BBC InsideOut: Tong Park & Kirklevington

BBC Inside Out reveals allegations of excessive physical punishment and sexual abuse by staff at institutions for troubled teenagers across the north of England between the 1960s and 1990s. Tong Park and Kirklevington are featured.


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  1. Russell

    Well I have just emailed my solicitor who in fact is only in the thing for money to be honest, and told them if no papers have been brought to the CPS by end of this September 2017. I will dismiss the solicitors company and I will inform the police to withdraw my statements and not to use me for court, as I am down on the “Used list” to give evidence if or when this goes to a court. I just need this over with and try my best to get on with my own life, as this case as opened so many dark boxes, and the authorities are treating us like shite like the screws did in the place. if I ever find where they live then I will take it upon my self to dish my justice out. so from now on I will start making my own inquires of locations. and I don’t give one hoot who is reading this. the internet is a powerful tool to gain information it will not take me long to find the fookers


      Russell.. When you hear back from your solicitor could you post and let us know what they said regarding there next step if any?
      Think you and Dave g are right, no one gives a toss what happened to us and how physically and mentally abused we were and are to this day. Disgusting!!

      • dave g

        Dont get me wrong because i think people are making a genuine effort to get to the bottom of it all BUT when even the victim support worker tells you that its only possible to have so many sessions due to limited resources it shows you that we are not the caring society we are made out to be…so who do i talk to about it now then…its looking like i only have my four walls and small dog. Who actually sets a time limit on victim support ?? am i suddenly not in need of help after EIGHT sessions ?

      • mark w

        I have been contacted by a certain firm of solicitors too…….and its true…..they are only bothered about cash!!…..99.9% of the huge bundle of paperwork I received centred on cash……..and the legalese….you,d need another solicitor to break that down too…….needless to say….after sitting with all this paperwork in a drawer, after a week of debating, I threw it all in the bin……no one gives a toss..this is so true…….why after all this time have Cleveland Police decided to open this matter??…..most the perpetrators are now dead, so the prospects of a successful prosecution are minimum…what I cant seem to get out of my head is why are a higher authority not being made accountable?!….in my opinion the Home Office are the ones that should be made accountable…..its all a COVER UP!!

  2. Russell

    further information on the drug trail in Kirklevington


  3. Russell

    i was going to go on the inside out programme, even went to the BBC studios and did a interview, but back out as I Lost all trust in the system and the BBC at the time. unsure what the drug testing was for I did manage to find a couple of papers on the subject about the trail, I will see if I can find them later. but this was one incident that took place by adverse effects of the tablets.


      Cheers for the link Russell. Just wondering, who would be responsible for this hidden trail? Obviously the Labour government and prime minister which were Harold Wilson I believe had to give the go ahead. Could I do something about it after all this time as them tablets I were forced to take because if you refused you would have got beaten to a pulp? Any information would be welcomed?

      • Russell

        not too sure who had the say in the medical trail to be honest, as we was classed as juveniles, and could not consent to this ourselves. and they did not approach our peers or parents for permission. and take into account the establishment would not have our medical past history to look into for any such allergies, or any such reactions these tablets could cause in the short and long term. I believe it would of been down to the now NHS and the justice department. in all yes we was forced into this trail, due to the threats and violence we would of received if we refused, and at not time did we agree or was told what we was taking. I’ve I have tried to get my passed records through the freedom of information act, but it seems the records of any events in that place as all gone up in smoke. I did inform the inside out reporter about this when I saw her in the Leeds studios, but this did not get a mention in the programme. but in short everything that went on in there from the first day till the last day was all down to the justice department. the investigation is taking so long even now to get to the CPS as some of the investigating officers as now changed some have been taken off the case to go on to others, why I ask? soliciters in the whole are no help, all their there for is Money, not once have mine phoned me up to ask how I’m doing, my police statement took 10 hours to complete they had to do it in two different days due to me breaking down. if I knew where they lived I be taking my own court to them, I don’t give one hoot how old they are now, they did not take my young age of 14yrs in to account when they was smashing my head against a brick wall, why should I feel any different to there old age now. I just hope there own siblings are reading this that there dads was monsters.

