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  2. Jeremy Stocks

    Question for dpack: All these crime centres – London, Brussels (Dutroux) might be seen as Gladio hotspots. I was wondering why North Wales also had a spate – how much is the Welsh Nationalist movement a part of Gladio or was that a bona fide local people operation? Remember the burning holiday homes in the 70s/80s?

    • dpack

      as far as i am aware the sons of glyndowr(1970’s arson campaign against second homes )were a natural resistance movement to a nationalist grievance but i would not exclude a gladio b aspect to any such organisation after the 1963 ottowa nato conference .

      in which directions and to what extremes organisations were steered seems to have depended on the tactics perceived to be most effective and the exploitable interest groups in each location.

      for instance in ni republican vs unionist, in italy left vs right and both vs politicians and civilians, in chile the “left” vs army, in vietnam communist vs ex colonial oligarchy/democrats etc etc etc .

      in some places there was little violence which has a risk of going wrong and causing more trouble than intended,in others there was extreme violence which was seen as the best option in that location.

      a couple of interesting aspects of the welsh nationalist activities are in the 1950’s when the “official” ira decided armed struggle was no longer appropriate and counter productive they gave a few residual arms and explosives to the welsh nationalists who decided to conduct non lethal operations ,ie blowing up tv transmitters etc and in the 1970’s the sons of glyndowr (who included many well educated, “civilised” folk who felt the need to make a point but were not comfortable with violence) attacked EMPTY second homes during the week which were owned by english WEEKENDERS who had priced the locals out of the housing market.
      this was a very different mind set to the both the nationalists and unionist in ni who were prepared to kill.

      my instinct is that either the welsh are naturally fluffy and those operations were not steered into a gladio b type of campaign or that the activists were steered towards being fluffy as a welsh vs english shooting war on the mainland did not fit well with the overall plan.

      it is an interesting question and although i know a little of the events i dont think i know enough to answer it more definitively than i have tried to above.

      an interesting point is that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of killing other people so perhaps the level of lethal violence in such matters might reflect the amount of encouragement from those who have most to gain from exploiting the natural desire for a peaceful life among the wider population.

      • Aardvark

        As a fluffy Welsh person, I think dpack is right that Meibion Glyndŵr, did not receive help from the powers that be, otherwise the targets would not have been soft. I imagine it’s social conditioning, that makes someone less ‘fluffy’, perhaps a stint in the SAS or perhaps living in a War zone, or if you are a psychopath. If you are Welsh, or have any knowledge of Welsh history, it can clearly be understood, that the motivation of Meibion Glyndŵr, were/ are driven by centuries of Cultural repression.

        The problem is still ongoing, for instance, English homeowners in Wales who do not respect the huge Cultural differences, when they change ancient Welsh place names to English, or the impact of displacing Welsh people, because of the rise in house prices etc. Most English people are incredulous, to the often resentful attitude that welcomes them to certain areas, because their knowledge of Welsh Culture and History, is learnt as a footnote in English history and after all, the Welsh flag, isn’t even represented on the Union Jack.

        In this context of Cultural disrespect, it’s perhaps not hard to imagine that Care homes in North Wales, as at the Kincorra Home in N Ireland, were used for a particular purpose. The issue isn’t just Cultural though, it’s also a class issue, as well as the most emotive moral issue of all, it’s about the brutal exploitation of the most vulnerable and poorest Children in Society. It is the continuing abuse of power, by a class of people that see themselves as superior to the people ‘at the bottom of the pile’, that the Children were, dispendable. How dare they? well they have no intention of letting the truth come out, to prove that they did, so what can be done to find justice and to make much needed changes?

  3. Jeremy Stocks

    Nope dpack I think you are correct. That was a home grown “non-violent” protest i.e., non-lethal.

    Not many know this but the Al Qaeda campaign is thought to have originated in 1995 with the SANG attack in Riyadh. Not many I believe know this but I think it started in the bombing of a mosque in Bishu in early 1995. I only heard that on Voice of America via SW radio as we couldn’t receive any official news apart from VoA or BBC World Service.

    I lived through that tension plus Khobar Towers in 1996 which was so huge a blast they were renovating my apartment in Dhahran and roof material was blown off my roof by the blast 10 miles away.

    In spite of all this I still hold the unfashionable view that muslims are peaceful people, that view is reinforced by this Gladio phenomenon.

    The tentacles of this Gladio are vast eh?

  4. Jeremy Stocks

    Aardvark I’m also from North Wales. In Aber near Bangor they found what was believed to be the last castle of Llewelyn king of Gwynedd but of course no media wanted to discuss that.

    • Aardvark

      Ahhh Llewelyn Fawr, well they don’t want any reminders of him do they, after all, he wasn’t the least bit fluffy and look what happened to him! Thinking about North Wales, does anyone know what’s holding up the Macur review?
      Nos da Jeremy