Michael Shrimpton: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


If you live in London, try and get down to Southwark Crown Court because you can watch as many comedy shows as you like but there just isn’t anything funnier than observing pompous establishment figures making complete and utter tits of themselves.

Michael Shrimpton isn’t going to come out well from this but then no one involved is.

Shrimpton telephoned Philip Hammond who was then the Defence Secretary just before the London Olympics to tell him that a bomb stolen from a sunken Russian submarine had been smuggled into the country and could be used to blow up the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and kill the Queen.

How did Shrimpton get the minister’s telephone number ?

Now, anyone with a computer can google ‘Michael Shrimpton’ and you’d know after an arbitrary search that if he told YOU that a nuke was going to blow up the Olympic stadium, you wouldn’t panic, you’d just pass the information on and it would be looked at objectively.

Somehow, I very much doubt that the police or the security services are the engines behind this prosecution, this trial is what happens when a government minister is made to look like a complete prick and wants somebody to do something, anything! and so as a consequence Michael Shrimpton is charged with two counts of making bomb hoaxes, nuclear bomb hoaxes at that. The irony is that Shrimpton almost certainly believed what he passed on to Hammond and so how is that a hoax ?

After his arrest he told the police it was all “a colossal cock-up worthy of an apology, damages and lunch on the MI5 and, claimed the weapon had been taken back out of the UK while he had been in custody by the Royal Navy, which moved it to Germany, and it could be used against New York. ” and that is almost certainly exactly what he believed.

Of course prosecutor Alan Blake excuses Hammond’s ludicrous gullibility, “In April 2012, he passed on information about a threat of nuclear attack. That information was extraordinary and dramatic”…You will remember the degree of tension about potential terrorists and it would have been brave and foolish to ignore threats, especially from a professional man.”

See how the now Foreign Secretary is made to look responsible citizen for falling for this crock of bullshit ? One can only imagine how Philip Hammond panicked and had the police and security services running around hunting for Russian nukes with Geiger counters.

At what point did someone do a simple google search on ‘Michael Shrimpton’ ?

But if you think the circumstances that led to this Ministerial cock-up, which could only be explained by drunkenness, lack of sleep, or sheer imbecility, are farcical… you should see how the trial is turning out. That is why I’m recommending that anyone who can go, should, after all it’s free entry.

We’ve already had such priceless gems as this;

Shrimpton, who is defending himself so you’ll get to see a lot of him, refused to reveal his sources but said they included “someone in Munch who lunches with the Pope.”


Shrimpton said the German Defence Service, DVD, was responsible for sabotaging the Kursk submarine  and stated the service now controls Al Qaeda and has penetrated MI5 and MI6.

Judge McCreath not to be outdone warned Shrimpton after he asked a question  “I will not have conspiracy theories bandied around the court unless they are genuinely real.”

And warned him in a manner a Jacobin from revolutionary France’s  ‘Reign of Terror’ would of been proud, “You must control yourself. The guillotine is very close to your neck.” Which is not exactly an appropriate metaphor given the momentum guillotine blades have generally achieved by the time they’ve got close to your neck.

Trust me on this, if you only go to one ludicrous trial necessitated by an inflated and bruised political ego this year, you should go to this one. I can’t wait to see if Shrimpton cross-examines Philip Hammond.

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16 responses to “Michael Shrimpton: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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  5. Abby

    “Shrimpton holds one previous conviction for possession of indecent images of children. A memory stick was found in his house search containing the vile pictures and has been the subject of separate proceedings at magistrates’ court.”

  6. Didn’t he come out with the Ted Heath story? That must make that allegation part of the smoke and mirrors then.

    • dpack

      some of the more lurid stories about heath may well be smoke and mirrors,from things i have read i could conclude that “dark forces”were acting against him in order to achieve the same ends as when they acted against “mr worthington” and others in westminster political life.
      the other side of that mucky coin are the ways in which they acted(and possibly still act) to control,protect and promote some in westminster.

      as to “must”in relation to rumors about heath( or other matters) being from a reliable or unreliable source imho there are no definite answers when dealing with such things,it is not unknown for a dodgy source to tasked to tell truth because the dodgyness of the source discredits an unpleasant truth that someone wishes to discredit.

  7. Sabre

    He appears to have tenuous links to spookdom, he may be tasked with running interference !

  8. nuggy

    what annoys me is i see people quoting the nutcase as an unimpeachable source.

  9. Ah you chaps above me are who I think you are. I’ve also had the privilege of hmg ensuring I own a clean nose when applying to work out here in DE way back.

  10. dpack

    it seems a pity im not able to attend ,
    i know allegations of bombs and court proceedings are a serious matter but even such things can develop a ridiculous aspect .
    if this had gone strait to 5 it would have been passed to the appropriate desk very quickly( im fairly sure my partner’s mother has such a desk just to herself)

    me thinks some of those in office and some of those who phone them watch too much 24 :)

  11. Sabre

    Shrimpton believes that the Nazis are secretly in control. An SS diver with bloody big flippers and a superhuman ability to hold his breath popped down to the Kursk and borrowed a nuke, slipped it into his budgie smugglers and sneaked it into Newham General.

    You would have thought that the omnipotent Gestapo would have realised that any London hospital would have done the trick, a nuke makes a big enough bang to make pin point accuracy irrelevant!

  12. Is he the gentleman who claimed that there was a network of tunnels under Dachau? I live south of there and know it is nonsense.