Thatcher Knew About Cyril Smith Before Knighthood


Following The Mail on Sunday’s victory, it can be revealed for the first time that:

– Margaret Thatcher was personally told that police had investigated claims that Smith indecently assaulted teenage boys in the 1960s.

– Thatcher was explicitly warned that awarding a knighthood to the 29-stone Liberal MP risked damaging the ‘integrity of the honours system’, but went ahead anyway.

– A senior Whitehall mandarin took the ‘exceptional’ step of contacting the country’s top prosecutor and police to find out why Smith was never charged with abusing boys at a hostel he helped run.

– Civil servants feared the secret Smith police file might be made public in 1982 – when a burglary at the Fleet Street offices of The Sun newspaper revealed the editor was in possession of a copy. This revelation will lead to speculation that the break-in was linked to attempts to cover up Smith’s crimes.

One insider told The Mail on Sunday that the matter is ‘on the Deputy Prime Minister’s desk’. The fact that the Cabinet Office blocked five attempts by The Mail on Sunday to see the papers will deepen fears of a cover-up at the highest levels over the activities of VIP paedophiles.

The Daily Mail



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14 responses to “Thatcher Knew About Cyril Smith Before Knighthood

  1. Cover up? Really? Surely not
    ..oh wait.. What about that break in at Home Office and that other break in at Geotffrey Dickens places
    What was it that peter wright said about mi5?
    ” we burgled our way across London “

  2. chrisb

    Worth reading the entire article. The Mail accuse Clegg principally but also Cameron of fighting to prevent these papers being made public.

  3. Actually regarding the francis maude files etc. It is suggested that the closed colin peters and Alistair Laing files should be opened. Not even for an MP would they open them on the grounds it might cause distress. To whom?
    Alistair Laing was curator of national Trust artworks
    I can only conclude that it is because of Laing and his connection to Blunt therfore embarrassment to the Queen

    Maybe that is why the National Archive files are closed for some 87 years

  4. dpack

    i suspect that burglary for knowledge ,warning or to secure evidence is one of the least extreme tactics that are potentially effective when covering up a variety of crimes.
    the article in the mos is important as a rather strong case for the old cover up being the same as the new cover up .

  5. godhelpus

    Now that it’s Finally out there, is anything really going to happen? i think Not…..

  6. Martin

    This is not just a Margaret Thatcher issue but the following Prime Ministers before her Labour James Callaghan, Labour Harold Wilson, Tory Edward Heath who must have been made aware of Cyril Smith allegations at that time concerning him abusing children in the 1960’s and this is also a problem for David Steel and the Liberal party for been apart of cover-up or failing to act on rumour about Cyril Smith it is also Labour James Callaghan that started to interact with Jimmy Savile way before Heath or Thatcher did and Labour issue for not dealing with the allegations made by Frank Beck in 1991 over Greville Janner at that time Neil Kinnock was leader of the Labour Party did he NOT suspend Janner the answer to that was NO likewise Ed Milliband as failed to do since 2013 since Janner house was searched by Operation Enamel by Leicestershire Police and Ooperation Fernbridge / Fairbank lost 2 years not arresting Leon Brittan over claims he was abusing boys and importing child porn from Holland on two occasions in the 80’s as we have seen Leon Brittan is dead and now cheated justice for crimes against children lets hope Janner don’t go the same way as Leicestershire Police and the CPS are delaying this.

  7. Sabre

    Thatcher went out on a limb to honour Smith despite the forewarning with respect to the skeletons in his closet.
    Smith had flitted between Labour and Liberal all his political life.
    A clearer indication that they are but factions of what is effectively one party will be hard to find.

    • Government plans sex consent lessons for 11-year-olds –


      Is this paedo friendly Govt taking the piss now?

      • Sabre

        All sex below 16 is unlawful and is by definition either a sexual assault or rape any implicit or explicit consent is null and without legal effect.

        The lessons are probably well intended but are probably doomed to failure, it is possible that there is a liberalising drip drip acceptance agenda that is calculated to lead to a de facto reduction of the age of consent.

      • @Sabre despite mentioning csa cases in this article I did not see much to do with child protection it seemed to me they were blindly accepting that children were coming under pressure to engage in sex so we’re offering ” advice and informed choices ” without talking the question as to why and where this pressure was coming from notably commerce such as fashion and music and more sex related items on the Internet. One noted that more young people have been looking at pornograpgy despite all the parental concerns

        I guess kids with their smartphones can get around the patental lock thing

        Being Tories this Govt believes that business interests outway any public concerns
        Thus avoid doing anything to prevent all these pressure on our young people

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