Being Benjamin Netanyahu

Official Paris Unity March photograph from The Kosher Times



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10 responses to “Being Benjamin Netanyahu

  1. Andy Barnett

    This lot stole your idea: “The Million Merkel March”

  2. Gary

    Mr N will be lapping this up.

  3. Political Tourist

    The actual (real) photo shows there nobody behind the politicians except an empty street.

  4. Tom Austin

    Did I read the news right? I took it that the story was that an Orthodox Jewish newspaper had airbrushed-out all the women from a photograph taken at the recent march in Paris.

    Let us be careful here. It is Be-be and his ilk, staunch Zionists all, that seek to encourage the wider world to conflate Judaism with Zionism. I am one of those who act to thwart the dissemination of this nasty untruth, and I am not alone.
    I would just like to draw your attention to one of many Orthodox Jewish ‘sects’ that can do without being so closely associated with Be-be and his brigand-band. Namely ‘Neturei Karta’…

    Thank you, keep up the good work.

    • FalseFlags

      Yes. Most Jews do support zionist Israel, however there are some jews who condemn the occupation of Palestine, and they are bullied by zionists. So they are brave…

  5. Bruce Goldfinch

    I note that you filed this under ‘humour’. I think ‘chilling and thought provoking’ would be more apt.

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  7. barb

    scary stuff!!