Luis Elizondo,Warp Bubbles, and the Shape, Utility, and Propulsion of UAPs

As almost everyone must be aware by now The Pentagon are due to publish a report to Congress on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) on or around 25th June and so we should all know a great deal more about the subject within the next few weeks. I wouldn’t want to claim any expertise on this subject, I know that for many the subject of UFOs and UAPs has been an area of intense research for many years, even decades, however, I would like to share some of my thoughts and observations on this subject as I hope you’ll share some of yours in the comments below.

For those unaware who Luis Elizondo is, he worked for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) since 2008 and was director from 2010 until he resigned in 2017. Despite what looks like a campaign to discredit him, his credentials with AATIP have now been officially confirmed, as has AATIP’s role in investigating UAPs.

As well as collecting and analysing UAP data, AATIP also commissioned a number of scientific studies, the research titles of 38 of which were published following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in 2019, which can be viewed in full HERE but include papers on “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions“, “Invisibility Cloaking” and “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy”. With this in mind, and given his previous access to highly classified data and these scientific studies, it is rather safe to say that Luis Elizondo is in as good a position as anyone to speculate about how UAPs work. However, this is something he rarely does.

This article will focus on a couple occasions in recent interviews where Luis Elizondo has speculated about what UAPs, specifically the so-called ‘tic tac’ UAPs, are and how they work but before I do I want to first clarify what exactly is at stake and why Luis Elizondo, The Pentagon, and others with knowledge about UAPs will be withholding important information on this topic.

UAPs are real and have been acknowledged as such by The Pentagon. Official internal US military reports demonstrate that UAPs have been observed for at least 70 years . Furthermore, Luis Elzondo told Bill Whitaker on 60 Minutes

Imagine a technology that can do 6 to 7 hundred G forces, that can fly at 13 thousand miles an hour,that can evade radar,and that can fly through air, and water, and possibly space; and by the way has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces, and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.

60 Minutes

UAPs have been reported near sites associated with nuclear power, weaponry and technology since 1948 at least and there are reports from former US military sources of UAPs disabling nuclear weapons in silos and downing nuclear capable missiles while being tested.

Regardless, of any hedges The Pentagon might express to the contrary, UAPs are certainly not early 21st Century human technology, let alone mid 20th Century human technology.

Every human scientific or technological advance to this point has been made blind but for the very first time the characteristics of a technological advancement have been observed before humans understand it and knowing that something is possible is a huge advantage. That prior and certain knowledge of a technological advance’s existence can inform the direction and parameters of scientific enquiry.

At some point in the future a nation on Earth will recreate, either entirely or in part, UAP technology and whichever nation does will have the power to shape how human society is organised. If China or Russia develop UAP technology first then they could impose an authoritarian regime across the planet. If the USA recreates UAP technology first, with democracy, individual freedoms, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press not only enshrined in its constitution but running through its cultural DNA; then it could defend its values around the world and despite the worrying emergence of Big Tech Oligarchs increasingly wishing to exploit their power to inhibit freedoms and influence democracy, nevertheless I know which nation I’d prefer to develop UAP technology first and so noone should be surprised if Luis Elizonda and others with highly classified insights regarding how these UAPs actually work do not share that information with the general public… and Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. The only surprise is that given what is at stake, not only a defence capability that makes current weaponry obsolete but also a cheap, clean, stable, and abundant energy source and viable, affordable access to off planet resources, why the USA doesn’t have The Manhatten Project Mark 2 already under way.

Let’s move on to the science which for obvious reasons will be speculative and sketchy. First let’s look at what Luis Elizondo has to say about how UAPs may be powered in The New York Post’s The Basement Office interview (Part 1)

It has been proposed that… water may be some sort of simplistic fuel source. When you look at what water is comprised of, primarily hydrogen and oxygen… if you wanted to get a yield of energy cracking the atom is one way of doing it and the smaller you go into the world of the atom the more tightly that energy is packaged within the atom and the sub-atomic particles with the atom. And so, if you want to warp space/time some have theorised that you need a lot, a lot of energy. There’s two ways to warp space/time, a lot of mass or a lot of energy, and it turns out that you need a lot, a lot of energy to do it. And if one wanted to harness that energy perhaps one of the most efficient ways is through hydrogen.