      • dave g

        Exactly that…iv also been asked am i not embarassed due to their age now…like i care about how aged they are. They didnt care that i was 15 when i was strangled unconcious and blacked out on the floor. Id NEVER encountered violence like that…i thought i was dying when i blacked out. Never a day went by without an incident of violence. It was constant. I could often be found with black eyes/fat lips. Sores round my ears and face where they insisted i shaved daily whereas id never ever shaved before and didnt know what i was doing so bad cuts everywhere. It was 1969 so i dont think we were being given any forced medication that i can remember BUT we were given extreme brutality every day. Recently i was given victim support counselling due to these matters BUT yet again the bullshit times we live in meant i was cast aside after a short period of time due to LIMITED RESOURCES…apparently they could only offer support for a set period of time and then you have to move along the bus. Its farcical really. Its affected my whole life and yet after EIGHT visits to a support worker its a pat on the head and shown the exit. Im beginning to think nobody really cares tbh what happened to us. If we have given any of them bullying bastards sleepless nights then we can glean satisfaction from that but other than that nothings going to happen to them…they will be pulling the medical cards out already and unfit to stand in courtrooms…bastards. Like all of you we are dealing with this alone…victim support…pfffft


    Me and my friend were sentenced to 3 months on the 16th January 1975 and released on the 14th March 1975.
    It were the worst 8 weeks on my life as all the inmates were constantly beaten by the staff.
    Two CID officers from Leeds Bridewell took us to HMP Kirklevington DC and on arrival we were met by four or five members of staff and was told to go through into reception were the two CID officers began to take the cuffs off us when a member of staff said to the CID.. “Give me the fucking keys here you slow cunts and I’ll get the fucking cuffs off um” He took the key and then two other members of staff started twisting our arms up our backs nearly desolating our shoulders and smashed our faces onto the wall breaking my nose and we both ended up with black eyes and at one point one CID said, “Leave it out mate, your going to break there fucking arms” to which one of the staff said, “Here, take ya fucking cuffs and get back to fucking Leeds ya wankers”
    When the CID left one of the staff said “I fucking hate cunts from Leeds”
    We then had to stand in front of a desk whilst been asked our names etc., and then told to strip naked. It were the most humiliated thing I have ever done in my life, standing there naked at 16 years old in front of 5 or more staff. My friend were 14 years old.
    After been questioned which seemed like an eternity standing there naked they sent us to a bathroom and were told to scrub our bodies with a scrubbing brush that you scrub floors with and a bar of carbolic soap in a inch of freezing cold water.
    After that were were kitted out with prison clothes and then marched to a corridor where we were shown a fire hydrant on a wall at the other end of the corridor and were told that the last one to the fire hydrant were going to get a beating. We both ran like hell and get there at the same time when two officers said “What does that sign say on the wall” It read, “No Running!” then the two offers beat us to a pulp for running and then dragged us screaming and crying to what they called isolation where we were put in single rooms and didn’t sleep a wink that night for fear of been beaten again. Our faces were a right mess, swollen, broken nose, black eyes and busted lip, and that were only with the first hour.
    The next morning a officer came into my room and shown me how to do a bed pack and display it properly then were were told to stand outside our rooms beside the door where they were maybe 10/15 more inmates and then 2/3 officers came down telling us the rules whilst hitting us in the forehead and banging there fist on the top of our heads and poking us in the chest. That first morning we didn’t have any breakfast.
    We were put in isolation for 7 days but remember after a few days I were told to go see a nurse along with a few more of us. I don’t remember the number of lads they were with me but it were more then 10? Anyway when we got to the nurses office a females nurse took my details and then she said, “Roll your sleeves up” then she proceeded to stick a needle in my arm to take blood, when I asked why she were taking blood she told me to shut up and called for an officer. She didn’t call for a officer because I questioned her, she called because she couldn’t get the blood out of my arm and needed a officer to hold my arm down as I don’t think she knew how to take blood as it felt like she had a red hot poker and were sticking it my arm and I were screaming in pain. Anyway a officer came in and she said, “Hold his fucking arm down for fuck same, little cunt keeps moving” After what seemed like forever she managed to get some blood then after that she stuck a big swab thing at the back of my throat and one up my nose which really hurt. (I thought that were normal what they did to everyone on admission) Then I were told to go into another room where we were all lined up and a officer were stood there telling the lads to open there mouths and he were throwing tablets in there mouths and told to us to swallowed and then had to open over mouths to prove we had swallowed them. When it were my turn I said to the officer “What are they for” His reply were “So you get use to the food” I cant remember his real name but he were a big guy with spiky grey hair and we called him spike? I heard later after release he broke a lads back and was put in jail.
    I remember the tablets were a orange colour but because I were young I believed him.
    This went on for maybe two weeks and had to take one everyday and then we all went back for more bloods and swabs been taken and remember the nurse ramming the swab at the back on my throat and up my nose. It appeared that it were some kind of trial but never found our what it were and I’ve been really scared since thinking it may cause me cancer or heart decease later on in life.
