Spurious Allegations Made By Esther Baker And Sonia Poulton Are Dropped

Sonia Poulton and Esther Baker

On the off chance that former Exaro News editor in chief, Mark Watts. doesn’t report this development – good news today as we learn that the spurious criminal allegations of stalking against blogger and former North Wales child abuse victim, Darren Laverty made by wannabe celebrity germalist and internet troll, Sonia Poulton and, Exaro witness and serial vexatious complainant, Esther Baker, have been dropped by the Metropolitan Police.

I can reveal that it is highly likely that the CPS will now inform the former Member of Parliament that Esther Baker accused of sexually abusing her as a child, that there is no case against him – as will others that Esther Baker has made allegations against. This begs the question, was pressure put on the CPS by the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Darren Laverty and Simon Just, who I will not name at this time as she may now come under investigation by the IPCC, not to make public the CPS’s conclusion with regards the former MP who was investigated by Staffordshire Police? This may sound far fetched but I will remind readers that the CPS were asked to make a decision on this politician over a year ago. I can also reveal that the officer in charge of the Met investigation contacted Greater Manchester Police and attempted to persuade them to drop a case made against Esther Baker following a complaint by a head of a charity and so it doesn’t sound too far fetched to venture the possibility that the CPS decision regarding the former member of Parliament had been delayed because it would undermine the credibility of Ms Baker.

I can also reveal that as many had suspected from the start, shameless attention seeker and professional victim, Sonia Poulton, had already been in touch with broadcast media outlets, including the BBC, about her ‘story’ of being a victim of stalking. Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone who has followed Ms Poulton’s online activity of bullying, intimidation, and trolling over the last 5 years would have known that this was likely one of Ms Poulton’s primary motivations – to play the victim and relaunch her haggard media career.

Esther Baker and Sonia Poulton are linked by their close friends Graham Wilmer and convicted troll James Royden Jones which brings me to another very interesting piece of information which has arisen as a consequence of this woeful saga. It would appear that from very early on, soon after the Jimmy Savile revelations, James Royden Jones who set up his Outlaw blog in November 2012, was supplying ‘intelligence’ information regarding victims of North Wales child abuse to North Wales Police – the police force that would see one of their most senior former police officers, retired Superintendent Gordon Anglesea convicted of the sexual abuse of minors in 2016.

James Royden Jones of North Wales, who appeared on Channel 4 news falsely claiming to have been a resident of the notorious Bryn Estyn children’s home and to have erroneously witnessed, now deceased MP, Sir Peter Morrison,  visiting the home, and who has spent the last 5 years stalking and hacking victims of North Wales child abuse and campaigners, and has a criminal conviction for this stalking, was all the time providing ‘intelligence’ information on the very same victims and campaigners to the very police force at the centre of the appalling abuse allegations. To this end, and despite not being a witness to North Wales abuse, Mr Jones even became a witness to the independent investigation run by Operation Pallial.

In my own view, it is high time that the IPCC look into the activity of North Wales police with regards to Mr Jones and also take a good hard look at the officer in charge of the Met investigation into Mr Laverty.


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  1. Sue

    It has been brought to attention on several occasions that police discussed the arrests of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s victims with the stalkers who made the repeated false allegations to have them arrested. Some of the discussions are evidenced in various police emails and other correspondence which is to be presented in cases brought by the victims.

    The behaviour of the police in this case has long been of grave concern to the victims and their lawyers alike, and arresting police officers and those questioning the victims will be interviewed in regard to their conduct and unprofessional behaviour, in order to establish whether police committed all of the said acts of misconduct, or whether Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw are fitting the police up besides their victims.

    Quack on…

  2. Sue

    Christopher @ August 16, 2017 at 11:31 am: Do you have this saved in an easier to read format?

  3. Sue

    Bingo! What do you get for a full house? *A Bulgarian rose by any other name…*

  4. Sue

    Christopher, I note you keep shivering. Do you have a cardigan to pop on over your vest, to keep your muscles warm and supple? *You are the last one to criticise others dress sense.*

    In answer to your question, I am unaware Janette Scharenborg campaigns for Grenfell residents. Is it not the case though, that some campaigners sometimes involve themselves in several campaigns, wherever they wish to put their energy? I accept your point that some individuals do seem to involve themselves in matters which may make them look like victim jockeys.

