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Op Yewtree: Rolf Harris Spends Christmas At The Priory


The Daily Mail have reported that the former TV children’s presenter, in his 80s who lives in Berkshire and was questioned under caution for sexual offences in a South London Police Station last November (Rolf Harris) has spent Christmas in The Priory, a private ‘psychiatric’ clinic for the rich and famous.

They also report that he had been arrested but not charged, whereas I have only ever written that he had had his home searched and that he was questioned under caution.

A former children’s TV presenter arrested by Jimmy Savile sex probe detectives has spent Christmas at a private psychiatric clinic, it was reported today.

The unnamed man, who is in his 80s, is understood to be staying at a Priory clinic after suffering from stress, reported the Sunday People.

The presenter, who can not be named for legal reasons, is thought to be suicidal and receiving round-the-clock care.

It is thought he was admitted to the private mental health hospital, which charges up to £7,000 a week for care, before the festive celebrations.

In November the presenter, from Berkshire, attended a south London station by appointment and was questioned for around five hours on suspicion of sexual offences and has not been charged.

Daily Mail


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The Big Bang Theory: The Heath-Savile Confluence

Edward Heath Jersey 1976

Edward Heath at a book signing Jersey 1976

An alternative photograph meticulously placed, dated, and timed (20th July 1976, 11am) can be seen here Jersey Evening Post

We know from court cases and statements made to my team [during the 2008 inquiry] that children in Jersey care homes were ‘loaned out’ to members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.” –  Former Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper 



Savile HDLG

Jimmy Savile at Haute de la Garenne- Jersey 1976

A States of Jersey police spokesman said the allegation was made by a former Haut de la Garenne resident against Sir Jimmy in 2008, with the assault alleged to have occurred in the mid 1970s.

A police spokesman said: “During the course of the States of Jersey Police’s historic abuse investigation a complaint of indecent assault said to have occurred during the 1970s at the former children’s home Haut de la Garenne was received.

“The allegation was investigated but there was insufficient evidence to proceed.”


And the online allegation which pre-dates Savile’s Exposure…

The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes  One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called  ‘Morning Cloud’, or as bodyguards referred to it, ‘Morning Sickness’.
Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys.   A source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him……….

………………..The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.

The Whale

Grateful thanks to the Welshwitch. :-)

Edit: also thanks to Coco for 2nd Heath Picture


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David Mellor Is A Paedophile

David Mellor

David Mellor

Police traced a paedophile to his home after the indecent picture he took of a girl had a giveaway shop sign in the background.

David Mellor, 62, didn’t spot he had included it when he photographed the underage girl, in his kitchen and posted the picture on the internet.

But officers in Lincoln recognised the sign and identified the street and his home from the picture’s angle.

The image was seen on a file-sharing website by a specialist officer with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit.

When police raided Mellor’s property they found more then 8,000 indecent images of children on a computer.

Daily Mail

*Innocent face*


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The Needle’s Cleopatra



by | December 29, 2012 · 1:14 pm

One Link Between Lord McAlpine And Jimmy Savile.

I don’t know about you but as I keep on looking at all the redacted letters, it seems to me that somebody’s name has been covered up. Somebody who must have been very close to the Prime Minister……………………..possibly somebody who  understood fund raising……………. possibly even somebody with an interest in the construction industry………….?


Always a good idea to have the architects plans with you………….


Of course, it couldn’t be Lord Alistair McAlpine’s name that has been hidden. After all, this correspondence was censored on the 11th October 2012, why on earth would Mr Wayland feel it necessary to expunge any link between Lord McAlpine and Jimmy Savile back then, long before the Newsnight program on Nov 2nd………….?

No, ignore all that idle speculation………..

Though interestingly A consortium led by Alfred McAlpine construction won the £40 million Stoke Mandeville contract in 2004 (though it is difficult to find info as a great deal of internet content has been removed). Now, I’m not sure that this is the same construction contract that Savile was touting to Margaret Thatcher back in 1982 but it is one definite link between Jimmy Savile and Lord McAlpine…………..




