Addendum To NAYPIC Report

This is an addendum to the original NAYPIC Report which can be viewed here.



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  3. delf

    No its not just you. I never used to be angry like I have been for the past few months. The sense of a lack of justice for people has made me that way.

  4. Lynnie

    I feel the same way as you. When I looked at some of Maggie Thatcher’s old cabinet attending her funeral yesterday I expected them to have horns.
    You do have to limit your time on the net as there is a lot of misinformation on there.
    I only trust this site and concentrate on that. My husband used to joke that I could sit on Mastermind with my specialist subject being “Elm guest house.” No way do I think that was funny.
    I too feel tremendous anger and take oportunities to post on Facebook etc.
    Good will triumph over evil and I believe that Justme.

  5. Justme

    Cover up after cover up, abuse at the worst level. I don’t think I am becoming desensitised or at least I hope I’m not but I do seem to have come to a dilema. Maybe someone can help me? I have been woken up to the grand scale of sexual abuse that has and no doubt is still being carried out. There is plenty of evidence blooming everywhere to back it up. Nothing surprises me anymore or even shocks me. What can I do? What can we do? I have been spreading information via the net and posting leaflets through doors to alert people to what our children are suffering. This makes me feel as though I am helping a little but also I feel guilty because….I am waking people up but nothing is changing. For goodness sake, these letters, memos are from the 80’s…I’m not bothered about why nothing was done (we all know why) What is it going to take for it to stop? Sometimes I wish I was back to being ignorant, at least I wouldn’t feel so frustrated. I have to limit my time on the net because I just get sucked in and cant stop myself from reading more and more from these sites and end up feeling like crap. Any suggestions? Thanks…

    • perhaps there are ways you can help at Join The Dots, we are hoping to co create and promote events of many kinds to break down the stigma, still surrounding, this issue. positive action helps, it can seem overwhelming, and it does seem worse at times, the more we know , the more there is, and it still goes on…..but i do believe now, there is a sea change, and the reason this historic evidence is vital to bring out, is that even now, gove is pressing faster adoptions forward, disregarding how many children have been wrongly taken into a system, that has historically, massively abused and covered it up…..i personally think it,s time for us, to find ways to provide better, safer resources for children & families. A little help from alot of people could create massive changes.

  6. misty53

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