    Is it up to us to point it out and say so? Sometimes…

  5. Sue

    Simon Just’s penis may need a solicitor of its own should fibber Phillimore continue in her course of ill conduct towards it…

    Phillimore behaves like a woman possessed once she alights on something sexual. It is noted the titters from the crowd of three appear to encourage her to write the most lurid tweets amongst her peers.

    Should the Dame ever include her in his Proctor tweets, I dread to think how she would try to outdo him… *Eye bleach would have to be on standby.*

  6. Sue

    Agree. Which demonstrates Phillimore is on par with the ”investigating police” and junior CPS on this case, who are as equally clueless in regard to the law. Almost 100 police officers to date, and still counting…

    The costs of this case should be paid back from all police involved in recklessly spending hundreds of hours acting on false allegations made by Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw. The total abandonment of due diligence, culminated in obtaining false warrants to make false arrests to save their own skins when they were told the IPCC would have to deal with them.

  7. fuckoffgojamfuckoff

    Why do him and his wife induce the metal image of Fred and Rose West at their worst?


    I blame their fashion sense :)

    But could it have something to do with his relationship with Janette Scharenborg, who appears to be blind siding the Grenfell Victims just like she groomed then discredited CSA victims/complainants?

    Preying on the vulnerable, is something all the names I have mentioned appear to have in common.

  8. Sue

    One name on here is quite sufficient, Christopher.


  9. Sue

    You wish! Delusional much? Barrister Sarah Phillimore is making up stories again. Not as bad as the stories she has already made up and told the police about Barbara Hewson, Darren Laverty and Simon Just, but she has not known me for as long as she has known them so this may only be the beginning…

    Sarah Phillimore‏

    Replying to @LauraCIemens
    I know Sue scours my timeline obsessively. For we are in love. I assume that’s why she can’t stay away.
    10:23 PM – 15 Aug 2017

  10. Sue

    Being a barrister, fibber Phillimore knows she is unable to argue her case, so finally resorts to arguing the law… *Permit me a LOL*

  11. Sue

    Simon is nowhere to be seen on social media, yet barrister Sarah Phillimore incites a potato to kick Simon whilst he is down, after she and others conspired to have him imprisoned.

    Sarah Phillimore‏

    Replying to @ciabaudo
    Factual rebuttal eh Alan? That’s low. Simon won’t like that. Do more.
    12:57 PM – 16 Aug 2017

  12. Sue

    Realising no judge will allow the defenceless Article 10 to be blamed for making barrister Sarah Phillimore commit atrocious crimes in conspiracy with others, Phillimore now points the finger at Peppa Pig…

    And she does not even know how to spell Peppa’s name properly! So what does this tell us about Phillimore? She appears to be preparing to blame everyone and everything but herself for her behaviour.*

    Sarah Phillimore‏ @SVPhillimore 3h3 hours ago

    Good. Send it NOW. I have to listen to Pepa Pig ALL THE WAY to Salisbury and I now wish to murder EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!!!!

  13. Sue

    Agree with MajorLeak2017. Thank you, Christopher. Anything like this can only help MajorLeak2017 and others to unravel Team Outlaw’s conspiracies to harm. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the policing costs of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s hate campaigns are now treble the estimated costs being considered in July.

    Roughly how many police officers would you say have attended to you over the lengthy duration of this case, and how many hours did they spend on you altogether?

  14. Sue

    Twiddling with domestic appliances all day, whilst wearing a paper hat and a pinny, is considered to be therapeutic by the Dame. *Whatever floats your boat.*

  15. Sue

    The Dame seems to have worn himself out with re-reading stories about Harvey Proctor getting more slap and tickle than he ever has, and having unresolved personal issues with Barbara Hewson’s family tree…

    NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 2h2 hours ago

    Also for “Sue”, Alan clearly has difficulty reading his own posts, be a dear and translate slowly and carefully for him. It’s his age… ;-)

  16. Sue

    The police have seen enough evidence to arrest and charge all of those involved…

  17. Sue

    I have seen photographs of yourself and your late partner, Christopher. Perhaps you should reflect upon your ad hominem attack, whilst looking at yourself in a full length mirror (sans parrot).

    Btw, your mention of photogravure below, shows you to be a somewhat cultured individual. So what happened, Christopher? Who or what brought you into this shocking state of affairs which has put lives at risk; taken lives, and ruined lives? Who do you believe benefits the most from whatever it is we are dealing with here?

