Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped

Sonia Poulton and Esther Baker

On the off chance that former Exaro News editor in chief, Mark Watts. doesn’t report this development – good news today as we learn that the spurious criminal allegations of stalking against blogger and former North Wales child abuse victim, Darren Laverty made by wannabe celebrity germalist and internet troll, Sonia Poulton and, Exaro witness and serial vexatious complainant, Esther Baker, have been dropped by the Metropolitan Police.

I can reveal that it is highly likely that the CPS will now inform the former Member of Parliament that Esther Baker accused of sexually abusing her as a child, that there is no case against him – as will others that Esther Baker has made allegations against. This begs the question, was pressure put on the CPS by the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Darren Laverty and Simon Just, who I will not name at this time as she may now come under investigation by the IPCC, not to make public the CPS’s conclusion with regards the former MP who was investigated by Staffordshire Police? This may sound far fetched but I will remind readers that the CPS were asked to make a decision on this politician over a year ago. I can also reveal that the officer in charge of the Met investigation contacted Greater Manchester Police and attempted to persuade them to drop a case made against Esther Baker following a complaint by a head of a charity and so it doesn’t sound too far fetched to venture the possibility that the CPS decision regarding the former member of Parliament had been delayed because it would undermine the credibility of Ms Baker.

I can also reveal that as many had suspected from the start, shameless attention seeker and professional victim, Sonia Poulton, had already been in touch with broadcast media outlets, including the BBC, about her ‘story’ of being a victim of stalking. Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone who has followed Ms Poulton’s online activity of bullying, intimidation, and trolling over the last 5 years would have known that this was likely one of Ms Poulton’s primary motivations – to play the victim and relaunch her haggard media career.

Esther Baker and Sonia Poulton are linked by their close friends Graham Wilmer and convicted troll James Royden Jones which brings me to another very interesting piece of information which has arisen as a consequence of this woeful saga. It would appear that from very early on, soon after the Jimmy Savile revelations, James Royden Jones who set up his Outlaw blog in November 2012, was supplying ‘intelligence’ information regarding victims of North Wales child abuse to North Wales Police – the police force that would see one of their most senior former police officers, retired Superintendent Gordon Anglesea convicted of the sexual abuse of minors in 2016.

James Royden Jones of North Wales, who appeared on Channel 4 news falsely claiming to have been a resident of the notorious Bryn Estyn children’s home and to have erroneously witnessed, now deceased MP, Sir Peter Morrison,  visiting the home, and who has spent the last 5 years stalking and hacking victims of North Wales child abuse and campaigners, and has a criminal conviction for this stalking, was all the time providing ‘intelligence’ information on the very same victims and campaigners to the very police force at the centre of the appalling abuse allegations. To this end, and despite not being a witness to North Wales abuse, Mr Jones even became a witness to the independent investigation run by Operation Pallial.

In my own view, it is high time that the IPCC look into the activity of North Wales police with regards to Mr Jones and also take a good hard look at the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Mr Laverty.


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  1. Sue


  2. Sue

    The below, pales in comparison with the content of conversations between police officers, Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw in regard to the victims they were harassing. Police deliberately and repeatedly broke the confidentiality of victims to collude with Poulton and Team Outlaw in fitting them up with false allegations and writing extremely defamatory false allegations about them with information about the victims,given to them by Poulton and Team Outlaw. Had only one officer investigated with a scintilla of due diligence, no false arrests would have been made throughout this shocking case.

    ”A social worker has been struck off for “deplorable” and “disgraceful” conduct after a recording revealed him breaking the confidentiality of a service user to the person accused of abusing her.

    A HCPC conduct and competence committee struck off the social worker after he said the woman in the case was a “pathological liar” and had “bi-polar”.”


  3. Sue

    Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw repeatedly ‘exposed’ and blackmailed their victims using deliberately falsified information about them being ‘rapists’ ‘paedophiles’, ‘paedo protectors’, ‘paedo enablers’ etc.

    Some will pay the heaviest price for their heinous crimes, and some will find themselves paying for the crimes of other gang members.

    As expected…

  4. Sue

  5. Sue

    Sarah Champion…

  6. Sue

    Treacherous Tom and Mark Watts…

  7. Sue

    Treacherous Tom. A latter day Guy Fawkes…

    • lahazablogblog

      There was hot twittering in 2016 between Scharenborg and Sonia Poulton’s alleged ‘secretary’, with her secretary denying Scharenborg’s claims that Sonia was going to be a witness for us. She was, and here is the proof that she was going to be a witness! There is lots more in reserve, emails for example. She has the audacity to wish us a happy new year as you see, it was not a happy new year, it was a year that resulted in the death of my partner of 37 years, Robert, the direct cause being the malicious false arrest and false allegations that we were paedophiles that killed him, confirmed by our GP of the past 20 years who Robert had consulted regularly over his reactive depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD over the period of the malicious and unlawful 50 weeks on bail all because of Scharenborg, Simon Ronald Just, Darren Laverty and other members of her AWIH SuperTroll Gang! This is a case of Manslaughter by Cyber Stalking!.

  8. Sue

    Yet another police officer in a long line of police who have been framed and trussed up like turkeys by Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw…

    • lahazablogblog

      Simon Just & Janette Scharenborg of Team AWIH made false allegations to the police that myself and my partner owned and published to her TrollPatrol blogs, these were knowing false ciminal allegations they made that resulted in our malicious and unlawful arrest. Here is a test from the known telephone number of Sonia Poulton making it quite clear that her then boyfriend the big lottery millionaire Lee Taylor-Ryan owned them!

      • Sue

        Thank you, Christopher. However, original reports stated Sonia Poulton told members of Team Outlaw she set up the libellous blog, and James Rhoyden Jones was assisting with it, whilst also in process of damaging the blogs of other blog owners. Therefore, I was unaware you had been reported for owning the blog. Did you share the blog on social media? Would this perhaps have aroused the suspicion you had something to do with it?

        What a wicked web this is…

    • lahazablogblog

      A Scharenborg plant entered the fray on twitter a few days before Robert’s funeral, he got bournemouth council to breach data protection Laws so he told my ex solicitors wife Debbie, now also harassing me and following several of the identified SuperTrolls on Twitter. He had followed and befriended Debbie and despite my telling her not to say anything, she blabbed lots of information to him in Twitter DM’s that ended up all over Scharenborg’s new web blogs. I cannot express enough how distressing it was to see all she had told him and a lot of it lies too! Then another member of Both SuperTroll Gangs recently published this threat to me at the same time Jamie Edward Millard as the Twitter account @thefoolchaser published threats of violence to me, both Millard and Ronnie Hobby are accomplices still harassing me on a daily basis on twitter and in blogs threatening to harm me and our parrot Prince The former Heavyweight boxing Champion Wladimir Klitscho recently got milliards foolchaser account permanently suspended from twitter, and lest ye all forget @thefoolchaser account was one Millard used to troll, stalk and harass your hero Mark Williams-Thomas long time friend of my own Police and Crime Commissioner who also joined in the abuse, evidence with the Liberal Democrats.

      • lahazablogblog

        And not to forget this 20th April 2017 Homophobic hate crime and 1000th breach of precedent in Law DV/DA non molestation order on this particular member of both SuperTroll Gangs, he had no number plates on his car either, in front of Crown Court building and on the public road.

        He took this video himself and defied the District Judges order at the hearing to publish anything online.

      • Sue

        Guns appear to have been a regular feature throughout the Poulton case. I believe from evidence already produced, that you were chosen because you were already known for having taken risks prior to first engaging with Poulton.

  9. Sue