    After been in isolation for 7 days I went got put into a dorm and were n the first bed and they were about maybe 20/25 other beds with lads in and can remember I were laid on my back looking up at the ceiling hoping all this were just a dream and then all of a sudden a officer ran up to my bed and put the counterpane over my face and beat the hell out of me and then the next day he came up to me punching me in the forehead and stomach telling me not to ever move in bed again. My face just wasn’t getting better as the officers just kept on beating me.
    One day were were all lined up and this particular officer, (tall and had a bald head) were doing a head count and he had a big kitchen ladle in his hand and he were hitting everyone on the head whilst he were counting and when he got to me I cringed as in hunching my shoulders and closing my eyes but he never hit me, in stead he waited for me to open my eyes and then he whacked me really hard over the head with this big massive ladle where I fell to the floor as I passed out for a few seconds and then heard him shouting telling me to get up or he would do it again. I remember seeing stars and it were all black as I couldn’t see as I were trying to get to get up from the floor and was off balance for quite a while.
    One evening we were allowed to write a letter home and after writing mine officer Liptrot started collecting the letters and I forgot to put my mums address on it so when he saw it he said, “Is your fucking mother telepathic” and then started to beat me.
    We were forced to play rugby in the freezing cold when it had been snowing and the snow were frosted over and we were cut to ribbons and full of blood.
    Eventually I got the job of making socks for this DC and all the other prisons around the country. A New lad started and I had to train him up to make socks as I were leaving in a week or so but the lad just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t get to grips of what to do. I explained to a female officer who worked in the laundry room with us if she could get another lad because he were finding it hard to learn how to work the sock machine which consisted or hooks but couldn’t connect how to do it. The female officer kicked off and carried on with him saying “There is no such word as can’t, Its won’t” and she threatened him with making sure she would loose him his 4 weeks and make him do the full time. The lad were crying and told her he had tried and just cant do it and I told her, “Miss, it would be easier if you got another boy as it would take me a few days to train someone up and I have only less than a week to do it” She then told me that if I didn’t learn him I would also loose my 4 week and said she was going to report us both and went into the other room where she working to phone though to the office to report us. I tried reassuring this lad I would learn him and he’ll be fine but he told me he just can’t learn how to do it and that he were asthmatic and felt a panic attack coming on and I told him not to worry when all of a sudden he started to grab his chest and he started to turn blue and fell to the floor. Immediately I knew something were not right as he were unable to breath and were clutching his throat, I pressed the panic button on the wall and told the female office that this lad needed medical attention but she just carried on with me and told me I’m in for the high jump now for pressing the panic button. I put the lad in the recovery position and removed his tie and opened his collar and tried to help him breath by rubbing his back but I just didn’t know what to do. Within a few minutes a load of officers came running in and grabbed me and started beating me whilst I were trying to explain that the lad is having a asthma attack and then the female office shouted, “Get him out” meaning me, so they took me to a building next to the workshop what looked like it were to do with the laundry workshop. Quiet a few minutes later a ambulance came and took the lad away. I never knew what happened to him but for some reason the female officer reported me but one of the officers who were ok with me told me told me that they were not taking any notice of her and that the lad were aright and that I probably saved the lads life and called the female officer an “Horrible old witch” and said he couldn’t stand her and she would have probably let him die?
    The staff were just violent bullies from the start but they were a few lads that were bullies also. They were a “Daddy of the nick” who I never had a problem with but the “Geordies” seemed to have a problem with lads from Leeds.
    I got a job in the kitchens after tea, just general cleaning and washing plates and I worked with 5 other lads who were all mates and from Newcastle who only had a couple of weeks left whilst I had about 6 weeks left.
    The first night I were in the kitchen I were doing my job when this geordie lad said, “Why have you drank the milk for tomorrows breakfast” I said “What the fuck you on about, I ain’t touched any fucking milk” then he said, “Here, don’t get mouthy, come on lads lets give it to him” They all grabbed me and said they were going to drowned me as they started to push me backwards over a big sink full of water and I were kicking and trying to fight back but wasn’t screaming as I didn’t want to inform the staff as it would appear that I were grassing them up then this one lad with a long neck who I later nicknamed “Giraffe Neck” said to his mates, “Bring his hand to the chip chopper” they grabbed my hand and put it under the chip chopper and I swear to god, giraffe neck had hold of the handle and you could tell by the look in his eyes he were truly going to chop my fingers off and I were saying to them all, “Your going to have to kill me because I will get each and everyone of you back” anyway they let me go and the ring leading just said, we were only testing you to see if you could stand up for yourself. I later found out that they were just bullies but they never bothered me again.
    This a just a few stories about my time in there been beaten to a pulp on a regular basis. Yes I did wrong but I don’t care what anyone says, I got put there to serve time, not end up been used as a punch bag!!!

