Metropolitan Police Set To End Operation Midland Fiasco

This according to Stephen Wright of The Mail who is normally very well informed on this issue (unlike stories in The Sun about Op Midland over the last two weeks)

As Wright points out, there will be a great many questions that will now need answering and we can expect to see a well planned media strategy by the Met when they finally make their statement which will attempt to shift responsibility away from the Met’s top brass. They can’t very well blame the police officers investigating, many of whom will have voiced serious misgivings from the beginning and were  just doing their job and following orders.

But the Met’s part in this shambles is only half of the story, actually less than half.

The police would have looked, over the last 6 months, as to whether ‘Nick’ should face charges. There may be good reasons why it would not be in the public interest to do so. Nevertheless, the police should say whether they have grounds to charge ‘Nick’ even if they decide not to, and give some explanation as to why they will not.

The role of some sections of the BBC must also come under scrutiny now. However, given that there has been vehement internal argument and division within the BBC over their gullible approach to Operation Midland reporting, I’m inclined to believe that the corporation will put its own house in order.

It will be Exaro News and their Editor-in-Chief, Mark Watts, who must inevitably face the biggest questions. Not least, how it is that in the last two years or so up to five of their star abuse clients have turned out to have been not telling the truth? Two of these star abuse clients, ‘Darren’ and ‘Andrew’,  have already confessed to lying.

Journalists make mistakes, everyone does. But 5 high profile abuse clients in two years ?

Incidentally, I call them ‘clients’ rather than witnesses because Exaro News has been acting as media agents. Touting these stories and access to their clients for thousands of pounds across the MSM.


I’ve just been talking to Richard Kerr, an absolutely genuine survivor from Kincora who has given me so much help over the last 6 months or so. He knew that I most certainly was not referring to him or his well documented case when I alluded to ‘up to five Exaro Clients not telling the truth.’ However, given that for a short time Richard had been in contact with Exaro who published some stories related to him, he was concerned that others might mistakenly believe that I was referring to him in this article.

I just want to be absolutely clear, Richard Kerr is a 100% genuine survivor of CSA in Williamson House, Kincora, and elsewhere and this article does not allude to him.

That Richard should be concerned about such a mistake occurring should give readers some idea how many genuine survivors of CSA, and not just those that have had contact with Exaro News directly, must feel at this time given the prominence of stories about false allegations in the Media.


Nick ‘Nick’?

It is understood that he and his advisers have spent days preparing a long statement and public relations strategy explaining the importance of taking Nick’s allegations so seriously in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

But sources close to Operation Midland have described the investigation as a ‘shambles’ driven by ‘back covering Yard chiefs’ keen not to be accused of covering up alleged Establishment child sex crimes – however ridiculous the claims may seem to be…

… The Met will now come under intense pressure to investigate Nick, who is in his 40s, for attempting to pervert the course of justice and wasting police time. Mr Proctor’s lawyers have asked the force to do this.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is on standby to investigate any allegations of misconduct relating to the £2million fiasco.

The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee is planning to call Sir Bernard and his senior officers to answer questions about the bungled investigation.

BBC News and the controversial news website Exaro – which publicised Nick’s incredible claim in late 2014, before he went to police – are expected to face tough questions about their role in the scandal.

The Daily Mail


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  1. dpack

    the mail just published this

    so far my comment below has not been published.Im no fan of them they are often inaccurate and or misleading ,occasionally they seem to be spot on with data .

    “The much misreported events at Elm Guest House are from a decade later.
    MP’s such as Driberg and others from the left ,right and centre of parliamentary politics ,as well as a significant number of other establishment,legal,showbiz and local “worthies”, were active in such crimes and therefore subject to blackmail and control in the 1960’s.

    Either she and/or the DM are mistaken in linking these two aspects of a very long and ugly ongoing story.

    I wonder if your mod team will pass this sort of comment?Either way will be educational.
    If she had said that it was to distract from what Blunt called “an exciting new project” in 1966 or from the events surrounding “Norman John Worthington” i would be more inclined to think both the DM and MS Faithful were, at least in part, interpreting matters correctly.”

    i could have been more brutal but i still hope that it gets past their censors but as i said either way tis educational :)

    • Aardvark

      dpack, does the description ‘The Untouchables´, refer to the dodgy ones you mention from the 50s and 60s, or is it an umbrella description to include all the dodgy ones from all the decades and who first used the term?

