Baron Bramall’s Home Raided By Op Midland

On the same day as Harvey Proctor’s home and the two homes of Leon Brittan were raided.


Cops have raided Tory Lord Leon ­Brittan’s homes over alleged child abuse – just SIX weeks after he died.

Detectives swooped on the former Home Secretary’s properties in London and North Yorkshire, the Sunday Mirror and news investigators Exaro can reveal

And in a dramatic development officers from Operation Midland – set up to ­investigate historic claims of child abuse by a group of powerful men – also searched the home of 91-year-old D-Day veteran Lord Bramall, once Britain’s highest-ranking Army officer.

The four raids were carried out at dawn on Wednesday at the same time officers swooped on the home of former Tory MP Harvey Proctor , 68.

Sources say the they were signed off by a “senior figure” in the Operation Midland team.

No arrests were made and there is no indication either Mr Proctor or Baron Bramall will have to give formal statements.

It is unclear why Lord Bramall is of interest to the officers or why his home is connected to the inquiry.

The Mirror


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12 responses to “Baron Bramall’s Home Raided By Op Midland

  1. Jackie

    Brittan’s not dead. He’s been spirited away to Israel, that’s all.

  2. dpack

    the bbc have a little coverage of the story. the lord is “mystified”by the search and the police said an allegation connected him to their investigation.

    a slightly odd thought but as he was a very senior officer it might not be something he did or didnt do ,it could be something he might or might not have known that could be the connection.
    this could make both parties correct.

  3. kumas

    Better late than never, they should all be named and shamed.

  4. Now 10 o’clock still no comment on bbc. Very odd

  5. Why are the bbc so quiet. Many newspapers and sky on the ball the last few days bbc not a peep funy ………

    • John Derbyshire

      The BBC is as independent as Pravda was during the time of the USSR.
      Its run by the establishment, Lord Patten is a good example. The control of information is essential is essential to the survival of the Establishment,

    • probably because I gave the gov rock all and the beeb have to wipe there mouths! KA

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  7. Why is it always after their dead…….

    • Sabre

      Live people have a nasty habit of trying to mitigate their behaviour, protesting their innocence, dragging other principals into the frame etc.

      Information management is so much easier when you have a minimum of versions and maximum control.

  8. And the same operation midland promised that they took the Peter Watts case very seriously and were looking into the matter
    Only to deny they were and refused to discuss it any further
    makes you wonder what is going on with them.