    • dave g

      Horrible bastards wernt they m8…i wrote a best selling book WELLIES AND WARDERS….its on AMAZON…kindle or paperback. The BBC had me on a documentary INSIDE OUT to talk about the physical assaults in there. I had a 4hr train journey to Yarm BUT tbh id have walked it there now i felt we were being believed…never known brutality like it to say we were just young kids. Im not holding out much belief in getting any justice. The investigations gone on 2 long…its going to be whitewashed. My book tells all about that place. Im from dewsbury but i live in the midlands now. Never lived the dream did we lol…bullies m8 thats all they were…ex army wankers


        Did you ever put in a complaint at all and if you did what were the outcome? I don’t Trust the system as I know every thing will have been covered up now?

  5. Russell

    i was in Kirklevington in late 1974 to early 1975. from the minute I got in there. I really thought I was going to die, I was knee high to a grasshopper, only 14yrs old, I was that skinny I had to run round the shower to get wet. anyway. my size or structure did not deter Harrison, walker, Hughes (spike) and the rest from kicking punching, twating me over the head when they swung there keys on top of it. scrubbing that long corridor and the screws standing on my hands whilst I was on all fours rubbing there shoes in to my knuckles with the segs what they had on there soles. I got beat up really bad once by Harrison and walker near the downstairs cubicles. they had to move me in the block to hide my injuries from the rest of the lads. did you know they was doing a drug trail in Kirklevington on us without our permission or parents permission. you had to go to the hospital to take this pinkish coloured tablet twice a day. think they did two trails at different times. not too sure what other year they did it. but in 74 and 75 it was happening.

  6. mark w

    Political Cover up…!!!…..why after all these years is an “investigation” being done???……most the perpetrators are either dead now or at deaths door…..its just a complete cover up………but heres my main question, why is all the emphisis being put on the perpetrators, and not those responsible for hiring them?, namely the home office!!…..?……its all a cover up!!

    • dave g

      deadlines come and go with nothing seemingly on the horizon regarding charges tbh. More than enough time has passed for this to have been resolved and charges to have been brought….yet more injustice if you want my opinion….wankers….i will NEVER forget what they done to me

  7. Patrick

    I was in kirklevington dc in 1982.. was beat up on first day for leaning on the door frame with my hands in my pocket, ended up with a broken nose two black eyes and cracked tooth..i didnt know it wasnt allowed…..was also beaten up for asking to use the toilet at night…I was flung on my bed and punched tipped on the floor then kicked around like a football…from that night i pissed in my shoes and poured it out of the window if needed.. many times slapped round the head wen polishing the floors many times with a bunch of keys..the screws thought this was very funny at the time…three weeks this sort of thing would go on , then it would calm down wen you got a brown tie…but you would see the same thing happening to the new inmates…cruelty at it best…Harrison only screw i remember ..horrible one word to describe him

    • christopher fuller

      it was ran by a bunch of facist..harrison was the bully,a barrel chested guy who walked like a penguin..hairy neck was another who ran the gym.hes dead i heard..he used to get inmates to beat each other up in gym class.harrison was not a nice man..i did two terms.and my brothers did a term each..second time round i never got any bullshit..just had to get through the first 3 weeks..i still think without the bullying it did people was meant to shock..

  8. I was in Kirklevington over Christmas 1984 aged 15, like most of the lads in there i too was from a dysfunctional home, namely my father who was the proverbial drunken bully! The last thing any vulnerable kid needs at that age in that situation is to be beaten daily by ex squaddies and pot bellied middle aged men. But Leon Britain obviously thought otherwise, yes that empty headed bastard who put the penal system in reverse by about 25 fucking years! Amazing how many lads suffered perforated eardrums in there, me included. I felt the wrath off most of the screws in there, Harrison (slaps, punches, kicks, ear pulling) Blackburn (same treatment) a rodent Scot called Sinclair, a tall sadistic gym screw with a ball head, Dixon, Howes, Treggoning, Kinsella, Parker (the evil old man in the workshop) Dodds and all the rest of the bullying cockroaches! I was scrubbing the corridor one day with another young lad with one of those horrible square scrubbers when Blackburn came up and kicked him straight in the face for no reason what so ever, blood all over, the lad sparked out. Blackburn revived him then conveniently had him put on the hospital wing out the way, this was common practice when i was in, if the bullies went over the top with you, in the hospital wing you would go, tucked out the way of the governor inspection which were on Sundays in the huge drill yard out front. However, you did get better food while you were “recovering” from your injuries, all intended to keep you from saying anything, yet who was going to listen? That place was rotten from the root to the fruit and that oppressive regime i was part of still haunts my everyday life, the consequences are far reaching. Their collective actions embittered rather than reformed young impressionable minds, we were lost souls, lacking love, emotionally neglected, some born into a cycle of hate, greed and spite, inside we were screaming for help, but burdened with yet more pain and mental anguish. It was simply a continuation of what we were already encountering within the walls of our homes. Pity the boys who are now men and who are struggling with this, because i know i truly am.

