DCI Paul Settle Cleared By The IPCC

As many readers will be aware DCI Paul Settle has been under investigation by the IPCC with regards to complaints made by former Exaro ‘witness’ ‘Darren’, who is himself now facing charges of malicious communications against another police force, and already had previous convictions for making false allegations to the police; and former Exaro source Chris Fay.

I can now confirm that DCI Paul Settle has been cleared by the IPCC.

DCI Paul Settle’s only ‘mistake’ (an inappropriate word) was to do his job lawfully by closing the investigation into Lord Leon Brittan following a complaint made by another Exaro ‘witness’, known as ‘Jane’. The allegation of rape made by ‘Jane’ in two police statements was found by the Crown Prosecution Service, DCI Paul Settle, and later the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders to have ‘not been made out in law’ – that is to say that the account that ‘Jane’ gave in those two police statements, which seemingly differs significantly from the account that Exaro made public, did not amount to rape.

Unfortunately, for DCI Paul Settle, Exaro exerted political pressure on his superior officers who removed him from the investigation. Since that time DCI Settle has been dogged by false allegations made by supporters of Exaro News, while being hung out to dry by senior MPS management for no other apparent reason than that he, DCI Settle, had made the correct and lawful decision originally to discontinue the investigation and that others, notably Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse , had got their fingers horribly burned when their new investigation went pear-shaped.

When Sir Richard Henriques published his report in November last year, it concluded that DCI Paul Settle had acted with integrity – while 5 Met police officers including DAC Rodhouse faced an IPCC investigation themselves.

I hope that this decision by the IPCC will draw a line, once and for all, under the repeated libellous allegations online and vexatious complaints, that DCI Settle has at any time passed sensitive or personal information about any complainant to anyone in the media.


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6 responses to “DCI Paul Settle Cleared By The IPCC

  1. Justin Sanity

    No offers of compensation, nor even an apology I’d assume?
    His bosses were genuine arseholes.

  2. John Faulkner

    Does anyone really believe this is Justice??

    ‘Integrity’ is a much overvalued/misunderstood word these days.
    It means what you want it to mean, IOW.

  3. tdf

    ^ One lives in hope.

  4. Would hope that other Met officers are also in the spotlight soon regarding their handling of matters which are also associated with the Exaro News supporters. The latter have caused untold damage to people over the months and things do need to change. Truth is starting to emerge and, in my view, it’s going to shock some who put their faith into the wrong people.

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