Responding To Criticisms Regarding Timing Of Jeremy Corbyn CSA Story.


Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer.

Yesterday, I posted a story about the close relationship between left-wing Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP and his constituency agent until 2010 and former Islington Councillor Derek Sawyer and his very close personal and business relationship to a notorious convicted paedophile Derek Slade. That can be found HERE. This followed the publication of a story in The Daily Mail in which Dr Liz Davies explained how she and other Social Workers approached the Islington MP regarding the systemic child sexual abuse  back in 1992 and that Jeremy Corbyn did not help. That story can be found HERE.

Some have suggested that the timing of these stories are an attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn MP as he is a controversial left-wing politician who appears to be ahead in the current Labour Party leadership contest and that if there had been serious substance to these allegations then they would have been made before now.

From my own point of view, Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are irrelevant. If a similar clear connection to a prolific and notorious convicted child abuser could be made with any of the other Labour leadership candidates then I would have no hesitation before publishing it and the same goes for any prominent figure regardless of their party affiliation. However, that Jeremy Corbyn might conceivably become the leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition means that there is a greater public interest in publishing than if he had remained a backbencher. I had been aware of Derek Sawyer and his relationship with Derek Slade long before yesterday but I had not been aware of Sawyer’s closeness to Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Dr Liz Davies has left a comment on The Needle strongly refuting the suggestion that she had not commented before about the matters reported in The Daily Mail story which I print below;

Just for clarification – Islington survivors and whistleblowers have been raising this for 23 years – its not new to us. We sought assistance from both MPs at the time. It would be so easy for Corbyn to say a few words expressing his determination to bring the extensive crimes against children to the fore when/if he becomes leader. There have also been comments on other fora about why I didn’t report the matters to police. Of course I have worked closely with police from the 90s until this present day… as any social worker doing their job to protect children would do. – Dr Liz Davies

If there are some that still believe that these allegations have been suddenly concocted as a way of smearing Jeremy Corbyn MP then I can do no better than refer them to a story which I’ll republish in full below, written by award winning journalist Eileen Fairweather, for The Independent back in May 1995. After reading it it should be clear that concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to act when informed about systemic child sexual abuse in his Islington constituency are long standing.

As the journalist who instigated the newspaper investigation that led to the exposure of mass sexual abuse in Islington children’s homes in north London, now seems a good time to “out” myself as a Labour-voting feminist, and join the debate on what role “political correctness” played.
The Labour borough has finally put its hands up. Last week an independent report confirmed that pimps, paedophiles and pornographers had for years preyed on children in Islington’s homes. Not all were “gay”, but many were, and the report unequivocally blamed Islington’s dogmatic interpretation of equal opportunities. Getting the council to admit it was wrong took 60-plus articles, 13 independent inquiries and endless midnight phonecalls from scared “whistle-blowing” staff. We were all branded right-wing homophobes.
When the children’s harrowing stories first appeared, Margaret Hodge, then leader of Islington council, sought refuge in killing the messenger. The London Evening Standard’s month-long investigation was clearly sourced by scores of staff, children, police officers and documents. But because the newspaper is considered in right-on N1 to be “right wing”, Hodge airily dismissed it as “politically motivated … a sensationalist bit of gutter journalism”. A month later she took up a top City job.
This typified Islington’s Stalinist reluctance to study the facts when the facts do not fit the theory. If gays are oppressed, then all gay men are good, was its simplistic credo. Men who hurt boys are not “gay” – they are paedophiles. But intelligent analysis was impossible in Islington, where paedophiles cynically exploited the gay rights banner and those who suspected this were branded as reactionary.
Such mindless name-calling paralysed many. I find it terrifying that the entire Islington scandal would never have been exposed without the courage of, initially, just one social worker. She contacted me in despair after being investigated as “anti-equal opportunities” for ringing alarm bells about a gay children’s home worker (a traumatised boy later confirmed months of buggery). We cajoled other colleagues into secret meetings and confiding. Two had already been sacked after raising concerns, and one received death threats. I took some staff to Scotland Yard, although it was off their patch: publish, was the advice.
Naively, the whistle-blowers hoped the council would protect them. I acted as go-between and, two months before the first stories appeared, met Islington’s chair of social services at the town hall. Councillor Sandy Marks asked to see the evidence but would not agree to protect our sources’ confidentiality. The Standard’s politics could not be trusted, so nor could I: apparently I had sold out to Fleet Street for a fat cheque.
No one appealed to Hodge. A manager had earlier asked for extra funds to investigate why a stream of disturbed children were visiting a man previously imprisoned for running a child brothel. She wrote rebuking him: “Given the state of the social services budget, I expect more The Independentappropriate responses.” That was two years before this “unknown” scandal broke.
Shortly after publication, some social workers met Islington Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn begging him to influence the council, then still denying everything. Soon after, I met him. He did make inquiries but was reassured. There the matter rested.
Radical acquaintances accused me of “whipping up homophobia”; Islington mysteriously lost files requested by police; at a feminist conference I addressed before inquiries tentatively vindicated our work, I was barracked for “abusing” children. This was Hodge’s widely reported claim: that we had bribed disturbed children to invent those heartbreaking stories. She repeated this allegation while securing the Barkingside candidacy and has only just retracted it saying she had been lied to.
All it takes for evil to flourish, one philosopher said, is for good men to do nothing. Only one Labour Party member ever helped this investigation.
The Independent