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The Jimmy Savile Letters Which Have Been Redacted

This is all of the redacted correspondence I could find released by the National Archive concerning Jimmy Savile. Does anyone know if the 40 years starts from this year or from 1982 ?

Looking at the correspondence I find it very hard to understand why these passages could have been redacted. What may have been slightly embarrassing revelations will now be the subject of intense speculation.

If I were to guess I’d say that Jimmy Savile lobbied hard for a Government donation to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, a change  to the law on  charitable covenants and perhaps for a knighthood (though he wouldn’t get one for another 8 years.) and perhaps Margaret Thatcher may have given some slightly improper personal undertaking that she would make it happen but considering what we know about Jimmy Savile now and the questions raised about Margaret Thatcher’s association with high profile paedophiles both inside and outside of Government, the inevitable speculation as to what actually has been censored and redacted could be far more damaging to Margaret Thatcher’s reputation than simply publishing all the documents in full.

Entire Letter From JS to MT undated
Telephone log






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Jimmy Savile Thanks Margaret Thatcher




And the final result ??


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Apologies for using the moderation before comments can be approved.

I’ve been a little ill yesterday PM and this morning. And with trolls around I thought I’d better take precautions.

I’m sure everybody knows already about the Norovirus symptoms, so I won’t expand, other than to say that it’s not very pleasant.

My advice to those that think that I’m somehow curtailing their right to free speech by moderating comment is simple. Go start your own blog.

I’ll check out more of the unapproved comments later. Hopefully, the moderation option will only be on until I feel better.


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Whisky Galore



Gojam’s haul of Xmas swag was sensational this year. In case anyone is wondering about how my Dad liked the presents I got him, he hated them, one and all (bah humbug!). He even attributed other presents he didn’t like which I hadn’t got him to me, including one from my Mum who was mightily put out that a present she had bought him could be as bad as the ones I buy for him.

And guess what ! when he opened up the socks (that he’d suggested I get for him) he told me that he already had enough socks and so my instinct was proved correct, you can indeed have too many socks!

Next year I’m going to buy him things that he definitely does not want. I suggested to Mrs Gojam that I buy him a spade next year, “But a spade is not the worst present you could buy for him.” she pointed out to me. “I know”, I replied, “but I shall wrap it up so that it looks like a spade and therefore not only will he have a crap present, I shall also take away any expectation that he might get anything other than a crap present.”

Any suggestions for what to buy my Dad next year are gratefully received.

When I posted previously about the difficulty I face every year getting a present for my Dad, somebody unkindly suggested that I must have a very poor relationship with him. I’m sorry to disappoint that person but we actually get on exceedingly well. In fact the older we both get, the better we get on. I told him what had been written and we both laughed at the ludicrous presumption.

Now, back to my Christmas booty. Amongst the kind and generous gifts was a glint of gold, a bottle of Glenmorangie. I don’t drink whisky too often but when I do, I’m very selective. To my mind Glenmorangie is the best whisky of all, others may disagree but for me it can’t be beat. My Grandfather, now sadly deceased, used to receive a bottle of Glenmorangie every Christmas, he’d open it there and then and every year without fail, half way through’ The Sound of Music’, a film he claimed to have inside appreciation of due to the fact that he’d once spied some Nazis across that battlefield of El Alemein (he never mentioned any contact he’d had with nuns), he’d wax lyrical, though often not clearly, about the  supreme craftsmanship of the sixteen men of Tain.

Much older myself, I can appreciate his good judgement.

I’ll put the bottle away for a special occasion, the simple knowledge that this Scottish nectar can be sampled at any time will spur me on in 2013 so that by my own endeavours I might precipitate such an occasion.



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Merry Christmas !



I just wanted to take the time to wish every reader of The Needle a very Merry Christmas! The Needle only started up in May this year and in that short time it has gained incredible support. Already this December it has had well over 150,000 hits.

I value every comment and email I receive.

The Yewtree team are possibly already having their Xmas drinks party and I don’t expect anything further until after the holidays.