    • christopher fuller

      my brother 6 years previous to me got his ear perforated in kirklevington.3 members of my family went there.i remember all them screws..i heard hairy neck had died years ago but those officers were bullies with a free mandate..under the short sharp shock treatment..people were never the same after them places..

    • christopher fuller

      i was at st williams school too where sexual abuse took place..i was not abused there but i believe others were from the convictions they secured..i do not believe they will listen over kirklevington because they will probably be exempt of guilt by nature of the strict sentences and punishment guide lines handed down at the time..some people wait years for justice and get no where so i would be cautious if going down that route as it consumes your life..i suggest be open about your situation and getting your illnesses and concerns recorded by doctors and social workers etc so they know your back ground and can probably help get you back into normal life of some sorts..some people cant be helped as they have turned to drink etc or are homeless and dont want to be matter how fit you are now or established as a person its worth going to talk to someone.especially about traumatic events.

      • Sagree in principle but it must be for each individual to decide when & who they talk to and what they want to achieve by doing so.
        The Truth project of the statutory child sexual abuse inquiry is one source although having established an office to cover the north east the contract to provide support has only just been awarded and my understanding is that the support will only apply to involvement with the processes of the inquiry including making reference to the police if this is something the individual wishes to do.

        Many if not most of those who survive the original events are likely to need help across a range of services and for varying periods of time.

        Clearly if the individual wants their perpetrator(s) to be interviewed by the police they can do this direct, they need to be told the difficulties of bringing anyone though the police, prosecution process to court and getting a conviction unless there is hard evidence beyond all reasonable doubt which given the passage of time and often now the absence of contemporary records becomes increasingly difficult. A balance of probabilities only applies in non criminal matters.

        My concern remains that unless the individual is made fully aware of what the possible outcome will be there will be more harm but reliving the horror and nightmare of what happened and more disappointment. I sometimes mention my experience of working with or for people with congenital birth disability who at one level understandably wanted officialdom to take the disability away…. then I found it it difficult to look people back in eye as I knew that was not possible, where as now developments are enabling disabled individuals to live as full, satisfying lives as anyone. The additional problem for those disabled by accident or medical pharmaceutical negligence, is the sometimes unjustified sense of guilt at being the victim and which also applies to children, the victims of domestic violence, mugged in the street or falling for some fraud con track. The impact of what may appar a comparativial incident can be the same as some more evidently severe. This kind of personal assessment and personal help plan is only available to day for those with wealth so it is aways important t be reasistic about the prospect of justice or getting them needed. Colin Smart

      • christopher fuller

        the government needs to recognise that the survivors need help to function in a normal society.there is enough evidence to suggest that abuse took place.instead of offering people false hope through the courts as time has elapsed maybe they should get priority benefit…a seperate body that deals with abuse victims and there they can start functioning now..they should be offered safe housing at the very least..if these people have carried on with crime then it really didnt affect them as much as it did some.they will carry on committing crime whatever excuse..the ones who were traumatised by the short sharp shock treatment didnt always go on to commit crime but they became drug addicts or alcoholic rather go back into burglary etc.they became dependent on the state..the welfare state they put all these people in the same places.creating more trouble..all im saying is the least least the authorities can do is recognise that people were badly affected by detention centre…stop the solicitors making millions from victims and start recognising the ones who have a case and priority…whether the government will take notice is up to them but on a practical level all cases must be heard..when people start feeling secure they can start working more and get reduced benefits but the safety net needs to be in place now for those victims.

      • I agree the other aspect forgot to mention is that the my understanding is that the Truth project is still wedded to those who were sexually abused and this appears to exclude all those who suffered physical violence , medication experimentation and other forms of behaviour control and behaviour changing over which they and often their parents, social workers had no knowledge let alone any control. It is noteworthy that the inquiry has just sked research bodies to bid to do an analysis of social and political discourse going back to 1940 and which cannot be done without taking a close look at the behaviour modification and control methods used in young offenders institutions, and in approved schools and some independent run places and which migrated in ti the local authority residential care services after 1969.

    • Colin, reading your comment brings it all back to me , the names you mention are all familiar to me and your right about what you say. Sinclair & Harrison were b…. Blackburn was ok with me because I knew how to play Rugby , he liked that… My named officer was a Mr Howe and he was sound at the time. It was 1982 when i was there, I had spent years in approved schools before the shit hole of Kirklev, beaten up several times as a kid because i kept running away. I was 16 by the time i went to Kirklev and I hate to say it, by that time exposed to so much violence I was able to deal with anything.- I can assure you mate i was better off locked up than being at home. Regardless of my personal life i know where your coming from in the brilliant way you explained the above.. I have done ok in my life which has not been easy., i have been dogged by my past and always believed that the short sharp shock was wrong. I read your words and I know 100% where you are coming from. I wish you the best in life mate, I felt i couldn’t come forward, i will now because of you. , Take Care mate, your not alone. Al.

