Michael Shrimpton Found Guilty


Michael Shrimpton found guilty on two counts of ‘communicating false information’

The Shrimp has been potted!

Was there ever any doubt that this would be the outcome ?

This is what happens when you make the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond look like a complete imbecile.

For background read my take on the trial here- Michael Shrimpton: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Is the Shrimp Potty ?

Well, they do say that ‘a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.’

But a fool isn’t necessarily mentally unstable, a fool may just be naive.

However, after the majority guilty verdict Judge McCreath went for broke. After all what better way to put someone away for an indefinite period and completely discredit them than to get them sectioned under the Mental Health Act ?

He told Mr Shrimpton;

‘The sentence that I pass upon you will have to reflect that gravity of the conduct of which you have been convicted.

‘But if, as may be the case, there is some underlying reason for it, then it seems to me important that I be informed of that underlying reason and I am therefore minded to order that you undergo psychiatric examination.’

Daily Mail

Above and beyond the ludicrousness of this entire trial there is one point the authorities should reflect on while they congratulate themselves on a job well done. For Mr Shrimpton did pass on the information believing that it was genuine and while the same authorities are criticising Facebook for not passing information on that might have saved Lee Rigby’s life, and while they encourage the public in general to share their suspicions and alert the authorities about possible terror threats, they’ve just convicted a man who did just that.

The fault was not with Mr Shrimpton for passing on information that he believed to be true but with the then Secretary of Defence Philip Hammond for being a complete twat and not checking Mr Shrimpton out before putting the police and security services on full alert.

Is the lesson that the public should take away from this that we are in danger of being convicted for ‘communicating false information’ if we pass on to the authorities any suspicions we believe to be well founded but turn out to be false ?

You can’t have it both ways



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41 responses to “Michael Shrimpton Found Guilty

  1. Andrew

    Spot on. Blog of the month.

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  3. nuggy

    im glad shrimpton has been exposed as a fantasist. i think most of us gathered he ws already but at least we proof to back this up..

    • joanne

      Im not sure if i to believe everything he says however he is spot on when it comes to Andrea Davies and he is probs correct on a few other matters. Seems anyone saying anything that does not by in to the official version of events is put in a looney bin or prison or have to go on the run…

  4. No mention of the fact he’s a convicted paedo?
    How remiss of you.

  5. Lots of twats around ! Creating havoc because they can’t be bothered to check the credibility of their informants. Oh, and Shrimpton is a convicted paedo is he not ?

  6. Next time I see a suspicious parcel on the tube, I’m not going to alert the authorities for fear of prosecution. Loss of life from terrorist outrages has just received a boost

  7. nuggy

    as shrimpton seems to be the only source of the heath allegations might it not be be a good idea not to include heath in the list of accused political pedos.

  8. joanne

    Wow so he has been caught with images of kids.. Well nonce or not ( and if he is may he rot in his own excrement ) he is correct in regards to Andrea davies being allowed back in the uk free from risk of prosecution and give her evidance.

  9. joanne

    sorry davison grrr im only a one finger typer

  10. Joanne -have you got a link for Andrea Davison/Shrimpton comments. Nuggy i do not think he was the only source of Heath allegations- Also Icke and Christopher Story and others. I believe Shrimpton is eccentric but that he was fitted up with the memory stick with indecent images, and this latest case was an easy one to get conviction to get him out of the way especially with what he wrote in his latest book Spyhunter

    • Sabre

      A lot of people that get raided by the more exotic commands of the Police, end up with CSA images/videos on their pcs/phones/mem sticks or mobile devices.
      I couldn’t possibly comment on whether the images predated the raids.

      I believe the ‘funny people’ raided an house in Newham under anti-terror legislation, the case had no legs, six months later forensic analysis turned up CSA.

  11. Random Anonymous Crank

    Ok imagine you’re one of the conniving psychopaths that sometimes reach the top of the political tree. You have a secret that could destroy you , you can sit tight and hope for the best or you can defuse it. Mr Shrimptons past writings leave one wondering if he’s taking the mickey, Billy Liar or so far immersed in the cloak and dagger stuff mere mortals cannot hope to understand him, he is therefore a perfect candidate. Just a faint dash of truth mixed with a mountain of cartoon fantasy fed to him from a source he sees as kosher, the resulting ridicule will ensure that few will ever take that particular subject seriously again.

    • Sabre

      Kim’s great game, a variation thereof.

      • Random Anonymous Crank

        This source would be far more likely than the Russian submarine , and Dr. Kelly aggrieved at his treatment over the wmd that never were, might have been able to throw some light on it had he not met his tragic end.

        Also the following very good point is taken from a comment on this site
        “The charge I think requires the Defendant to know he is making a hoax – genuine but misguided belief is a defence. So if the trial judge thinks he cannot properly address the question of sentence until a psychiatric evaluation is completed, then why was the Jury allowed to consider the question of his belief without also having the benefit of a psychiatric evaluation of the Defendant before them?”

