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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of child sexual abuse.  It is the organised and deliberate exploitation of a child purely for the sexual gratification of adults.

Any young person could become a victim of child sexual exploitation; the crime affects both girls and boys, from any background and of any ethnicity.

There are three main types of CSE –

1) Inappropriate relationships – this usually involves one perpetrator who has inappropriate power or control over a young person.  There is often a significant age gap and the victim may believe they are in a loving relationship.

2) ‘Boyfriend’ model – the perpetrator befriends and grooms the young person into a ‘relationship’ and then convinces or forces them to have sex with friends or associates.  This is sometimes associated with gang activity.

3) Organised sexual exploitation – young people are passed through networks where they are forced into sexual activity with multiple men.  This often occurs at ‘sex parties’ and the young people may be used to recruit others into the network

West Yorkshire Police



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16 responses to “West Yorkshire Child Sexual Exploitation Campaign

  1. Anon

    What happened with the investigation into Ingrid Lee and the property firm that her and other WY police officers were involved in?

  2. @chris 46 on that same subject of G4S child care homes John Ward wrote this up for me..


    by the way chris is there a convenient way i could email you as i need to check out a few current things and your assistance may help greatly…
    also @Gojam apologies for ”bombarding’ you with mail..i stumble into many things and felt the need to put them safely somewhere..perhaps with the current investigation i am doing you could file them and we could both work our way through the findings so far if thats alright with you..i do so hope bishop could return the fray as he is vey good at this stuff..thank you..

  3. Anon

    Aims, targets……? All bullshit€…….. All reported by the MSM….
    When did any current member of the establishment ever speak for the common people ?

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  5. nuggy

    a fair few senior cops from the west Yorkshire force would certainly know all about that sort thing.

  6. @gojam here we are in coincidence land ..
    CATHOLIC HERALD of which harry coen wrote for
    this is the archive part..anmd we see stuff from harry coen (obviously) and guess who else appears in the archive..
    Simonetta Agnello Hornby the brixton acre lane solictors..


  7. @gojam irony abounds we have a Christopher Robin Sibellas paedophile..


    A 69-year-old north Norfolk man has been sentenced to eight months in prison after police found more than 5,600 indecent images and movies of children – one of the largest discoveries in Norfolk – on his laptop
    Christopher Robin Sibellas, of Hillingdon Park, Overstrand, pleaded guilty to four counts of making and possessing indecent images of children. The offences were committed in the North Walsham area between 2006 and 2012.
    DC Mark Randall, who led the investigation, said: “The constabulary is committed to bringing such offenders to justice and has a dedicated team of investigators who deal with crimes involving children.
    “We hope this case sends out a strong message to those intent on possessing such images.
    “We should remember that behind every image there is a victim of abuse.”
    Sibellas appeared at Norwich Crown Court where, as well as the jail term, he was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years.
    And he was also given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) for five years


  8. @gojam this does not instill confidence in me one bit..
    “We aim to provide non-institutional therapeutic living environments where staff work with young people to enable them to develop inner controls, respect for self and others and take responsibility for their actions. Our staff not only aim to meet the development needs of young people but, through the use of individual assessment, support, guidance and opportunities they can begin to explore and address their individual needs with a comprehensive care plan.
    Our considerably and highly regarded experience of children’s services offers local authorities, social workers and youth offending teams a safe and immediate solution when seeking to accommodate children and young people whose personal circumstances or behaviour may make them difficult to place. The protection of young people in our care is of uppermost importance.”

    given G4S disastrous track record and the concern about privately run childrens homes



    • chris46

      you are right mate. Look at what happened last time services were privarised under Maggie T, I have been doing some research on Langton House, according to the British Institue of Psychiatry(1991), Kneesworth House, Stockton Hall and Langton House described as being ” provision for disturbed adolesents” were owned by a french company called Generale d’Eau and funded by grants from the Northeast Thames Regional Health Authority and Southwest Regional Health Authority. This was said to be a “sgort term solution” for “difficult to place adolesents who required long term care.
      A report by Dr Jeremy W Coid of St Barts Hospital, characterised them as “unmanageable in an open ward….they remain in private care with no prospect of return”. No mention is made of AMI plc who had registered the homes with the health dept as “Nursing Homes”!! Dr Coids report concluded that this “was a generous way of looking after them in the short term”, and in contrasting these private institutions with public facilities said” they are characterised by investment and proffessional enthusiasm instead of stagnation and neglect”
      Now were have I heard that lately??

  9. chess

    Stable, door, horse……………

  10. chrisb

    Well, the West Yorkshire Police should know a lot about child exploitation and other crimes.


    However, they are not so good at catching criminals whether in uniform or out of uniform. Jimmy Savile flourished on their beat.

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