How UFOs Might Disguise Themselves and What They Might Look Like in Reality.

Tim McMillan

“All facets, cognitive, engineering and materials, energy and the science to understand it, we lacked. And so the decision was made to put it up until 1979”Tim McMillan

In this blog post I’m going to examine some things related by journalist Tim McMillann, The Debrief, in his interview with Steven Greenstreet in this bonus episode of The Basement Office, which I highly recommend you watch. In this interview McMillan relates part of a conversation he had with an old school intelligence/aerospace source. For the purposes of this post I’m going to assume that everything that this source imparted to Tim McMillan is true. This is not to say that it is true, I’m not in a position to say, but the source’s account does seem perfectly plausible to me and it is an extremely interesting premise to work from . I’m particularly interested in what was said about the appearance of the Roswell UAP and to see if it can inform us about the phenomena more generally. Let’s look at what Tim has to say:

“I was told by somebody during all of this, very older gentleman who has been around the game for a very long time, and when I said ‘the game’ I meant the intelligence and aerospace game and he told me an intriguing story… First thing he said that I thought was interesting, he said, “Listen man, 70% of what you’ve ever heard about Roswell, or a lot of the stuff that came out in the eighties, total bullshit; 30% is true.” And he said, you know, “there was a vehicle with an occupant,”those were his exact words… Everybody’s always looking at the CIA, the Airforce, you know all these people. They forget the Atomic Energy Commission was founded in…January 1947, right before Roswell. The Atomic Energy Commission was a civilian commission that was in charge of all of our nuclear weapons but they were outside the scope of government, they were civilian… therefore their informtion is proprietary…if a car fell out of the sky into the 11th century, the first thing you’ve got to figure out is how to fuel it, how to run it, how to make it work, and so the Department of Energy would be your source and they said that whatever it was was stored by them and… the conclusion was made that we lacked, on every facet, including cognitive understanding… They alluded to the fact that they weren’t flying saucers, they weren’t tic tacs, they were something that possessed the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.

The Basement Office with Tim McMillan

This post could be divided into two parts. In the first part I’m going to speculate as to what might have actually been found at Roswell based on what Tim McMillan’s source has said, while in the second part I’m going to attempt to explain how “the vehicle” could ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.’ The second part does not depend on the first being accurate.

The UFO sighting in the Canary Islands on June 22nd 1976 is interesting on a number of different levels. It lasted for more than 40 minutes, was seen by hundreds of witnesses, both military and civilian, across almost the entire archipelago. It was first spotted at 9:27pm by a Spanish Navy corvette and was originally misidentified as an an aircraft with its landing lights on.

“Shortly after observation, the yellow light ceased, and was replaced by a ‘luminous’ rotating beam that persisted for approximately 2 minutes. A glowing halo then developed around the object and it split into two components, a smaller component which split away from the bottom and went out of view, and a larger component which rose from the top of the halo and climbed away at a ‘rapid and irregular’ spiral pattern”


By 9:30pm it had been seen on Gran Canaria where it was described as being the size of three full moons, it then grew in size until it was described by witnesses as being the size of a twenty storey building before shooting off at “breakneck speed” leaving behind a halo of light where it had been. I’m going to suggest that this was not normal operating behaviour of a UAP. If I were going to compare what is being described to something, a concept, we might all be familiar with, I’d suggest a nuclear meltdown. A core meltdown accident occurs when the heat generated by a nuclear reactor exceeds the heat removed by the cooling systems. I’m not suggesting that UAPs are powered by the simple nuclear reactors that we’re familiar with but they are being powered by something that is able to generate an immense amount of energy and I don’t care how advanced a species you are, when you are attempting to harness that kind of energy there will be dangers. Imagine if this were a US nuclear powered submarine submerged just off the coast of New York and it had reactor damage and was going to blow. First thing you’d do, if you had time, would be to get as many crew off as possible, witnesses describe the light splitting in two, the next thing the skeleton crew left would do would be to get as far away from a densely populated area as quickly as possible.

If this speculation is correct and this is an example of UAP malfunction, then the witness statements of a number of civilians including a doctor, teacher, farmer, and a police officer, among others, who observed two figures within a sphere might be extremely revealing because if the UAP is not operating properly for whatever reason, then the image below, drawn from eyewitness accounts, might be a fairly good representation of what the base technology of a UFO may look like.