      • dpack

        i dont know ,it isnt a term i use although i have seen it used with regard to a variety of persons and organisations (perhaps the first use i can think of was regarding the early fbi and rather strangely their “enemies” such as capone( and kennedy etc etc) .
        the fbi were more than touchable considering the photos of hoover and how they were used as leverage by several parties over the years.

        sorry that isnt much help ,for instance “the firm”can refer to the krays or the royal family (and several other groups).
        i spose ” the untouchables” probably has had different meanings to different people at different times.

  2. dpack

    maurice felt he needed the hess papers as “insurance” when he had to report on the “security situation” to those who had benefited from serious misdeeds,it seems that “insurance” kept him and his chums safe.

    regarding the credible report of maurice being seen in the office at kincora my interpretation is not that he was there for a “jolly” but that he was there to say something along the lines of “the game is up,who are your masters and what assets have you created ?”.
    this interpretation is not at odds with the convictions and minimal sentences of staff members and the murder (silencing) of mckeague during the next year or so from that credible observation.

    see my comments re heath in other themes.

    in both cases it is difficult to for them to defend their posthumous reputations but cui bono and other data seems to indicate both of them were fairly decent chaps.

    the other stuff you mention i have more questions than answers and but i recon there are some very “difficult” answers to those questions.

    the “and others” is quite a long list .

    something that should be taken into account is that righton and henniker were known to each other from 1968 at the latest and the “new project” blunt was involved with was mentioned by him in 1966 .

    details can illuminate context.

  3. Tom Young

    Surely many similarities in Richard Kerr, Colin Wallace and Nick’s accounts?

    Maurice Oldfield, Edward Heath, MI5/6 etc… given Harvey Proctor’s past associations, including Terry Allen/Dwyer, there certainly seems to be ample truth.

    Then of course George Kennedy Young also seems to have played key role, suggesting further Military Intelligence involvement.

    In what aspect do you perceive dishonesty?

    • I’d say that having spoken to Richard and Colin at length, that there are very few similarities if any.

      • dpack


        might well be worth paying attention to over the next few years as the fru inherited many “ethics” and personnel from 14 det and clockwork orange .

        the fru became one of the recruiting grounds for the srr who are currently very active.

        a common theme of such branches of army intel throughout many decades is the “green slime” who was described in terms of “a pat on the back is merely a recce” and who after ni became too hot for him and steak knife went on to much higher things.

        i do not use his name for the same sort of reasons why one should not name voldermort or the candy man, this geezer is well scarey and his morals have been described as “whatever he thinks best for the uk ,today” and his influence was described as “one of the six most powerful men in the uk”.

        my instinct regarding him is that psychopath is an understatement.
        i almost wish i had not posted this but shared is better than scared and it gives other folk some good hints as to where to look if they are braver than me.


        the needle archive “kincora”has a wealth of useful information

      • Tom Young

        What of Maurice Oldfield? Edward Heath?

        Seizure of child abuse material from Leon Brittan?

        Harvey Proctor’s associate and pimp Terry Dwyer’s involvement in setting up Elm Guest House?

        Richard being tied up at Elm Guest House?

        Intervention by Special Branch and their files on Janner, Savile and others…

        Why were Fiona Woolf’s letters regarding her relationship with Leon Brittan edited on behalf of Home Office?

  4. I don’t know who “triciapers’ is or whether he/she has ever met DCI Paul Settle. I can say, from personal experience, that the suggestions DCI Settle does not care about victims of abuse are untrue and wrong.

  5. Ban It

    Gojam why do you put up with demented and deluded dicks like Tricia? It spews nothing but venom and contributes nothing of use.

    • Sadly, if I trash the comments I then get accused of censorship or cover-up.

      It’s better that readers see the comments and dismiss them.

      In this case it also demonstrates the kind of desperate commentary likely to occur on social media.

