Derek Sawyer, Jeremy Corbyn’s Former Constituency Agent.


Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer

On that day in 1992, they duly ‘told him everything’, says Davies.

‘We were in his office for more than an hour. We shared all of our concerns, including our fears that local children had been murdered by abusers.’

Corbyn listened politely. ‘He responded that he’d heard similar things from other constituents, and promised to do something about it, starting by talking to Virginia Bottomley, the Health Secretary,’ says Davies.

‘We were very pleased to hear him say that. I’d say that we all left the room feeling heartened.’…

…Or so they hoped. But, in the event, Davies and her fellow social workers would be sorely disappointed.

Corbyn never wrote to Davies, or telephoned, to acknowledge their meeting, or thank her for seeking to blow the whistle.

‘After that meeting, we never heard another thing,’ Davies recalls. ‘There was no letter. No phone call. I never, ever saw him speak about it.

‘In fact, whenever I saw Jeremy afterwards, sometimes years later at Stop The War marches and events like that, I’d always go up to him and say: “This scandal is still going on, Jeremy.” He’d be very polite, but he never seemed to do anything.’

Indeed, 23 years later, Liz Davies has yet to see Corbyn express what she regards as sufficient anger, or regret, over the Islington abuse scandal, or to publicly criticise the many local politicians, council workers and political allies who allowed it to happen in the first place.

The Mail

Jeremy Corbyn did nothing when told about systemic child sexual abuse in Islington ?

Surprising ?

Perhaps, readers should watch Roger Cook’s ‘An Abuse of Trust’ again which highlights Derek Sawyer activities. Derek Sawyer was for a time Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency agent and the programme details the very close relationship Sawyer had with notorious paedophile Derek Slade over many years.

Eight teenage boys who allege they were sexually abused by their English headmaster at a school in India are seeking compensation.

Lawyers have been instructed to pursue claims on behalf of the ex pupils of Anglo-Kutchi Medium School in Gujarat, where Derek Slade was headmaster.

Slade was jailed for 21 years in 2010 after he was found guilty of sexually abusing 12 boys in Suffolk.

He became involved in the funding and building of Anglo-Kutchi in 2001.

A six-month investigation by journalist Roger Cook for the BBC’s Inside Out programme uncovered the allegations of abuse.

The boys are claiming compensation from three defendants who they say owed them a duty of care because they ran the school which employed Slade.

The claim is being made against Derek Sawyer, former leader of Islington Borough Council and former chairman of the London Regional Courts Board, Abdul Osman, Labour Lord Mayor of Leicester, and the charity Help a Poor Child, which supported the school.

BBC News


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  7. Corbyn is going to have to respond in person and via some form of videoed interview. How does this case relate to the wider inquiry? If in the Labour saddle, which I severely doubt will happen now that these articles have been posted, would Islington shoot up the priority list for the wider CSA inquiry?

    • Owen

      If Islington isn’t up near the top of Goddard’s priority list (assuming Kincora and Jersey are still included), she might as well be packing her bags and heading back to New Zealand. The hypothesis is that it’s one of the key PIE infiltration locations and the scene of extreme and blatant abuse in the middle of London Surely you’ve managed to do a little research on the subject? Go to Liz Davies’s website or Spotlight on Abuse if you need a starting point, or search on Eileen Fairweather and Islington.

  8. Owen

    Pannone press release re Anglo-Kutchi Medium School abused students legal action against Derek Sawyer, Abdul Osman and Help a Poor Child:

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  10. Rodney Corner

    “Jeremy Corbyn did nothing when told about systemic child sexual abuse in Islington ?”

    No, he joined an all party call for an inquiry.

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  13. Just for clarification – Islington survivors and whistleblowers have been raising this for 23 years – its not new to us. We sought assistance from both MPs at the time. It would be so easy for Corbyn to say a few words expressing his determination to bring the extensive crimes against children to the fore when/if he becomes leader. There have also been comments on other fora about why I didn’t report the matters to police. Of course I have worked closely with police from the 90s until this present day… as any social worker doing their job to protect children would do.

  14. nuggy

    in all my readings on the islington scandal i have never heard the name corbyn come up before how come its never came up before.

    why has nobody in the media chosent to mention this before why have thse people never seen fit to say anything before why has john mann never seen fit to say anything before.

    • the can’t have Corbyn running the show. They just won’t let this happen.
      If there is a reasonable explanation, I am hoping Corbyn will give it.

      • Owen

        Corbyn has already said that this a serious matter and should be investigated. Which shows slightly more concern than a previous comment that Islington had already investigated the matter. But it doesn’t look as though he feels under pressure to come up with any more satisfactory explanation.

        The issue has arisen because Corbyn is now a candidate for higher democratic office. It’s legitimate to ask whether Corbyn’s image stands up to the test of an examination of his willingness to act without fear or favour. And hopefully in raising the issue of what Corbyn did or did not do some light will also be brought to bear on a lot of other Islington politicians of local and national repute who’ve enjoyed a quiet life over the past decade or so while Margaret Hodge remained the target of the media’s attention.

        It’s worth noting that media coverage over the past two decades has been subject to constraints where parties involved in Islington inquiries are concerned. The lawyers forced the Mail to take down Eileen Fairweather’s report on Great Finborough and visitors who had enjoyed Derek Slade’s hospitality. Roger Cook’s report is more circumspect. As so often perusing Spotlight on Abuse is a way of picking up on material that in the past would have suffocated in the archives.

        I make no apology for linking to Guy Adams’s article in the Mail yesterday because Adams and some of his colleagues at the Mail have been doing the job that the Guardian should have been using Nick Davies to do. What the article makes clear is that concerns were expressed to Corbyn not just by Liz Davies and her group of colleagues but also by Eileen Fairweather and by Demetrious Panton. Three separate discussions with Corbyn, described in the article. Forgot the little nuances of political perspective in the article, look to the rights and wrongs of what’s actually reported.

  15. joekano76

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  16. Kay

    Predatory psychopaths are the absolute tops at networking. They intuitively know how to speak their common language.

  17. My understanding is that in the early 90’s a large number of politicos of all grades (SPADS upwards) were well aware of the paedophile partying. None have admitted to this openly except (to my knowledge) Edwina Currie who made a comment about a colleague being a known and practising paedophile. If ‘parliament’ wanted this cleaned up, it would have been done and dusted years ago. It is obvious that, pretty much, all politicos are happy for this to stay in the shadows and for the victims to stay blowing in the wind.

  18. nuggy

    how come his name has never come up before how come they have waited untill now to mention this just sounds like politicaly motivated smear by somebody to me.

    • chrisb

      Maybe Corbyn’s name didn’t come up because he did nothing even when shown the evidence of abuse.

    • Dave Earp

      Possibly the same reasons that the names Hussain Akhtar Dodson and Bostan never “came up” much over the 15 or so years of abuse in Rotherham, despite 1 being deputy leader of the council, 1 being the mayor,and 1 being the minister for cohesion, sometimes the truth simply takes that long to emerge.

  19. nuggy

    so is it an mps to police his constituency now.

    • chrisb

      It is an MP’s responsibility to investigate apparent failures of the police and criminal justice system that affect his constituents, even if those constituents are not yet of voting age.

  20. l8in

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  22. Bloody Nora…Methinks Mr Corbyn needs to get off the fence before he gets a terminal splinter in his political ass.
    A return to decent representation in govt is nothing, if that representation is able to ignore child abuse and any perceived coverups.
    Mr Corbyn, you need to answer to this.