And The Girl ?

The Needle team have taken a decision not to release the full details of the ordeal that Girl B endured and for legal reasons we have, FOR NOW, redacted the names, in previous documents, of some of those responsible for what happened.

Those who were complicit were simply asked to resign.

Girl B was a resident of Melanie Klein House. In the care of Greenwich Council. As you have seen some Councillors did ask questions. Others did not (more on that later)

But Girl B was a ward of court of Brent Council and it was Brent Council who sought an injunction to stop their own Councillors and a police team from discussing the case of Girl B.

But the most important question, the one that every person with any compassion reading this will ask themselves is this. What happened to Girl B ?


When Girl B was finally released from hospital…

She was locked up.

See the Naypic Report


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3 responses to “And The Girl ?

  1. parry

    Gloves need to come off soon. Police need to act on fernbridge to open the floodgates of justice for these poor sods.

  2. Lynnie

    I am so horrified and so angry after reading the blogs today that I have had to have a vodka. “The Girl” I am sure, has contributed to your site and has a blog of her own.
    What on earth can we do for these souls.
    Justice please.

    • Girl B has not contributed to this blog and I am unaware if she has a blog of her own.

      Angry is good. Focus it and raise awareness of this scandal.