      • dpack

        as with any hypothesis it is best to expose all available data and interpretation during the peer review process in order to establish what is or is not the most probably correct conclusion.

  6. The believers in the ‘VIP abuse conspiracy’ are obviously upset the whole house of cards is falling down.
    This Operation Midland nonsense has been a distraction from all real cases of CSA that have genuinely taken place.

  7. You get me quite clearly. I am not talking about what you wrote in the past.I am clearly talking about your constant stories about OP Mid, Bramell etc and xyour lack of storiies ( all occuring at the same time) about Janner. Your lack of ourtrage about that,and your llack of outrage abaout it in the media is alll too clear.

    as for esther you tweeted. Not Yet

    if this post. Know this it took all my It skills to makeot so

  8. Owen

    There’s truth and there’s “the whole truth”. In the interests of transparency you might have considered including a mention of Stephen (sorry for the mis-spelling) Wright’s past close association with one of the figures at the centre of recent controversies about Operation Midland. You’re rigorous in noting Exaro’s conflicts. They’re not the only conflicted party.

    • Stephen Wright once went on a charity bike ride with DCI Paul Settle, I understand that their friendship is a declared interest. It is not a secret.


      My guess, and it is only a guess having a fairly good background understanding of the case, is that Stephen Wright’s source is far more senior than DCI Settle who has never been involved with Operation Midland.

      • Owen

        It’s certainly not a secret, since Stephen Wright’s piece about the California bike ride is up where I found it at the Daily Mail’s website. But it wasn’t something that I knew about this morning when I read your post nor that I was aware of reading Stephen Wright’s co-written pieces about the Brittan investigation, Settle’s role and the “humbling” of Tom Watson.

        Perhaps your guess is suggesting that Wright’s source might be near or at the level of the “ex Met chiefs” reported as ridiculing Settle’s immediate superiors at

        If there’s some sort of serious internal warfare going on inside the Metropolitan Police, I would have thought it reasonable for the reader to be warned that the reporter is someone who may have irons in the fire. You as a professional journalist may be quite unbothered that it’s left to the reader to find out that the reported “truth” isn’t the whole picture and perhaps you consider that we shouldn’t be naive. But the terminus of that line is that we end up not trusting any of you, Exaro, Stephen Wright or Gojam.

      • Owen

        You’re pretty determined to make sure that the world is aware of the inconsistencies and irregularities at Exaro. That’s as it should be, but you’re noticeably less quick to criticise other players such as the Daily Mail, Stephen Wright and Guy Adams.

        At least with Stephen Wright it’s fairly clear where he stands even when he doesn’t offer a conflict statement. Guy Adams seems to have pulled off the mask to reveal a chameleon reverting to the natural colours of the Daily Mail environment. The political wind has changed in favour of safeguarding the status quo and the Mail isn’t simply the weathercock, it’s part of the weather system itself.

        Whatever the issues with Exaro and “Nick”, they are just part of the picture. Your citing of Stephen Wright as well-informed and then replying “Err” when I asked if you thought him trustworthy contrasts pretty dramatically with your knee-jerk attack on David Hencke over his Janet Smith piece.

        “tdf” succinctly categorised my opinions as “shite” when I suggested that at the moment we seem to be taking our lead from the agenda Harvey Proctor set out at his press conference. Fair comment, that’s his take. Nevertheless I’m old enough to remember Proctor’s brand of particular political nastiness as a political activist and MP. Doesn’t his intervention qualify for a little bit more critical assessment from Stephen Wright and Gojam to balance some of the attention being devoted to Exaro, “Nick”, Hogan-Howe et al.?

  9. As for your friend Settle. He is just another reason why so many children have been abused by those in power. All he cares about is himself and his pension. And he does not give a toss about the kids who wete abused. Maybe Nick was not one, but he know plently others were. He would rather go scorched earth and use any and every opportunity to trash and destroy all victims of VIP abuse, for what?

    • “Maybe Nick was not one”

      Maybe ? Is this movement Tricia ? You now can actually countenance the idea that he’s not been telling the truth ?

