The NAYPIC Report 1989

Mail on Sunday article reporting on 1989 NAYPIC Report
Mail on Sunday 05/02/1990

Download or view the full document HERE

The following pages are the full NAYPIC Report  written by Chris Fay and published in 1989.



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  2. Paul

    Mia what year were you in Atkinson. ? I was in northbrook in 1984-1985 just after being in brookhayes .

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  10. mia

    Reading that report brought back a few unwanted memories for me. I was locked up in the Atkinson Secure unit in Exeter for 6 months, when i was 14. My crime? Running away from home…
    Funny, I was talking to a friend recently and told them in all my dealings with Devon Social Services at that time I wasn’t ever asked why I was running away….( i was being physically and mentally abused by my mother).
    At one point I was released into a children”s home (Brookhayes) only to be sent back to the secure unit for challenging a member of staff who was holding a young boy by the hair on his first night in care.
    I was arrested, sent to the secure unit for another 3 days, apparently under the guise that it was me who had attacked a member of staff… when the case came to court Devon County Council offered no evidence.
    My childhood was also used to take my two children from me when I was 21, Devon social services colluded with the local police and sent a child psychologist ( who didn’t remember seeing me when i was 10 and telling me i was gifted) to say that as I had been abused i was likely to abuse my Years later when I’d moved to Surrey I received letter from the Devon police asking me if at the time I was in Brookhayes was I aware of any abuse that went on there?
    I’m ashamed to say I threw it in the bin.
    I saw lots of girls being stripped during my time in care and put in cells, it used to be called being put on “:lockdown”.
    Many times it was for cutting themselves or disobeying a member of staff.
    Lisa my heart went out to you when I read that report, I’m so glad to hear you now, still not broken :)
    (sorry for the long comment)

    • Lisa Gilbert

      Hey Mia, thank you for your comment. So sorry to hear about the horrendous times you went through too. I don’t believe these things ever really leave us, I think we just somehow manage to squash them down somewhere until we are reminded. Strip searches were a common occurence at MKH too although that was denied. There are so many things that went on in numerous children’s homes back then that are only just coming to light and it is about time we had a voice. People like us are coming forward all the time and I think it is about time these people were held accountable for what they did to us. I don’t bloody care HOW long ago it was, those experiences moulded us into the people we are today, we are mostly damaged and barely functioning human beings thanks to the legacy they left us with. The more of us that talk, the greater chance there is of finally getting some sort of justice, something that has always grated on me because I never got it. Take care hunny xxx

  11. @gojam didnt know that re outlaw..ok well as long as that stuff is public thats the thing…so tell me do you think there are organisations /people out to scupper any investigations or enquiries ???

  12. hey did anyone know about this crap??

    … many innocent people are being wrongly accused of child abuse and whose lives in consequence are being turned upside down without due justification. …

    Children are made to live in constant fear of being parted from their parents. The climate is like that of a witchhunt in which the voice of reason and all sense of proportion is lost.”

    Earl Howe. House of Lords “Child Abuse” Hansard 17 Oct. 2001 FULL TEXT

  13. Lisa Gilbert

    I was at Melanie Klein House and I am child E in Naypics report. This has brought back a lot of bad memories for me but I am also glad to see it as I have searched and searched for items in relation to MKH and the awful things that went on there but to no avail. I would really like to know where you managed to find these papers and if there is any way you could maybe forward them to me?

    • chess

      I just read about Child E, am so angry about what they did to separate you children, and the awful way they treated you – and wish with all my heart that you get justice. There are many of us out here who were abused in some way and I hope that you know that you have our support and best wishes.

  14. 19 minutes on avg from grafton close to rocks lane..(puzzled as to why richmond involved i thought grafton close would be hounslow council)

  15. i see privatisation of care homes appears in this document and the concerns it raises,,not surprised really..sadly..

  16. by the way leon britain was member of parliament to richmond, north yorkshire and not richmond upon thames..

  17. chrisb

    Is there anyone who was involved in Greenwich care homes and who is now willing to talk about what went on ?

    • Lisa Gilbert

      Me, I was at MKH, please contact me on ###### I was there when the enquiry happened and was very involved with NAYPIC and especially Mary Moss

      • @lisa sorry you sufferd so much ,, we owe it to all of you to put things right..

      • Lisa Gilbert

        Thank you, it’s kinda weird to be reading about myself. I am 40 now and even though it was so many years ago, in many respects it seems like only yesterday my memories are that clear.

      • @lisa that must be horrible for you i know but in a weird way kinda useful as your testimony and from others inspires us to keep on battling against this menace..

      • Hi Lisa,

        I’ve sent you an email.

      • @lisa by the way i was reading that long list from the outlaw that i posted on here and it is truely gutwrenching to read..most of it is naypic stuff too..

      • my point being is that if we run this campaign which is important we got to be on the lookout for any of TPTB trying to derail or muddy it all with ‘false memory’ and cries of witch hunts and all that atm i am looking at anything that might look like that kind of stuff..

      • Lisa Gilbert

        What is ‘TPTB’? I would defy ANYBODY to try to tell me what I both experienced and witnessed was not real or made up. They may have been able to convince me of that as a scared kid in care but as a forty year old woman? That would be a big fat NO!

      • @lisa bloody good for you !!! TPTB (the powers that be) reason i posted that was because a few times now even myself have had attacks from strange sources come at me online..and i am just an outsider watching all this !! i think i posted one of the attacks on here just to show people what was going i say lisa you are a very strong and capable person and thats to your credit.its a long road but i think we are all determined to get this nightmare out into the public where it NEEDS to be seen and not hidden away like it has so many times before..NO MORE COVER UPS…

      • Lisa Gilbert

        No, no more bloody cover ups! I only stumbled across this blog a few months ago whilst looking for Mary Moss in order to thank her for all she did for me way back then and in typing her name into google, I came across this site and somebody lambasting her. My hackles went up and I strongly defended her and actually mentioned MKH in my reply as this person had accused Mary of being delusional because she didn’t have ‘proof’ (I can’t remember what the subject was about now). I defied her to call me delusional too as if you google MKH, you can find nothing about the abuses that happened there. So just because there is no ‘proof’ does it mean it didn’t happen? Anyway, I have since, thankfully found Mary and have exchanged several emails and had a lovely telephone conversation with her. I kept on this site because it seemed to be my kind of thing and then today, articles on MKH! Funny how these things work out huh

      • @lisa wow thats amazing that youve been able to chat with ms moss..lets hope all her efforts and struggles all go somewhere now yep i will keep on saying it NO MORE COVER UPS EVER!! btw i have re read the nick davies blog again and it chills me to read that again as well as making me furious as those bastards think they can get way with whatever they like..oh no not any more …anyway nice to see you here lisa and i hope you find what you’ve been looking for all these years..