  9. mark w

    ive just read my quote from a reporter….julia breen @the echo…..quoting me in the paper….anonimously….but it does make you wonder…is she affiliated in any way to this site?..

  10. Mrs w

    My husband and 12 others have testified against two dirty old bastards.20+ charges against them both in Leeds….can you believe after a 5 week trial they were found not guilty!! Where’s the justice in that? The jury were talking to their families outside and the judge knew! One jury member knew one of the lads who testified and he got was a total disgrace but I’m proud of my husband for standing there,looking them straight in the face and telling the court what he had to endure as a little boy.

    • Stuart medd

      Mrs .w . Was your husband in East moor leeds or Kirklevington . Would love to know who got off and why .may I say your hubby is a brave fella .I couldn’t do it . My time in Kirklevington especially and especially Harrison and kinsella . Keep well

  11. Dave Barrett

    I was there in 77 got a kicking most days was a poor guy the screws called “popeye” who got the worst of it.I worked in the kitchens yes he was a bastard in there.I have contacted operation magnolia…don’t want money I have done well for myself I just want someone to say it was wrong

  12. martin s

    I was in there towards the end of 1981. I can remember vividly the welcome I received at reception. The 2 police officers who took me there in handcuffs realized once we arrived that they had left the keys back in Lancs. They eventually had to get the local police out to undu the cuffs, once they had gone I got one hell of a kicking, dragged into the bathroom and virtually thrown in the freezing bath.. Once I had done that I had to stand in front of them naked to answer questions whilst they filled there paper work in. Once dressed one of them took me into this corridor and said ‘see that officer down the corridor’ run as fast as you can to him, which I did with him screaming behind me saying faster. Once there this screw with a big smirk on his face said ‘look up there son what does that sign say’ to my horror it said no running— Another beating followed and he was eagerly joined by another colleague. Was then dragged to a reception cell, and his parting shot was Welcome to kirklevington. That was just within the first few hours of being there. Throughout my time there the main culprits were one fat/ginger screw last name beginning with H and a lanky guy from the gym who used to ride a motor bike. They did what they did because they thought we were scum and that they would get away with it and because no one would believe us. It maybe a long time ago but Im ready to stand and be counted.

    • dave g

      absolute bastards m8….they got away with it for years…contact cleveland police on their website

    • Stuart medd

      Harrison was his name .Wot a bastards he was

      • Sean

        Harrison and Blackburn. Will never forget them two pair of bastatds. solicitors in morring will let you know whot there said.

      • Stuart medd

        Harrison threw a stack of trays for me to catch .whilst in the kitchen . Marked my arms but didn’t let him see that it hurt . .. you couldn’t show weakness in there .I never did . I had two Asians singling me out . Screws knew about it but did nothing . I dealt with it my way . One by one . I got caught for the 2nd one coz he grassed me up and I lost 2 days remission . Total wankers

  13. Paul Meggison

    Hi how to I come forward to make a claim against officer in kirklevington prison

  14. david bland

    abuse happened to me allso one screws name was scott from newcastle i wittnessed a lad called cosleeky break his own leg to get out of there.

  15. dave g

    I was continually assaulted physically at kirklevington in 1969….i am now being told by solicitors letter that little or nothing can be done…shame on you…its a disgrace! To also add insult to injury in the letter you apologise for the abuse in MEDOMSLEY….uuuum iv never been in there…incompetence at its finest…what hope have i ever got of justice if MY OWN solicitor gets details wrong….DAVE GINNELLY

    • mark w

      …its all a complete and utter PR stunt…..another cover up to save more “professionals” their reputations. …shame on them..

    • thomas

      hi dave i was in at the same time, do you remember any of the names of the officers there , cheers

      • christopher fuller

        its simply not worth bothering..years and years of stress wondering if they will or wont prosecute these save your health and stress and try move on best you can.the prison service are exempt from such prosecutions now they changed the law..these inquires are costing millions and getting people no where…this is me personally.maybe you have more energy than me..just enjoy every day as its your last.dont let em put you in an early grave too.

  16. paulg

    Kirklevington DC, was brutal, I was sentenced to three months in 1971. I was taken to reception,by two police officers, once they left I was grabbed by the throat, by a warden, then wacked on the side of my head so hard, It smashed me into the back wall, then he made me strip naked, turned fully around, forced me to stand like this for ages, before being forced into a freezing bath with about 1-2″ of water, and that was just in the first half hour of my arrival. I was then 14 years old, and about 4ft, 5inches tall.