      • where is your outrage for alll the children that have been let down by the police? where is your outrage demanding how many more kids did Janner get to abuse since Beck? where is your outrage that the media you so love to quote is not outraged about this’ and the fact that many VIP are still walking free?

        As for Settle well he ic had an deceny he could be upset about his own treatment without detroying all children abused by VIP’s. His lack of balance says it all. he only cares about himself. Your tweet today about going after Esther next says it all too

      • What are you on about ?

        You’re not making any sense.

        You can read 3 years worth of posts about CSA and I’d say that about 90% are supportive of allegations. There is 3 years of outrage here.

        The other bit about Settle – Well, I’m speechless. It’s just nonsense.

        Then you state again that I tweeted I was going after Esther next. I didn’t!

        I think you’re just making it up as you’re going along.

      • read my comment below. How much have YOU given via the mail etc to this? How much have YQU and the mail etc demanded anwers to how many children did Janner abuse since the 90’s.? who protected him etc. I

  10. Owen

    When you refer to Steven Wright as being “well informed on this issue”, are we meant to understand that description as signifying “trustworthy”?

  11. Gojam,

    It has been a while since I commented on your blog, and i think much of what i will say will fail to make any difference. How could it?

    Anyone reading your blog can not miss the vitriol of which you have attacked Nick and OP Midland. Your stance has been you stand for truth. Yet, where are you multiple stories outraged about Janner? Demanding answers as to who helped cover up for him? Apart from the blog after he died have you followed up with article after article asking for answers?

    You, are more than aware that for 40+ years the establishment,media etc have colluded to cover up this abuse. So what do you do? You start screaming about how Brammell etc have been wronged. Have those same reporters/papers you quote to backup your scream, screamed just as loud about the cover up? Have they demanded to know how many more children did Janner abuse since the 90’s? NO. While you might forget who owns the papers you quote, I hope most have not. I also hope they have not forget the lengths, by any means necessary, those in power will go to keep it.

    Seems you are not finished. Your twitter feed says your next attack is Esther. The lie you tell yourself is you speak the truth. Really? Where is the balance? Because for days/weeks you write nothing. You neither investigate nor do you break any stories. Even when one falls in your lap – Janner- You give little time to writing about how did he get away with it? How many children suffered because he was let go in the 90’s and so on?

    The establishment have always relied on people like you throughout history. You have never been a threat to them – just a useful idiot.

  12. jsc

    Thank you, dpack for the sensible advice.

    Gojam, I ran a search on the needle some time ago for the name of a figure about whom I have some information. The name doesn’t appear on the site. Allegations against this person were reported in main news media sites last year, but they were not named in any of the reports. The reports said that a police investigation is underway. None of the reports stated which police force is conducting the investigation. Therefore I am unsure how to either contact the correct police force / operation staff as dpack suggested. It seems the person must have taken legal steps to prevent their name being published, as most of the other figure about whom allegations have been made, have been named. Therefore registering the information I have online would be difficult. I’d be grateful for any advice you might have. Perhaps the Godard Enquiry is the place to go with this?

  13. smcdee60

    Exaro were only set up by Jeremy Blooth to protect the Insurance companies from CSA compensation claims. If Nick had been telling the truth Exaro wouldn’t have promoted him because the BBC couldn’t then have exposed him as a liar. Exaro are not journalists – look what they did to Ben Fellows who was telling the truth. Exaro are just Establishment run smoke ‘n mirror tricksters and they know it.

  14. dpack

    it is hard to know where to start noting exaro’s bone fides and input to the search for truth and justice but drl’s comment above is very relevant to a significant aspect of their assorted effects for which there should be no forgiveness.

    perhaps some places to look for explanations of their activities are:

    the background and associations of booth
    is part of his public face ,there is plenty much more interesting data if one looks.

    the back ground and associations of pendry
    for instance the british syrian society and the business,political and assorted family links ( including that to henniker’s son in law as well as the middle eastern ones) this organisation provides.
    his other business links .
    pendry’s family background and business links (this generation and the previous one).