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  1. chrisb

    Corbyn’s attraction to many people outside of the hard left is that he is a political outsider, apart from the Westminster system of patronage. In short that he offers a ‘new politics’. The implication of Dr. Davies’ account though is that Corbyn failed to investigate child sexual abuse that was occurring within his constituency because the culprits and those covering up for them were either members of the Labour Party or members of his former union. This is ‘old politics’. Corbyn has questions to answer if he is to show that he is not just another politician who puts political allies above the most vulnerable in our society regardless of the crimes they commit.

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    If you are an aspiring politik you will go far if you keep covered up serious crime against undefended and vulnerable children – right Mr. Corbyn?

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  4. right…has anyone put this in his face yet?
    I for one want to see what mettle he is made of now.

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    @jeremyCorbyn and the silencing of #IslingtonCSA #Whistleblowers.

  6. Becky

    Despite what Eileen Fairweather concludes, on an over all basis the majority of paedophiles are straight (i.e. heterosexual) males. For some reason most of them are white and middle class, too. The majority of child abuse (some 82 per cent?) happens within the traditional family. I do get the feeling that Fairweather entertains some prejudice against gay males. As a feminist, if Fairweather had found a paedophile ring containing mostly females (and there ARE female paedophiles) would she then conclude from this that most paedophiles were female? I think not.

    • chrisb

      An astonishing piece of wishful reading, the type of which protected abusers for years in Islington …

      Where does Fairweather conclude that the majority of paedophiles are gay? Her comment ‘Not all were “gay”, but many were’ refers to the abuse occurring in Islington abuse homes. Nor does she even say that the majority of abusers were gay in this one context.

      The reason why most paedophiles are white may be because 90 plus percent of the population is white.

      Where exactly is there any sign of hostility to gay men with adult partners? Yes, I can see hostility in Fairweather’s piece. Hostility to those who used gay rights and equal opportunities to protect child rapists and hostility to affluent people such as Margaret Hodge who tried to smear Ms Fairweather by suggesting that her motives were mercenary.

      As Ms Fairweather says, she was a Labour voter and yet she outed abusers in a Labour run council while receiving the support of only one Labour member. Our misfortune is not that we have too many impassioned journalists such as Ms Fairweather, but that we have too few.

      BTW I neither know Ms Fairweather nor have ever met her nor have ever spoken to her.

      • Owen

        Spot on, chrisb

      • I’ve had similar run ins with Becky, glad to see that you are on the ball analytically, though I fear that it’ll be lost on Becky, she’s either a fool or has her own agenda, running interference on behalf of all ‘minorities’ to mask her real objective ‘countering anti semitism’. Guarding against real anti semitism, homophobia, sexism and racism are worthy objectives but Becky seems to define ‘anti semitism’ as criticism of malefactors that happen to be Jewish. I’m sure that most people in ALL communities abhor cruelty to children despite the fact that ALL communities include a minority that abuse children. I tried the majority will be White because of course the majority of the population is still White, Becky continues relentlessly !

    • Anne Wade

      Most paedophile attacks come from the extended family and close acquaintances. Most children so attacked are girls. So most paedophiles are heterosexual? Yes. But most of the men, and the few women, involved in intra-familial abuse are only responsible for a handful each. They are self-absorbed, plausible liars and oblivious of the harm they do, but most of them are immature and respond to a mixture of legal sanctions and firm counselling.
      Paedophile gangs are a relatively new phenomenon, over perhaps the last twenty years. They are also mainly heterosexual. It is debatable whether they are true paedophiles. They are not so much interested in children – it is more that it is very young women who are more accessible and vulnerable.
      The long-standing extra-familial paedophiles, whether in boarding schools, children’s homes or off the streets, are mainly but not exclusively homosexual. Each of these predatory homosexual paedophiles is likely to be responsible for hundreds of paedophile attacks. These are the men who are dangerous, unlikely to respond to therapy, and may escalate to sadistic murder.
      These are the men that Eileen Fairweather has reported on for decades. She is meticulous in her investigations and accuracy. She reports what she finds, and ‘Becky’ has no grounds for her slurs.