    • mark webber

      Hi Paul….
      You could very well have been talking about me there for a second….yes….everything you say, and more, happened to me. 1979.

      Had some lawyers onto me wanting me to pursue legal action….under “operation magnolia”…..

      It boils down to having to personaly name every officer who ever assaulted me…it was 37 years ago…I cant remember names….and personaly I think itll come to nothing……

      Take care pal..

      Mark webber.

      • Stephen Knight

        I remember some the officers names from 1976 one Bastard used to wake you up on the morning and always either punched you kicked you or hit you with his keys, pure bastard but cant remember his name thats was when you 1st went in and where assessed in your own room for a week? i ended up on reception as i had turned 16 in there and was always working for Mr Dixon he was a Great Bloke but most of the others where Bastards – i had me share of beating like but just thought that was the norm but have been told that my anger moments spell from there !!! who knows Steve

  17. mark w

    I was subjected to continuous physical abuse throughout my eight weeks and three days at this hell hole called kirklevington grange dc in 1979.

    It affected my life so much at 14 years ofage that from that moment I have never trusted anyone In a position of

    authority. …and have held utter

    contempt for authority. …. beyond


    • artmanjosephgrech

      Thank you Mark W another brave victim as was also demonstrated in the recent Panorama programme on Savile victims and all that needs to be said in relation to those seeking to undermine Goddard, the work of investigative journalists, campaigners and associates and police investigations.

      Hopefully what begins to look a conspiracy to stop investigations will be investigated by The Justice Goddard Inquiry as one the 12 additional Investigations/Hearing to be announced in the next “tranche(s) and which was indicated at the time of the departure of Peter McKelvie from the Advisory Group.

      It is important that no one forgets that the last conspiracy was effective when in 2002 the Chris Mullin Home Affairs Committee with David Cameron, now Prime Minister and Tory party leader and Deputy Labour Party Leader Tom Watson also members had the effect stopping investigations as result of their recommendations and which appears to have had the effect of another decade of cover up , the prolonging of the sense of injustice and for some continuing life wrecking havoc. Fortunately there is now a growing band determined to make sure that this will stop whatever the differences in the best way to achieve this Colin Smart

    • christopher fuller

      i was assaulted and my brother 4 years earlier were assaulted..but ya know what im not even gonna bother arguing and fighting for any kind of justice because its just another stress to deal with…not worth it if it takes 20 years to resolve..ive no desire to be compensated.dont let that stop those who have more fight than me but i cant afford to deal with more puts you in a early just making the most of what i have left..

  18. artmanjosephgrech

    This is a very important developed and explains why the Justice Goddard Inquiry is focussing on Medomsley and opening an office in Darlington to be able to interview Victims as part of the Truth project.

    On of the main reasons behind the leadership of Barbara Kahan a small group of influential women to campaigned to achieve the Children and Young Person’s Act 1969 which abolished the Approved School order, which brought delinquents in the care system when they failed probation and btought them into the new Community Homes system, particularly to Community Homes with Education on the premises was the knowledge that the Approved Schools and the young offenders institutions were academies of crime and places of violence was not just from her knowledge and experience, but that of husband psychiatrist Dr Vladamir Kahan.

    In fairness enlightened individuals with in the Approved school system went to the Home Office in 1970 for guidance with dealing with aggressive youngsters without like for like and this culminated in the book Violence of the Development Group which had been transferred to the Department of Health to which Barbara was transferred having become Deputy Chief Inspector of the Home Office Children’s Department services after being told she would not be appointed a Director of Social Services Oxfordshire in 1971. A book on the project was published by Development Group in 1970 Edited by Dr Norman Tutt the Director at Leeds who was sent to Ealing after it was described by politicians as the worst in the UK for its child care and projection services.

    Instead of the Care concept taking over the approved school behaviour took over the Community Homes with Education on the premises with staff some ineffective at best with others dangerous and harm causing moving into care establishments managed directly by local authority social services department and also running some of the new establishments with local authorities thought a good idea in part because hey were able to run hem cheaper than the regional polling system.

    The problem is either one of the good people not aware of the extent to which perpetrators of sexual crimes were able to flourish better in authoritarian establishments based on fear and violence , or turning a blind eye because the young people were regarded as expendable beyond repair – destructive psychopaths and depraved usually branded as both.

    The film Spotlight explains how one editor decided a specialist Inside out team to establish that 70 of the 1500 priests in Boston were perpetrators and moved around after spending time in treatment centres run by the church which were no more than holding centres Some 240 priests were identified in Boston alone and where the number of perpetrators as it has been among Catholic and Anglican clergy about average for the population in general In Boston and other USA areas the payout became $1 million per case with the lawyers getting their fat cut skimmed of the top and many catholic areas went into bankruptcy… so it was about money as well as reputations damage which formed he basis of the cover up across the institutions and one who worked in a senior capacity who continues to deny this is in my judgement a liar, a fool or just not up to the job they were paid for.