In The New York Post’s The Basement Office interview with Luis Elizondo (Part 2) In answer to a question regarding ‘Warp Bubbles’ from (the excellent) Steven Greenstreet, Luis Elizondo responds,

There is a delta within the space/time construct compared to the external environment in which a lot of the observations we see as seemingly extraordinary really aren’t. They are rooted in some of the relativity principles that Einstein proposed in that if you werte inside this bubble travelling, what appears to us this incredible capability to manoeuvre at hypersonic speeds and instantaneous acceleration, and yes even low observability; in fact if you were inside that bubble looking out the rest of the world would be going by in slow motion. And so it’s not really… it’s that weird duality where both are actually occurring. Both our existence in this time and the relaivity of being in this localised environment where you are insulated where you are not… where the way we experience space/time there’s a delta, it’s different.

Now, it is clear that Luis Elizono is speculating but he is doing so with the benefit of far more information than we have including those 38 scientific studies that AATIP commssioned. I think it is safe to say that Luis Elizondo’s best assessment is that UAPs are powered by some kind of advanced nuclear reactor which powers technology that can create field of warped space/time around it. I’m going to come back to this later but before moving on I think it is worth noting that Luis Elizondo becomes very reticent in this interview when asked whether AATIP had access to physical UAP material (watch from 7 minutes). I’ve watched many of his interviews and this is the only time I’ve seen him uncomfortable, he’s shifting, almost squirming in his seat, caught between his natural default truthful attitude when doing interviews on this subject and the restraints of his security clearance. Really great interviewing from Steven Greenstreet, Elizondo’s unconscience reaction speaks louder than words.. You make up your own mind after watching it but in my opinion, and I’ve always dismissed this until this point, the USA does have physical evidence, exotic material connected to UAPs.

Moving on now to UAP expert and Youtuber Max Moszkowicz who recently did an interview with Luis Elizondo and who elicited new information on what I’m going to describe as the possible multi-warp bubble nature of some UAPs. As an expert on the subject Max Moszkowicz asks a great question and recognises straight away that the reply is new information, or more accurately new informed speculation from Luis Elizondo. The full interview video is below but the extract I’m quoting from is from 50 minutes.

Max Moszkowicz: Are there differences in behaviour traits or skill sets depending on the shape of the UAP? For example is a tictac different from a disc or an orb different from a triangle? Are they from the same source or do they seem completely different?

Luis Elizondo: …clearly there are differences but they’ll be utilising the same or similar technologies and the differences between a disc versus a rod, or if you will, a cigar shape and that versus a triangular or even a boomerang may simply be the result of the propulsion that is being used and the intent and purpose of the vehicle… Let’s say that the warping of space/time in a localised area is finite. Let’s say that you have this bubble that can only be so big… For arguments sake let’s say 43 feet, you can only fit a certain size automobile inside that bubble, a vehicle right… If you were to have this bubble… and create a car that this bubble was surrounding you on all equal sides, the shape of the car you would want to make sure that you were uniformly fitting inside this bubble is a sphere because the bubble is a sphere but a two dimensional representation is a disc and if you’re driving in a car that is shaped like a disc in this bubble that you want to protect you on all sides equally a disc would be a perfect way to do this. So, think of a Corvette. You can fit two people in a Corvette… you can go really fast but let’s say a corvette isn’t big enough. Let’s say you need a school bus. You need a lot of people to fit in and you need a lot of equipment. Well, you could put two of these discs together and have these, if you will, overlapping bubbles. But two discs together… you have now a cigar. Those two diiscs, you could have a propulsion unit here and here [gestures either end of the cigar] now all of a sudden you’ve got these two bubbles that are still protecting you equally… There’s another shape in geometry that if you needed something really big… like an aircraft carrier let’s say a triangle.[Luis Elizondo proceeds to draw out what he’s been describing]

I think a useful analogy here may one of mankinds first inventions, the wheel. As everyone knows wheels are simple machines for reducing the force of friction. Dragging something over rough ground is hard work, but wheels make it much easier by allowing the object to roll along. With one wheel I could make a wheelbarrow and transport quite alot of rocks but too many rocks it might become unstable and I might add a second wheel. More rocks still and a third wheel might be necessary then a fourth the more weight I carry the more wheels I need to reduce he friction.