Furthermore, as we’re assuming, for the purposes of this post, that Tim McMillan’s source is accurate and that UFOs ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.’ it is reasonable to ask, in the context that this was seen, whether this ‘makes sense to you.’ in the same way as a saucer did in the 1950s, or chariots of fire might have done to a devout follower of Judaism over two and a half thousand years ago? I’d suggest not. Whether it is Livy’s phantom ships gleaming in the sky, the mystery airships reported in the USA in the 1890s, black triangles and boomerangs in the 1980s, or tic tacs today; UFO sightings always appear to retain an historical and cultural context. Or put another way, people always see what makes sense to them and what makes sense to them is invariably an enclosed vehicle or vessel. We don’t know what was found at Roswell in 1947 but might the ‘Something’ alluded to by McMillan’s source resemble the consoles and pillar within a sphere described by some of the witnesses to the 1976 Canary Islands incident?

Let’s move on to the second part of this post, how could a craft ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.’? This is a question I’ve spent the last week researching and thinking about and I went down quite a few cul-de-sacs before I eventually struck upon a method that would theoretically work.

Initially, I looked at how we human beings might be manipulated into seeing something that isn’t there. Flickering lights have been found to cause very mild hallucinations and there is a suggestion that sound frequency below a human beings hearing range, around 20Hz, causes symptoms including fear, sorrow, depression, anxiety, nausea, chest pressure and even hallucination. NASA discovered that the human eyeball resonates at 18Hz. Could a UAP be emitting light and/or sound waves that trigger humans to hallucinate? The problem with this is that while it might be possible to induce hallucinations in human beings, this wouldn’t account for other physical evidence like video, photography, and radar; and the same must be admitted for any attempt to manipulate our minds through telepathy.

If it wasn’t us being manipulated into seeing something that wasn’t really there then perhaps the craft was cloaking or camourflaging itself and I looked into starfield camouflage, active camouflage, adaptive camouflage, and holographic camouflage. Could UFOs be using a form of advanced cloaking? The problem with this is that the UFO would have to ascertain what made sense to you and then project that, in itself not an impossible mechanism but it not as elegant as I’d hoped. It was at this point that I had my little Eureka moment.

Now, please bear with me because this is a little difficult to explain and I’m not a physicist but imagine the double slit experiment on a larger scale. If you recall in the double slit experiment a single photon is repeatedly fired at a photosensitive backscreen with a board with two vertical slits in its path. When no attempt is made to ascertain which slit the photons have gone through an interference pattern appears on the backscreen indicative of wave-like behaviour, when an attempt is made to observe the photon pass through a slit, the probability wave function collapses and the interference pattern is replaced with two vertical stripes indicative of particle-like behaviour. Without our observation the photon appears to pass through both slits, in fact it takes every possible route, once we attempt to observe this the range of probabilities collapses to one – the one we observe.

If UFOs were able to create a bubble or field around them which was produced using waves of potential and probability ,something impossible for us to observe without us collapsing its wave function, then theoretically the UFO would ‘possess the ability to make your mind see what makes sense to you.‘ In other words, it would be impossible for us to observe it as it was, it would be at once a ball of nothing and everything, an incomprehensible hole in reality filled with infinite potential, something our consciousness must resolve into something familiar and understandable. Once observed it would be as real in physical form as everything else observed outside of the bubble. Furthermore such a bubble would ripple with interference waves which would very likely perturb water in the way described by witnesses. I can not speak at this time to the other UAP observables that have been mentioned.

And what might be further food for thought, is that such a bubble or field of probability interference dissipated over an immense distance might resemble the image of cosmic microwave background radiation.

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2 responses to “How UFOs Might Disguise Themselves and What They Might Look Like in Reality.

  1. Zen

    Kryon, the channelled source through Lee Carroll ( YouTube ), makes clear that advanced civilisations in the universe – of which there are many – only need to THINK their way from A2B. Kryon also speaks of potential and probability.

    The build up to the Precession of The Equinnoxes included a steady build up in sightings of extraterrestrial / multidimensional crafts, and other mind-extending events. It is very likely that part of the purpose in this is to stimulate those human beings capable of thinking outside the box.

    Contact with off-planet energies / consciousness has occurred throughout history, and many societies were heavily repressed by control systems determined to retain primitive fear-based thinking as the core of their beliefs. In spite of this, mankind is developing, is reaching towards Love, not fear.

    Having lived with a channeller, and had two-way conversations with two ‘beings’ who said they were my spirit guides, I know they can read my mind, and know everything about me, and do not have the basic mental setup we humans do. An energy is present, which literally drips with Love.

    Once experienced, never forgotten! Those who have never been there often ridicule that which they cannot comprehend, so they ‘block’ all aspects of that possibility. As this experience exists in a different reality, there is never any tangible proof someone’s logical mind demands.

    Each person, when they are ready, through their thoughts, opens the door to fresh potential, fresh possibilities. So any and all debate on these vital subjects is welcome.

    Best wishes, Zen

    • Hi Zen, Thank you for your comment. I did actually reference contactee statements in a previous post and I asked whether it was time, given how this subject is turning, that it should be looked at anew.

      I’m open minded on the subject

      All the best