  19. christopher fuller

    my brother had his eardrum perforated in kirklevington and i was kicked into a broom cupboard by officer harris or harrison.a little barrel chested guy..i still suffer from my hip where he booted me… all my medical problems started there.they even pulled gromets from my ears and i developed asthma and an irregular heart beat in there.i was also ordered to hit other inmates in the gym for a officer they called hairy neck..i was also at st williams but didnt suffer abuse there..

    • Stuart medd

      The name was Harrison . Kitchen guy .what a bastard. He had about 40 lunch trays . You know the metal ones and he threw them at me to catch .cut right across my arms and because I said ouch I got a clip round the ear . In kirk lev you are assigned 2 officers .mine were Taylor and Dixon Taylor was ok but Dixon thought he was the bees knees . He deliberately tripped me up on the corridor .by the infamous fire extinguisher. Horrible place

      • christopher fuller

        i was in st williams before i went to dc..i was interviewed by the police and i said no abuse took place with me at st williams and i never witnessed any.but kerklevington was was my second term and my older brother was with me.(hes now passed away through alcohol abuse),another brother had is eardrum perforated 6 years before.i got clouted by harrison and booted into the broom cupboard.i developed a bad heart beat,asthma,and hip problems..they even pulled gromets out of my ear with a hook on a needle..i remember my ears and head being in agony…i wont be making any claims as im not prepared to sit and worry for the rest of my life about justice…there is no real justice.hopefully others more fitter than me, will.i was wondering why the media were mentioning medomsley all the time when kirklevington was far more feared…was anyone else asked to hit another inmate in the gym? thats what one officer asked me do on trampoline circuts..but im going to be honest and this is difficult for alot of people to understand.when i was a tear away it was old school to expect a rough ride.back then it was part of being a still old school and i wouldnt make stuff up as i always held my hands up and did my time..right now i have my benefits sorted out and im in a better place knowing all this historic stuff is coming out…i understand the government is bringing out new laws to stop these types of claims against the prison service etc…i could be wrong but if anyone was harmed i suggest going to the police and let them know of your situation and whether you wish to make a complaint…for the silent ones be rest assured these people are being investigated and you will get justice…for me im trying to just enjoy what times left in peace…

    • A total bastard, I remember him Christopher.

  20. dpack

    is there a list of the facilities and police units involved in this investigation?
    the reason i ask is that a while back i was told an ugly tale of his time in a west yorkshire approved school (early 1970’s) and it might be that the chap who told me about it has some potentially useful information about several staff members and although he was relatively “lucky” he was aware of serious misdeeds and he might be willing to assist such an inquiry.

    • IWTT

      Institutions named are:
      – Kirklevington (Cleveland)
      – Medomsley (County Durham)
      – Underley Hall (Cumbria)
      – Witherslack Hall (Cumbria)
      – St William’s (East Yorkshire)
      – Eastmoor (West Yorkshire)
      – Shadwell (West Yorkshire)
      – Street Lane (West Yorkshire)
      – Thorp Arch Grange (West Yorkshire)
      – Tong Park (West Yorkshire)
      – Whinmoor (West Yorkshire)

      Operation Seabrook is investigating Medomsley
      Operation Polymer is investigating Leeds/West Yorkshire
      Operation Tweed is investigating Underley Hall
      Operation Reno is investigating St Williams (previously Operations Bunting, Lapwing, and Aldgate)

      • dpack

        thanks i will run that past him,it might be there are other places that need a close look at .

      • artmanjosephgrech

        At one level we should look at every individual establishments where those under 18 years of age were placed,. committed, or sentenced, but the reality must those with complaints which we know were not investigated or effectively investigated at the time or have brought them forward during recent years and this should also include relatives of those who have not survived to make or remake their complaints again. The film spotlight makes the point that it was only a new editor and a small team within the paper, plus one lawyers determination that forced the Catholic church authorities to admit that it had known that 70 of its priests out of the 1500 at Boston had had committed criminal acts against children, that they were moved on to other parishes and the families who complained bought off and their faith used to blackmail them, and where further investigations after publication revealed that in total 250 priests were involved. Governments and those running the institutions mentioned and being covered by the Goddard inquiry knew and covered up, looked the other way, or were not up the job they were paid to do. Proving this happened in the past is difficult to impossible because it threatens the very existence s of the governing institutions and which those presently in power have the duty to protect. We are all expendable in the interests of state whether a representative democracy or dictatorship.

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  22. Derek goodall

    Let’s hope that this never happens again