Lord Pendry On Stuart Hall: ‘Icon Of The Youth Of Today.’

Lord Tom Pendry and Paedophile Stuart Hall

Lord Tom Pendry and Paedophile Stuart Hall, OBE

“That this House congratulates Stuart Hall on his fortieth year of broadcasting; notes that his unique style has endeared him to millions both in Britain and abroad, that his use of the English language, especially in his football reporting, has made him an icon with the youth of today, that his rich mellifluous voice is redolent of Sinden and Gielgud intertwining Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth et al amid the mud and tears at Accrington Stanley, that he recently forced the country into discovering Ozymandias, thus reinventing Percy Bysshe Shelley as a popular poet, that he made ‘It’s a Knockout’, into a surreal, quasi xenophobic art form, that his laughter gave pleasure throughout the run of this programme uniting the youth of this country with the youth on the Continent, and that he has worked solidly for charity during his 40 years of broadcasting, much of which is unknown to most; offers its congratulations to this unique talent, if at times overcome with the ‘exuberance of his own verbosity’; and wishes him many more years of broadcasting and laughter.”



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  2. Dave

    Lancashire Police have the letter and they are aware of who the ex MP who is now a Lord is. But will they investigate further?

  3. nuggy

    how was he supposed to know that hall was a pedophile exactly.

    • Bishop Brightly

      Read the line in the original telegraph article quoted above. That explains how he knew.

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  5. Principle5000


  6. Ah, Stuart Hall’s mate Lord Pendry.
    Now, what was the text of that Telegraph article that was changed again?

    “Then, having groomed her, she alleges, he got her drunk and started the abuse. She kept going back. His mates, including an MP who is now a Peer, she claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.”

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  8. Birds of a feather…………….

  9. markbingham1@aol.com

    Lord Tom is in Owen Oystens pocket who as I am sure you know is best friends and biz partners with Hall and Roach.
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