Luis Elizondo suggests a maximum diameter of the Warp Bubble at a suspiciously specific but possibly mischievous 43ft. The formula for the volume of a sphere is V = 4/3 πr³ which would mean the volume of a Warp Bubble with a diameter of 43ft would be 41629.77ft³. Regardless of whether 43ft is accurate and based on classified data and observations or not, there would likely come a point when it is more efficient and stable to have another Warp Bubble than continue to increase the power needed to expand one Warp Bubble’s diameter.

The three images below, nicknamed Acorn, Sphere, and Blimp, were captured by the rear-seat weapons system officer of an F/A-18 fighter jet on March 4th 2019 and have been confirmed to be genuine by a Pentagon spokesperson All three images were captured within a 32 minute window. In his article at Mystery Wire, (link block to Europe) journalist George Knapp reported that the photos show three separate objects. For more information about this encounter see The Debrief

The first thing I’d like to note is that there are almost certainly more images connected to this event as well as eyewitness accounts and radar data which confirm that these were three seperate UAPs and their 3D shape. Without that extra data it would be a bit of a reach to describe the first image as an acorn and the second as a sphere so let’s assume that the data exists and the descriptive nicknames are broadly apt. Once this is accepted there should be a glaring revelation, these are all shapes that are ideal for withstanding high pressure. Much of mankind’s deep sea exploration has been in diving bells (acorn shaped) and Bathyspheres (spheres) and there is a very good reason butane tanks are shaped the way that they are. Each of these three forms are perfect for resisting high pressure.

Now, here is what I find interesting. If we assume that Luis Elizondo’s, admittedly speculative but well informed, best assessment is correct, and that some kind of advanced nuclear/quantum hydrogen reactor is powering technology that creates a warp bubble in the manner he describes above, then I don’t believe a form able to resist hign pressure is necessary. Theoretically, there would be the pressure, gravity, and atmosphere present within the warp bubble that there was when and where the warp bubble was created. Form would be almost irrelevant within the bubble because the bubble insulates the craft from pressure, drag, and gravity. The bubble and it’s contents effectively have zero mass relative to the exterior environment. If I’m correct then you could actually take the Corvette that Luis Elizondo spoke of to illustrate his theory, retrofit the Warp Bubble technology and off you could go. You might have to take precautions against radiation and ensure an oxygen supply but structurally you’d have a rather cool Corvette UAP.

Now clearly I’m not an expert or a scientist and readers might be tempted to suggest that I’m completely wrong and the pressure resistant form is a necessary prerequisite for a vehicle using Warp Bubble technology but I would point out that Triangles, Boomerangs, Pyramids, and Discs are not the best form for resisting hign pressure. Perhaps, these craft have different uses. Perhaps, the Acorn, Sphere, Blimp, and Tic Tac; assuming the Blimp and Tic Tac are not the same design, are subtly different submersible UAP, or USP (Unidentified Submersible Phenomena). Yet that raises another question, why would a pressure resistant form be needed, even in the deepest ocean as long as you have a Warp Bubble insulating you from the high pressure?

I’ve no answer to that. Perhaps you do? In which case leave a comment of email me at

The Triangles, Boomerangs, and Discs are better forms for flight and I’ve heard Christopher Mellon Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence speculate that the Triangles might be engaged scanning, surveying, or mapping; this because often they have been observed moving back and forth in a slow grid-like pattern over a specific area and noting that triangles (Triangulation) are an ideal shape for mapping.

Finally and very quickly I want to touch on the propulsion of UAPs. As I’ve said above relative to the exterior environment the contents of the warp bubble would act like it had no mass. It would be like the puck in a 3D game of Air Hockey. The very lightest force would see it fly off. An object can be pushed or pulled and I’d suggest that these bubbles are being drawn in whichever direction is desired by vacuum. It wouldn’t take very much energy to do this. It wouldn’t need huge vacuums because the Warp Bubble’s movement is frictionless. Nature abhors a vacuum as the saying goes and by using small vacuums in each direction like bouyancy tanks the warp bubble would rush forward as long as the vacuum in that direction existed and stop on a dime by creating a braking vacuum. Without gravity, friction, air compression, or water displacement; the means of propulsion would require very little energy in comparison to that which is necessary to create and maintain the warp bubble itself.

Anyway we’ll all find out more soon enough. I hope there are some readers that have reached the end! Thank you if you did. Let me know what you think Do you agree with any of my points or do you have a different opinion?

If you found this useful then please share.

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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