      • A very good point but I suspect that Michael Shrimpton would have been unwilling to make that defence. Without wishing to be too disparaging towards Shrimpy, the worst thing about delusion is that a sufferer excludes from his calculation that he might be suffering from it.

      • dpack

        kim’s game is interesting and educational.
        perhaps that should be kim’s games are interesting and educational.

        a couple of years ago i told trusted chums who are not connected to this sort of investigation/analysis what i was doing ,they know i am not suicidal( especially in an embarrassing sort of style ),that i am very careful on the roads and as far as crime goes i dont even burn personal spliff any more.

        i hope that trying to frame or silence me would be far more bother than pretending what i say has no truth or consequence .

      • Sabre

        Dpack watch yourself mate, piss them off enough and you’ll end up locked in your own sports bag. Even worse bollock naked, lovely pair of fishnets, satsuma in your mouth black bin liner over your gimp mask an unfortunate victim of a sad lonely strangle wank, oh the remains of a couple of lines of coke for good measure. Go boldly.

      • Sabre

        Anyone on here pissing them off sufficiently will be ‘hoist on their own petard’ the CSA material recovered will be absolutely shocking, let’s face it they have access to the stuff, we’re alleging that some of them are complicit in making it!

  12. Sabre

    The only sure thing about Shrimpton is that you can’t be sure about him.

  13. Having read Shrimptons defence submission I have to say that it is not précised well in the mainstream press,however,following this case Shrimpton is even more marginalized. His obsession with the Jerrrmans is somewhat bizarre and he has only his ‘stories’ , and the fact that he has been able to wheel out as a ‘Security Expert’ from time to time , to rely on.
    That the case got that far is not surprising , Shrimpys anecdotal stuff is often riveting but there is a dearth of hard evidence. It is undoubtedly true to say that , in the coming months the Alternative Media , together with the Internet will be victim of an unprecedented campaign of Intelligence harassment.

  14. dpack

    on a practical point enriched uranium /gun type nukes are rather chunky things to move about (or smuggle )as they are mostly solid metal .the south african bombs were seemingly accounted for (although the money thing is a bit moody)

    at the end of the soviet era the weapons stocks were being kept in a unprofessional way but there was a program funded by the usa to collect them and reduce the risks of non state control of a functional weapon.
    as soon as the kursk blew up the russian navy were all over it ,trying to rescue survivors and then trying to recover the boat,any functional weapons and the reactor core with the hope of finding out what trashed their best boat .eventually they salvaged all of it apart from the blown up bits at the front .
    it seems unlikely.a private team recovered a working nuke from the kursk.

    if any soviet era /russian nukes were in non state hands my bet would be on the source being from a storage facility in the early post soviet chaos and they( or a kursk sourced one) would probably be a pu implosion type weapon with trigger and booster ingredients to adjust yield .that would make them a bit old by now and such things need a fair bit of very skilled maintenance and the regular replacement of various hard to source bits to keep them in working order .

    if mr shrimpton had suggested a freshly made indian,pakistani or even a n korean warhead bought for cash on the dark web i might find it more possible than a kursk weapon recovered by a dodgy diver ,as to a south african u gun simple fission type being involved i think it very unlikely if only on the grounds of they are dammed heavy to sneak into a hospital and in a van anywhere in the borough would do just fine .

    a slightly odd thing is that the vela incident which has been suggested as a south african test of the sort of weapon discussed in the video clip does not seem to have produced the sort of isotope legacy that would be expected from a u based fission bomb(with maybe a booster component) but there are lots of lies and omissions regarding the whole subject of nukes.

    • Random Anonymous Crank

      I wasn’t aware the SA weapons had been accounted for, information seems a bit scarce, agree with your point re aged or magically recovered waterlogged specimens but the bad hats only need the guts out of any type and with an small bang added the surrounding area is covered in forever crap.

      • dpack

        as far as a dirty bomb there is no need for obtaining something as well guarded as a nuke .actually the fissile metal from a pit isnt really that dirty compared to what could probably be obtained more easily.
        international and domestic security services take such things very seriously and as it hasnt happened (yet )i guess there is a broad international agreement that it would be a bad thing to happen to friends or foes ,even most terrorists have the sense to realize that such an attack would be a bad idea and those considering such a thing are rapidly put off the idea by their friends or foes .

      • I love your username, R.A.C. ! Brilliant. :)
        An aquaintance of mine used to call himself: “1/2 wit internet sucker”, which never failed to make me chuckle.

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  16. dpack

    with regard to Andrea Davison im not sure what to think but some of what she says does seem consistent with known facts .

    that she claims to have discovered matters not directly related to her brief sort of feels right.

    she did make her first statements early and pre emptive long game smoke and mirrors are less common than the in a panic sort of concealment ones.

    to get true reports linked to ridiculous ones is a sound tactic to discredit them .

    im unsure about her legend and her info but i recon if either can be verified or discounted that might add to understanding and truth.

    my instinct is that there are truths within what she has said but confirmation/discredit by other means would be sensible and should be obtained .

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