The Shrimp Is Potted For 12 Months


Michael Shrimpton has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

‘The Shrimp’ had been found guilty last November on two counts related to when he told “a close colleague of former Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that a nuclear device was planted in a hospital in east London.” The second count related to the next day when “he telephoned the offices of David Lidington MP and repeated” his claim about their being a nuclear bomb near the Olympic site.

You can find more information about his trial HERE and HERE

That should keep Michael Shrimpton out of circulation for a while though I’m not sure that jailing a man who thought he was genuinely passing security information to the authorities will have a positive effect on the general public coming forward in the future.

No matter how much of a prick he made Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond look.



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  2. Sabre

    He’s definitely an odd one, barrister and immigration judge and yet he appears to be as soppy as a box of frogs !

    Immigration judges do interface with the security service, I can’t remember the details but one man was held in jail for years ( I believe he was a Sikh, not everyone’s favourite muslim bogeyman) without conviction due to his presence being at variance with ‘National Security’.

    Most ‘bomb hoaxers’ make anonymous calls to the police or papers, they are generally tracked down almost instantly telecoms tech has a slight edge over congenital idiots.

    Real terrorists, if they want to warn ( the fear and publicity are often the weapon rather than the bang), learned a long time ago to give ‘coded warnings’ to bona fide cut outs such as the church, the Samaritans or possibly local press because the Security/Police have been known to ‘let things run’ some dead kids make good counter propoganda, dead horses do as good a job if not better.

    Shrimpy seems to have used his own name and appears to have had access to the Minister.

    Ps I am aware of the CSA images !

  3. Terry B

    So if you genuinely believe there is a threat but you’re wrong they’re going to send you to prison?

    • Sabre

      Unfortunately this case gives that impression, although the authorities probably don’t intend that to be the case.

      It appears that ‘the authorities’ are in the habit of ‘warning off’ Shrimpy,
      Judge McCreath said: “While I am sentencing you for these two offences, I must take into account the strict warning you were given by the authorities after your involvement in the Madeline McCann case. “You were told in strong terms not to interfere with matters which didn’t involve you. And while I am not sentencing you for that matter it must be taken as an aggravating factor, as you committed them after this waning.”

      Who are the authorities to ‘warn off’ , why was Shrimpy in particular ‘warned off’ does he have a special knowledge? Does he have sufficient gravitas that he has to be warned off?
      His brief must be considering appealing sentence if not conviction in light of the trial Judge referring to extraneous matters (did his warned of behaviour lead to a conviction?) is the Judge punishing him ‘ultra vires’.

      I am no fan of Shrimpy, I have no McCann axe to grind, I am aware that he has been ‘done for CSA images’ and he seems to believe ( wants us to believe) that the Gestapo are alive and well and responsible for the ills of the world. Having said all that this case seems ‘iffy’.

      • He is his own brief (part of his problem with this)

        I’m sure he’ll appeal. What else has he got to occupy himself with ?

        He was very quickly disbarred as soon as he was charged apparently (unusual haste from the legal profession)

  4. Sabre

    I’m sure that he can do without my advice, however, I’d get a decent silk onto the appeal.

  5. Sabre

    In what circumstances were CSA images found on Shrimpy’s comp/phone/usb/email/cloud storage?
    Why didn’t Commander Shrimpy-Bond encrypt said perverted images? Savvy individuals have access to low strength encryption surely 00Shrimpy would have access to better encryption?
    Why was he being electronically searched in the first place?
    Did he plead guilty?

  6. Paddy North

    Contrary to a suggestion above, the Bar Standards Board was in fact very slow to act in respect of Mr Shrimpton’s convictions. It took minimal and pretty useless action after the child porn conviction (it simply told him that he had to tell clients about it, and mustn’t do any work involving children), and only suspended Shrimpton from practice after the bomb hoax conviction. I assume that the BSB will now disbar the guy.

    Suggestions above that Shrimpton may in some way have real connections to Spookworld seem unlikely, as his whole “intelligence expert” thing appears to be a sad fantasy. I feel sorry for the guy, up to a point, as he shouldn’t have been busted for his delusional ramblings about the bomb, but sympathy ends in respect of the porno bust. The BSB should have nailed him for that ages ago, and the fact that it didn’t doesn’t raise much confidence in it as a regulator.

  7. nonnymouse

    Well said Paddy.

  8. paul

    it looks like the bomb hoax was to try to take away from the shame and embarrassment of having child porn images found on his computer. now shrimpton has come out as gay. he looks a troubled man going around peddling fantasies.
    shrimpton interview on Richie allen show

  9. pete townsend

    it was for research purposes.

  10. Gordon Duff says Shrimpton is an Israeli spy asset.

  11. pete townsend

    blody strange one if he is.

  12. Paddy North

    The bomb hoax led to the discovery of the images, rather than the other way around. Shrimpton’s fantasy world, in which he presents himself as some well connected spy guru, appears from the web to have been building for years. He pops up or is referred to on all the usual loon websites – David Icke, Alex Jones, birther sites (he maintains that Obama is from Kenya), McCann sites (Maddie stolen to order by U Boat), you name it, and throws in a bit of climate change denial and UKIPery to complete the package.