THE PAEDOFILE: Graham Ovenden isn’t selling very well any more….

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….and the man who wrote the text for his ‘collection’ books is a notorious paedophile….who plied his trade on Amazon

ovendonUnrepentant Graham Ovendon

This extract is from a recent auction report on art-related items:

This lot No 1533: States of Grace Photographs 1964-1989 photographer Graham Ovenden, first edition, published by Ophelia Editions, Amsterdam 1992, text by Lawrence A. Stanley
Price information:
Estimate € 1800 – € 2000
StartPrice € 1500
Not Sold
Number of Bids …

Clearly and literally, zero interest. And as some of you may already know, a renowned Peer of the realm also recently sold all his ‘nymph’ paintings too. I think this is perhaps called ‘running for cover’. Or not. We mustn’t comment any more, oooh no. Note the town in which Ophelia editions is based, by the way.

But my point this morning is an investigation of text writer Lawrence A. Stanley. And a major hat-tip…

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3 responses to “THE PAEDOFILE: Graham Ovenden isn’t selling very well any more….

  1. @gojam it was nice of john to stitch this together for me..problem is that after i updated it with a post along came an O/T all about a rumour about cameron and brookes and posts later followed in that form which annoyed me a bit….no wonder this is called slogging sometimes..oh well i just hope that something comes of it thats all..i wonder what bishop makes of all this…

  2. Principle5000

    It Defies Decency for Anyone to Buy such Sick Rubbish

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