    August 16, 2017 at 11:31 am

    Why do him and his wife induce the metal image of Fred and Rose West at their worst?


  18. Sue

    I defer to your greater knowledge of this individual. I am currently midst Christopher turning on those who sought to assist in bringing Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw to court for their various heinous criminal activities, and wondering wtf happened to prevent him adhering to his promises.

    Thank you for your twitter acknowledgements btw. Apologies to you and others being accused of being me. Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw have done an excellent job of twisting the minds of those who do not have the capacity to think for themselves. *Which seems to be the majority of those who have entered the various CSA debates, justice for the 96 victims of Hillsborough debates, and the McCann debates.*

    Rebels without f*cking clue…

  19. Sue

    Christopher, I am not Kevin, but from all I have read, I have respect for him in trying to bring the hate campaigns to a halt over the past few years. My interest is only in those who conspire to harm and cause harm to innocents by making threats to kill and maim, and by making repeated false allegations to police in order to have them silenced and imprisoned. This necessitates having to read social media to gather evidence, and cannot be considered to be ‘stalking’.

    Do you not want to know who and what has been behind the use of vulnerables and miscreants such as yourself? You must be aware of all the criminal elements whom Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw deliberately drew into their web, and any evidence you demonstrate in this regard will be given great consideration.

    Christopher Hobby
    August 15, 2017 at 7:14 pm
    Sue, or should i say Kevin,you are typical of a narcissistic stalker yourself, for you very conveniently neglect the FACT that all your comments here reflect the FACT that you too are a stalker.

  20. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    NFA Green Bottle 🕵️‏ @majorleak2017 32m32 minutes ago

    Message to “Sue” the “fuckoff” account is so very clearly the author of “trollpatrol” that he need not have bothered with the username.

    Keep sucking misinformation out of your thumb.Numb nuts.

    Simon says….so it must be.

    Why do him and his wife induce the metal image of Fred and Rose West at their worst?


  21. Sue

    The Dame composed a Bingo game, at the centre of which is the name ‘Leaky Si’. (So put the highlighter away.) It is the Dame who more than suggests MajorLeak2017 is Simon Just. I pointed out he is mocking a man who was dragged from his home in a dawn raid by police, after false allegations were made to police.

    I rest my case…

  22. Sue

    @Christopher Hobby: Please accept my condolences regarding your sad loss. Due to evidence you made available to the public, it became quite apparent you were groomed to target others due to your somewhat colourful past.

    Any other evidence you hold which would enlighten the public further in this matter, (without of course divulging anything which would damage your own case) would perhaps be of value to those coming to terms with the damage wrought by Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw in connection with various police officers from several areas of the country.

    There are no sides to take in this ugly vendetta of Sonia Poulton’s. The aggressors and victims were always easily identifiable to the authorities who corruptly chose to deliberately allow the escalations to take place.

    Regarding MWT, please be assured, I do not believe he is worth the time it takes to spell out his name…

    Christopher Hobby
    August 15, 2017 at 7:42 pm
    Oh this is wonderful Sue/Kev or whoever you are. You put down the illustrious Mark Williams-Thomas who Scharenborg has strong connections and affiliations with, or is that all over now that I have been exposing a lot of evidential proof.

  23. Sue

    Darren Clearedofallcharges Laverty investigates the investigative reporters, so you don’t have to…


  24. Sue

    Lovely images? More research is needed into the long term effects of cherry brandy being administered to new born infants…

    Sarah Phillimore‏ @SVPhillimore 8m8 minutes ago

    the lonely late night cries of a frustrated Internet stalker, attempting to locate his micro penis? #lovelyimages

  25. Sue

    Police, newspaper editors and those on the fringe of Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw have been finding out they have the same problem…

    Sarah Phillimore‏ @SVPhillimore 51m51 minutes ago

    @Esther9982 I am a bit concerned about the security of this method of communication. You assured me it was private!

  26. Sue

    Fibber Phillimore admits to being compelled to do silly things by Article 10. *Please keep her away from reading bomb making literature and home made cherry brandy recipes.*

    The old line, ‘The voices made me do it.’ has just taken a rather sinister turn…

  27. Sue

    Barrister Sarah Phillimore demonstrates staggering expertise regarding the male appendage, by sizing up the penis of a man she has allegedly never never met or seen naked photographs of.

