsel one journalist who spent the most part of phone calls discussing their own OCDs, depression and non existent sex life.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 10m10 minutes ago
    @northumbriapol : The Wayback Machine has some answers btw regarding Exaro.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 10m10 minutes ago

    . @northumbriapol : All previous tweets in this TL this morning to yourselves can be evidenced with more material.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 12m12 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : also suggest you have a look at the methods employed by other journalist and friends to silence critics.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 13m13 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : would also suggest you have a look at the wider picture on social media, esp family law barrister involvement

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 14m14 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : especially as both Exaro and FOIA Centre handle very sensitive information. Also why don’t the ex-staff have regs

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 15m15 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : you may also wish to investigate why both Exaro News and FOIA Centre (Mark Watts) do not have Data Handler regs

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 16m16 minutes ago
    Also @northumbriapol : you may also wish to investigate the background and Russian connections of Exaro’s Founder Tim Pendry.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 17m17 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : may wish to examine whether Nick and his cohorts used any “therapy” prior to or during period of police complaints

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 18m18 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : How did Exaro staff know about police operations AHEAD of them happening ?

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 20m20 minutes ago
    Also @northumbriapol : Why were Exaro staff touting likes of “Darren” out to media outlets like Channel 9 and how much paid?

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 21m21 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : one such event of showing photos of alleged abusers to alleged victim(s) occurred ON CAMERA re Channel 9 doc in Aus

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 22m22 minutes ago

    Also @northumbriapol : why were Exaro staff ADMITTING to showing Nick (and others) photos of alleged abusers …

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 23m23 minutes ago

    Would also hope that @northumbriapol are asking the pertinent questions of Exaro News staff: why did one of them accompany Nick to cops.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 23m23 minutes ago

    Would also hope that @northumbriapol will also be examining the content of ‘Wall of Silence’ for any more of ‘Nick’ allegations.

    🕵️ Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 24m24 minutes ago

    One would also hope @northumbriapol are also looking into ‘Nick’ re Wall of Silence. He set it up, wonder what he gets back… if anything

  32. Sue

    In the same way a woman wearing a short skirt or showing her cleavage would not be accused by police of asking to be raped, a victim of stalking should not be asked if they provoked their stalkers. Rapists rape and stalkers stalk.

    In the interests of public safety, stalkers should be taken out of society until they are fully recovered from their obsessional behaviour. The delusional individuals in Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw conspired to harm and caused harm in their endeavours to pervert the course of justice, and prevent people giving evidence to police and to the courts.

    Quite how many victims have suffered because of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s victims is unknown, however without the law being brought down heavily on them, they will continue to make more people vulnerable.


    Re: Ben Thompson’s attack on Tony Bennett, CMOMM and myself
    Post by trollexposure Today at 11:35

    Thanks Tony, although I would correct you on a minor earlier point, the allegations against me were not about any emails but about a twitter account which wasn’t mine and another blog site which isn’t mine either.
    But in the bigger scheme of things it’s not that important. The scheming behind it all however is utterly scandalous and has had far reaching consequences, some of which are still coming to light.

    I would also hope that you’re not holding your breath as hell is likely to freeze over before Thompson and others come to their senses voluntarily.

    The one thing that has come out of this whole sorry mess is that the police have to get away from the blind belief aspect of complainant allegations.
    It is something I will be taking forward in the weeks and months to come. Separate to the formal complaints already filed which as you no doubt appreciate are also far reaching.

    To not do due diligence on what a complainant has said themselves or encouraged others to do especially in the case of harassment or stalking allegations is utterly ridiculous.
    It’s also prejudicial and lands people like Laverty and myself in trouble for merely defending ourselves or pointing out the behaviour of others towards us or indeed towards a wider range of individuals in the public interest.

    It is very fortunate, with hindsight, that both of us took enough precautionary pro-active evidence gathering at the time we did, otherwise the issues could’ve been much harder to defend against. The simple fact that the police couldn’t either be bothered or determined enough to even consider they were wrong before steaming in with heavy handed arrests and raids is galling and again prejudicial.

    It could happen to anyone (false allegations) and it can result in time spent in a cell (or potentially worse) for something that person hasn’t actually done all on the basis of warped, malicious and vexatious complaints.

    I fully believe that there has to be a change from the police and the CPS, examples need to be made of these individuals who waste police time, attempt to + conspire to pervert the course of justice (for that is basically what it is) and also create havoc online merely for the hell of it (or so it seems) and, until that happens, ANYONE could go through what Laverty and I had to endure. It’s fundamentally wrong, it goes completely against the police oath that each officer takes when they get the “badge” and the underlying basis of our justice system, i.e. “innocent until proven guilty”. The police need to get back to being impartial investigators who are interested in obtaining the truth not simply gathering evidence to support a case against the suspect. The CPS need to start to ask pertinent questions too, like what did the complainant do: did they provoke a reaction?

    I understand that you (and maybe others) don’t want to go to the police regarding Thompson’s behaviour and I admire you being the better person for it, however I would ask you to consider something: he’s (and his mates) likely just going to do it again if someone
    doesn’t make a stand at some point. It may not be to you or me or anyone else on here, but it’s unlikely he’ll learn (nor will his idiotic cohorts) until he (and they) has his collar felt. It would surely be in the public interest for that to happen? Because if we all
    keep forgiving these muppets then they never actually learn anything, they just move onto the next victim and the cycle repeats itself over again and again. Passing the responsibility onto another poor unfortunate target. Is that actually very Christian? Like I
    said I admire you for your stance of wanting to forgive and forget however there also comes a time when enough is enough not out of revenge but for the greater good. Perhaps something to consider?

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