And so, barring some unexpected news this blog will be quiet over the next couple of days. For those new to The Needle who visit in that time I would like to let you know that there is plenty of interesting content here if you are willing to look for it.

Take care everyone, and I hope that Santa gets you all what you want (if you’ve been good! ;-)  )


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INCUBUS: Incendiary rants of an apostate anarchist

dog eat dog

Earlier this week I saw a morning report on the odious BBC about the rise in shoplifting in the UK, where the reporter said how mothers had been caught nickling baby formula and baby food, he asked a man on the street whether he thought people who were stealing from shops did so out of ‘desperation or greed’, (with there being, I suppose, no possibility of a myriad of other reasons) the man said he had shoplifted before because he had been a drug addict…A representative of the retail industry bemoaned the fact that shops were having to put security items on items it was ‘uneconomic’ to electronically tag – in other words not worth tagging for the shops, but worth nicking to the poor…


The reporter concluded, that shoplifting was the reason for price-rises paying customers would have to endure and that there ‘was an alternative’ in the form…

View original post 914 more words

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Christmas Musings


Good news, everybody ! The days are starting to get longer, OK , I know we’ve still got the really cold months to come but this salutary fact always lifts my spirits and serves to remind me of the true meaning of Christmas, that the long nights are finally getting shorter.

Talking of Christmas, have you done all your shopping yet ? Mrs Gojam is just buying the last item, a skirt for her grandmother, as I write, I’m making myself a rather disgusting breakfast, the smoke alarm has already gone off once. Mrs Gojam was beavering away online doing our Christmas shopping at the end of November and her successful endeavours only left the usual suspects to buy presents for. I expect we’ve all got a ‘difficult’ customer on our Xmas present list, for us it’s my father Mr Gojam snr.

He’s not Rockefeller but he’s got enough to buy whatever it is he needs or wants himself, he doesn’t drink and he has no hobbies and past experience has taught me that there is no point in buying a present that might introduce him to a hobby. He does have a bit of a sweet tooth but he put the kabosh on any notion of going down that route when he told me last week that he was cutting back for health reasons. “Look Dad”, I finally asked. “What is it that you want for Christmas?” He thought for a short while before saying what he says every year, that there is nothing he needs or wants. “Listen Dad, I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t be so inconsiderate, I’m sure he would make something up even if he didn’t want or need it and make his son’s life a little more guilt free.”

“But there is nothing I want, son.”

“Listen, you’re going to get something, now it’s your choice. I can wrap up some piece of crap that you almost certainly don’t want and you’ll have to look happy as you open it, or you can tell me which piece of crap you don’t really want and I can wrap that up.”

“Well, maybe I could have socks, you can’t have too many pairs of socks.”

I left it at that, he’ll get some socks and other crap he doesn’t want, though I instinctively hold that you can indeed have too many socks, I just haven’t thought of the reason why yet. I wouldn’t mind so much but he is always so generous at Christmas and he is absolutely terrible at pretending as he unwraps his gift, that the gift is something that he wanted.

Yet, this is something I’ve pretty much perfected. The worst Christmas present I’ve ever received was an ironing board cover from my mother-in-law, now sadly deceased. Now, you try looking happy about receiving that! I’m still, many years later, excavating the new layers of irony and sarcasm that prompted her to conceive the notion that this is what she’d give me, and yet I still convincingly looked happy (the surprise was genuine).

Anyway, Mrs Gojam asked me to make sure that the washing up was done before she got back. Whereas many wives are aspirational, I’m lucky in that mine always communicates her minimum requirements to me clearly, her eyes convey the dire consequences of not clearing such a low bar. So, I’d better do that now.

Take care.


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Bloody Unreliable Mayans……………….

vogon destructor fleet.


by | December 21, 2012 · 2:30 pm

The Decline And Fall…………..

………….Or What Happens When There Is Not Enough Bread To Pay For The Circus.

Once upon a time there was a central banker who had thought up a new scheme which would ensure that everyone would get filthy rich. He took his idea to the Emperor who was greatly impressed. “What do you need from me to make this work ?” asked the Emperor.