    Simon should be warned Phillimore and Baker’s obsession with him is now proven to have a sexual element. His penis has nothing to do with the case, and deserves protection from these two women. Both women have contacted the police to make false allegations about him in the recent past, therefore it is impossible to hazard a guess as to how far they will go in their vendetta against him and his penis.

  28. Sue


    August 15, 2017 at 6:36 pm
    Fuck off with your druggie insults. It is what you are.

  29. Sue

    Do not speak of the prophet Will Black and Mark Williams Thomas in the same sentence. Anything you have to say in regard to Mark Williams Thomas is welcome. Is he still peddling snake oil?

    August 15, 2017 at 6:25 pm
    I await the knock at the door. I have a lot to say about Janette Sharenborg, Will Black, the writer you know, and Mark Williams-Thomas regarding the sting set up with Panarama regarding Steven Messham. So please, send the cops!

    • Oh this is wonderful Sue/Kev or whoever you are. You put down the illustrious Mark Williams-Thomas who Scharenborg has strong connections and affiliations with, or is that all over now that I have been exposing a lot of evidential proof.

  30. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    I should know not to speak to the spin doctor!
    Truth is truth. I’m still watching and waiting. Patiently.

  31. Sue

    At melting point, paranoia may express itself in a pastiche of all that ever went before…

    August 15, 2017 at 5:52 pm
    I will leave you to pump out the rest of your bullcrap to yourself, once again.

    Goodbye Sue (Perry per chance? Janette’s mate? or Janette herself? or one of the panty wearing perverts themselves? All the same, of ilk)

  32. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    Fuck off with your druggie insults. It is what you are.

  33. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    It was Janette Schareborg and her mates mentioned above who helped me see that they were/are clearly not on the side of the abused. It is true. Mark Williams-Thomas has even aligned himself with one of Max Cliffords clients, and one has to ask the question, why?

    Why did an innocent man pay Max Clifford that much to manage his reputation, which Max was known for?

    Why did Will Black validate Janette Scharenborg as a genuine CSA campaigner through the Huffington Post?

    There we go. Work on that. Twat.

    • I had an interesting, albeit very brief private twitter chat with the fraud Will Black two months ago, he denied to me that he knew Janette Scharenborg. Interesting you mention MWT connected to all of my abusers and my police and crime commissioner in the same breath as Max Clifford. Jamie Millard is very upset at the moment, in fact he is ballistic that i recently published information he passed to me when pretending to befriend us in 2015 on Twitter, he passed me his iPhone proof he is in touch with Louise Clifford, Max’s daughter and also other emails to a solicitor involved, I have contacted that solicitor and they are all now aware of what is going on. They responded too.

    • Janette Scharenborg told my partner in a Skype conversation she, the creep Paul Rogers and the creepier Adrian McCormack that they all had log in details to her kevingreen blogs, she made several admissions in web archived files I have to being involved in the kevin green blogs. There can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever she was behind them and still is. I say was and still is in the same breath for keving green wordpress blogs were removed for being abusive earlier this year by WordPress, but she kept them and set up a new website, want the proof, then click here and see it redirects to her new defamatory blogs http://www.kevingreen1950.wordpress.com/tag/mark-williams-thomas/ watch the address bar and see the URL change in front of your eyes to the new defamatory privately owned blog site. Yes, there game is up and lots of influential people are watching, of this i assure you.

  34. Sue

    This is why kids should say NO to drugs…

    August 15, 2017 at 5:13 pm
    Where peado protectors are over invested…..Gojam the needle blog. The answer to sycophants!

  35. Sue

    Fibber Phillimore remains oblivious to thousands of tweets written by Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw accusing their victims of being ‘paedophiles’, ‘paedophile protectors’, ‘paedophile enablers’ and animal abusers. Often with accompanying home and work addresses, occupations and hobbies etc.

    A word to the wise: Most people prefer to get to know someone before jumping into bed with them. And they make them take their socks off first…

    Sarah Phillimore‏

    Replying to @SVPhillimore @alastairjallen1
    surely accusations of bestiality and fondness for Morris dancing can’t be far off!
    5:32 PM – 15 Aug 2017

  36. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    I await the knock at the door. I have a lot to say about Janette Sharenborg, Will Black, the writer you know, and Mark Williams-Thomas regarding the sting set up with Panarama regarding Steven Messham. So please, send the cops!

