BBC Inside Out would like to speak to you for their new follow up film on Tong Park and Kirk Levington.

Following the very well received BBC Inside Out programme regarding abuse at  Tong Park and Kirk Levington Detention centres earlier this year which resulted in a large number of new people contacting the police, I can bring you news that the investigative journalist Gaggan Sabherwal and the BBC Inside Out team intend a follow up programme.

Hi all,

I hope you all are well!

My name is Gaggan and I work for BBC’s Inside Out programme based in Leeds. Last August I had left a post on this blog page about wanting to speak to people about their experiences at Tong Park and Kirk Levington Detention centres. This was for a film I was working on and I must say we received so many calls and emails from people to share their experiences. Thank you each and every one of you for getting in touch. Without your help our film wouldn’t have been possible.

I am writing to let you all know that we have decided to do a follow up film as we have heard since our film, Cleveland and West Yorkshire police have received over hundred new witness statements from people who were abused at Tong Park and Kirk Levington. In case you missed our film then you can watch it back here :

I would like to hear from more people about their experiences at Tong Park and Kirk Levington for our follow up film so if you would like to have a private and off the record chat with me about your experiences then please email me your details and I will call you. I assure you whatever you tell me will be treated with utmost confidentiality. My email address is :

Take care and thank you for your time and support!

I look forward to hearing from you J


For those who have not yet seen the film –



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6 responses to “BBC Inside Out would like to speak to you for their new follow up film on Tong Park and Kirk Levington.

  1. SERCO + G4S government contracted heavies need investigating too

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  4. artmanjosephgrech

    I am pleased that there are some journalists and politicians usually of more recent generations who have grasped that we need an intense look at how we in the UK and in the world have viewed and treated women and children in the past and still do and that the current emphasis on sexual abuse is important but is tending to prevent examination of the wider problem

    As you know from the outset I believed the decision of government to set up an inquiry restricted to sexual abuse was a deliberate mistake and indeed when I had my meeting with Northumbria Police in April 2014 Paul Clark, in his capacity as police and not as social services Inspector (re Lambeth, Sunderland and Isles of Scilly ) made the valid point that the physical restraint of children, one component of Pin Down, was standard practice until the recent era and in fact beating children in school and other establishments using the cane and strap and parental chastisement has only become not PC over recent decades.

    An important aspect of Clive Driscoll’s autobiography is his admission that racism and chants and songs were part of the police as they were in business management and sport and politics as has been the anti foreigner in in the UK and anti homosexuality and will incidentally result in an overwhelming vote to leave the EEC whatever the politicians and others now say or do

    I welcomed the decision of the Statutory Panel Inquiry that in the North East the first focus would be on Medomsley because the extent of sexual abuse only occurred as part of the more general use of violence as a means of punishment as well as control

    I also note a tweet this morning about the defended legal action against the Church of England re the use of medication in one establishment and where the author of the tweet did not appear aware that medication was and is still is used widely in the management of adolescents who pose problems in their families, in school and by anti social behaviour. There is also the issue of the use of abreactive drug treatment regression therapy pioneered at the Staffordshire County Psychiatric Hospital supported and promoted by Barbara Kahan and her husband and where Barbara is the reputed author of the Levy Pindown report on Staffordshire. I hope at some point attention will be given to use of medication as a means of control and the impact of its misuse in later life… in the same way that smoking in custodial his still being permitted without examining the extent to which the incidence of cancer among ex prisoners is greater than wider population.

    There is also the aspect of well motivated ignorance in all this. I said yes thinking it was great suggestion when one prisoner governor asked if I would like to go on an outside working party demolishing a world war II armaments factory. It was only when we got there and we were left to work inside the buildings while the Prisoner Officers stayed outside that the risks of work re asbestos without the use of face masks was pointed out by one other prisoner with knowledge of the subject. The difference between me and the former children and those fellow prisoner is that they were never given the choice especially if you examine the events in their lives beforehand.

    It is important that we establish what has happened but also why and only from this how to make things better.

  5. Peter Jackson

    What is the point of opening up old wounds? I was at Tong Park in 1966 and got beat on my first night there for no reason but I am not going to let some solicitor make money out of it. I was caned at my junior school at the age of 10 & 11, that was for chewing gum in class, it was against the rules and I broke them, no-one did anything about this it was just the norm.

  6. ian

    but that were normal to be caned at school,those folks who were supposed to look after us at tong park we doing an assesment as to how bad we were so they knew were to send us, so why did we get beat soon as we got there,thrown down them big stone stairs,covered in vim types powder that burnt our skin while stood for ages bollock naked, punched in ribs time and again for no reason.and dont get me going on what happened to my mates who dare ask for a comic.if it were to happen today those people would do 10 years, hell we even knew way back in 69.70 about saville as he came to our sports day,any kid who managed a first in any event went in his rooler for “super” strange how none a the staff noticed lads slowing down if it looked like they were going to win,, 3rd place were safe..lives destroyed for lots a people and some took their own lifes within a few years of getting away from tong park.whos to blame after 50 years of looking…???anyone.