“It’s very simple.” replied the banker. “Place £1 on the first square of my exchequer board in the first quarter, the following quarter place £2 on the next square, the third quarter double the sum once more and place £4, and keep on doubling the amount each quarter ad infinitum.”

“And this will ensure everyone gets filthy rich ?”

“Absolutely” replied the banker, “It will ensure perpetual growth, we’ll all get stinking rich.”

“Excellent ! here is your first pound from my very own pocket.” the Emperor declared.

After ten years the Emperor called the central banker back to his palace. “I know we’re all getting stinking rich, just as you said we would but this next quarter we’ve got to place over £1 Trillion on your exchequer board and in just another two years we’ll have to place over £140 Trillion.”

“Errrrm” pondered the banker “We could always print more pounds, I suppose………………………………”

OK, a frivolous illustration but my point is that the money has run out, or to be more accurate the economic system is unsustainable and only has the illusion of stability by the use of complex accounting tricks, more akin to alchemy than mathematics. The modern day philosopher’s stone doesn’t turn lead into gold but gold into paper or tungsten. The spot price of gold has been contaminated but that is the subject of an altogether different topic…

This article is about what happens to our society when the money runs out. Has anyone else noticed that since the beginning of the financial crisis the UK has been dogged by a number of seemingly unrelated crises ?

You see, before the ponzi scheme became apparent there was just so much money sloshing around that nobody delved too deep into corrupt and deviant practices. Even those on state benefits had Sky satellite dishes crucified to their council house walls, we could all afford to eat Tuscan sun-dried tomatoes marinated in a pesto infused vinaigrette with our Scottish kiln smoked salmon, the nameless elves from China shipped container loads of the latest must have branded trainers, clothes, and electrical goods, all at very affordable prices.

But then………..Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and credit bubble.

You see, you don’t understand just how many people were being paid off with all that money and as long as enough trickled down to you, you never thought about asking.

The police are a very good example. Ever since Margaret Thatcher realised in the early 1980s that as long as you could keep the police onside you could just about screw over any other group of people in the UK, the police have had extremely generous working practices and financial arrangements. Most police officers probably wouldn’t agree but that says more about the amnesic affect of thirty years of preferential treatment, which now appears to them to be a right. There was a time before that when policemen, firemen, and medical staff all recognised each others social contribution as being similar but to pay for the police arrangements the firemen and the nurses had to make sacrifices.

Some might suggest that it is extremely brave of this government to try and ensure that the ‘we’re all in it together’ mantra applies to the police also. I would suggest that they are only doing it because they literally have no alternative. It’s not brave to do what has been forced on you, regardless of how brave a face they put upon it. I only mention the police example because the ‘Plebgate’ incident indicates clearly what happens when you don’t pay them off.

But by far the worst leeches were the bankers, businessmen, crooked politicos, civil servant mandarins, defence contractors, media moguls, and basically everyone who went to the right school, or belonged to the right family, who felt they had a god given right to be kept in the circumstances that their parents had become accustomed to. A bonfire of the quangos is a bonfire of patronage. They all had to be paid off in some way before you got your share.

Their payment ensured their complicity and silence.

And like the decadent Romans before them, not satisfied with all that money could buy, they thought they could take what they had no right to take.

There is a difference between Law and Justice. When the law applies equally to all it can often be just but justice is not law, justice stands above the law and can stand outside of it.

So, what happens when there is not enough bread to pay for the circus ?

The people cease to be distracted.


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Operation Fairbank: It’s Not Just Plebs And Slebs Who Should Be Worried.

I’ve been reflecting on the Exaro News exclusive concerning Operation Fairbank and the Elm Guest House VIP paedophile ring. To my knowledge there has been nothing in the MSM apart from The Independent article I linked to yesterday which is very flakey, almost apologising at the beginning for the sensationalist nature of the allegations and certainly not going into the same kind of detail as Exaro have done.