  7. sPElL cHeCkEr

    Knives out,Gojam?

    Just don’t mention Keith Vaz…

    Or Simon Hughes?

    Or Sir Peter Bottomley?

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  9. “If there are some that still believe that these allegations have been suddenly concocted as a way of smearing Jeremy Corbyn MP then I can do no better than refer them to a story which I’ll republish in full below”

    It is not that people think that there has been a sudden concoction but rather that the restating of these stories across the major media providers near simultaneously in a very salient manner, is to use the methodology of the smear.

    I mentioned this to John Mann over twitter and I see he has enlisted the help of others in terms of identifying the relevant historical articles and getting this story out.

    Yes, I think Corbyn needs to respond to the restatement of these stories but even here I think their framing by many of you is politically motivated with respects to the Labour Leadership debate.

    Clearly in the contemporary context Corbyn has come out in support of investigating CSA and in my view noting that in articles like you and others have written, Gojam, should be done as a matter of course if you want to avoid this charge of engaging in the methodology of the smear.

    Looking at the political atmosphere ‘back then’ and looking at the material Gojam, Ian Pace and others have put out there, it seems many MPs are open to this same critique of having had someone raise a CSA case but not getting follow ups, feedback or even overt identifiable outcomes.

    Again, I do want to see Corbyn respond to these articles but first precisely what is it Corbyn is being accused of? Being actively involved in ‘covering up’? Not believing some of the claims (like many others including other leadership potentials historically)? Failing to only follow them up to a certain extent? Not following them up at all?

    There is a clever ambiguity in these articles and again, it is not so much the timing but methods like that which draws this charge of smear too. Really interested to have clarification.

    • Corbyn is going to have to respond in person and via some form of videoed interview. How does this case relate to the wider inquiry? If in the Labour saddle, which I severely doubt will happen now that these articles have been posted, would Islington shoot up the priority list for the wider CSA inquiry

      (apologies for the cross post but important below above)

    • Contact Dr Liz Davies, David Cofie, Nevile Mighty, or Demetrious Panton personally.

      Im sure they will clarify Corbyn’s inactions in detail

  10. Owen

    He failed to follow up when he had his attention drawn to them repeatedly – by social workers closely acquainted with what had happened, by an investigative journalist whose in-depth research was unparalleled (and which the final White report relied on in the absence of the lost/destroyed Islington files) and by a survivor with direct experience. Liz Davies has said that she raised the issue on several occasions, reminding him that the problem was unrsolved. Now he’s had the issue raised and he still won’t come up with an adequate explanation of his – and others’ – inaction over decades. The kids whose lives were destroyed were his consitituents. Did he not think he owed them more than to be reassured by his referral of the matter for investigation by the council that had turned its back on their situation? The more I hear Corbyn’s supporters claiming this is a smear, the more I hear Thatcher’s saying that it ws a time when people thought the Establishment should be protected. Same difference, just another party, or maybe it’s all the same never-ending party?

    • Well, I am Corbyn supporter and even I think these recently and well timed articles and the allegations therein, require a more thorough response from Corbyn than has been given to date.

      • Owen

        Sorry, James, my comments reflect the difficult time I’ve had arguing with other Corbyn supporters that Corbyn’s apparent complacency/inaction over the Islington children’s homes cover-up raises a legitimate question concerning his integrity at this particular moment and isn’t simply a smear aimed at discrediting his candidacy.

        John Mann’s open letter was forceful, and justifiably so – his first speech to the HoC had given notice that he intended and believed child sexual abuse should be the defining issue of this parliament. However I believe he made a serious mistake in wording the open letter in a way that allowed it to be understood as a general criticism of Corbyn’s politics (and implicitly a declaration of support for a different candidate) rather than as a focused criticism of the political views/commitments that appear possibly to have influenced his commitment to the pursuit of justice for his constituents.

  11. dpack

    whatever the timing of this “expose”or the matter of what corbyn knew at time it is perhaps a less than useful approach to see it as a “local”issue or a political smear/calling to account.

    although an islington suffolk pie sounds a wholesome dish it is most definitely not.