    the solanki interview debacle is a classic rearguard action .
    the “star” clients and the misdirection they have been used to create.
    the use and timing of the unfounded or irrelevant “scoops” to create further misdirection and attempt to establish credibility.
    the misdirection of a close look at henniker /righton and the suffolk connection to various events and places is especially notable.

    im sure that with a little help from my friends i could expand greatly on the above themes but to conclude i will mention that several years ago that i was asked by henke if i had the dickens papers,i correctly stated that i did not have them and that if i had he would have been able to read them online along with the rest of the world.

    the needle archive contains quite a few of my references to exaro and their works with some of the relevant data links that have led me to the conclusion there is a high probability of exaro being hostile to truth and part of the “keep a lid on this” operations.

    ps they might have always been seen as an eventually expendable rearguard but how they go down will decide which way their demise is seen and therefore whether or not the operation achieves it’s objectives.
    if their activities are properly catalogued and exposed rather than becoming a reprimand for being “sloppy” , truth will be more likely to prevail .
    exaro is an interesting recent node in the lattice which will take some sensible ,decent and brave folk to fully expose .this might be best done in public .

    • jsc

      Please can I ask you this dpack, given your comments re: Exaro. Should one assume that giving them some information about an historic CSA case via their ‘dropbox’ is not a sensible thing to do?

      • dpack

        if it was me i would not use the press of any flavour as a first move .

        i recon i would make the general nature of my information as public as possible via multiple blogs and websites etc and give the specifics and copies of evidence etc to trusted chums and then chat with a relevant police officer.

        im sure other folk will also have sensible advice on such matters but to trust any one outlet for truth has perils

        what is done is done(if it is ) but it was done it might need doing again elsewhere to put it into the light in the proper context.

    • gw

      I dunno. I suppose its possible that they were part of a disinfo campaign but I can’t help but think that Exaro got “too big for thier boots” and were somewhat blinded by thier success.

      Pendry was the bloke that told Assad to swap the fatigues for a suit btw.

      I expect we will see the next dictator in m&s shirt/cardigan with john lewis chino’s ;)

      • dpack

        gw i recon your first point is correct in both parts but my interpretation is in that the deliberate disinfo aspect has been compounded and enhanced by those who have rushed in like fools.

        the suit thing is priceless

        have you checked out the said family?it seems they were central to assad senior’s rise to power as well as being associated with the likes of pendry,steel and spring.

        the darker side of spookery can be a small and rather tangled world .

      • gw

        Think I mentioned before Dpack that Pendry is a mutual acquaintance of mine. He was a big fan of Lobster magazine and I assumed that was why he invested in Exaro. My acquaintance suggested we both get drinks due to our mutual interest in “deep politics” – tba. Just some data for ya! Cheers.

    • Which I think should tell you everything you need to know about what Wilts police think about the allegations.

      • dpack

        following an interesting and very well informed conversation i am of the opinion that heath was not a beast for a variety of reasons ,not the least of which is that if he was the leverage that would have provided would have made his replacement unnecessary as his views on nuclear strategy ,social and economic matters would have been superseded by those who would have, by that leverage, been his masters.

        that his posthumous reputation has been “challenged ” in this way seems part of the misdirection in order to “keep a lid on this”.
        it seems likely he was assisted to high office as being a closeted gay chap was quite a powerful means of control during his ascendancy but once he could have called the bluff and outed himself that control was gone and perhaps he decided a quiet life and some degree of a private life was better than the alternatives that seemed probable outcomes of him “coming out” and trying to be a decent chap while still party leader/pm.
        perhaps he no longer really want the job when thatcher took the party leadership, even if he could have won, that internal election as she had some very powerful backers even if she did not know it at the time.

      • Always interesting to read your comments.

  15. jsc

    Very saddened to see how this horribly mismanaged situation has panned out. It may have done incalculable damage to the reputation of the police as competent investigators of historical CSA cases and the inevitable media’ vilification of ‘Nick’ will now deter many vulnerable survivors of abuse at the hands of anyone powerful or well-known from seeking justice.

  16. DR Laverty

    Falling to pieces right in front of all our eyes. Baker’s their last string on their bow. Thoughts are with those who’ve been abused and haven’t got the bottle to come forward as a result of these set ups.

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