Before I go on I’d just like to give a little background about the Exaro journalists, other profesional journalist will need no background, but just for the reassurance of others. David Hencke is a senior investigative reporter at Exaro and Westminster correspondent for the Tribune. He was the Guardian’s Westminster correspondent from 1986 to 2009, having joined the paper in 1976. He was also named Political Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards 2012. David Pallister, the reports author, was a Senior Guardian reporter, specialising in investigations between 1974 and 2009.

It may well be that I am a complete nutjob but I promise you that these people are definitely not, and the MSM know that.

Some of the revelations that came out recently were of great interest to me. I was very interested to find out that the Operation Fairbank team is comprised of only five members. Some people have compared this disparagingly with the reported thirty members of the police team investigating the Downing Street ‘Plebgate’. Personally, I’m reassured that such a small close knit team, led by the Head of the Met’s Paedophile Unit DCI Paul Settle, are working on this very sensitive investigation.

What is also of interest is the apparent lengths this small team have gone to, to keep their work quiet. According to Exaro, the team was set up in secret, it’s existence even kept from fellow police officers,. Furthermore, this elite unit did not record any information relating to their investigation on police computers……

These are welcome precautions which indicate that this team understand exactly what they are potentially up against. I’ve always held the view that the vast majority of police officers are dedicated and honest who only want to see criminals, especially nonces, put behind bars but a small minority, sensing the opportinity to advance their careers or make a few quid on the side are willing to neglect their duty and ‘not rock the boat’ this can be difficult to resist if the captain of the boat, or even the admiral of the fleet puts pressure on an otherwise honest copper.

And it’s not just their police colleagues that they need to insulate themselves from, there is also the security services,especially MI5. The recent revelations turned up by the belated investigation into former MP Cyril Smith should adequately illustrate to anyone just how far these guardians of national security will go to sequester vital evidence and thwart legitimate investigations.

The Cyril Smith example of MI5 interference is only the best documented. Again I will not tar every MI5 operative with the same brush, they sign the official secret’s act and they follow orders, having to trust as they do so that those giving the orders understand the bigger picture and have national security at heart but I do find it hard to believe that some of those retired intelligence officers don’t question why it is that this country’s national security has to be at the expense of the rape and murder of young children and what it says about the nation they have sworn to keep secure, even if such a nation deserves to be kept secure.

In truth it has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with keeping an elite on top.

I really wish the Fairbank team goodluck, they are going to need it. I hope they bring these criminals to justice. If they do they will go a long way to restoring my faith in the police.


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The Independent Runs Op Fairbanks,Elm Guest House Story.

Even though I can assure readers that Exaro News is a very credible source with excellent and respected journalists. I know some still prefer a MSM source. So here is The Independent story.

There is no more ordinary-looking row of suburban Edwardian houses in the country than Rocks Lane, south-west London. But nowhere has given rise to such an outlandish series of allegations than the one formerly known as Elm Guest House. The claims are now being re-investigated by the Metropolitan Police, decades after they were first made. Attempts have been made by care workers to lay bare the secrets of Rocks Lane but to no avail. Whatever the outcome of their investigations in the past, the police seem convinced that a number of serious wrongs need to be righted.

Rocks Lane is a conspiracy theorist’s dream, taking in allegations of the grooming of young boys in care for sex, elaborate gay parties involving senior public figures including members of the Conservative Party, charges of a police cover-up and even the suggestion of murder. The police believe that in the context of the Jimmy Savile scandal and renewed claims over the treatment of boys in care in North Wales, there is every reason to look again at an extremely murky saga.

A month ago, in conditions of the utmost secrecy (so much so that nothing was even put on computers), the Metropolitan Police set up Operation Fairbank, to look into, among other things, allegations made by Tom Watson in the House of Commons. The Labour MP had spoken of a “powerful paedophile ring” and its links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. Mr Watson has been uncharacteristically diffident about speaking to journalists on the issue since then, saying that he is passing on any information to the police. He said yesterday: “I’m not seeking to add any specific allegations myself, but hope that my comments will help the authorities get to the bottom of this.”

Much More at The Independent


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Don’t Be Distracted !

The MSM are running on the BBC Savile (Pollard) Inquiry with today’s Yewtree Arrest of Ted Beston also in the news.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the MSM.