  12. Tushar Bhadra

    How could the truth come out – unless labour party is not made aware of such things? It would be wrong to keep this against Jeremy – one way or another – ie, truth or lies as labour party would surely be doomed if truth had been stated and discovered after selection of party leader. If on the other hand – Jeremy is suffers ill consequences of malicious gossip – that would be even worse. An innocent alleged to be guilty even by whisper would be seriously wrong. I hope labour party would do a thorough investigation to clear the air – ASAP.

  13. dpack

    on the subject of investigating mp’s what if any developments have there been regarding a sitting mp ? the press reported him being mentioned to the police by a member of his party and a member of a rival party a couple of weeks ago, one of the very few chaps that fits the criteria mentioned in the press also appears on an allegedly accurate if incomplete pie membership list.
    im not using the name i think is correct as he may be innocent or if not there should be charges soon, the name im thinking of was determined independently by two different methods .
    if the powers that be are serious about a zero tolerance policy to csa offending and also to debunking unfounded allegations establishing the truth of that matter should have a high priority especially if there is a possibility of further offenses being committed.

  14. dpack

    ps the chap i refer to is NOT mr corbyn

  15. nuggy

    didenr he call for an inuery though when did he do that recently or a while ago i saw an artical for the evening standard but there wasnt a date on it.

  16. Owen

    “Ceylon Today” – “Ad Hominem, Mr. Corbyn”, article by Padraig Colman, ministerial advisor on child protection for the Department of Health 1994-1997.

    “I have been a life-long Labour Party supporter. I have never voted Conservative and can envisage no circumstances (a huge bribe or severe torture might be inducements) in which I would ever do so. My sympathies lie with the left of the Labour Party, and I would be a natural Corbyn supporter. I sympathised with the views expressed by novelist Will Self in a recent TV interview when he said many young people were attracted to Jeremy Corbyn, because he offered real socialist alternatives to the tired old middle of the road tactics.
    Nevertheless, I have a big problem with Corbyn. It is the history of Islington Council and child abuse.

    From 1994 to 1997, I was a ministerial advisor on child protection for the Department of Health. I have seen the files. I know what was going on. There were serious and credible allegations that some care homes for children in Islington operated as brothels, with small children hired out for sexual abuse. Islington Council doggedly tried to obstruct the investigation. The main culprit was Margaret Hodge (former Minister for children – the irony!) who now chairs the Parliamentary Accounts Committee, but was then leader of Islington Council. She was strongly supported in her obstructionism by Jeremy Corbyn.

    As recently as November 2014, Corbyn in effect lied to the House of Commons. He implied that, although there had been instances of sexual abuse of children in Islington, the Council had investigated and done their best to put things right. In fact, he knows fine well that Islington Council fought tooth and nail to avoid an investigation.
    When a report was prepared, they blocked its publication for 20 years.

    It was Hodge’s successor as Council Leader, Derek Sawyer, who commissioned the White Report. Ian White was Director of Social Services for Oxfordshire.
    His report was a damning one and blamed the failures of Islington social services on extreme left-wing culture fostered by Hodge and Corbyn. More than 30 care workers were involved in abuse. All but one went on to work with children elsewhere.
    The White Report was completed in 1995 and received a good deal of attention in the media at the time. However, the text was not published until 2014, in heavily redacted form. Islington Council has been covering up for over 20 years. They shredded every incriminating file, sacked whistle-blowers, slandered victims.

  17. dpack

    Mr Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, MP is listed as a director of THE HIGHBURY VALEBLACKSTOCK TRUST. The appointment date is listed as 11/08/1998.

    Among the former directorships listed for Jenina Ruth Bas Pendry is THE HIGHBURY VALE-BLACKSTOCK TRUST.

    mistaken identities ?(NO),coincidence?,small world?,safe pair of hands?

    respect to the diligent researcher who found that link for us to ponder as to if it is of significance.
    i wonder if it is another exa(ro)mple of a steel spring trap that is dangerous if unseen but easily avoided once located and once located can be reset in a place of our choosing.

    • dpack

      this is to put the pendry family connection in the above post into another part of context.(the family also has had business links to oyston et al.)

      righton’s landlord was father in law to one director of this rather strange crew.
      other directors are also of potential interest .(serious understatement but check em out )
      maybe pendry junior has new interests at the moment but he was a registered director at the same time as h8’s son in law .
      the recorded turnover of this crew is awesome,
      some of those associated seem to have been involved in getting assad senior the job and some of the old hands of this firm might have been more than a little active in middle east realpolitic and realmoney in a few places .
      it might add context to several things .

    • Owen

      Any chance of a link to the specific post at David Hencke’s blog under which this appears? I can’t find it via the tag link. Thanks.

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