  37. Sue

    It writes itself, and what a read it will be for investigating police officers to see upwards of 70 police officers from all over Britain, not only failing to prevent Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s conspiracy to harm, but actively colluding in the harming of persons falsely reported to police by Sonia Poulton, Esther Baker and other criminals within Team Outlaw.

    British police are undoubtedly underfunded, however money is also deliberately squandered by unscrupulous management in the workforce, who have regularly left victims at further risk by failing to arrest and charge the real perps, and continued to cover up the repeated failures of their officers, in the hope victims would become so disillusioned and scared by police abusing them, and threatening and intimidating them in interviews and during dawn raids, that the victims would feel so wearied and helpless they would go away, and stop reporting Team Outlaw’s crimes.

    This is not how the law works. Power corrupts…

    • Sue, be aware, the friend you are support @majorleak2017 is majorly responsible for causing the death of my partner of 37 years. So, you support a man slaughterer and that tells me all I need to know about you.

    • Your friend was given photographs taken of us by Richard Scharenborg, she gave them to Simon Just and Christopher John Worner a.k.a @ronald_the_dog former CAB senior adviser still on twitter under his fake advisers account @MediateADR, the two of them were sent in by your friend to hound us to death and along with major leak make knowingly and subsequently proven false allegations which are still on Simon Just’s blogs even though all the allegations, especially that we were my new stalker Jamie Edward Millard who has now messed with someone else in the last few days that will not let his abuse drop. Simon Just blogs that we were @stingurass @millionsthomas @AhollaCara all of which I recently proved to him with proven evidence were Jamie Millard. Mark Williams-Thomas friend of the ‘A Woman In Holland’ knows they were Jamie Millard but remains suspiciously quiet, not surprising, as he is a very good and old friend of my freemason police and crime commissioner. Simon Just and ‘A Woman In Holland’ know full well i have all the evidence they caused my partners death, and i will not stop my efforts along with a new very good and powerful friend, to bring the lot of you to justice. That is a promise until the Day I Die, I assure you. You meddlesome SuperTroll. What have any of you lost, nothing, my partner lost his life and i lost the love of my life for the past 37 years. You may think you are clever, but Karma has a way of paying back, if not in this life then most certainly in the next, and life is short, before you know it your lives will have passed you by in what is a blink of an eye, and then you meet your maker and pay.

  38. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    I will leave you to pump out the rest of your bullcrap to yourself, once again.

    Goodbye Sue (Perry per chance? Janette’s mate? or Janette herself? or one of the panty wearing perverts themselves? All the same, of ilk)

  39. Sue

    Paranoid individuals tend to believe ‘projection’ is something which everyone else does…

    August 15, 2017 at 4:57 pm
    who is paranoid?
    Listen to the insults one spews, especially to folk they don’t know. Because those insults are nowt but projection of themselves, I have learned.

    Have another spliff!

  40. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    Where peado protectors are over invested…..Gojam the needle blog. The answer to sycophants!

  41. Sue

    When paranoia is left untreated…

    August 15, 2017 at 5:02 pm
    I saw the fat school governor in his short shorts pissed as a fart in a restuarant with I woman I took to be his wife, but she could have been anyoe. Middle aged and fat Mr Sawyer in School boy shorts is an awful sight. I was let traumatised!

    Did he leave you to clean up his vomit?

  42. Sue

    Fibber Phillimore only swears because Barbara Hewson does. It is suspected Phillimore saw Barbara Hewson’s popularity soar after using the word ‘cunt’ on twitter, and hopes for a similar rise in the number of her own twitter followers…

    Phillimore appears to be aware she gains more retweets from those obsessed with spanking bottoms whenever she uses the names of Sonia Poulton and Team Outlaw’s victims.

  43. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    I saw the fat school governor in his short shorts pissed as a fart in a restuarant with I woman I took to be his wife, but she could have been anyoe. Middle aged and fat Mr Sawyer in School boy shorts is an awful sight. I was let traumatised!

    Did he leave you to clean up his vomit?

  44. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    who is paranoid?
    Listen to the insults one spews, especially to folk they don’t know. Because those insults are nowt but projection of themselves, I have learned.

    Have another spliff!

  45. Sue

    An example of why skunkweed should be on prescription, and users’ paranoia levels regularly monitored…

    August 15, 2017 at 3:47 pm
    Did Jonathan Sawyer leave you the keys to sweep and lock up the place while he’s on retirement with his other self, Madlands? Recovery furniture? Still stumbling around in shorts too short for such a fat man?

