Tim Hulbert: ‘Investigate Insurers.’

Many thanks to Ian Pace for his live tweeting of Westminster ‘White Flowers’ meeting.

Tim Hulbert, who headed Bedfordshire County Council Social Services, has some very pertinent things to say about the influence of insurers.

Tweets must be read from the bottom upward.




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6 responses to “Tim Hulbert: ‘Investigate Insurers.’

  1. DR Laverty

    Reblogged this on DR Laverty and commented:
    Very Important issue that needs addressing

  2. dpack

    that was interesting and an opportunity for various folk to mention important aspects of a meaningful inquiry .

    big up to mr pace for the commentary.

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  4. mike

    what has happened to the coleman experience blog what is going on.

  5. artmanjosephgrech

    Oh dear me The Good the Bad and the Ugly comes to mind. No mention in vigil or meeting PMQ’s or on BBC Sky so far will check the papers later

  6. dpack

    the msm seem to be avoiding reporting this meeting and the issues mentioned .