Greenwich: MKH In Summary

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve posted quite a few documents relating to Care Homes in Greenwich. I think it’s time to summarise. The documents refer primarily to two care homes, Melanie Klein House and Green Lane. We’ll look at Melanie Klein House first.

The 1989 NAYPIC Report, which can be found Here, and the Addendum, which can be found Here, catalogue numerous incidents of physical and sexual abuse at Melanie Klein House against many girls. I’d like to look specifically at the appalling ordeal of ‘Girl B’ in that report. It was reported in the press, Here. The Needle team have access to a more detailed report of the abuse that ‘Girl B’ suffered but we feel that what is already in the public domain is graphic enough. I will only add that the abuse was filmed.

‘Girl B’ had been kidnapped and held over a weekend. A memorandum, Here, demonstrates that five members of staff at Melanie Klein House were willing to swear that at least two staff members knew the two people who undertook this sadistic sexual attack, and that they knew of ‘Girl B’s whereabouts while this attack took place. The two staff members were asked to resign, they were not charged with any crime.

On ‘Girl B’s discharge from hospital she was locked up in a secure unit (see NAYPIC Report) As a Ward of Court ‘Girl B’ had no individual rights.

Although Melanie Klein House was the the responsibility of Greenwich Borough Council, ‘Girl B’ was a ward of court of Brent Borough Council. Brent Council obtained a High Court injunction against it’s own Councillors and a team of police officers in an effort to cover up what had happened. (see Here)

Every case of physical and sexual abuse at Melanie Klein House is a tragedy and this particular case identifies many aspects which can be seen in others. As Wards of Courts these children had no legal rights. The complicit behaviour of the same staff members again and again in the sexual and physical abuse, succinctly demonstrated by the NAYPIC Addendum, Here, and the willingness of some Councillors and Council staff to brush embarrassing revelations under the carpet and even actively try to cover it up.


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4 responses to “Greenwich: MKH In Summary

  1. pete murphy

    I had an interview for a job at MKH in 1987.
    Good job I did not get it.

  2. The depth of depravity just gets deeper and deeper and we all are becoming more and more sensitised to it. The more sensitised we become the more they will think they can get away with.

  3. Bishop Brightly

    What bastards.

  4. but that couldnt possibly happen, not in dear old ‘civilised’ britain..could it?