Langton House: Finally an Inquiry.

Langton House

Langton House

I understand that, as of 24th July 2013, Devon County Council is carrying out an Inquiry into allegations of historic abuse of young people in the council’s care who were placed at Langton House in Dorset.

According to Mr Roger Hall, a senior official in the council’s Social Services Department, they are contacting survivors of Langton House, described as an “Adolescent Psychiatric Unit” and run by a private company called AMI plc.  AMI operated the unit in the 1970’s and 80’s until it closed in 1993.

According to Dorset Health Authority records at the time, it was in fact registered as a Nursing Home.  Devon County Council were one of the largest user authorities of Langton House.  Following complaints to the National Association of Young People in Care (NAYPIC) by young people of the extreme violence and brutality of the regime there, Dorset Health Authority carried out a brief, secret inquiry in early 1990 and concluded that there was nothing to investigate.  It did not interview any of the residents or past residents or NAYPIC during this “Inquiry”.

Following this, NAYPIC published its own report called “Therapy of Fear” highlighting the extreme abuse and misuse of drugs as “therapy”, including the abuse of both physically and mentally handicapped people who had been inappropriately placed there.

Following a question from Mrs Rosie Barnes MP in the House of Commons in 1991, the then Minister for Health, Mrs Virginia Bottomley, confirmed that former residents of Langton House would not be allowed to give evidence. I understand that even at the time Devon County Council were concerned about the lack of response from AMI in response to their enquiries.

I understand Mr Hall has assured the leader of the survivors’ group that they will look at the allegations of abuse, missing young people and what he described as the unexplained deaths of three young people there.  NAYPIC had expressed concerns in its report at the extremely high death rate amongst survivors of this regime and concern for young people who appear to have disappeared, their whereabouts unknown to their local authorities.

Chris Fay


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11 responses to “Langton House: Finally an Inquiry.

  1. I have been working really hard since 1990 to expose this home and the company whom ran it.
    The problem is that when an allegation is made BMI Healthcare find away of pushing the old blame game to their first ever company AMI Hospitals that ceased trading in 1983.
    However this company traded under a number of names and also invent ghost companies to take the blame rather then man up and come clean like any respectable company but instead did what all cowards do and run only to set up shop again within days under a new name.
    Its the old abusers policy (Admit nothing and deny everything).
    I have under taken much of the investigation myself and I have had contact with many victims but could never of got this far if it was not for Chris Fay.
    I intend to name and shame this company for what they are and expose the company and its abusers and with some hope that this company will learn a vital lesson.
    That lesson is simple. (Never abuse people because people remember and never forget).
    I want this company to be brought to its knees and that is my task for 2014

  2. bridget o'connor

    It was hard,mean,cruel,embarrassing,shameful,fearful, I could go on but the patterns of existence are slow to subside… therefore is it right that;
    Some of them did it!
    Some of them knew of it!
    Some of them chose to ignore it!

  3. karen s

    Hi I was in langton house from 1986 – 1988 and too suffered awful abuse at the hands of the staff and was forcibly given drugs without my consent, made to go without food due to the points system and put in the timeout room several times as well as given drugs whilst in there that should have been given with another medication to combat side affects but staff never gave it as they thought the side affects were funny, I was lucky really as was more able to protect myself than some of the others there who werent able to look after themselves the staff were bullies and encouraged some of the other kids to help with their abuse if you did not then you would be picked on and the gym was a good way to abuse the kids as playing bull dog gave them the oppurtunity to pick on certain individuals. Also while I was there one girl had both her arms broken by staff dragging her down the stairs with her arms up her back to the timeout room I jumped from a 3rd story window and went on the run for 2 days to escape as it was such a horrible place I also took a really bad overdose on a home visit in order for my social worker to listen to me but he just sent me back as soon as I was released from hospital. After getting out of langton house I was never the same had no confidence and wouldnt even answer the house phone if I was in the house on my own my lack of confidence led to me being vulnerable in later life to more abuse and was in a extremely abusive relationship for over 12 years and have suffered depression all my adult life please could you put me in touch with steven if possible as would love to help in his fight to get justice for the kids that were abused and see AMI punished.

  4. Alison Stewart

    I was there. I saw and experienced abuse. I’m open to be contacted.

  5. pete williams

    thank god i was only there a short time but i saw boys forced to become bumboys and bumbodillas for the staff who were almost all homosexual
    how can these places have existed so long ?

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