Exaro News have the really big story of the day (actually of the year). I can’t copy and paste from their website and so you’ll have to join up with their free 7 day trial, I have done that and it was very simple. Join now here –  Exaro News Website

Brief Summary

9 MPs implicated in paedophile ring along with other VIPs. 7 of those MPs are still living. Exaro know the names.

Documents identify 2 former Conservative cabinet ministers.

7 Further MPs

4 Other Tories

2 Labour

1 Liberal

1 Labour MP and Liberal have since died

Several figures with links to Right Wing Conservative Monday Club

Others include leading figure in National Front, now dead

A Sinn Fein member

2 Buckinham Palace Officials

2 Pop Stars

Some stayed under false names at guesthouse. With REAL identities shown alongside.

Against the name of one ex minister is written ”Sauna only, ‘Roger’.”

Anthony Blunt said to have used the name ‘Antony Goldstein’.

Documents identify some 16 boys recruited from local care home.

A judge, QCs, senior civil servants, bishop and a leading banker – none identified by name, are said to have taken part in a ‘Kings and Queens’ party to mark Prince Charles and Dianas wedding in 1981. The banker wore a dress and pink slippers.

Pimps and porn merchants allegedly brought in boys from various council run kids care homes, including Grafton Close.
Some boys taken to Amsterdam as prostitutes, threatened with violence if talked.
Documents were compiled by NAYPIC, over 2 years and some formed the basis of pamphlet ‘Abuse in the Care System’ based on interviews with 50 young people.
A rough note on 1 interview says ‘Visit to home of A, also present T and D. Both boys currently in the care of Hounslow. Systematically buggered by K and other older boys. Too frightened to complain.”
”Confirmed MP (name witheld by Exaro) , Chris and peter, both policemen, and a man called (name witheld) (something at Scotland Yard).”
”Used to go to parties. Confirmed allegation that (name witheld) there, also others including a judge.”
The police have asked Moss for a meeting, but she has said that she does not trust them.Moss wants to revive NAYPIC and is seeking funding, and has requested a meeting with a cabinet member. She says it would be best dealt with at a more senior level than simply being questioned by police ”who at the time were involved.”Those named in the papers were there in the early 1980’s. They include copies of pages from the diaries of the guest house, receipts, bank paying in slips, and other notes.

(Big Hat tip to Discovery77 from Ickes forum for summary)


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Exaro News: Top Politicians Implicated In Paedophile Ring

Exaro News who are independent investigative journalists are currently working on the ‘Elm Guest House’ paedophile ring. These allegations date from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

Exaro News on Twitter

Exaro News Website

NB: I have just signed up for their free 7 day trial. It was very easy, quick and unobtrusive and I recommend others do the same. I promise you that you will not regret it. (check your spam for confimation email, they seem to have a bit of a problem with that) 

By the look of things Operation Fairbank will make Operation Yewtree look tame.

Early Indications are that Documents from Elm Guest House seen by Exaro News Identify nine MPs in total. Six Conservatives, including two former cabinet ministers, two Labour and, one Liberal but it is not just politicians who are implicated.

These are early indications and these details could change. This is just an early heads up for you all.

This is directly related to the question Tom Watson MP asked at a PMQs a while back.

I did allude to this, for those who recognise that I don’t post anything without a very good reason, on the 4th Dec – Here. Skip my deliberately uninformative quote and follow the link given at the end.  ;-)

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Ted Beston Arrested By Yewtree Team

'Uncle' Ted Beston

Ex-Radio 1 producer Ted Beston is the eighth man to be arrested by the opperation Yewtree team

‘Uncle’ Ted Beston was Jimmy Savile’s radio 1 producer and he also share a room with him on the summer roadshows and Savile’s Travels.

‘Uncle’ Ted Beston said of Savile after his death, “Right from the start, we got on well together. If there was something I didn’t agree with, or he didn’t agree with, we’d sort it out. And at the end, we’d decide that *he* was right.”

This is related to the story earlier this morning here BBC News


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