  46. Sue

    It is noted stalkers connected to Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw continue stalking and intimidating their victims despite current investigations. Some stalkers have resorted to knitting new socks and reviving old accounts, whereas others are creating somewhat elaborate scenarios for themselves in which they deny they were ever certain sock accounts who have engaged in heinous criminal activities.

    Some socks have been seen arguing with their own socks, which investigating police officers may or may not find amusing. Those police who colluded with said sock owners are not expected to be amused, due to their own reputations and jobs being under scrutiny, after having consistently failing to use due diligence when investigating the false allegation of those stalkers, and choosing instead to collude with them. Those who sow injustice…

    • lahazablogblog

      Simon, sorry to disappoint you further, but no LINUX involved either, so you are not as clever as you PRETEND to be you wanker, oh sorry, you can no longer sank either, can you, just fantasise about a climax.

  47. FuckOffGoJamFuckOff

    Did Jonathan Sawyer leave you the keys to sweep and lock up the place while he’s on retirement with his other self, Madlands? Recovery furniture? Still stumbling around in shorts too short for such a fat man?

    • lahazablogblog

      Here you are SimonAde, sounds like a drink made from pee, just a few of your collaborations with JEM recently. I have them all, also have every abusive unwanted and unsolicited tweets you ever made to us, all archived, not photoshopped, all web archived scrollable files, all with the police. So, as I said, BRING IT ON YOU BIG BUTCH COWARD. I WILL BRING YOU DOWN AND STOP YOUR ABUSE OF COUNTLESS INNOCENT PEOPLE YOU ABUSE FOR YOUR LACK OF SEX IN YOUR LIFE.

      YOU WERE JEALOUS OF US, TWO HOMOSEXUALS TOGETHER IN A LOVING RELATIONSHIP FOR 37 YEARS, SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE YOU EVIL BAR STEWARD! DO NOT FORGET @WipeHomophobia email confirming your 2015 tweets ARE HOMOPHOBIC. MOST HOMOPHOBES LIKE YOU ARE CLOSET HOMOSEXUALS, SIMON! Read what Pater Tatchell says about such as you, hiding in a fruitless and loveless marriage to hide what you truly probably are, a closeted bigoted self loathing little worm QUEER.


    • lahazablogblog

      Si, remember how Coulter phoned you that day in 2015, and how you were too afraid to pick up the phone, cowardly scumbag that you are! yet within 60 seconds you tweeted screenshot of his call. all preserved Si, all preserved you dickless keyboard SuperTroll.

    • lahazablogblog

      Oh the absolute irony of all of this, lololol hahahaha

  48. Sue

    The stalking and trolling incited by journalists, was not about ‘giving victims a voice’, or ‘protecting’ victims of childhood abuse from those who may challenge their narrative. It is about scoring political points and generating income from selling victim stories to the MSM; feeding lawyers swathes of alleged complaints, and providing incomes for people whose counselling techniques could possibly leave service users with more problems than those for which they originally sought help. Oh wait…

  49. Sue

    Stalkers are known to spend hours studying their victims tweets and other posts, and assemble them in a manner which makes it easier for their breed of follower to understand.

    Today, a middle aged male who prefers to identify as a Dame (whilst harbouring a grudge against Harvey Proctor for having enjoyed more slap and tickle than he himself has ever had) has chosen to use the game of Bingo to mock a victim who was dragged from his home in a dawn raid, after false allegations were made to the police by Sonia Poulton’s Team Outlaw.

    Due to police consistently failing in their duties and actively colluding with Team Outlaw, stalkers such as the Dame, are continuing to stalk and harass in the belief they will get away with their crimes….

    • Sue, or should i say Kevin,you are typical of a narcissistic stalker yourself, for you very conveniently neglect the FACT that all your comments here reflect the FACT that you too are a stalker.

      • lahazablogblog

        Now, Simon. I need not remind you, however I will. False allegations were also made that we were the owners and publishes of the 9outof10catsblogs, which you knew was a distinct lie!

        You are fully aware of the cats recent blog about you on the following link:-

        I quote the relevant section from that blog, below :-


        “Moving on – the Dorset guys – You, Leaky, backed up the Borg’s claims of 9 charges, which all turned out to be “false” – another occasion of you making false allegations, and yet your bio claims to be so against false allegations, projecting much. Two men, on bail for 50 wks due to false allegations, which I remind you again, you backed up. The two men had all false allegations, which again I remind you, you backed up, dropped , ie NFA, 9 charges of false allegations, backed up by you, dropped. Then 10 days later, one of the Dorset guys dies. But you still trolled his surviving partner.”

        I, like you, Simon, are allowed an opinion, only my opinion is also the opinion of many of my friends and former defence solicitor. INHO you killed my partner, Robert, you did, and for that ultimately you will pay, either in this life in prison or when you meet your maker!

      • lahazablogblog

        Now , Si & Sue. Forget your foolish notions that I have accomplices you refer to. No, I tell you again, I am all on my own, would not have anything to do with either SPOUTLAW OR AWOMANINHOLLAND GANGS. You are all psychopaths. To this end, I now turn to the poisonous welsh dwarf. Who did telephone us constantly whilst Robert was alive and sent lots of revealing emails and attachments about the other Gang he was waging war against, all very revealing and now revealed.

        Shortly after Robert die he asked my permission to publish a blog in memory of Robert to show how the opposing SuperTroll Gang caused his death, as an example to just how serious these matters had become. However, he soon, along with Sonia Poulton actually joined the member of Scharenborg’s gang who was procured to abuse myself and Robert in 2016, all fact and all evidence documented.

        Then the boyo changed the blog entirely to remove all reference to Robert’s death. So, here we go, proof in a before and after.

        The police are having an absolute field day reading the comments on this blog, and it certainly seems i have now shut sue up completely. But there is much more to come. Much more………..In my best Manuel from Fawlty Towers voice…………..eevenjuallly

    • lahazablogblog

      You better get used to it, Sue whoever you are, you have me to deal with now. The SuperTroll Gang you support killed my man and i do not intend to give up, so get used to it. By the Way the Scharenborg suicide attempt did indeed take place, i still have the video and it is currently with the police, and get used to it Sue, coward who is afraid to reveal who they are, I am now on your case.
      Now I am going to read you a few home truths. I have a contact helping me in the Liberal Democrats. Last year they had a secret investigation int your fake heroine Janette Scharenborg over her contacts in the Liberal Democrats, in particular the author of these Blogs, Jonathan Sawyer! FACT, let it sink in.

      Do not forget, they, and I, and the police now have a copy of the email Sarah Larner sent to LibDem HQ, yes the one that mine and my partner abuser Daren Richard Laverty once published on his blog and then hurriedly removed, but not before James Royden Jones archived it and he passed it on to my partner last year and he passed it on to our LibDem contact and the police. Did the dumbfuck Laverty really think no one would know the names he redacted, of course we did, Borg and Jam were the redacted names, and what about this creepy email Borg sent my partner about the missing body of a sixteen year old girl for fucks sake :-

      And get this and it is the truth. Myself and my partner were used as pawns by the Dorset police and the FACT is they used us as pawns to tempt the Borg out of that miserable little part of the Netherlands, Beltrum, and come to the UK for the trial of us that was never to take place. Why you may ask Kev, Why? because they want to arrest her! FACT, let it sink in.

      The thing is, you all go on about the warring SUPERTROLL Gang factions, yet you are one and the same, SPOUTLAW AND THE AWOMANINHOLLAND GANG all have their feet in each others camps via the MONSTER Ronnie Hobby, Scharenborg procured him, there is evidence of that in his own words, he procured SPOUTLAW, evidence all in his own blog, so all against each other yet all have the middle bisexual Ronnie Hobby, he is friends with Borg and Co and Jamie Edward Millard, all proven, Ronnie Hobby also has proven and self admitted connections to the BIG I AM Mark Williams-Thomas, and he has connections to Poulton and Outlaw, one big shitty pie you are all going to eat one day soon, forget the humble pie, i understand TROLL SHIT is what you all prefer the taste of, and you all have plenty of that to go round.

      You are all the creepiest scariest bunch of mother fukkas on the face of the Earth, you are all pimples on the fekkin arsehole of humanity, you have all sold your souls to the DEVIL, and eventually that DEVIL will want payment, YOUR VERY OWN SOULS.

    • lahazablogblog

      Why so quiet today, Sue, has 9outof10cats got your tongue, perhaps.

      • lahazablogblog

        For the dickies wonder who knows who it is, keep leaving your stupid tweets for me you moron man slaughterer. I have already proved all your malicious libellous and defamatory blogs are untrue, provided the evidence too and all beyond any reasonable doubt and to the criminal standard, so take your moronic threats and stick them where the sun never shines, and this i dedicate to you, Maslaughterer.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL-GzdT65hA

      • lahazablogblog

        For you know who, lol.

    • lahazablogblog

      Here you are, Sue. The deleted Darren Richard Laverty, Sarah Larner email with redactions.

      • lahazablogblog

        So, Stalking me here now, eh, Simon you dickies wonder pathetic excuse for a SuperTroll. Let me remind you, it was YOU that dragged an innocent man, my partner into your creepy CSA war. You CHOSE to involve an innocent man. YOU CHOSE to publish these false and malicious and libellous defamatory blogs all proven to be so to the criminal standard. YOU CHOSE to troll, stalk and harass us for NO REASON whatsoever because it is your sexual proclivity, the only thing that gives you and erection, Simon. You are majorly responsible for my partners sudden and unexpected death, most people agree with that who are right minded people unlike you. You now are friends along with the equally creepy McCormack scumbag, with JEM and I have all of both of your tweets to him and his to you, all the malicious photo shopped tweets in my name that i never ever made, all with the police along with lots more about you all. YOU CHOSE TO DRAG US INTO YOUR WAR, and I CHOOSE TO END THAT WAR EVEN IF IT LEADS TO MY DEATH. I will pursue you TILL THE DAY I DIE, THAT IS A PROMISE AND NOT A THREAT. I NEVER MAKE THREATS. So get used to it Simon, YOU STARTED THIS AND I WILL END IT OF THAT YOU CAN BE MORE THAN ASSURED. Carry on making all the threats to me just like you do to Darren Duckworth @dafta_69 and Sarah Phillimore with your strange accomplices. Carry on you sociopathic, psychopathic narcissistic ugly baby faced bar steward, throw your worst at me. Karma will visit you, you have sold your soul to the DEVIL, and the devil will claim what is his one day.

        Now, take a look at the man you killed, Simon!

    • lahazablogblog

      This more than describes Si.

    • lahazablogblog

      And a timely reminder, SimonAdeSue. This is your new friend you are working with against me currently. But Wifi, i mean WiSi, you worship the ground Williams-Thomas walks on.

    • lahazablogblog

      Here you are you impotent sexless WormSi. Now would i be exposing the welsh troll and this if I had anything to do with the sad midget little Muppet. Face it Si you and all of them are the saddest Muppets in the Universe. Now I wonder who the Boyo is referring to here.

      • lahazablogblog

        Yes look PieManSi proof your allegations we ran Coulter’s website were false allegations too

      • lahazablogblog

        & Look at this one about your Mistress Si

      • lahazablogblog

        The Dog, ah yes, the suspended @ronald_the_dog Worner, old time mate of the man you worship MWT eh!, who phoned coulter as you can hear

        along with voicemails to Coulter from your Mistress and your new accomplice Jamie Edward Millard

      • lahazablogblog

        And not forgetting, Si, Coulter’s own reference to you on his documentary on HIS WEBSITE here, lololol, you asked for him to do that Si, after what you have done to him and his two daughters on your blogs and in all your 2015 tweets, all web archived, Si.


        Just like you, Si. Coulter will never take it down! lololol

      • lahazablogblog

        I know you are afraid to visit Coulter’s website, Si, because he will harvest your IP address, proof here http://gostats.com/summary.xml?id=617778
        So, i snatched his cute little video so you can watch it here and not run that risk, but perhaps you did already many times not knowing he captures and harvests your IP address, lololol hahahaha

        It is Coulter’s voice, ask Worner and your Mistress! Well, Si, now everyone reading this blog and i understand it is being read by thousands, know all about you and your sinister gangs of SuperTrolls. All in the public interest as you all seriously need to be exposed. You all killed Robert to one degree or another.

  50. Sue

    Only those who fear the law should be afraid of Darren Clearedofallcharges Laverty. Adeybob is not afraid of the law. Police are aware of how and why the fear mongering in regard to Laverty began, and why it was allowed to escalate. So quack off, quackhead.

    ▄▀▄▀▄ 🦆 ▄▀▄▀▄‏

    Replying to @JasonASpence @Adeybob @Esther9982
    but ade.. you’ve been stalking and harassing anyone who lav did due to your fear of him.. similar to bazzy babe….

    all cowards
    7:20 PM – 14 Aug 2017